What Happened to Simon?

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Simon and Martina

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I’ve taken a few months off of being on camera. I’ve seen many comments from people asking what happened to me, and I understand. I kinda left without any word. I’m sorry for that. Let me tell you what’s been going on in my life.
For those of you that are frustrated by my lack of responding to other burning questions that you might have, please don’t let that frustration turn into anger towards me. It’s not that I’m not addressing speculations out of a disrespect towards you. If that’s your first guess, I’m telling you it’s the wrong guess: there are other reasons. There are some parts of my private life that I just don’t feel comfortable talking about yet.
I made this video because I did see that many were concerned about me. I wanted to make this video for them. And I wanted to just let people know that, even though this is a VERY huge transition in my life, I’m actually doing well in the face of it. I am doing better than I thought I would. I hope that’s the message people can walk away with, and not let their frustration out of curiosity taint that message. I’ll talk about other parts of my life only when I’m comfortable talking about them, and not a second before that, even under a deluge of pressure from others. I’m asking you: please be kind.
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Simon and Martina
Simon and Martina پیش 14 روز
For those of you that are frustrated by my lack of responding to other burning questions that you might have, please don’t let that frustration turn into anger towards me. It’s not that I’m not addressing speculations out of a disrespect towards you. If that’s your first guess, I’m telling you it’s the wrong guess: there are other reasons. There are some parts of my private life that I just don’t feel comfortable talking about yet. I made this video because I did see that many were concerned about me. I wanted to make this video for them. And I wanted to just let people know that, even though this is a VERY huge transition in my life, I’m actually doing well in the face of it. I am doing better than I thought I would. I hope that’s the message people can walk away with, and not let their frustration out of curiosity taint that message. I’ll talk about other parts of my life only when I’m comfortable talking about them, and not a second before that, even under a deluge of pressure from others. I’m asking you: please be kind.
Azusa Misaki
Azusa Misaki پیش 14 ساعت
Simon, you are absolutely right and I hope you feel better soon enough. Many people love you in this community and wishes you the best! Cause u have been an inspiration! I guess some fans (and I include myself) are very worried about you and Martina and thats what the curiosity to know comes around, cause we want you guys to be healthy both mentally and physically. But please always know that you have the right to show and tell what you feel is neccessary. True fans will stay here always!
Lake Cake
Lake Cake پیش روز
wishing you both the best and sending love 💕 many of us will b here for u both regardless of what’s going on. many of us have grown up with this channel and i’m so happy to say that i was able to go from a dumb 13-14yr old to a maybe decent 24 yr old while watching ur videos along the way. i hope we get to keep seeing content from u wonderful human beans because i love y’all big much but also if we don’t get that then that’s ok too because we’ve already been so fortunate to enjoy this much of you. thanks -lake♥️
Words & Whimsy
Words & Whimsy پیش 2 روز
It's your life and you have a right to total privacy. People should not jump to conclusions, especially those who have followed this channel for a long time.
BARRR پیش 3 روز
@Kitiy Coffe tf do you think this is your business
BARRR پیش 3 روز
@janesansible shut up, and all 54 chuds who liked this comment should do the same.
Sophie پیش 22 دقیقه
love you simon :-) i hope the concern we express is seen more as somebody asking if you have your seatbelt on before a long car ride, rather than people saying you can't go on a trip and explore. the precepts of meditation can become its own high, and encourage detachment and isolation in ways that can stifle the most meaningful parts of living when unbalanced. when much of our life is dominated by being unable to control negative thoughts/emotions, that first foray into emotional control is like boromir with the ring of power hahahha. im very excited for your journey but i really do encourage you to keep your circle close to you as you tread deeper - they are your best anchor and will catch you if you trip ! all love to you !
toroc پیش 9 ساعت
I also meditate every day about 1hour usually split into two 30min sessions. Coincidentally my meditation time crosses over with another one of my hobbies 👀 and I feel like I have gained more self awareness? Like I’m better able to understand my self and be able to retrain my brain? 🧘🏽‍♀️ 🍁🕓2️⃣0️⃣🧠 🧘🏽‍♀️ Incase our hobbies 👀 are similar I would recommend expanding your tastes. 👅👈🏽
Kokoro doki doki
Kokoro doki doki پیش 9 ساعت
I'm giving a daily meditation practice a try! So glad it's been working out so well for you, Simon. :D
Unicornsnow Studio
Unicornsnow Studio پیش 12 ساعت
Rooting for you! I met you in Texas when you were touring and you were such a sweet person!
Serendipity پیش 13 ساعت
you lovable hippy! (no disrespect) Love you guys!
