Lakalaja Dizaja
Lakalaja Dizaja پیش 4 ساعت
His nickname is the Truth, don`t forget that.
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller پیش 4 ساعت
Devin Booker has some personal ties in the Knicks front office 🤔🤔
O N پیش 4 ساعت
MX backpedaling. When will he revisit his porzingis trade take
Freddy C
Freddy C پیش 4 ساعت
Embiid sucks, he’s never going to be the leader of a championship team. Simmons is an even bigger scrub. If they ever want to win a chip they each need to be like the third best player on their team.
sc23 پیش 4 ساعت
There is an old interview with Michael Jordan after the Bulls won their first title where he talks about how he averaged 37 points per game and tried to do it all and they lost. He dropped the scoring back to 32 and involved his team mates a bit more and they started to win. There is also a Phil Jackson clip talking about Kobe after a game where Kobe took over in the 3rd quarter going against the game plan, and the Lakers lost. Reason being is the game plan was for the other players to step up in the 3rd and lay the ground work for Kobe to take over the 4th. Beal needs to drop back to 28-32 ppg, Russ and Rui should be at 20 ppg and everyone else in the rotation should be giving them 8-12.
RobertoBenet2021 پیش 4 ساعت
I wasn't sold on lloyd when he was first hired...but yeah..I'm shocked by this out the blue...Especially since they talked about trading john Collins for the past month..
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ پیش 4 ساعت
Perk ONLY cares about scoring, thats half the sport. Harden isn't the best player
World Strongest Creature Kaido
World Strongest Creature Kaido پیش 4 ساعت
In today era old centers dont have a chance unless they can shoot a 3 sooo sorry Hakeem u were good but if u cant shoot 3s in todays league theres not much u can do
PeterJazii پیش 4 ساعت
Refs are gonna start giving techs for breathing 🤣🤣
Damon Booker
Damon Booker پیش 4 ساعت
Magic should trade for Oladipo
O N پیش 4 ساعت
This is the medias story... do not say knicks are the ones saying someone is coming. The media pumped the kd & zion story
Rokium Wright
Rokium Wright پیش 4 ساعت
Clips have top swing a trade for kyle Lowry
PeterJazii پیش 4 ساعت
NBA finals..? This game was insanely entertaining
doks پیش 4 ساعت
The Knicks are okei-ish in the most mediocre east in a long long long time. NOTHING about the teams management, ownership or fans has changed. Its still the laughing stock of the NBA. I`ll bet they wont make the playoffs this season. Heat are back in form now and will fly by the Knicks in no time. Pacers and Raptors will push them out as well. So that already leaves them fighting for 8th place with other teams like Charlotte, Bulls and Hawks who will wake up sooner or later.
Sam Baker
Sam Baker پیش 4 ساعت
Paul pierce has a good take on the fact doncic is a slow shooter like him but other than pierce wasn’t grabbing boards and didn’t dime. Pierce did have better defense give him that much
Joel Ramos
Joel Ramos پیش 4 ساعت
02:27 double fouls by gobert first on Simmons and then the on called on Embiid...these dude’s salty about calls today come on man
Strong Neck
Strong Neck پیش 4 ساعت
Now if they at least get to the conference finals this year, they need to trade ben simmons
Faiz Rahman
Faiz Rahman پیش 4 ساعت
Hilarious how every clip from the Max Keller man show last few days has been about the Knicks
BURAK Y پیش 4 ساعت
His former team Real Madrid is much better team than Knicks
syed ali
syed ali پیش 4 ساعت
good lord, knicks fans want good free agents, no we do not want to trade away good young players that are working hard to make the knicks respectable again
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du پیش 4 ساعت
385th comment trust the process
Castro The Prince
Castro The Prince پیش 4 ساعت
Ya do this all the time with the Knicks. They're straight garbage for like 3-5 years straight. Then they'll have a season like this where they're barely over .500 and ya have these unrealistic expectations. Ya then get Knicks fans hopes up just to have them crush. The Knicks will then do something dumb to try and live up to these unrealistic expectations which will mess up their rebuild. When they don't get the star they promise the fans they'll start the rebuild over again. Rinse and repeat, this is why the Knicks are never going to be good ever again.
Dewey L
Dewey L پیش 4 ساعت
Can we stop jynxing them
Velle The Angler
Velle The Angler پیش 4 ساعت
Joel is clearly gonna get mvp if he's healthy. 1. Joel embid 2. Joker 3. Dame dolla or (James Harden)* 4. Luka 5. Steph curry
Peasant Plays
Peasant Plays پیش 4 ساعت
Peter Draper
Peter Draper پیش 4 ساعت
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Ben johnson
Ben johnson پیش 5 ساعت
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Jenny Grapert
Jenny Grapert پیش 5 ساعت
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iiSly پیش 5 ساعت
This show is so trash xD
Lorenz Casey
Lorenz Casey پیش 5 ساعت
Let's be for real, if we have RJ why would we need Booker? Let's just say hypothetically RJ reaches the level of a Booker or even be better would you still want him? I say let's just keep building on what we have and let other players want to come here, we no longer chasing star players, we paying those who want to win and put in the work.
