Adele Kruse
Adele Kruse پیش دقیقه
Fake news!
The change I’m seeking
The change I’m seeking پیش دقیقه
4 trillion to who? This guy needs prison sentence...
tailford steve
tailford steve پیش دقیقه
you got what you deserve, biden harris
Wubba Wubba
Wubba Wubba پیش 3 دقیقه
We’ve become such a fascist country that it seems perfectly normal for the turtle to pick his own successor; because I’m sure no palms were greased and no backroom deals were made that his state constituents know nothing about.
Tim Reilly
Tim Reilly پیش 4 دقیقه
Hey Nancy Pelosi, this sure fits you~~~~~ FEAR IS HIDDEN BEHIND HATRED . You are starting to feel the pain because WE THE PEOPLE see what you really are. A TRAITOR to this beautiful country just to fill your pockets with our money.
War Fox
War Fox پیش 5 دقیقه
What are MSNBC people? Don’t drink too much of your own Koolaid, Sagar.
Ken Baker
Ken Baker پیش 8 دقیقه
Krystal the bills do not restrict votes they secure the election by restricting fraud. Voting is easy as going to the market.
Ryan Greene
Ryan Greene پیش 8 دقیقه
Conservatives are literally enriching the company that made the decision they hate by buying up the books
Jarod North
Jarod North پیش 12 دقیقه
What is the government? A criminal cartel soldiers working for the bosses of the elite corporate multinational billioneres club. And the people just a commodity.
Ann Bennett
Ann Bennett پیش 13 دقیقه
Boy she's fine as a glass of wine
Ann Bennett
Ann Bennett پیش 13 دقیقه
I'm with Crystal
Ann Bennett
Ann Bennett پیش 14 دقیقه
They got what they wanted but we have to wait longer it's all lies lies lies..I'm sick of hearing bullshit get the dam check out us poor people are hurting can't even put food on table..
Tom Keating
Tom Keating پیش 14 دقیقه
I fear for America this looks like to me as an outsider ( who likes the USA) as the start of a REAL CIVIL WAR where the population on mass is dividing into "you are with us or against mega camps" it is going to end badly because the leadership and media on both sides plus social media is turning yanks on themselves it's very worrying
Ann Bennett
Ann Bennett پیش 16 دقیقه
It's all taking to long they want to wait cause they think the pandemic is over so why not wait it's less money they have to send out but they are living happy
Smoker X
Smoker X پیش 18 دقیقه
warren has no right to speak on this subject. she is playing a game. not working to help students. she killed the progressive movement in order to get inside with her clinton wing master so that she can get paid. and for the record.i still do not beleive that bernie said a woman could not beat trump. i do believe that bernie MIGHT have told her he beileved that she could not beat trump. but i would bet money that he told her that she could not beat trump. and it is simply because of her past record that trump could have used to eat her alive. and when she was losing what did she do? did she help the progressive movement she still claims to be working for by making sure that bernie won by getting out of the race the same way that the establishment drones did in order to give joe a fighting chance? nope.she decided to keep playing the "game" and helped the establishment destroy the progressive movement because it would not give her what she wanted. i still can not believe i used to admire her. and honestly would have voted for her in a second if not for her colossal blunders. and her refusal to put the movement ahead of her ambitions.
Elin Grome
Elin Grome پیش 19 دقیقه
Terry Stroble
Terry Stroble پیش 19 دقیقه
There isn't 58% who actually believe he really won the election.
Randy McCall
Randy McCall پیش 19 دقیقه
Something should have Long been done about walmart but and The KKK. Heiging every business to get in their way
Mike B
Mike B پیش 21 دقیقه
Bottomline is Biden is providing less in stimulus than Trump, even after everything the country has done electorally. Unbelievable but consistent with past Democratic administrations.
itkojecockot پیش 23 دقیقه
I love how some liberals think that GOP is the only corrupted party in the country :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Promise You
Promise You پیش 24 دقیقه
That’s his brother he loves him and hoped for the best sometimes family turns toxic and they will bring there toxicity into your image
lalo Hernandez
lalo Hernandez پیش 24 دقیقه
Donate to no excuses pac to primary sinema and Manchin!!!!
Joe P535
Joe P535 پیش 30 دقیقه
If the election wasn’t stolen why weren’t there valid audits of the ballots in the battleground states and states with too many anomalies in the election. The Supreme Court failed to rule on Secretaries of State and courts changing election law which only legislatures have authority to do so showing the Supreme Court is a sham for not upholding the Constitution.
Pieter Moorer
Pieter Moorer پیش 30 دقیقه
Like Jimmy Dore said, once we vote Biden into office, they will push him left.
Tika R
Tika R پیش 30 دقیقه
The insanity runs rampant in the democrat party .... was every democrat thrown down a flight of stairs by their parents? Seriously
Liv Free
Liv Free پیش 31 دقیقه
Did the scarecrow understand the discussion? His dementia is really showing these days.
Nkemjo پیش 31 دقیقه
I’m not an American but this is really getting out of hands. People are so divided they are easy pickings for authorities who twiddle their thumbs when it comes to basic necessities such as clean running water and electricity. I used to joke that the US was falling apart but now you’re seeing these things become more and more regular, infrastructure crumbling and massive poverty. I need to look up what defines a country as third world because the USA seems to be approaching that..