Monga Poni
Monga Poni پیش 16 ساعت
Are you doing any weight training ?
Tien Le
Tien Le پیش 17 ساعت
I want both of them to be ok mentally and emotionally but i honestly feel like it's an end to an era :( I hope you two are getting the help and peace you both deserve. You don't owe us anything and always put yourself first. It just makes me sad that those types of videos where I would be so excited to watch and laugh at ... might be over. But in all seriousness, they deserve to be at peace and be healthy. Love you two. Hope to see you both soon.
Wild openings
Wild openings پیش 20 ساعت
Hi Simon and Martina, I've been following you guys since I was in University! You flew from Canada to Korea, and I flew from Hong Kong to the UK! Although I've never commented, I always love your videos. The relationship between you two is so amazing and your ability to truly be yourself has always been inspiring!! I can feel your development Simon and I'm so happy to see that! My best wishes to you xxx
Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels پیش 23 ساعت
I felt your sense serenity. Best regards!
Thekla M
Thekla M پیش 23 ساعت
Considering that people are still speculating both on IRpost and on Instagram. I think it would have been better for their own mental health to not post any Updates past the "We moved back to canada" and take a break until you were ready to at least give a clearer explanation on what is going on. A good few people will now say "Their private life has nothing to do with us" I agree, BUUUUUT a larger amount of people clearly are speculating and this will only end when things become clear to them. And clearly Simon is aware and the part at 8:10 .... Honestly if you don't want people to continue with speculations then don't do such a childish thing. But maybe it is what he wants...dunno He should be aware that this video would just add fuel to the fire. I saw Martinas replies on Insta saying something along the lines of "We don't know/have not come to a solution" but to me it seems they are clearly seperated. Not divorced but we can tell from the no rings, not in the same location and not filming together. Some argued "meemers is in both their videos". Well he IS both their pet and almost child so i would not be surprised that they do a "shared custody" kinda thing.
wolfwolfj پیش 23 ساعت
Get it dude!💪🏼💯
Grey پیش روز
“I don’t have a namaste voice yet” LOL this is the most namaste voice I’ve ever heard
Grey پیش روز
There is an unexplainably disturbing vibe a lot of people feel from this video. It’s more of a concern than anything, because he seems like he can crumble down any time (both physically and mentally). It feels like he’s barely hanging onto something and in denial of everything else. Before reading some of comments that share similar concerns, I did not know of the dangers of meditation, when taken too far. This video almost gives off a cult vibe.. Hope you are alright, Simon..
twirlyjules پیش روز
With his expression of him “finally feeling happy and at peace,” it feels a bit unfair to question that- questioning someone with a history of struggling with their mental health when they themselves feel they have worked hard to get to the place of peace and stability that they are in now is extremely damaging. And no one should be urging another to seek psychiatric help in such a far removed position from their personal family and friend group or medical providers. . That truly is not the place of a fan who knows the individual simply from what they choose to put online.. Y’all doing too much in the comments, fr.
Wickedly Read
Wickedly Read پیش 23 ساعت
When someone has a drastic flip-flop personality change and loses so much weight that it's grossly unhealthy, it's definitely time to seek mental help. Especially when friends and family (as he's said in another video) are expressing concern because they are seeing this huge shift too. Like I said in my other comment, I have struggled with loved ones (close mentors and friends) having BPD. What I didn't mention is that I have it too. In manic stages, I absolutely feel "one with the universe" and "on the right track". If I didn't have loved ones who pointed out that my actions and behaviors weren't normal, I would be in a very different and bad place right now. The problem is that with an extreme high (like possibly what Simon is experiencing) there will come an extreme low. My concern is that this is someone who has already expressed experiencing an extreme low (on the tattoo sleeve video) and dealt with suicidal thoughts. This is my worst fear is that if my gut instinct is right about this situation, Simon could be on a very bad path. It's not something to be ashamed about, but whatever "therapist" he's going to who is just prescribing meditation and exercise seems to be overlooking a lot of serious chemical imbalances. This is obviously not just coming from fans. He has clearly stated friends and family have all expressed extreme concern.
Sid Michael
Sid Michael پیش روز
What's going on?
