Dhar Mann Solves Racism
Brands Won't Leave Me Alone
The Bachelorette Speedrun
maybe stop going to parties?
Why Is Papa John On Tik Tok?
Weirdly Preachy Instagram Comics
Celebrities Are Boring Now
The Downfall of Snapchat
JPK Plays
JPK Plays پیش 17 ساعت
Cancel culture is a weird thing But Shane should be canceled Your opinion does not change is 15 mins after something does not do well
Joshua Strickland
Joshua Strickland پیش 17 ساعت
listening to your content while taking deliveries is dangerous. I really appreciate what you do.
Betsy Brower
Betsy Brower پیش 17 ساعت
I don’t even use Instagram. Lol
saw bru
saw bru پیش 17 ساعت
"I Am Going To Show My Crush And I Outsmarted My Bully Teacher And Got Him Suspended" "I Saw On My Boyfriend Is Gay And I Am A Geek And I Love My Life" -Generator 2021
Amber Dermul
Amber Dermul پیش 18 ساعت
I always thought the typos in these posts are because they want more engagement from people calling them out on it? :D
MelodyGames 10
MelodyGames 10 پیش 18 ساعت
Even *my* baby voice is better than that
Sammi Williams
Sammi Williams پیش 18 ساعت
If it’s a one in a billion disease that means that only 7.64 people have it
Brianna پیش 18 ساعت
His impression of Jessica picking an argument made me 17:39 WEEZEE HAGAGA
afizzle پیش 19 ساعت
me: wow look black person raised white kid so beautiful ''theres only one race the human race'' her: AyO BlAcK PeOpLe NoT WhiTe GuArAdiaNs
AgentZombie007 پیش 19 ساعت
Natisha Strudwick
Natisha Strudwick پیش 20 ساعت
On behalf of Australians - we are a fucking shambles...
Shad0w پیش 20 ساعت
Troom Troom and 5min crafts be like: *Ever had a broken shirt? Pour salt, ketchup, baking soda, and avocado and cook for 30 seconds. Then wash for 40 hours. Add lava and rinse. Your shirt will be fixed in no time!*
RaMiN پیش 21 ساعت
for us they actually do check our bags, but not our pockets.
mwitten kwitten
mwitten kwitten پیش 22 ساعت
This makes me laugh so hard. AAAAAA
안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago
안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago پیش 22 ساعت
I forgot where 5min Crafts and Troom Troom are from but I know that they don’t speak English
Buttsy Bobcat
Buttsy Bobcat پیش 22 ساعت
He also loves the "inspirational disabled person" trope, apparently. It sucks bc I loved Cody's video, and Dhar Mann seems like he means well, but.. 😒
Ggoi oi
Ggoi oi پیش 23 ساعت
Image a German physicist getting hit whiht a shrunk ray but his mouth is the same size small German physicist
Becca A
Becca A پیش 23 ساعت
The last story is so stupid because people can literally have biological children with a different skin color. It depends on who the other parent is.
Lefty Likes to Draw
Lefty Likes to Draw پیش روز
I appreciate how the first person straight up copied the troom troom lady’s voice
Linda Hashim
Linda Hashim پیش روز
U look like Denis from roblox actually
Dog Cheese
Dog Cheese پیش روز
Goopy Taylor
Goopy Taylor پیش روز
There's a cute gay movie called were the world mine that has a gay potion and some how, it's not at all like this 😂 it's not stereotype driven 😂
Maximilien O'Callaghan
Maximilien O'Callaghan پیش روز
Jarvis predicted the gamestop stock shenanigans
FPX Liv پیش روز
Dory Story that the Meet Arnold & Troom Troom channel made
corgimunchkin owo
corgimunchkin owo پیش روز
Yah the gay position is totally real I take at least 5 a day
•Sűñfłøwer •
•Sűñfłøwer • پیش روز
Stop hating on these channels, actually happened now my story animated can you just stop🤦🏽‍♀️
Armins_gf پیش 17 ساعت
@•Sűñfłøwer • yeah but why The channel is trash
•Sűñfłøwer •
•Sűñfłøwer • پیش 17 ساعت
@Armins_gf i wasnt talking to you i was talking to him
Armins_gf پیش 20 ساعت
Lmao no
Aleeyah Fareed
Aleeyah Fareed پیش روز
I wanna thumbs this down, but Jarvis is an actual amazing host and I couldn't do that, can I like dislike it in tik tok or is that terrible.
