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James Bapst
James Bapst پیش 23 ساعت
jfk said nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys
FLY-like-ARROWS پیش روز
2020 lol
「Sly Fox」
「Sly Fox」 پیش روز
crashall4807915 پیش روز
Cold war been out for 9 months???
Miller Plays
Miller Plays پیش روز
i supported you when i bought the season 2 battle pass
Zaifaa پیش روز
His first donation paid for the whole battle pass he bought 😂
Tyler Jake
Tyler Jake پیش روز
It’s an absolute nightmare how hard they’ve made it to get hold of the ray gun in zombies now 🥲
Adam Barr
Adam Barr پیش روز
14:27 for the actual video
ᄍᄂᄋᄂ پیش روز
Thanks nice tutorial🥵
Lewis Owen
Lewis Owen پیش روز
Fast forward to 8:32 you can see what playing in Japanese has done to Noah
I’m Bad at games
I’m Bad at games پیش روز
This is the decent 🤣
zig y
zig y پیش روز
ngl really wanted to see him play at least for a little bit after beating the game, there’s so much stuff he didn’t build
FootballLad12 پیش روز
FootballLad12 پیش روز
FootballLad12 پیش روز
FootballLad12 پیش روز
Tropical99 پیش روز
The fact that you can camp at the Jugger-Nog on this map is what made this so much fun. The zombies only come from the front side. And the best thing about: it's not a glitch, it's legit.
Just Benzy
Just Benzy پیش روز
13:49 I remember in 2017 I was thinking too my self those circles and Dots on the old loading screens, what do they mean?
Thebigbad پیش روز
Cool, I have to memorize both pack a punch portal pieces and shield pieces, this map was worth the money
Mason Jennion
Mason Jennion پیش روز
Almost 5 mill
Kev Boyce
Kev Boyce پیش روز
I've only been watching you for a few weeks and I totally understand why people love you so much.... you are frigging awesome and deserve everything... plus your tips and videos has improved my game... so I thank you for that. If I had 100 to give... you will get it 👍
Necro games
Necro games پیش روز
This man needed an exorcist
Lawrence Molloy
Lawrence Molloy پیش روز
*steve* joins chat So I heard u said it was never gonna beating couple hours later we see Noah reacting to onther
Lawrence Molloy
Lawrence Molloy پیش روز
*steve*left chat
Haroun Savage
Haroun Savage پیش روز
Would you shave your eyebrows 🤔 for 1k
crashall4807915 پیش روز
Wait....... But its not...... 3 am...... So they lied
Husker پیش روز
Skulloutofhell پیش روز
So just me right that when he said mule kick hurray sarcastically that know everybody wants mule kick back
Malachy Tremble
Malachy Tremble پیش روز
Imagine saving Maxis with Maxis
DM Macaw
DM Macaw پیش روز
the catching step is long and pain. yet you made it easy. waffles made no sense and didn't know where to go fully
crashall4807915 پیش روز
Revenge of the guinea pig XD
christian duenas
christian duenas پیش روز
God the damn thing that spawns underneath the canopy of the b17 in crash sight wouldn’t spawn no matter how many times I went through all of the dark rather tunnels
SOLAR پیش روز
I miss your Gta 5 vids. I use to watch all the way back to 4-7 years ago. I quit watching you for a while. I kinda still wanna see you make a gta v vid even if the game is dead now.
Next tym dont take so long to start the fukin game
Minidemigod پیش روز
no live chat?
AceReaper پیش روز
I Want This Map on Mobile zombies
Froggy boi
Froggy boi پیش روز
When I saw that Leroy used his head to open things I thought to myself maybe his mom told him to use head bc he did something stupid then he took to seriously and now he actually uses his “head”
TTV Vlogginggamer
TTV Vlogginggamer پیش روز
Yoooo this stuff got way harder man fr
EliteSwordsmin _0215
EliteSwordsmin _0215 پیش روز
Rest in pieces
Michael پیش روز
I found the secre6t llama
Michael پیش روز
thank you noahj it works :)
Conor B.