Ana •
Ana • پیش روز
Holy shit he skinny
Janse Dadis
Janse Dadis پیش روز
Hey, would be amazing to see tips you have for meditating. I've heard good things about it but whenever I do try to do it, I don't seem to reap the benefits. I want to deal with my anxiety and my overthinking
hdz hdz
hdz hdz پیش روز
Why is this video makes me feel like there not together anymore?😔
MsScrappydodo پیش روز
I miss the old Simon.
princessjupita پیش روز
I was a big eatyourkimchi fan back in the early, early days (the first vid I watched of you guys was of Korean snacks reviews, when you were still English teachers). Shortly after came the ramen reviews then kpop stuff and I always looked forward to kpop Mondays. I stopped following closely when you moved to Japan, but would pop in every once in a blue moon to make sure you were doing well. But looking back at eatyourkimchi and now, I can barely recognize you Simon, particularly vibe-wise. Your voice ... it's like it's not you. Meditation, though feels great at first, is actually a very dangerous thing. You open yourself up to so much more than you bargained for. Seeing you both without wedding rings breaks my heart. You two were (are) my motivation to desire a quarrel-free, strife-free relationship. When people argue with me that such doesn't exist, I always refer to you two as the exception and say if you guys exist then such a love exists. Its because the love you guys portrayed looked so pure and joy-filled. This is tough mehn. I guess... I wish you two all the very best.
Michelle Sullivan
Michelle Sullivan پیش روز
I was not going to comment but I actually felt frightened watching this. There is something deeply disturbing about human beings when they obviously are not okay, but they are putting on an act as if it a play and the show must go on. He is clearly not mentally okay, and before he said he lost the weight because of his own desires I thought he was suffering from a medical issue. Im just so disturbed because they have put on a strong face for over a decade, and for the first time I think ive seen from them they are cracking under the pressure. I hope they can financially support themselves without youtube, because right now I think the last thing they need to be doing is trying to put on a fake face of being okay.
Karla Nichelle
Karla Nichelle پیش روز
This is so sad and strange! Like the end of an era. I moved to Korea in 2013 because of these two. lol! Also, this is always the way with any couple, right? They share share (sometimes over share) when things are good, getting people invested, shouting from the rooftops. But then as soon as things go sour it’s “respect our privacy and our choices!!” I’m not mad at them for that at all, but that’s ALWAYS the way it is. *shrugs* Times are hard and mental health is so important. I wish them both the best! They had lovely chemistry and it was fun being on the journey with them while it lasted! They used to make me laugh until I cried sometimes. I’m grateful for that.
KARLA Ohara پیش روز
Grey پیش روز
This is so damn weird. I’ve been watching them since 2012ish? But stopped watching when they moved to Japan because the vibe didn’t click with me any more. Anyways, these past few days, I randomly started to miss their old FAPFAP videos, so I’ve been watching many of them (8-9 years ago when they were living in a small apartment and made food delivery videos etc) and then this shows up. Been away for so long, randomly started watching old videos, and now this... I’m just feeling really ambivalent
erika پیش روز
We love you Simon!!!!! Thank god you’re well, I was nervous opening this video!!!! Your mental health is the most important thing! Please come back to us soon 😘
Justin Lee
Justin Lee پیش روز
i watched you since i was 9 (6 years ago) and you look so different in a good way congrats
Wickedly Read
Wickedly Read پیش روز
If Simon is 6'5", the medically suggested weight for a man his height is 187 - 229 lbs. But, he's currently at 168 lbs. I understand weight and health is deeply personal, but as a viewer who is married to a 6'5" man-- this is just deeply troubling to me. At my husband's thinnest, he was 190 lbs. To put this in perspective, I could literally see his ribs and there was honestly no more visible bodyweight he could lose. Seeing Simon's face in this video shocked me-- it reminded me of my deceased brother in law (who greatly favors Simon); the dramatic change before he passed with cancer from healthy to very frail. Simon, your appearance is very alarming! My point is that even though Simon is saying he's happy and healthy, I am genuinely concerned he has gone down a very dangerous path. In a previous video, "Running and Meditation Changed My Life", Simon mentions that his friends and even his father have shown genuine concern for his well-being. Clearly, Simon isn't listening to fans, friends, or family and some part of this is driving a wedge in his marriage. This is alarming!! Whatever is happening with Simon, this is not the definition of healthy and happy. I've been a viewer for the last 5 years and seeing this makes me so sick with worry. I don't want to add to the fire of conjecture, but something very serious is happening here and I'm worried it is a severe mental break or BPD mania. We already know Simon has dealt with spells of deep depression and he is a sensitive person who has a lot of anxiety. Anxiety/depression and BPD are comorbid. I'm speaking as someone who has first hand experience dealing with a loved one with severe BPD. From the bottom of my heart, I really am very concerned about his safety both mentally and physically. If any of this is the case, I beg S&M fans to please lay off Simon & Martina. They will give us answers when they are ready. Please don't add any hurtful comments. I realize you don't know them personally, but they ARE real people who read these comments. And, Simon if you're reading this, please-- your actions / choices / and thoughts are not normal right now. I'm begging you to find a psychiatrist (NOT therapist). You both are kind, good people-- no one is perfect.