Goku Wop
Goku Wop پیش 5 ساعت
Idk why they didn't put Ingles back in the game but whatever
Everett01 پیش 5 ساعت
The Knicks aren't going anywhere as long as James Dolan owns them. Despite how desperately the media wants them to be good.
Everett01 پیش 4 ساعت
@Dylan1k He tells his GM's and coaches how to play and what players to sign while knowing nothing at all about basketball and literally creating a toxic environment where they throw out and sue their own fans. He's one of the worst owners in all of sports and the players know it. They only sign if it's a lot more money then they would get elsewhere, Kawhi and KD both basically laughed at the idea of signing with the Knicks.
Dylan1k پیش 4 ساعت
Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis پیش 5 ساعت
A big man that can actually hit a ,3 to tie the game, you don't see big men like this Embiid MVP
Psilocybe mushroonovic
Psilocybe mushroonovic پیش 4 ساعت
Jay Kelly
Jay Kelly پیش 5 ساعت
So let me get this straight, you’ve only lost 9 games, best record in the league, and you continually get screwed?!...okay. Sure lol. When you get out scored by double digits in the 4th and OT, it’s not just the refs.
Joel Ramos
Joel Ramos پیش 4 ساعت
thank you. thas just saltiness it looks bad and people should call him out for it
Benjamin Carson
Benjamin Carson پیش 5 ساعت
2009 2010
boss mane
boss mane پیش 5 ساعت
If Joel doesn’t win the MVP the NBA should be charged with 1st Degree robbery
Jordan McMahon
Jordan McMahon پیش 5 ساعت
Why is Rui Hatchimura on the video thumb nail lol .
poncsakpeti پیش 5 ساعت
Who doesn't love sesame street, right?
The Splendid Zahay
The Splendid Zahay پیش 5 ساعت
Lol at they starting to do it
Daniel Sambula
Daniel Sambula پیش 5 ساعت
Where was this energy when Jokic dropped a 40pt triple double on DPOY Giannis?
Alexios پیش 5 ساعت
🤔.. NO.
PLUTO BENTLEY پیش 5 ساعت
Hahaha so curry and dame got a chance still but he ain’t mention bron? Who just dropped 38?? Lmao😩😂🤦🏽‍♂️ they really use him not having AD against him and I find it hilarious. These other dudes can sit out and have all the help in the world but bron got to win games by himself 😂 must suck being the GOAT. They find anything to bring you down lol. Not to mention we just beat dame and curry 2 mvp candidates without AD lmao
Shun Gaming
Shun Gaming پیش 5 ساعت
Still talking about the knicks smh
Koen Lhantis Arana
Koen Lhantis Arana پیش 5 ساعت
here before a million views only 5 views
g5glogang g5glo
g5glogang g5glo پیش 5 ساعت
Doc 🔓 his game watch Simmons going to be next when he starts shooting they going to be scary net's and philly conf final book it
Jim Okpeaha
Jim Okpeaha پیش 5 ساعت
Melo for All Star this year
michael villarreal
michael villarreal پیش 5 ساعت
What a joke espn IRpost is nobody going to the worst franchise in all of sports
offix_mb پیش 4 ساعت
tell me ur a casual without telling me ur a casual
Dylan1k پیش 4 ساعت
Timberwolves and Kings are worse
michael villarreal
michael villarreal پیش 5 ساعت
@Jay jay top 5 worst nba franchise will never win championship it's a money maker
michael villarreal
michael villarreal پیش 5 ساعت
@Joshua V you're a 🤡
Joshua V
Joshua V پیش 5 ساعت
This just shows someone doesn't follow sports
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim پیش 5 ساعت
Joel Embiid is 26, he doesn't make the list??????????
NBA on ESPN پیش 5 ساعت
0:00​ Bobby Marks alludes to Bradley Beal potentially wanting to leave the Washington Wizards. 1:22​ Max discusses comments made by Brian Windhorst that the Knicks could acquire a star in the next year. 2:10​ What the Knicks need to do to lure stars to the team.
