Megan Johnson
Megan Johnson پیش 20 ساعت
Bring them both back!!😂😂
Young Khalifa
Young Khalifa پیش 20 ساعت
Schulz don’t seem to get rents going through the rough while minimum wage ain’t changed hmm doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they need to get paid more
Joseph Guevara
Joseph Guevara پیش 20 ساعت
Akash with the hipster Carhartt
AK 4o
AK 4o پیش 20 ساعت
Sandy did it on purpose, and it was really cute who could clear it with Rogan better. Lol
Christian Morales
Christian Morales پیش 20 ساعت
The situation killed HH! 🤔 Anyone?
Mallory Anderson
Mallory Anderson پیش 21 ساعت
I'm sorry... Is that Corey?🙋🏿‍♂️
JRCxyz پیش 21 ساعت
Really like the show and that these dudes make everything funny, but would've liked to see them call that shit out for what it is; "battling" racism with racism. I'm glad Alex was "nah bro that isn't a joke, it's actually a thing".
D G پیش 21 ساعت
Schulz thinks he’s joe Rogan with how cocky he is, I mean damn I know the man messed up but they shit on him the whole time. And akaash... bruh you had your dad stick up for you and when it was your time to talk you weren’t even funny just clearly butt hurt 😂 honestly I can see akaash with no mask laughing aggressively at something Andrew said and yannis just staring at him like “god dammit” lmao.
Jesse Avalos
Jesse Avalos پیش 22 ساعت
1:10:45 y’all peeped that???? 👀😬
Bigg Branquan
Bigg Branquan پیش 23 ساعت
Just a bunch and gaaaays
Joey C
Joey C پیش 23 ساعت
A cop puts hands on me WRONGFULLY that law shit is out the door. Not letting some pig take me out this world without putting up a fight! Better him than me gimme my 20 years and leave me tf alone
T Zamrik
T Zamrik پیش 23 ساعت
Next move: forcing us to wear a white armband
Mike Edwards
Mike Edwards پیش روز
Dude im Canadian but what the f is the problem with a minute of solidarity and pride, as well as respect for the people who have died for the country you can be a dick in. Wtf.
Laura Ortiz
Laura Ortiz پیش روز
Those parents are Gnar_Gnar with those spelling B kids. Yall 4got VETERINSRIAN haha my boss is indian and hes got another Indian frien vet and my boss and his other vet friend have the same name haha
Laura Ortiz
Laura Ortiz پیش روز
Nah nah lol sp my son HATES my daughters bf. Haha Only cuz of the simple fact that ITS HIS SISTER!! Haha and he AIN'T GONNA LIKE AMY BOY/ MAN WHO'S WITH HIS SISTER BAHAHA MY SON and MY DAUGHTER aren't even close close but they joke around amd stuff BUT BASICALLY, she the same way of a chik thinks HER BRO is cute. Its an autonatoc dislike UNTIL OVER TIME, they either stay hating or they end up liking our tolerating them and then liking lol CUZ NOW MY SON is tolerating him and playing ps4 sometimes with him online only but he doesn't say hi if hes are the house lol. It's a protection thing.lol the bro is basically the same as a possessive chihuahua LMFAO
RALL3N Blk پیش روز
Alex it kinda echos in that room you can here it a little it's driving me bananas
CIARABUE69 Momma Bear
CIARABUE69 Momma Bear پیش روز
First 4 minutes my fucking favorite 🤣 CONAIR!!!
Arty Clutch
Arty Clutch پیش روز
Sounds like this is underwater.
Jay C
Jay C پیش روز
Andrew, you gotta look at your history bro. There's hella proof that Jesus existed. Now, proof if he is who ppl say he is...thats another story. Lol. IJS
Jay C
Jay C پیش روز
I'm with Andrew on the $15/hour thing. I honestly think the whole thing is sooo weird and everything. Cmon now. SMH!
Stewart Mullings
Stewart Mullings پیش روز
17:13 Man, I loved that line from that Captain America movie, can't remember if it was the first or second one. He's giving everyone orders and stuff and then says "and if you die, walk it off."
Vill Now
Vill Now پیش روز
I’m deleting TikTok right now. On everything. Done!