H پیش ساعت
He looks like he might be addicted to opioids or something.
The K
The K پیش 10 ساعت
@Serendipity I don't know he didn't look healthy to me. And someone can feel healthy and be anything but. So... Given what the OP said it's a serious concern to have. I hope actions recommended are taken.
Serendipity پیش 13 ساعت
A very thoughtful concern, but weight is not the only factor of being healthy. He looks healthy and he says he's healthy; he just looks different from how we're used to seeing him. I hope I'm not being disrespectful, but your experience with your family member is not in any way similar to Simon working out and losing weight. Your experience is with a family member dealing with a health deteriorating disease. Simon is simply from working out and eating healthier.
The K
The K پیش روز
This is well thought out. I hope this is seriously considered.
Rosemary Geist
Rosemary Geist پیش روز
I hope that you can find the solace and strength you're looking for! It sounds like a difficult journey that youre facing head on, and that you've already started with the soil under your foundation. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope to see your future journey! Lots of love - long time fan ♡
Noomwa Lis
Noomwa Lis پیش روز
No, not on camera. You horn dogs! Lolol. I've missed you guys.
Valencia Hemmings
Valencia Hemmings پیش روز
People have been subscribed to this channel for nearly a decade and deserve...idk. Not this. It's been a year of confusion and misinformation. If y'all need time to figure out what you're doing with this channel, take it. But talking about your six pack and not your relationship isn't helping anyone.
Rebecca Mercado
Rebecca Mercado پیش روز
This is so exciting, Simon. I'm very happy for you. Mindfulness and meditation are so needed right now, for all of us. I just started developing my own practice (just 5-10 mins a day for now) and look forward to learning from you when you're ready to share. Love to you and Martina.
Flyx پیش روز
This gives me creeps, sadly. He looks sick and talks so unnatural. "I feel very happy" No, no happy vibes at all! I hope he gets better soon.
Sarah Vans Mootoo
Sarah Vans Mootoo پیش روز
Sending good vybes♡ Will always be here!
Allen Hooreh
Allen Hooreh پیش روز
Stopped watching this channel a year ago when Simon said he was getting into meditation. I knew it would be bad, because I've been down that road and many warned me but I didn't listen. If we empty out the garbage of our minds we will see benefits, yes. However, most of this meditation empties everything else out with it, including all the compassion and zest. When I was meditating daily I could do things that I've never been able to do before, and haven't been able to do since. My focus was laser like, but I was also a zombie. I was so emotionally detached from reality that I could see something truly shocking and have no internal reaction, or I could witness something truly beautiful and emotional and not be moved. My compassion faded, my 'true' compassion I should say, because I was literally in every sense of the word self centered at all times. We are called to be the salt of the earth, giving it flavor. When salt loses that flavor it is no longer of value. Simon referred to himself before as 'frenetic.' I didn't view it as that, I viewed him as a normal person with flaws like anybody else, but full of passion and zest and flavor for life. He was ALIVE, frenetic or not. I would stop this meditation immediately and instead discover the true meaning behind meditation by reading a book called 'The Ways of Mental Prayer.' Meditation opens a pathway, so it is a double edged sword. If you've already meditated for a year and are adept, then you are at a huge advantage when reading this book and using it as a guide. Please do not make the same mistakes that I have made and whatever you do, never try and communicate with any 'entity' that is beckoning you while meditating, don't work towards any vibrations in your body and never attempt to disconnect from your body under any circumstances. There are dangers in meditation that the New Age movement doesn't reveal and aren't often discussed. Even if you don't believe in any of that stuff, be open minded enough to read The Ways of Mental Prayer and see where it takes you before you bind yourself to anything, if that hasn't happened already.
Tsukasa K
Tsukasa K پیش 22 ساعت
@Allen Hooreh :) We can both agree to hope for the best between the two of them.
Allen Hooreh
Allen Hooreh پیش روز
@Tsukasa K I've got to say this was the most respectful "Agree to Disagree" type conversation I've had in a long time. I wish more people approached disagreements with the same type of grace that you've shown!
Tsukasa K
Tsukasa K پیش روز
@Allen Hooreh I understand, my speculations about them are probably not dissimilar to yours. I personally think he's probably got things under as much control as he can and that meditation and mindfulness seems to be what's keeping him sane under unavoidable stressful circumstances, not necessarily the cause of the pain if that makes sense. You have had your experiences with those things and are probably more inclined to see it a certain way (as we all do with anything in life) but yes, who's to know.
