MrWoo پیش 20 ساعت
fuzzy: and he hits homers as a college player that's him senior year in high school😯
Elias Carrillo
Elias Carrillo پیش 20 ساعت
Looks like L is SALTY
BlueCubs44 پیش 20 ساعت
Do more MLB The Show videos.
Reece Murphy
Reece Murphy پیش 20 ساعت
Bro how do people not like tatis
AkiraXero پیش 20 ساعت
Yeah random people that comment about tatis are dodger fans 🤔
Rolando Barbella
Rolando Barbella پیش 21 ساعت
A lot of players did not prepare well for last season, not only Lindor, it was a weird one has we know, G. Torres, R. Acuña and others also admitted that
Santiago Benavides
Santiago Benavides پیش 21 ساعت
Ummm yes, I'm giving the kid the ball. I wouldn't care to keep a ball. A bat? I'm trying to keep that.
at DERK پیش 21 ساعت
A long time ago my dad had a pacemaker installed, good luck to him. Even tho I’m from New York not a big Yankees fan but my dad was a massive Yankees fan so I’m sure he’d feel pretty empathetic of the situation too
Ev1 l
Ev1 l پیش 21 ساعت
Tatis makes the game more entertaining
Mike Luczak
Mike Luczak پیش 21 ساعت
Timmy Anderson has sick swag!
Justin Hernandez
Justin Hernandez پیش 22 ساعت
Ok Juan Soto is really good and all but to be fair mookie betts Christian yelich are better hitters than them what Soto did in 2020 in 47 games yelich did that in back to back years
Shannon Halfon
Shannon Halfon پیش 22 ساعت
Who’s here in 2021 when cards are so expensive
WavesNavy5 پیش 22 ساعت
If fuzzy was a YT mod and someone was talking about The trade of Lindor, Fuzzy be like: DEMONITIZE- 1 WEEK BAN
Wester پیش 22 ساعت
Better than those MLB.TV breaks.
Malikeve پیش 23 ساعت
waste of my time...
David Lopez
David Lopez پیش روز
Only Baseball boomers hate players like puig and tatis jr smh Coming from a doyer fan 😤
Anthony Juarez
Anthony Juarez پیش روز
Honestly mike trout isn’t good low key sucks
NaturalLaw isTheSolution
NaturalLaw isTheSolution پیش روز
I don't like Lindor. All drama.
Chaison Miklich
Chaison Miklich پیش روز
That’s my brother
AmindOfADinga پیش روز
FiRsT nAmE lAsT nAmE
FiRsT nAmE lAsT nAmE پیش روز
Mets suppperrrrr overrated
chef anthony
chef anthony پیش روز
Get well Arron. Yankees nation are with you
Michael Rodney Weddle
Michael Rodney Weddle پیش روز
Daunte Peyton
Daunte Peyton پیش روز
Thank you fuzzy!! About time someone told the dodgers that
Eitan Eisenberg
Eitan Eisenberg پیش روز
i would keep the ball.
K. G
K. G پیش روز
Why he gotta tell people not to call him "Frankie" when people damn well know his name is Francisco That's disrespectful
c2itccase9 پیش روز
This year’s MVP in the NL will be Javier Baez...
val dalgo
val dalgo پیش روز
I think you just tryna be a dodger hater
BIZZO پیش روز
Chase utley is my favorite player I’m a Phillies fan please mlb the show add him🙏
Ayan Sayan
Ayan Sayan پیش روز
Hey hey! Fuzzy!! What about Randy Arozarena? Did you get an iphone vid of him hitting bombs? How is he performing?? -sincerely, an Astros fan!
Damien Martinez
Damien Martinez پیش روز
I’m a dodgers fan and I think everyone should be bat flipping it’s a hard hit and really good one and it’s going to be fun watching them against the dodgers
J SWIPES پیش روز
I liked the video just because 3:49
Liberty TCM
Liberty TCM پیش روز
Oh god you’re getting on all the card sh*t now too. You PT card collectors are killing it for us long term collectors! Jk but man thought about sending you a bunch of Indians autos but never thought you collected
Jusjo711 پیش روز
Didn’t the Yankees get shut out by the Phillies 15 to 0
JuanCarlos Reyna
JuanCarlos Reyna پیش روز
who cares about the players bat flipping. I enjoy it, I think its fun to watch bat flips
Jusjo711 پیش روز
Ima dodgers fan and tatis is a good player and makes the game exciting
Dustin Brown
Dustin Brown پیش روز
Bobby Dalbec was a monster in AA. Loved watching him play
Generics پیش روز
Damn fuzzy Lindor kinda got caught laking in 4k
James Oliver
James Oliver پیش روز
Global pandemic only in the "blue" states dude
38 Miles to Bixby
38 Miles to Bixby پیش روز
Joc and Rizzo nearly have identical batting stances 💪
Cardboard Cheddar
Cardboard Cheddar پیش روز
Tatis is the future face of MLB,imo.