jamie patterson
jamie patterson پیش روز
I got amazing titles from the generater such as... I was obsessed with our neighbors Ferrari so I had to play dirty, I ruined the career of my boyfriends family and I betrayed my brother was dying while my mom is gay.
jamie patterson
jamie patterson پیش روز
Are we gonna ignore the name at the end was Nwordsayer69 😂
FirezDevv پیش روز
Dude's grades are so bad they even had to apply O+ 13:55
M پیش روز
I'm just a dad on the internet
Reilley Pfrimmer
Reilley Pfrimmer پیش روز
sweet home alabama
Horror Fan and love y'all
Horror Fan and love y'all پیش روز
Fruity, wow! 😱 Homophobic? Offensive?
Truely greg
Truely greg پیش روز
Or instead of getting simple safe i can do like a tik toker, he placed a terrorist sign in his back yard and npow he has 24 hr survalance by the fbi for free
Anna O'Keefe
Anna O'Keefe پیش روز
Suicidal Lizard
Suicidal Lizard پیش روز
I’m sorry, but I’m new to this guys channel, I’ve just subbed. But, does Jarvis not know who Morgz is? Coz if so, you’ve missed WillNE and Morgz Mum beef, haha
Chronically_ Me
Chronically_ Me پیش روز
The narrator from Too Hot to Handle now narrates for 123go's videos. (tell me that doesn't sound like her voice! it's kinda freaky)
marceline skdt
marceline skdt پیش روز
wow, this is hilarious, couldnt stop laughing. the guy with the glasses was so funny, thank you, jarvis! (loved the part about the wooden pepper grinder)
Tom Z.
Tom Z. پیش روز
the worst part about it is that they're always promoting their app in the shadiest places. (i.e. pages in fake websites that promise you free things if you complete "human verification" by downloading shovelware mobile games)
Midnightclub پیش روز
I'm cringing so hard it hurts.
Silva Silver
Silva Silver پیش روز
The baby food one kinda do be looking right now doe.
SkepticalSkittle پیش روز
Omg my name is Zoe and when he said my name at the end my heart literally stopped
Yoel Togar mikael
Yoel Togar mikael پیش روز
Jubulus Prime
Jubulus Prime پیش روز
Shane Dawson kinda looks like the villain from the fourth Shrek movie.
Josh daddy
Josh daddy پیش روز
Rip to Carl.
Diane Cherian
Diane Cherian پیش روز
Jarvis b looking like a pineapple
Disk, پیش روز
"My Phone Spent 70K And I Am A Loser So I Changed His Life"
Emma Mcalpin
Emma Mcalpin پیش روز
Racism is not ok black people are the same as any other people I'm white and it doesn't matter. I dont think that black people are amazing And most people think that it's ok to De mean to people that have a different race
David Santiago Tate
David Santiago Tate پیش روز
I really hope morgz doesn’t think he’s smart enough to pull off a gone girl situation because it will not work out for him
Truely greg
Truely greg پیش روز
I like the fact that he called cody a bully but the twins called him out that he told them that they couldnt send money to their parents and didnt allow them to go to the hospital after an injury like hes a school nurse, "just put some ice on it".
Micah Murphy
Micah Murphy پیش روز
I love how as soon as he switches to watching the video he changes to wearing the same outfit he’s wearing in the video. Nice touch man
Spookess پیش روز
I would absolutely watch this again if someone wants to edit in good ol’ Arnie’s voice at the end. 😂
Gnarfellow ?
Gnarfellow ? پیش روز
Chicken burger
Chicken burger پیش روز
Haley seems like what I like to call a Jessica... so annoying
Gunmetal Blue
Gunmetal Blue پیش روز
my dude what
*Insert Creative Name Here*
*Insert Creative Name Here* پیش روز
So I wasn’t completely paying attention towards the end of the video and I was immediately brought to attention when he said “rat queen” cause that’s what my friend group calls me 😂
Kind of a Gamer
Kind of a Gamer پیش روز
I’m sad they broke up, better than penelope and Odysseus
Riley F.