Liv Free
Liv Free پیش 33 دقیقه
Biden is just like a scarecrow. You can’t compare the potato head to a lion . He will never be like President Trump.... never. That’s why he was installed & not elected.
Damian McNamara
Damian McNamara پیش 35 دقیقه
The Democratic party, the party of the Klan, segregation, the media elites, the party of Bill Clinton - seriously pathetic.
Juan Velazquez
Juan Velazquez پیش 39 دقیقه
Jeez...I swear this country runs off of emotion than reality
nysguy07 پیش 41 دقیقه
I love how the left praises Republicans who cross the aisle but criticize any Democratic Senator that dares to do likewise. Hypocrisy at its finest.
Jack Braddell
Jack Braddell پیش 42 دقیقه
Losing the left no longer matters he fooled them into supporting him.
Fred Riley
Fred Riley پیش 43 دقیقه
Jeff Carlson
Jeff Carlson پیش 43 دقیقه
Bird brain
Mike Tayon
Mike Tayon پیش 44 دقیقه
For those talking crap about Walmart, you don't realize it but if Walmart suddenly didn't exist, but say hypothetically tomorrow Walmart was totally gone, you have no idea how that would rattle our economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike James
Mike James پیش 45 دقیقه
Cut to 2022 republicans saying Trump could get it done and Biden couldn’t. Get ready for Trump 2.0 kids.
Robert Baerwalde
Robert Baerwalde پیش 47 دقیقه
When Krystal shows nuance you can make that argument.
Mike Tayon
Mike Tayon پیش 50 دقیقه
Ummmmm based on what I made at min wage in 1981, $3.50/hour or so, $11/hour is spot on, adjusted for inflation!!!!!!!!!
Ludwig Bolzmann
Ludwig Bolzmann پیش 52 دقیقه
Republicans push the ideology of "everything for the rich" since Reagan and Democrats are fine with it but try to mend holes that such an economically fatal ideology tears into society and the economy. Republican mismanagement and then Democratic mending kept America afloat but the Trump phenomenon showed that mending has its limits. America has lost its way of capitalism and doesn't understand it. What Americans do not understand is that "everything for the rich" is NOT capitalism. It's oligarchy and aristocracy.
Falloutbuilder پیش 53 دقیقه
Wow they’re wasting this vaccine on pigs, not people? They need their ‘can’t do no wrong’ super soldiers ready to enforce the wave of looming evictions.Terrible.
Rayven Skye
Rayven Skye پیش 55 دقیقه
It's a big club and you ain't in it
NewMuscleFitness پیش 56 دقیقه
Jimmy's video on Cenks video is hilarious 🤣😂🤣
J Gavin Heck
J Gavin Heck پیش 56 دقیقه
Leningrad Lindsey says what?
Mrs. Clark
Mrs. Clark پیش 57 دقیقه
Madlion- Stop being such a pussycat...ZERO deaths and ZERO new cases reported by our public health department. Sorry you do not believe it-nothing I can do for you on it.👍😊
VY L پیش 57 دقیقه
When conspiracy theorist deniers use conspiracy theories to explain what happened in the election. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is probably because it is a duck. Lost much respect for these presenters.
Thomas Staab
Thomas Staab پیش 58 دقیقه
Rubio is another pathetic human being
Josh P
Josh P پیش 59 دقیقه
This is going to lead to a new 3/5ths. In an effort to "address inequity," Congress is going to try to push for adjusting the weight of "the majority" demographic's votes for "equity."
Tessmage Tessera
Tessmage Tessera پیش ساعت
Republicans do not understand... and can not accept... that the world they are so desperately clinging to no longer exists.
PEGGY B پیش ساعت
Democrats rather kids learn the gaybc's... Yes, there is such a sickening thing
Rebel One
Rebel One پیش ساعت
Kind of obvious that someone in her position wouldn't use her leverage to her advantage.
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy پیش ساعت
What a joke This guy SUCKS
Gamma Smash
Gamma Smash پیش ساعت
"for four years, for good or for ill, we basically said the rules don't count anymore." There's nothing good about that.
Prefers Oxygen
Prefers Oxygen پیش ساعت
Geez, that cackling at the end was ear piercing. If you're not going to allow questions then why even let them near Joe. Need to stop coddling Joe, after all, he's the most popular president of all time! 🙄🤢🤮
TETRYKX پیش ساعت
there was a time i fought the agenda to take out freedoms from us was a white man ting but then obama came .there was a time i fought the agenda was republican thing but then i see the dems are the left side of the hands hands that clam .moral of my observations is ,both are a detriment us us the masses .put nit trust of faith in man put it in God .he is the only one that can help for what is coming many of us are not prepared for it and many will not survive it .pray folks pray !