Allen Hooreh
Allen Hooreh پیش روز
@Tsukasa K I don't feel that I'm pushing any expectations on him necessarily. I just don't think he his behavior is that of a happy person. Calm, sure but there is also something off and missing that many of his audience have also noticed. The evidence is in his words, tones and mannerisms. He is a grown man, absolutely. But that doesn't make him immune to mistakes, even drastic ones. I'm a grown man and made several stupid mistakes just yesterday and the day is still young, might make some more today. I guess only time will tell. If you or any of this channel's audience are people or prayer, then the only thing we can really do is add him to our prayers even if just once. This is an act of concern and not panic. It would be strange to panic over a stranger but having watched this channel for several years and enjoyed the goofy but beautiful relationship before my eyes I can't help but have a certain amount of compassion that has grown for them and at the very least that is worth a solid prayer and who knows, maybe several more.
Tsukasa K
Tsukasa K پیش روز
Don't know, he sounds happy to me. He still has his sense of humour and stuff, just very calm. My family have a background in zen buddhism and I have my fair share of experience with meditation although I don't consider myself part of that necessarily. I feel like you're pushing (good and bad) expectations that you have about Simon on to him without any evidence. Natural to be anxious about someone changing, but we also have to remember that we are just his audience, not really his family who have seen this process over time. He's a grown man, let's assume he knows himself and believe in him rather than panic for him.
CatBeLazy Spiffy
CatBeLazy Spiffy پیش روز
There is nothing wrong when it comes to being a little selfish for your own well being! For your real fans, we're proud of you! It's good to hear from you when you get the chance to update us. Keep improving! We love you!
Eievuiroll پیش روز
Bit late to watching this as it seemed like a bit of a sad video. I'm glad you have found peace with yourself and appreciate/ take care of yourself more. I think a lot of people are just worried about you both, as am I. You do look very tired, I don't know what your personal life is like, I remember you mentioned it yourself to get a good amount of sleep but I don't know what's been happening so I can't comment. Personally, although you look so different which will take a bit of getting used to, I welcome this new presence of Simon because it's calming and more relatable. Fudgy is also the most cutest dog I have seen in while! Look after yourselves.
Deplore پیش 2 روز
Love both y'all. Looking HEALTHY as hec big bro.
Binibini پیش 2 روز
Please don't divorce each other. You are literally the couple that made me believe in love. Please please please don't. Been watching u guys since ur kpop vids. I always dreamed of having a relationship like yours and I finally found my ducky too. We even call each other "duck" in my country's language. You two are my role model. Please make it work. I know you two can. 🥺
owned2hell پیش 2 روز
All you nosey nelly's gtfo, it's cool to see Simon again for some time :p stay strong and stay safe 💪 ✌️
a bowl of makgeolli
a bowl of makgeolli پیش 2 روز
I'm glad you are doing your best to better yourself. I support you, Simon! Rest if you want 😊 I hope you well and good health. God bless to you both 💖
Jeldyn Mae Amer
Jeldyn Mae Amer پیش 2 روز
Watching that they are not together is 🥺 coz simon and martina is that couple that pushes through everything.. 🥺 hoping and wishing for your happiness ♥️
RandomnessLOL پیش 2 روز
Repeat after me- Content creators owe us nothing. In exchange for their content and entertainment we give them time and that often translates to money. You are more than free to skip ads. Can we stop demanding much of their personal life? Of course we want to know, we’re emotionally invested with them, but let’s have just as much respect for them and their personal lives.
Eliana Negri
Eliana Negri پیش 2 روز
Congratulations Simon! I know it's daunting to put yourself out there to the world, and have them see you change. Change is a strange thing. Oftentimes people will oppose it and challenge it in any form since it makes them uncomfortable about something within themselves. But I can see as someone who has been through a similar experience, that this change is truely a benefit to you. Pay no mind to those who are "worried" for you on your own behalf. Well done for starting such a transformative practice. I wish you abundance and peace for you and your family~
Connie Thevenin
Connie Thevenin پیش 2 روز
Connie Thevenin
Connie Thevenin پیش 2 روز
Beaute Noiré
Beaute Noiré پیش 2 روز
Simon your life is your own, whatever is going on is yours to share should you want to, and if not that is also your choice. I’ve been watching you and Martina since you had moved to Japan my son introduced me to your Channel. Just be well, heal, be with your family. Whatever is going on will pass. I wish nothing more but say thanks for such great content, inspiring me to want to travel to Korea and Japan, thanks for all the Spudgy and meemers moments and, just watching you and Martina be fun. Wishing you both peace and sending love ❤️
No One
No One پیش 2 روز
Oh hes high
Capt JackPal
Capt JackPal پیش 2 روز
How the heck do you get into 2 accidents side by side.