Riley F. پیش روز
petition to make a “love is blind: scientific method edition” where they have a proper hypothesis and control group and all the scientific method jazz, and it’s hosted by john mulaney and nick kroll.
Michael Sharp
Michael Sharp پیش روز
These are worse than 90's Christian TV shows. That lady failed at parenting along time ago 😂
Grace Merlin
Grace Merlin پیش روز
person: "white people are the most oppressed people in the entertainment industry" me, a white person: *dies on the floor laughing at the idiocy* HA OPPRESSED? LOL YOU REALLY JUST SAID, YOU REALLY SAID WE WHITE PEOPLE OPPRESSED BAHAHA
Ududjeh Jdhdjd
Ududjeh Jdhdjd پیش روز
It gets me mad when they made the “gay potion” they make it seem like every gay guy loves every single man like just cause they like men doesn’t mean they like all of them like tf?
R Hupria
R Hupria پیش روز
And also that annoying thing they say every video " so you see" it's really annoying😓
Killua ツ
Killua ツ پیش روز
idk why but I am WHEEZING at the AOT joke XD
Gamederps Sonny
Gamederps Sonny پیش روز
Tampa, The City of Love
Ebenezer Sam
Ebenezer Sam پیش روز
The whole yacht undeniably haunt because stove scilly snow onto a bashful target. afraid, truculent goldfish
JustMeHere _
JustMeHere _ پیش روز
imagine while doing the vid he actually got robbed then he starts cleaning up and realizes some stuff is missing
Truely greg
Truely greg پیش روز
Jarvis u can cant call yourself a polemon head then call the anime an animated cartoon bro, thats bad very bad.
no پیش روز
My problem with Dhar Man is the fact that every single person always learns the lesson. Just like Jarvis said, you cant just be racist and not be racist because of a story. Or you can’t not all of a sudden become a better person over one small story. Also the “so you see” and the “you see” are very overused. And the acting is kind of bad. The morals aren’t even put in a good way to teach kids, teens, and adults lessons. And the voice Dhar Man uses while narrating during the video sound so fake. Overall, the acting sucks, the plot is not put in a good way to teach a lesson, “so you see” and “you see” are overused; as well as the titles like “ending will shock you” or “learns an lesson and lives to regret it, idk I don’t really like Dhar Man and I feel like his videos would be so much more entertaining if he “puts more effort”?. I just don’t like Dhar Man, and this isn’t meant as hate, more as constructive criticism. Please respect my opinion, as I respect yours.
Truely greg
Truely greg پیش روز
Did u know the loop on the back of ur shirt is to hold ur blade, thats obviously whats its for.
Killua ツ
Killua ツ پیش روز
Sasuke bullying Donna like what is this crossover XD
Ashlee Stephan
Ashlee Stephan پیش روز
there's way too much sexual tension here....
Star Fire
Star Fire پیش روز
Those story channels sound like 5-minute craft or whatever it's called 🤔🤔🤔😩😩😩😒😒😒🙄🙄🙄🤷🤷🤷
Kitty Cat Crafts
Kitty Cat Crafts پیش روز
For anyone wondering what Woo Hoo is, it's Troom Troom's other IRpost channel, where they claim to post "different videos" but they pretty much post the same content as they post on Troom Troom, with the same actors.
boq597kul ;sid'neq
boq597kul ;sid'neq پیش روز
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boq597kul ;sid'neq پیش روز
The protective continent endosonographically stuff because prosecution macropharmacologically hurry as a lavish color. loud, rude trombone
bruprupru پیش روز
he really used knives as a part of this broken tripod. jarvis makes me laugh in a very unexpected way
Zenad پیش روز
Big fan of ya but the spelling tyers is actually the British spelling of the word tires it caught me off-guard the first time too tho lol.
JustMeHere _
JustMeHere _ پیش روز
I will reveal what these channels truly are... they are an archive of sob stories people are free to use on an Americas got talent audition to get a guaranteed spot with mediocre level talent
MC_govnio 76
MC_govnio 76 پیش روز
That baby voice thing soon will tear the the fabric of space and will make a worm hole
Zephan Mayeda
Zephan Mayeda پیش روز
What kind of Sunset town is this fictional world set in?