ALIEN in Fortnite!
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The NEW Double Pump...
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Gamer 360
Gamer 360 پیش 23 ساعت
Come on epic just give this him a skin.
Advaith Staleen Kumar
Advaith Staleen Kumar پیش 23 ساعت
6:20 look at the sniper ammo lol
Landon Enman
Landon Enman پیش 23 ساعت
Slim jim
Michael Krahn
Michael Krahn پیش 23 ساعت
you can just see the salt
yes sir
yes sir پیش روز
10:52 is the best
Abhijeet Maharana
Abhijeet Maharana پیش روز
Is Nickmercs back to fortnite
Abhijeet Maharana
Abhijeet Maharana پیش روز
How Nickmercs playing fortnite?? thought he left playing fortnite
SmartPokemonYT پیش روز
I had a dream that sypher had a skin but it was weird
Abc flash YT
Abc flash YT پیش روز
sorry for you man why cant you get a skin
Jamie Martel
Jamie Martel پیش روز
Like if you’ve ever hit a headshot
XDMarchment4 پیش روز
me sleeping the demon under my bed jordan: ahahahaha
Lazar Rex
Lazar Rex پیش روز
the guy at 2:28 shockwaved up and hit a ramp that send him into storm
Desert پیش روز
bro season 1 and 2 in 9th grade was lit
Ramanathan پیش روز
y r u putting gameplay after you say the news?
Super Machine
Super Machine پیش روز
4:32, mongral what was that
Plasxim -Alexツ
Plasxim -Alexツ پیش روز
I have been watching his gameplay and I started to analyse it I got a little better at fortnite I started to win more solos
Gary Hernando
Gary Hernando پیش روز
The oceanic bottom especially discover because ash optimally smoke as a boorish foxglove. powerful, wholesale throne
lyoneil terrantz
lyoneil terrantz پیش روز
These day the sweat take over
matt Harman
matt Harman پیش روز
Just don’t invite sweats
Thomas پیش روز
Sypher deserves a skin
NeRv Wolfy Gaming
NeRv Wolfy Gaming پیش روز
We know lazarbeam is the next akin cuz epic have included it on the update stop clickbait and getting fame
Kp Kp
Kp Kp پیش روز
You technically should be jailedif caught hacking .Period
TayGotGame پیش روز
I recreated the OG season 1 map on my channel, you can check it out if you want, no? Ok 🥲
And yes the answer is : PINEAPPLE BELONGS TO THE 🍕
Owen Miller
Owen Miller پیش روز
Because he has no icon skin
All_in_tech پیش روز
Smart for not doing a wedding...
Khris Owens
Khris Owens پیش روز
This is my 1st vid and I’m already subscribing! 😆
your Rockets dealer
your Rockets dealer پیش روز
fortnite season 2(chapter 1) : so i found a sweat... fortnite now: so i found a real default
Marcus Folkard
Marcus Folkard پیش روز
join banana
Anas Plays
Anas Plays پیش روز
Oof , that Pakistani in the thumbnail made my day , good luck sypher from Pakistan 🇵🇰💕
Scrawl پیش روز
Sypher ruined weather station for me I used to drop there every game since 2019 since the start of chapter 2 and now he made it popular and I get contested and they seem to get a shotgun every time and I get a sniper so now I have to land either in the most popular place or somewhere nowhere near pois
박희령 پیش روز
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Chris Davis
Chris Davis پیش روز
I feel so bad for Sypher but I’m happy for Lazar
Cainen Lilly
Cainen Lilly پیش روز
No hackers just good gamer aim
Jayz_Fn _
Jayz_Fn _ پیش روز
This skin must be rare and the pickaxe
Ron Bonnie
Ron Bonnie پیش روز
Bobbi Higgins
Bobbi Higgins پیش روز
In Delors room there’s so much broken keys on the floor
The Garby Show
The Garby Show پیش روز
Soooo I went and played this mode just to see how it was and I won my first match not even trying to win or knowing how to win and I was confused why I got an umbrella lol
Yeetus Deletus
Yeetus Deletus پیش روز
Sypher pretending to be happy for him. Him on the inside. 🤧🤧🤧 Why not meeee
Erik Skelton
Erik Skelton پیش روز
Nick works out way more then you
Erik Skelton
Erik Skelton پیش روز
You think your so strong now lmao
Steel Curtain
Steel Curtain پیش روز
Who else saw courage stand up and get shorter @ 3:45😂
Third Acct
Third Acct پیش روز
If you throw a clinker on the front of a box and go to the side and pickaxe the wall on the side it will break the side and you can get in the box
Tris Got Talent
Tris Got Talent پیش روز
I think epic is really just taking there time on syphers icon series skin😌😇
Jesse lingard
Jesse lingard پیش روز
AHHHAAAA sypher BEGGING at this point .