Soyachan پیش 2 روز
S Dawes
S Dawes پیش 2 روز
this is not good......
RandomnessLOL پیش 2 روز
antikimchi1 پیش 2 روز
When Simon sat in front of the camera and I noticed how thin he is my heart sunk. I wish the best for both of you! Add oil!!
copper sugar
copper sugar پیش 2 روز
why is everyone so weird about this video? i havent caught up with this channel in years, but it literally just seems like a guy who's finally at peace and content.
Lora K.
Lora K. پیش 2 روز
To Simon, thank you for making this video. I could not imagine amount of pressure you felt before filming this. We appreciate everything you do. We'll always here for you and will supporting you always 🥰
BB vistas7
BB vistas7 پیش 2 روز
We love you, Simon! You will always be our chief Nasty. Be well and safe. 😊👍💜
Lora K.
Lora K. پیش 2 روز
Let me tell you all my story, before when I was in an unhealthy relationship, I was this sweet, always smiling, never complaining person. But, I was extremely depressed and unhappy. It took me sometimes, but I realized I need to focus on myself and put myself first before everything and anyone else. I finally found my voice, broke off the relationship, and started working on finding my purpose in life. I feel so much happier and in control of my life now. However, if you ask people around me they'd say I'm different. They say I changed because I no longer let their words affect me. I no longer listen to their words that I know would do me no good. I no longer smile in their faces when they say hurtful things to me. I fight back and I'm no longer the Ms. Nice lady they used to know. But I don't care, I feel so much more free now, and I feel so much better about myself. Simon had stated in their latest videos in japan how unwell he was. Martina's condition was taking a toll on him more than her and he felt more and more helpless. Whenever Martina left for a few days he would literally cry, and that to me does not seem like something a "happy healthy" person would do. He was no okay from the beginning, yet he pretended to be for everyone's sake. I hope you all give him some leeway because this is life, people go through hardships, people have to find ways to adapt to reach better well being and that leads them to change. No person can stay the same all their life it's unrealistic and unreasonable.
access denied
access denied پیش روز
A happy healthy person...I'd love to be that someday
Celena Martin
Celena Martin پیش 2 روز
at پیش 2 روز
I think Simon might come out as you know 💅which is perfectly fine. But I have a feeling he's been 💅
Valicore پیش روز
I hate that I thought this too
Sarah Historia
Sarah Historia پیش 2 روز
I've been meditating for some years now, I felt so much better and was more at piece with myself. Then I stopped, because I had some really stressful time and hadn't thr time to do it anymore and I'm feeling so much worse now. But your video motivates me so much to try and meditate regularly again. 💪🏻 I wish you the best on your journey and believe in you. I'm sure everything will turn out fine in the end.
Joseph Reynolds
Joseph Reynolds پیش 2 روز
So you and Martina are separated
ilikepiratesroar پیش 2 روز
Wow- this comment section is very strange. I watched the video when it initially came out and for some reason, I was drawn back to this comment section. At first, I was worried. But when Simon said that he's been meditating for hours a day... it all made sense. I'm shocked at how entitled people feel, demanding all the details NOW. Reading into things that are not there, creating a narrative that is directly opposite from what Simon is expressing. It's so disrespectful. I'm sorry to both of you and I wish you a smooth road in your path towards healing.
kate young
kate young پیش 3 روز
As someone who has gone through separation and divorce over the past 3 years, from a partner of 10 years, it’s none of anyone’s GD business the minute by emotional rollercoaster of these situations. I didn’t speak to people I actually hold energy with, let alone people not directly in my life. I spoke when I needed to, and only to the people who I felt were capable of holding that intense energy. Separation is HARD! Figuring out how to move forward and ensuring there’s some kind of change is HARD! The pressure from family and friends is HARD! Sometimes we just need to be on that fence for a while, and one day a decision will feel right. Simon and Martina’s relationship with their audience is no different than the waitress and the regular at the coffee shop.
Zamiani پیش 3 روز
actually dude you look sick and brainwashed. lack of 6 pack is what have been bothering you? really? fixation on your "self-development" is a hole where you never reach the bottom but you keep falling deep. stop it. i don't believe you are actually doing better than before. i liked how active and funny you were guys. now you look like a meditating vegan on his way to anorexia and cancer.
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson پیش 3 روز
This was a hard video to watch. It just gave me vibes that you’re really pushing yourself to be happy. Maybe you actually are though. It’s heartbreaking to see you two apart and for you to not even mention her name. I understand finding yourself and taking time...I just. Im sad. Martina is your family too. I don’t understand the full situation. I hope you both find happiness.