Conor B. پیش روز
We need to see Noah react to Steve’s round 100 outbreak solo
Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee پیش روز
This is moon 2.0 speed run lol
Nate Hage
Nate Hage پیش روز
How are you switching your ability all the time and keeping you gun. I made classes with all shotguns but different abilitys and when I switch I lose my pack and ammo mod on the gun
X_SupremeSkill_X پیش روز
Noah: “on my mama this record will never be beaten” Steve: “Hope you’ve said your last goodbyes...”
lmao_ vladafmj
lmao_ vladafmj پیش روز
Are there jumpscares?
Are_u_my_dad_123 i
Are_u_my_dad_123 i پیش روز
I lost it lol 😂😂😂😂 he had to restart
Tyler Uemura
Tyler Uemura پیش روز
You have the perk
Glenn Nys
Glenn Nys پیش روز
Why does the color on his FARA change? How can i do that?
Corogamerboi پیش روز
I one time got ray k on round six first mystery box I almost died both when I got it and when I crashed.
Derp پیش روز
Lol he said dying light 2 is coming soon
Ronnie Graves
Ronnie Graves پیش روز
HELP LOL Is it just me or has anyone turned the power on all the way. Go to talk to dr peck or whatever and the blinds stay closed? Me and my brother were trying to beat the map on split screen with no internet. And we tried several times to go talk to dr peck and the blinds just never opened.
Naser Ezzedin
Naser Ezzedin پیش روز
If richtofen and the squad are back im gona be dead from happiness
Dayton Vinet
Dayton Vinet پیش روز
Never out of hundreds of videos did he not out a bo1 ray gun if it is a zombies map he is playing😂
Ventura پیش روز
to be the flash it’s simple, aether shroud and staminup as well as picking someone up with quick revive = light speed
Dennis Mccallum
Dennis Mccallum پیش روز
Dennis Mccallum
Dennis Mccallum پیش روز
Are those weed plants lol
Memento Mori
Memento Mori پیش روز
*Yo Who Donated At **14:05** That Had Me Crying!*
Joni Kylliäinen
Joni Kylliäinen پیش روز
Do you need to do all weapons for dark aether? If not then what weapons should i leave out?
Aaron Ingram
Aaron Ingram پیش روز
Omg this is noah? Wtf lol
darnell sawyer
darnell sawyer پیش روز
Carter Rutherford
Carter Rutherford پیش روز
lBabyy Games
lBabyy Games پیش روز
Tells everyone go sub to kingman whilst he still isnt subbed
SlimeyGaming پیش روز
Da rap hard my boy ayyyeee work okaaay I see u my boy 😂😂
AyAy Rahn
AyAy Rahn پیش روز
4:06:54 .25x speed Dude sounds drunk as heck.
MacSwaggin پیش روز
No wonder why only 2-5% of zombies players actually complete the easter egg. Its so complicated and dumb to remember all the steps. This is definitely for vets.
Asher Hollingsworth
Asher Hollingsworth پیش روز
Techno Gaming
Techno Gaming پیش روز
i kinda feel bad for him it took him so long just to get the dragon gun
Surreal blankness
Surreal blankness پیش روز
My favorite memory of the smallest map on the market is camping on the catawalk.
VideoJupinderS. 1
VideoJupinderS. 1 پیش روز
:) see this face
Aaron Acosta
Aaron Acosta پیش روز
Bro u actin like I ain’t gonna be reviving you all the time
Jerrot Lainez
Jerrot Lainez پیش روز
sorry but this map and easter egg is stupid...
KingDeuces پیش روز
Why was his first door 1250 but mine is always 1500?
T Kam
T Kam پیش روز
If he got elemental pop it would’ve been even easier and maybe faster
T Kam
T Kam پیش روز
The fully upgraded fara does more damage than pack 3 rai k to orda
rycoll949 پیش روز
I miss these types of videos
St Boi
St Boi پیش روز
Dahm i cried to this shit 4 years ago in year six now im 4 years older
ALcoiz پیش روز
It was heat🔥🔥🔥😂
forge smith
forge smith پیش روز
Still watching in 2021! 1:27:46
Malakhi Mensah
Malakhi Mensah پیش روز