Mason Uhl
Mason Uhl پیش روز
5:22 wow
Steven Crone
Steven Crone پیش روز
Number two is only good if number one allows you to exist.
Nay Rose
Nay Rose پیش روز
Wow dude in the blue hat....are u serious???? Do y'all know what the fuck happened in the nursing homes there????? Do some damn research!!!
Nay Rose
Nay Rose پیش روز
Gerson Lemus
Gerson Lemus پیش روز
This audio is trash wtf
Pork fried rice
Pork fried rice پیش روز
Okay guys we have to interrupt the conversation to make us money! Sit tight! Flagrant!
Ricardo Arguelles
Ricardo Arguelles پیش روز
was it me or the audio was kinda dogshit?
Pork fried rice
Pork fried rice پیش روز
Of course it’s timed, this is the best time to expose him. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that if you’re already waiting a decade
Pork fried rice
Pork fried rice پیش روز
Any progress of leftism for the working class, like raising the minimum wage to a living wage, is ALWAYS promised then talked back. Look at Obama exhibit 2747283748
Eeep Eeep
Eeep Eeep پیش روز
Small Ben7
Small Ben7 پیش روز
White liberals buy into anything their media overlords tell them to support. It's sad
sharks4soccer پیش روز
6:48 its ironic he's saying stop smoking with joker in the background smoking a cig lol
Colton Dodd
Colton Dodd پیش روز
This is why people voted for trump. Not because the right are nazis but bc some Americans are tired of being world peacekeeper/ slave to middle eastern oil and China
Brian Ramos
Brian Ramos پیش روز
Andrew drinking Liquid Death
Savory پیش روز
Schultzy got that Miami tan and also when is Chrissy d going to stop letting mainstream media rule his entire life? Didn’t he shoot an entire cbs sitcom that they last min never aired? It was such a bad decision on Chris’ part to end HH... the show was so damn funny and could have easily been the next F2 or brilliant idiots. Too bad yanny got screwed over too. And booooo to Chris basically being selfish and not being true to his self and his brand censoring himself for some shit tv channel like true tv????? Boooooooooo
David Glass
David Glass پیش روز
How is History Hyenas going to drop all those catchphrases then disappear (like my Dad)
Dylan Demming
Dylan Demming پیش روز
1:47:05 Guess it got a little 2 Flagrant...
Andrew W
Andrew W پیش روز
those shorts are fucking flagrant
Rap !
Rap ! پیش روز
WTF! Is that an AK on the table😂 how damn long has that been there?
Jonathan Klinck
Jonathan Klinck پیش روز
I need Chrissy and Yanni to need each other, nothing is better then those two together on anything.
Shmoygin Boygin
Shmoygin Boygin پیش روز
Yo Andrew it’s not a problem that personal business isn’t controlled by the government it’s actually the opposite of a problem. The lack of patriotism and awareness of land and business owners is the issue. They see dollar signs instead of the future of the nation.
thusano2 پیش روز
save the anthem for big games, Finals, and playoffs, I think it would raise the intensity, and people won't take it for granted, save it for the BIG moments. Not a Monday night televised regular-season game mid-season with the all-stars out for "Rest."
Mitchell Scott
Mitchell Scott پیش روز
The Chinese also non a fan of black people. They shrunk the only black character in starwars on their poster for china.
The Anime Nade
The Anime Nade پیش روز
Spends first half of pod defending akash for spreading coronavirus, spends second half calling jeremy lin soft for not wanting to be called coronavirus.
Jo S
Jo S پیش روز
Lol man scaped sending in the lower third cause y'all put up the wrong graphic😂 keep it up y'all love the pod
13rcampbell پیش روز
-1 half of the "History Vaginas"
Nick Marchionda
Nick Marchionda پیش روز
At 1:27:53 Andrew was like Joel Olsteen.
666png پیش روز
Yannis' the unfunny guest no one asked for yet we all can learn how to dodge L's from listening to him 1:09:40
J M پیش روز
By the way, the more the Left tries to push anti-racism, the less I want to be around other races. Who wants to fear every word or action that could be misconstrued.