The Brandon Brown Collective TheBBC
The Brandon Brown Collective TheBBC پیش 5 ساعت
A Mad
A Mad پیش 5 ساعت
Someone please name a player with a prettier looking jumpshot.
casey douglas
casey douglas پیش 5 ساعت
And also why is nobody even saying jokic if you said steph I mean jokic should be considered as well I mean come on sigh 😔
Schokooo پیش 5 ساعت
lowkey Richard Jefferson is more annoying than Stephanie
casey douglas
casey douglas پیش 5 ساعت
lol that’s foul on embiid is a joke lmao
Brandon Ayres
Brandon Ayres پیش 5 ساعت
New York isn’t doing any better than Dallas
Warren Franklin
Warren Franklin پیش 5 ساعت
I'm a Knicks fan, and we have alot of inconsistent players on our team. Randle running out of gas. Rj have been in a slump lately. We need another scorer on this team too give randle some rest
Troll Account
Troll Account پیش 5 ساعت
Hakeem would have never done that move back in the 90s because it would have been an obvious traveling violation. So tired of the step-back-step-back. It’s 4 steps. 3 going to the rim is bad enough, 4 going away from it isn’t even basketball.
Andrew J
Andrew J پیش 5 ساعت
Shaq like numbers
dey day
dey day پیش 5 ساعت
Lets see what he do in the playoffs
Ganbaru Gaming
Ganbaru Gaming پیش 5 ساعت
That GP face at JC's sick double hesi killed me XD goddam gary
Justin Truth
Justin Truth پیش 5 ساعت
This league is such a joke. Ooo what a huge game!, until they face the nets, for the sixers, or the Lakers for the jazz, in the playoffs. There's 2 teams to watch. LeBron's team, as per usual (because the guy has to be on one of the most stacked teams) and the nets, who have the best OFFENSIVE big 3 the game has ever seen. Don't even show the highlights for other teams. It's just a waste when there's only 2 teams.
Kyle Reid
Kyle Reid پیش 5 ساعت
Correction he did not score 50 against Toronto doesn't look like a Mvp when he plays us. Pretty sure he scored zero one time against us to so please hold that ESPN by the way LeBron James is the real MVP at 36 years old thank you
rij131lis ;jek'sot
rij131lis ;jek'sot پیش 5 ساعت
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J. J.
J. J. پیش 5 ساعت
just recognize that barkley is 6 foot 4.. while Wilt and Embid are 7-footers.
Marco Warren
Marco Warren پیش 5 ساعت
SAS is getting annoying with these takes now. You know what he’s gonna say before you click on the video
Baldheadslck پیش 5 ساعت
all those young lakers prove is what ive been saying forever and that lebron doesnt not and has never made his teammates better
silverwave 001
silverwave 001 پیش 5 ساعت
It has nothing to do with racism why do they always got to bring that up. It’s happening to the whole planet races people duped by a fake virus.
Lebron Jamesfan0623
Lebron Jamesfan0623 پیش 5 ساعت
gsw is the best fit for him steve kerr is a smart coach
rij131lis ;jek'sot
rij131lis ;jek'sot پیش 5 ساعت
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Hhrr Ace
Hhrr Ace پیش 6 ساعت
That background should be Joel’s Bank.
michael perry
michael perry پیش 6 ساعت
Doc has them playing on another level
jerome dragun
jerome dragun پیش 6 ساعت
Hhrr Ace
Hhrr Ace پیش 6 ساعت
I’m saying this was a very very good game but Joel dropped 42, 45, and 50 so I don’t think the title is right.
Chad James
Chad James پیش 6 ساعت
No moves till next season
The Answer
The Answer پیش 6 ساعت
Paul George does get a solid amount of heat. It speaks to what fans know he's capable of. Hope he gets back in that groove he was in earlier in the season and leads this team to the finals with Kawhi. West is wide open right now. Only way to reduce the Heat is to win. Lebron reduced a lot of that noise when he formed a SUPERTEAM and won a couple.
Vladimir Chelius
Vladimir Chelius پیش 6 ساعت
Well as luka fan i wanna him to leave that stupid institution, with stupid GM and stupid , coronaphobic mark cuban
Money my motive
Money my motive پیش 6 ساعت
This the same guy who was screaming giannis is the mvp last year he’s the bigges LeBron hater there is. His input is not valid. LeBron Goat James is the 2020-2021 MVP💯⭐️
GodColored پیش 6 ساعت
embiid is better than prime shaq. he can do more
The Family
The Family پیش 6 ساعت
Are you nuts He can't win in the playoffs
victor augustine
victor augustine پیش 6 ساعت
Players wanted him out they were frustrated of the coaching, most importantly trae young wanted him out hes their franchise player and when he want him out hes gotta go Stephen A won't mention that
Robert Horry
Robert Horry پیش 6 ساعت
Simmons is not that dude. They need to trade him.