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hafza macie
hafza macie پیش 14 ساعت
Hi fellows. I think you need to take some time and take a fast tour on Stodoys plans website.
Amanda Hall
Amanda Hall پیش روز
I’ve been trying to find diy’s for making my Oreo costume and this was the most helpful! Thank you! 💕
dustyblue پیش 2 روز
Hmm...You forgot to turn shirt over to do the other side....just say'in
Introvert_ scribe
Introvert_ scribe پیش 3 روز
How long does it dry?
509g1 پیش 3 روز
How long does it take to dry
509g1 پیش 3 روز
When you wash it will it come off ? Or is it permanent but it's just to clean. Cause u don't want to draw something complex and then find out it can wash off
momma2ski پیش 3 روز
Patricia Page Mosaic Arts & Crafts
Patricia Page Mosaic Arts & Crafts پیش 3 روز
@momma2ski 🤔
momma2ski پیش 3 روز
@Patricia Page Mosaic Arts & Crafts lol
Patricia Page Mosaic Arts & Crafts
Patricia Page Mosaic Arts & Crafts پیش 3 روز
I dont think your comment is appropriate for a craft channel
박서혜 پیش 4 روز
How did you cut the feathers
sheila nies
sheila nies پیش 4 روز
Can i do dip dye with more then one color i am using acrylic paint mix with water so it is exactly like Tulip .
Vicious One
Vicious One پیش 4 روز
You need to be way more specific like should the shirt be damp or dry and should you wash it out with hot warm or cold water I did this exact style five different times and every time The red comes out pink it is ridiculous what am I doing wrong tulip?
Vicious One
Vicious One پیش 4 روز
You need to be way more specific like should the shirt be damp or dry and should you wash it out with hot warm or cold water I did this exact style five different times and every time The red comes out pink it is ridiculous what am I doing wrong tulip?
Matt Cairns
Matt Cairns پیش 4 روز
1. What's the difference between the Tulip spray paint and the Tulip dye? 2. I was hoping you'd show how to do the cool pattern on the shirt in the video.
sheila nies
sheila nies پیش 5 روز
Can i do dip dye on shirts clothes that would be so cool another technique i have done bleaching and everything.
Hattie J
Hattie J پیش 6 روز
Can you do multiple colors at a time with this?
Patti DelMercado
Patti DelMercado پیش 7 روز
The instructions were great. Are you like......a gay pirate? Because that bracelet looks like something that 12 yr old girls would make at a slumber party. Very pretty.
tongs پیش 7 روز
im gonna do it without waiting edit: bad decision
Jack Danamaske
Jack Danamaske پیش 8 روز
You should try Woodglut. You can get your money back if you don't like it
My nameThamisha my mother name selvarani
My nameThamisha my mother name selvarani پیش 8 روز
Kalau guna serbuk macam mana
Cristina Danila
Cristina Danila پیش 8 روز
This is only commercial advertising, not real info.
daffneyc4c پیش 9 روز
Y’all should make a clear shimmer spray or brush on... you know, something you can add to a finished design to give it a little shimmer. I make fabric dolls and I paint the facial features and I would love to add a little shimmer to their cheeks. Everything I’ve tried washes of or doesn’t last long even without washing.
Jhano Sepulveda
Jhano Sepulveda پیش 9 روز
Que pinturas se usan para hacer eso?
MAHLI پیش 11 روز
Who is watching this in October 2020 ??
Cheese Mctail
Cheese Mctail پیش 11 روز
Those are really good
Tia Christ
Tia Christ پیش 14 روز
Going to try this tonight !!!
Yura Kovalec
Yura Kovalec پیش 15 روز
So I did it too :D just using Woodglut woodworking plans :)
Bionic Bob
Bionic Bob پیش 16 روز
is this an expensive variation on wood glue?
Daneail Morgan
Daneail Morgan پیش 17 روز
Do you have a tiny liquid for sale I turn my heart you make it hard you make it for sale tell me
Princess Channings
Princess Channings پیش 18 روز
Thank you so much but on the manual saids apply dye within 45 minutes after mixing and dye left unapplied after 45 minutes will begin to lose concentration
Sharon Webb
Sharon Webb پیش 19 روز
Do the clothes that i am dying do they have to be wet or can you dye them dry to ? Kind regards sharon .
rfiafia پیش 19 روز
I've watched several bow videos... I can't figure out what you all are "twisting". It's not obvious to me as a beginner. Are you twisting all of the material back into the original loop? I can't seem to get it right.
Mahendra Bhargo
Mahendra Bhargo پیش 19 روز
Please water bracelet banao
Syvester Becky
Syvester Becky پیش 21 روز
Pls after I dyed my cloth I dried it for hours and after been dried I washed but the dye washed y??
Bren پیش 23 روز
Wow that is AWESOME 👏🙌 I hope 🤞 mine come out the same
nancy dee
nancy dee پیش 24 روز
Love it!
Debbi Lyon
Debbi Lyon پیش 24 روز
My bottle arrived yesterday but it didn't come with a cap. So disappointed! Now how am I to keep it from drying out?