J M پیش روز
I don't like that we're dismissing this for the hatred it creates. If I try to "be less white" then I'm appropriating culture! Finally, these guys prove that everyone can be racist by trying to group all white and black people together. I'm pretty sure I've seen black people drink coke.
Nick Marchionda
Nick Marchionda پیش روز
I think that a 15$ minimum wage devalues and college degree and makes the people who went to college seem less.And if it’s at 15 you’ll see less people going to college and instead go towards 15$’s an hour.
lucas sims
lucas sims پیش روز
College should be free.
iiTsTeeRaiiLy پیش روز
1:46:15 “ In order to do right , you gotta do a little bit of wrong” E-40
Erik پیش روز
Chris dropped history hyenas because he wouldn’t have time but started a new one with Saul? ITS BULLSHIT BABE CHRIS YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO YOUR MAN. DASSSSIIITTTTT
Terrence Myers
Terrence Myers پیش روز
Like most human beings I was born with a nationality not a color in a crayon box so, instead of acting less white pinkish-red faced European colonizers need to be less racist.
Owee Reviews
Owee Reviews پیش روز
Chrissy Corporate had to go get that Impractical Jokers money and I can't blame him. I'm gonna miss the Hyenas.
Young Reem
Young Reem پیش روز
I liked sherlock homes 1 & 2 actually
Marcio Gomes
Marcio Gomes پیش روز
It’s clearly part to do with distafano girl
Joo Kang
Joo Kang پیش روز
Lowkey I get called Jeremy Lin on the court what's up with that
OfficialShotz پیش روز
@andrew careful with kit cars , some companies have misaligned kits. So it looks like the car has been worked in even though it’s new
Eric Hall
Eric Hall پیش روز
Ok I'm done with this show
Eric Hall
Eric Hall پیش روز
Dave said it himself he understands the business and respect it. But wrong is wrong.
Eric Hall
Eric Hall پیش روز
Andrew hating hard on Dave 🤣🤣🤣
King Oblivious
King Oblivious پیش روز
Was just thinking to myself the other day man I love watching this on IRpost because there arent ever any ads. Then this episode there’s an ad every 30 seconds. Wtf
layerdballoon پیش روز
Well im buying pepsi now because im not gonna fund a racist company
Cameron Morck
Cameron Morck پیش روز
rolled up skinny capri pants with the tube socks is a look cuz
Wil G
Wil G پیش روز
Andrew's in that space where he has no idea again talking about min wage. his logic is out to lunch. Nobody's paying double for an item so its not a good comparison "you gonna pay double for a flight" etc. hes outta touch
daniel barford
daniel barford پیش روز
Congrats Shulz, you gonna be doing a real big gender reveal?
Know Body
Know Body پیش روز
China is a communist nation, communism is when the means of productions owned by the government. China hyperinflates its currency to export more and out source, trade agreements are one sided. America has strict regulations on energy, China has none. Blackouts in Texas because of no clean coal plants and China has no reg and pollution
CIARABUE69 Momma Bear
CIARABUE69 Momma Bear پیش روز
Andrew hella fine lol
Owe T
Owe T پیش روز
You talk about corrupt news media and the first one you bring up is FOX??
LVHCPDC پیش روز
fuck woke a cola fuck these lobbies
Nikki Bloom
Nikki Bloom پیش روز
it was not a joke. read the list that Robin DiAngelo says in white things. She is the most racist person in da world
Spaghetti Enforcer
Spaghetti Enforcer پیش روز
Yanni long days is great. History Hyhenas might be over, but you have the glean the positives, it was the catalyst for Yanni Long Days, which is bound to do well because Yannis is super talented and his hot takes are spicy as fuck.
Ayse Chryst
Ayse Chryst پیش روز
Flagrant 2 Commercials every minute
JR MILES پیش روز
Tandrew Schulz is a man of culture
Kyle Mayer
Kyle Mayer پیش روز
I’m never going to be okay with the breakup. I hope Burr was furious
Messi Finessi
Messi Finessi پیش روز
Schulz was the Goat untill that Netflix special. I genuinely just didn't laugh, I'd rather watch "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
The Rusty Cutlass
The Rusty Cutlass پیش روز
It's like we're going back in time