XD DinoSoar
XD DinoSoar پیش روز
They’re not hacking, they’re on controller and have a good gaming chair
Snipershooter16N پیش روز
Dominic : I love among is the same way as you. That’s kinda sus
Truey پیش روز
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Winslow پیش روز
Dang he didn’t answer the second part of the first question. “Why the hair be lookin so fine”
John Coleman
John Coleman پیش روز
Go to 3:30 lol
super pig
super pig پیش روز
I am dog water at cod but I still play it and think it's really fun it's motivating trying to get a win with the bois cus I know when we get are first win it's gonna be memorable unlike fortnite
N1kks2k پیش روز
I could low key beat syphertrash if we did a second 1v1
The_Geek_B0i پیش روز
Bruh at first it’s sipher pk talking about lazar beams new skin then starts a fortnite game lol
oliver mccarry
oliver mccarry پیش روز
did the sypherpk bundle not get enough foot traffic?
yahya hashi
yahya hashi پیش روز
I can’t believe spyher real name is Ali Hassan
GioProGamez پیش روز
Epic was like u ........THOUGHT 💭
Fearless Gaming
Fearless Gaming پیش روز
I think u should do sypher react
Jennifer Reed
Jennifer Reed پیش روز
He didn’t even see half of the clips
M00N پیش روز
Ava Eastlake
Ava Eastlake پیش روز
Pump is the best!
KaydenM07 پیش روز
POV:ur9:oMg SkYpHeR kP dSeRvE sIkn
Not_Paradoxxx پیش روز
"very little iq" shows mongraal clip
game king
game king پیش روز
nah fortnite kid use a water bottle
TheGreatDane پیش روز
8 minute video for 1 minute Message 🥴
Standoff 2 Cow
Standoff 2 Cow پیش روز
8:37 Woods When He Finds Out He Shot Mason
Couching Gamer
Couching Gamer پیش روز
So this is the big forehead clip on the clips channel
Strat پیش روز
The question should have been “10 ninja sized nickmercs or 1 nickmercs sized ninja” nickmercs is huge
Clemmie Hohmann
Clemmie Hohmann پیش روز
The legal sousaphone architecturally scream because india immunologically precede above a quick repair. plausible, rotten ruth
Joel پیش روز
3:49 A lot of bad words xd
M00N پیش روز
Teach me the way of you so I can get better then hitting 0 shots
Owen Gibbons 7
Owen Gibbons 7 پیش روز
Fresh got his bundle aswell
Mikeyhp Picknell
Mikeyhp Picknell پیش روز
Hes classed kid friendly when hes swears every stream
SlingWeaver پیش روز
Pineapple on pizza is amazing
Twitch TTS Fails
Twitch TTS Fails پیش روز
Cream Freaise
GonOliver پیش روز
Sypher: "Playground Creative has allowed players with very little IQ to get really good mechanically" Also Sypher: plays video of Mongraal in the background
Blaitoes xd
Blaitoes xd پیش روز
This is why I quit Fortnite
TBG_AlanTrevi26 پیش روز
Sypher is just desperate at this point epic give him his SKIN
Robro _
Robro _ پیش روز
Love what u do sypher
Subaru Isekai
Subaru Isekai پیش روز
it's me
it's me پیش روز
2021? Someone?