Phyllis Kinzel
Phyllis Kinzel پیش 24 روز
Is there any way to do let’s say a navy ombré with an edge of orange without getting a brown mess where they’d meet/touch? Or asked differently - is there any way to keep an orange edge from touching the blue?
SmittenKitten پیش 26 روز
Incredibly cute! I saw some baby onesies with this exact design, and I thought, "Screw that, I'm going to make some..." Et voila! Your video popped up!
Shirley Williams
Shirley Williams پیش 26 روز
After you wat the t-shirts do you let it dry before you start to die it.
Shyamsunder Sharma
Shyamsunder Sharma پیش 27 روز
If anyone here is interested in textile designing courses then send ur name and mobile no in reply We are providing various courses 1 fabric printing course 2 block printing course 3 tie and dye course 4 screen printing course 5 batik course
Shyamsunder Sharma
Shyamsunder Sharma پیش 27 روز
Available in both online and offline mode
Melina Trevino
Melina Trevino پیش 27 روز
Exactly what I needed, thank you so much 💖😭
Michael Elifritz
Michael Elifritz پیش 27 روز
2020 has reduced me to watching this video on Saturday night. 😬🔫
Soren Lamb
Soren Lamb پیش 27 روز
very nice
Tyler Carson
Tyler Carson پیش 27 روز
Imma try
Cerezo Michaela
Cerezo Michaela پیش 29 روز
68 hours?
jorgelina saucedo
jorgelina saucedo پیش ماه
Perfect !!!1
RNG Mr.coolafrican
RNG Mr.coolafrican پیش ماه
Can you please not skip over the most important part😉
Corrine Wager
Corrine Wager پیش ماه
My cotton skeins say "Ready to dye" - Do I need to mordant the yarn before I add dye to it?
Debbie Goble
Debbie Goble پیش ماه
Too gay for me
Samaria Roberson
Samaria Roberson پیش ماه
Did you flip the dress to get the dye on both sides?
Early Martiana
Early Martiana پیش ماه
👍👍👍 i like ❤️
Leslie Warren
Leslie Warren پیش ماه
Thanks for the pattern!!
Shawn Atkins
Shawn Atkins پیش ماه
Why all the Dye keeps coming out waste of money smfh
Chasing Ghosts All Night
Chasing Ghosts All Night پیش ماه
This glue is so bad, doesn't even try sticking. It's like Elmers glue but worse.
Taekook army
Taekook army پیش ماه
- _-
George Schlaline
George Schlaline پیش ماه
Socks in July
Manoja Gunawardena
Manoja Gunawardena پیش ماه
Rachel West
Rachel West پیش ماه
Looks like puff paint
greimalkin پیش ماه
Mine didn't come out well at all. Bleach looked good, but colors I put on after didn't stay
greimalkin پیش ماه
How did you make the T-shirt you're wearing
millie brotman
millie brotman پیش ماه
I don't love it........
Olivia Westfall
Olivia Westfall پیش ماه
Making right now, the bigger the skull the easier. Made ours a little too small, hope it turns out okay. 🤞🏽 Update: I redid the skulls to make them larger and easier to do. Make sure you wash and dry your shirt first so it’s more absorbent. Also, WET YOUR SHIRT (make it damp but not drenched). The colors will literally run off the cloth if not properly prepped. Learned the hard way. GL if you try. Still waiting to see if our skulls look like skulls lol. Finished Update: Our skulls look like happy faces with large triangle noses 😂🙈 Unless you’re going to be doing this several times to get the technique right, I wouldn’t recommend.
Bonita Johnson
Bonita Johnson پیش ماه
Do you let it sit before you wash it?
Bonita Johnson
Bonita Johnson پیش ماه
Do you wash it after the 6 or 8 hours
Shelly Reinke
Shelly Reinke پیش ماه
Does it have to be the slick paints, will the puffy paints work?
Alma Peña
Alma Peña پیش ماه
Your tshirt are really cool, Wich kind of paint do you use thank you 😊
Brooklyn Samudio
Brooklyn Samudio پیش ماه
Wow so so so so so cute
Luca Jones
Luca Jones پیش ماه
Marinate 😂
Michelle Pogues
Michelle Pogues پیش ماه
What's the actual name for the die cut machine
Michelle Pogues
Michelle Pogues پیش ماه
Quick question where can I purchase die cut machine just tried searching but didn't pull up any info
madisonhobbs1989 پیش ماه
I love this😼😽😻
Juan Valdez
Juan Valdez پیش ماه
Yes! What did you use to trace it on the shirt?
Bonita Johnson
Bonita Johnson پیش ماه
If you dont use all the color can you use it the next day
Rashid Noor
Rashid Noor پیش ماه
Ro Miranda deus acima de tudo Miranda
Ro Miranda deus acima de tudo Miranda پیش ماه
E com água que se mistura
Jennifer Mesente
Jennifer Mesente پیش ماه
What types of fabric does it work on? And do you need to wash the fabric after use?
ashley aldora channel
ashley aldora channel پیش ماه
ashley aldora channel
ashley aldora channel پیش ماه
I'll try this👍👍👍👍