meszy پیش روز
Honestly SELL every team and let people buy stocks of it similar to green bay packers where the community owns them. Screw the business
wbbb1256 پیش روز
Tatis definitely has the most swag in baseball and the most entertaining to watch and that’s coming from a Dodgers fan. Tim Anderson is also in the conversation
Daniel پیش روز
How do u know the other fans are even Dodger fans cuz I love watching Tatis👌👌
BananasIsMyNickname پیش روز
Fuz ur legit bewtiful
Jayden Isaac perez
Jayden Isaac perez پیش روز
Bro why ya talking bout a bat flip worry bout making the world series again
Keko پیش روز
I agree keep the ball....
Ryan Sharer
Ryan Sharer پیش روز
Go Nats
Chunky Pancake
Chunky Pancake پیش روز
Fuzzy quote: Let’s start talking baseball
George Caratzas
George Caratzas پیش روز
I love the 30 rock reference
Dylan Ahlberg
Dylan Ahlberg پیش روز
I’m just chilling over here in the Midwest watching my Cardinals😁😁😁
AnthonyMendezVO پیش روز
MLB is the worst at promoting the game. We’ve been thirsty for Baseball and even mlb.tv app PAID subscription has barely anything! And they want to grow the game? Terrible.
matthew shayne rediker
matthew shayne rediker پیش روز
Jose D
Jose D پیش روز
Baez. Has the most swag
dubois stewart
dubois stewart پیش روز
HunterGreene! I was waiting for news on him, in 2017 an article came out on about him being the next lebron james of baseball
Tommy J
Tommy J پیش روز
i think lindor is sour about the indian franchise
dubois stewart
dubois stewart پیش روز
Breh, thats tuff
The One and only Energizer Bunny
The One and only Energizer Bunny پیش روز
What’s up Peter
Mike پیش روز
There's serious overlap between people who say kids are entitled and then lose their minds when an adult doesn't immediately give a ball to a kid. Like make up your minds. Do you want the kid to get a ball, or to earn one by catching it?
Daniel Froelich
Daniel Froelich پیش روز
You did not just say the cubs pitching is the worst in major league baseball
Duck Tales
Duck Tales پیش روز
Stfu fuzzy
Xander Reviews
Xander Reviews پیش روز
Fuzzy i never wanted to know your real nname u ruined my life
Danny H
Danny H پیش روز
Thank you Fuzzy. Every Dodger fan I know reminds me they swept us in the playoffs but none of them recall that our best starting pitchers were out. The Pads still need to prove themselves and I hope they do. They haven't achieved anything yet. The Dodger fans need to remember they won a 60 game World Series. They likely would've done similarly in 162, but they didn't, so enjoy that asterisk. 2021 should competitive. Oh and every Dodger fan I know takes jabs at me for be a Padre fan, which is dumb because it takes a lot of heart to love the Pads. So stop acting like you 'don't care' and the Padres. There's a reason why stadium bumps up security when the Dodgers come to town.
Jacob Feider
Jacob Feider پیش روز
Wear a braves hat
Nathan Berry
Nathan Berry پیش روز
A pacemaker is just a simple put in and done thing my grandpa had one, but I get where your coming from
Gabe Romero
Gabe Romero پیش روز
I love these videos
Eli Tuliszewski
Eli Tuliszewski پیش روز
Tim Anderson has the most swagg
TJ Rhatigan
TJ Rhatigan پیش روز
FORMER!?! Superstar
K-L پیش روز
I think it’s Tatis
Nick Cardona
Nick Cardona پیش روز
You are crazy, I would have took that kids ball so I’d have two
Matthew Drouin
Matthew Drouin پیش روز
im sorry Fuzzy but 0:25 may have been the worst roast ever.
Cache Brown
Cache Brown پیش روز
Dodger fan and I love tatises energy and passion
Marc De Frenza
Marc De Frenza پیش روز
having trouble finding clips and live games in spring training? shoot me a dm fuzz i got you
Joseph Gamzo
Joseph Gamzo پیش روز
You most certainly underestimate Clint Frazier. He’s a much better than you think
TD پیش روز
your name is Fuzzy. that’s it
EfrainQuezada پیش روز
Its probably already been done, but its like the steamed hams meme, Baseball fans: there's a cool thing happening, may i see it? MLB: no.
Dylan Westberg
Dylan Westberg پیش روز
Braden پیش روز
I’m a dodgers fan, yet I love tatis
Benjamin Greenwell
Benjamin Greenwell پیش روز
Gotta love Mike trout
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez پیش روز