Jenn kanaka
Jenn kanaka پیش 3 روز
Cheers! Been on my journey/self-project for the last 2 years. Best to you!
Demie Rodriguez
Demie Rodriguez پیش 3 روز
really needed this :(( this year has been a crazy one for me as well and while i am aware that these are challenges one has to go through in order to learn and develop one’s character, it’s still been stressful. seeing this though makes me a bit motivated about life and i believe you and martina are so resilient in the ways that you guys do the most to search for positive ways to progress in life despite the challenges that are thrown to you. you guys are definitely an inspiration and i find myself wanting to incorporate your ways in life with mine. thanks so much for the hard work you guys have put throughout the years and thanks so much for this video, simon! lots of love to you both :))
neojng پیش 3 روز
This makes me so sad
Heather Glenn
Heather Glenn پیش 3 روز
I'm so happy to hear you're working on yourself and doing better for it. I'm on a similar journey and went through a breakup at the start of lockdown in my country and it's just been really difficult but it's good to be focusing on myself for the first time in a long, long time. For me that's been figuring out what makes me happy, what I enjoy doing and also getting hard into my job and becoming the best damn chef I can. ^_^
C S پیش 3 روز
My first thought: Did he join a cult of some sort?
Sakura kinomono
Sakura kinomono پیش روز
omg i'm so glad i'm not the only one that thought that! i hope he's just recovering over burn out.
copper sugar
copper sugar پیش 2 روز
or maybe he's just in a transitional state in his life? idk what he (or anyone) is going or has gone through but it sounds like he's just finding new interests and passions in life, and obviously returning to his home and family. if i moved about countries and made longterm homes there and finally came back to my roots i think i would be this kinda 'out there' too. also i dont meditate but its pretty normal, school makes me do it sometimes so i dont think it's a culty thing
Michelle پیش 3 روز
Everyone needs to take time for themselves and that doesn't make you selfish. Shalom
Kae P.
Kae P. پیش 3 روز
okay i may be dumb as shit but simon and martina are still together right????
Jhasmine Samoy
Jhasmine Samoy پیش 3 روز
Are they divorced or what?
Owl Izard
Owl Izard پیش 3 روز
I was introduced to you two many years ago by my now ex wife. We were together for many years and many nights we enjoyed your content and wished we had a life like yours. Then 2020 happened. Everything went to shit and I tried a long time to fix something that couldn’t be. My biggest take away has been expect the worst and maybe I’m way off the mark in saying that Simon is showing a lot of the same emotions I was towards the end. The calm before the storm. I hope I’m wrong and that it’s just personal shit and not a relationship issue. I want to leave off this channel with only the good memories it gave me. Maybe someday I’ll come back and things are just fine. I don’t want to see either of them make videos and pretend nothing is wrong. I want to leave thinking of when things were right as rain. It feels like yesterday you guys had just moved to Japan, gone to a cat cafe. Been to a sailor moon themed restaurant. Thank you two for everything. The uncertainty of life is scary and sometimes it leaves you crumpled and beaten. Proud of you Simon. Stay shredded.
Marci Bartlett
Marci Bartlett پیش 3 روز
Single-handed I liked the joke 👍🏽 Best of luck and peace to you both 💜
Citlalli AguiIar
Citlalli AguiIar پیش 3 روز
Hey Simon! I look forward to the upcoming videos on mindfulness and meditation. I have been reading peer reviewed articles articles on mindfulness and meditation in the healthcare profession to reduce burnout, ease stress and reduce turnover rates. As a nursing student, first year new grads have the highest turnover rate, due to high stress levels and emotional exhaustion with our career, along with our lack of self care strategies. I would love to follow your educational videos on this topic not only for my future profession, but for my own well being. It would be such a useful technique for all us experiencing the chaos that is 2020z Thank you and take care. ❤️
Gatita Calicó
Gatita Calicó پیش 3 روز
OMG Why are there so many people thinking about Simon and Martina as a business or entertaiment besides human beens?
North Gill
North Gill پیش 3 روز
I discovered your videos about 6 or 7 years ago when I needed something to watch to escape from a really bad place in my life. And through your videos, I discovered a wanderlust and desire to travel. Youve brought me to places I hope to one day see myself, and made me laugh more times than I can count. The least I can do do you both is say that I absolutely will support both of you, stand behind you, and believe whatever comes in the future, is your own choice. You took a chance on IRpost and have graced us with so much positivity. I send nothing but love, positivity, and strength back to you guys.
Chris Safarik
Chris Safarik پیش 3 روز
Hope you are enjoying lots of Ranch!!!