Slo Mo
Slo Mo پیش ساعت
No sound until 5:15! 😭
Daniel DiPierri
Daniel DiPierri پیش ساعت
He's absolutely 100% right in EVERYTHING he said the question is what if anything will be done about it! I'll tell you exactly what's going to be done nothing as long as the people in this country let it happen, as long as those same people act like puppets and let people like Nancy Pelosi continue to make this country a place not livable for the average person or family!
George Albano
George Albano پیش ساعت
All the Ms Mitt and Mitch must just quit period.
Mike B
Mike B پیش ساعت
Yes, the Democrats are FINISHED. No student loan relief, less UI, and no $15 wage hike. These are cuts to the lowest wage earners, WOW!!!
Ken Kalanik
Ken Kalanik پیش ساعت
the media said he should run for president
Ludwig Bolzmann
Ludwig Bolzmann پیش ساعت
But that is the American way: "everything for the rich". Americans do not understand capitalism. Everything for the rich is a sure recipe for disaster. And when it strikes it's already too late to do something about it because it's a change that goes through every fiber of society.
Infectd پیش ساعت
They are censoring an artists work. This should outrage every actual liberal out there. But sadly they have all been duped by Marxists and Communists and think censorship is a good thing. There is nothing actually wrong with these books. How long until they start editing artists works once they are dead. That is not how art works. This is the antithesis of freedom of expression. This will backfire over time. Eventually you will cancel something for everyone and it will collapse. I hope at least or we are in for a rough ride. Welcome to the Country of Egg shells because companies don't have the balls to stand up to under developed teenagers. Art is dead Comedy is dead The only thing that matters now is that you fit into a nice, neat box provided to you by our Woke overlords. God this timeline is stupid.
skin inthegame
skin inthegame پیش ساعت
$350 billion dollars in arms contracts over the next ten years and the billions more that Saudis have invested in the US are reason enough.
Greg Pentecost
Greg Pentecost پیش ساعت
You want to destroy any hope for an economic recovery? Raise the minimum wage to $15/hr. Is it so hard to understand that small business is important to America? Is it so important to understand that not everyone needs a metropolitan level income? Why is this even a big issue? Want to change it locally? Change it locally, but don’t shutter the small businesses nationwide.
Jon Breaden
Jon Breaden پیش ساعت
karthik prakash
karthik prakash پیش ساعت
Yeah let's let people in Texas die !!
Bradbo3 پیش ساعت
Saagar says upstate still likes coumo? Think again.
9birdstyle پیش ساعت
Your system of governance is absurd, but that stands for most countries, it needs to evolve urgently even a slight alignment with popular economic policy would be incredibly impactful
2 Tears In A Bucket
2 Tears In A Bucket پیش ساعت
Michael Moore has been so disappointing the last year..he's been paid off for sure..wild statements that completely back establishment narratives.
sam hu
sam hu پیش ساعت
Don’t be surprised this is going to be normal. And it is going to be a effective message for the gop like it or not.
Jay Freeman
Jay Freeman پیش ساعت
Could you please quit talking with your hands..its really not attractive nancy...
momo amen
momo amen پیش ساعت
If congress genuinely wants to reduce brutality they should have included "in the event that an officer loses the lawssuit, they should pay from their pocket directly" that will bring brutality down to zero i promise u
Violet at Content Boutique
Violet at Content Boutique پیش ساعت
I think he was being sarcastic, but yes he should clarify that tweet. Michael knows there are good people in TX.
Elizabeth Kraszewski
Elizabeth Kraszewski پیش ساعت
Silly working class/poor ladies! Don't you know that leaving your kids for the majority of their waking hrs and going to mind numbing, soul crushing jobs is liberation? We're all about choice...just as long as it's the "choice" that advances feminism. Seriously, it's heartbreaking that lower SES women have suffered for the opportunities afforded only to a minority of women. We need living wage jobs that allow parents to actually raise their children
michael andrews
michael andrews پیش ساعت
Sorry I forgot Republics can't be held responsible for their own actions.... Classic right wing catch 22
Pro2eus پیش ساعت
Think of the thousands of people he killed and covered it up. People who vote for this seem to me to be mentally deficient
philip akena
philip akena پیش ساعت
the most reasonable PERSON in the senate
momo amen
momo amen پیش ساعت
the biggest deterrent to police brutality is making them pay directly from their pocket that alone will bring it down to zero i promise you!!!
Elizabeth Kraszewski
Elizabeth Kraszewski پیش ساعت
Wondered when Manhatten Mike would pop his head up in this administration. It certainly won't be to say that Biden does any wrong; the guy walks on water in his and every other "Vote Blue No Matter Who" faux progressive's mind. But this is just foul. If you criticised Trump not giving adequate aid to CA during the wild fires (as I did) and don't call this out, you're the worst kind of hypocrite
KeKway Blaze
KeKway Blaze پیش ساعت
It's been said over and over the Democrats don't care about governing, the donors call the shots. So as long as the corporate donors keep writing those checks to the Democratic Party establishment then you won't see real progressive platforms implemented.
Cryco پیش ساعت
Get him back on to explain himself ?
Miles Maillet
Miles Maillet پیش ساعت
Looks like a hostile take over of McConnel’s investments in China. This is common in organized crime when there’s a “new boss”. FYI: Politicians = Organized Criminals