KeySomniorum پیش 3 روز
Fudgy looks SO soft and sweet and adorable! I'm glad you added him to the pack! And in the future maybe you could talk more about your weight loss journey, and the whole process of you learning to meditate and the ups and downs of it? Hope to hear more from you!
Marie-Ève of all threads
Marie-Ève of all threads پیش 3 روز
Not gonna lie, I couldn't watch that video when it came out. The title gave me mild anxiety. It's not gone sadly. Has a fan, I worry because I care. I'm glad you are happy with the weight lost but it's scary to not have seen the progress. 50 lbs is a lot! Your face is very VERY different. 😳 And you do have that namaste voice though... 😅 I hope things turn out for the best and while you don't adress the elephant in the room, well I see it and can only wish you both well ❤️
Sleether 404
Sleether 404 پیش 3 روز
Dude just do you, we are supporting you! Do what makes you happy, you don't have to explain yourself to strangers
Morgan پیش 3 روز
All that matters is that You are happy
TheScratchingKiwi پیش 3 روز
Please be careful and take care. Mindfulness is a great tool, but it must be used with care.
Morgan پیش 3 روز
I've been so interested in meditating but never knew how to really start. I'd love videos about it! I love the science and explanation behind thing s
Nellie Broun
Nellie Broun پیش 3 روز
dang, wish i could just casually take a year off of my life and "find myself" lmao
Evanne Wu
Evanne Wu پیش 3 روز
The shirt can finally be buttoned
101mahina پیش 3 روز
I can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooking for the platform
Krista پیش 3 روز
The elephant in the room is neither of you are wearing rings. Not sure how to feel. I hope Martina is getting the support system she needs.
v i c t o r
v i c t o r پیش 3 روز
She seems just fine and the same old. I hope she supports him
Handmade Dokis
Handmade Dokis پیش 3 روز
I think everyone seems to forget that Simon and Martina were together for so long and their relationship started at such a young age and could limit certain growth aspects or change the way they each could experience things solo. They seem like a great couple but none of us know everything that goes on in their relationship or inner turmoil. Its def jarring to see Simon at such a different weight but we'll get used to it ! Glad to see you seeming to have centered yourself and finding new paths to explore solo or not 👌
dairymcqueen پیش 3 روز
Hi Simon!!! Really happy to see you! Thanks for opening up to us and I respect your privacy. I get that it can be hard to be lifestyle/vlogger youtubers since fans expect you to tell them everything going on in your life. Internet culture has created some invasive behaviors that would not fly offline. Glad to know you're doing okay since this year has been full of crazy, unexpected changes for a lot of people. Sending good vibes to you guys!
Megan Oleszek
Megan Oleszek پیش 3 روز
Whenever you are ready with some mindfulness content I'm here for it!
Paula پیش 3 روز
Gotta agree with the people saying this feels odd, and how all this secrecy yet months saying you guys aren't feeling well is what's causing the frustration. People know somethings up, you're not wearing your wedding band and you guys are clearly separated physically - questions and concerns will arise. The sooner something is said about it, the sooner people will stop asking.
E B پیش 3 روز
I legit feel that Simon & Martina are not together anymore, which if that is their choice I absolutely support it, they don't owe ANYONE to stay together for the sake of a channel... I know its negative to talk like this but it just seems that way, Martina is with her mom, Simon seems like he's in a new apartment... the cryptic pinned comment. I get it, change is coming... Just hope both of you take care during hard times. We love you no matter what.
cuteprint پیش 3 روز
this breaks my heart i hope you get better i really miss you guys its hard to see couples break up on youtube when we have been for so long with them. I really hope you all are doing ok
Sammy Noelle
Sammy Noelle پیش 3 روز
Is it weird that the last video of Martina was in a different kitchen? Are they just quarentining at different places? I may be overthinking but after seeing this video idk anymore.
HardyKiwi پیش روز
You don't need to know them personally. They both don't even wear their wedding bands anymore.
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green پیش 3 روز
@Dylan N Do you know them personally? Did they tell you that themselves? If not, then stop speculating.
Dylan N
Dylan N پیش 3 روز
Yes, they got a divorce.
Art by Eliecer007
Art by Eliecer007 پیش 3 روز
Love you Simon! Even when things aren’t going as planned just remember to take it all one step at a time as you’ve been :)
Natalie Nichols
Natalie Nichols پیش 3 روز
I watched this video again and it’s so weird both times I feel intense anger coming from him.
Ghastly_Grinner پیش 3 روز
Dude ya lost a ton of lbs hope all is well remember to stay hydrated and get plenty of calcium it will help you heal
Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson پیش 3 روز
Praying for you
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