We Had To Say Goodbye...

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Thomas Petrou

پیش 11 ماه

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Cheryl Mickiyuk
Cheryl Mickiyuk پیش روز
Shia! Did I just saw Nunavut?😮🤭 asuruu shia man!😶😯😂
Kaileigh Torres
Kaileigh Torres پیش ماه
Hello I have been gone
Rileigh Heidinger
Rileigh Heidinger پیش 2 ماه
new hype house
Kiley پیش 2 ماه
New hype house
Xiomara Ortiz-Ponce
Xiomara Ortiz-Ponce پیش 2 ماه
When u did a foto shot with the members and charli and adison dec 22 it was my b day
amarna hawks
amarna hawks پیش 2 ماه
Felicia Lee-lo
Felicia Lee-lo پیش 3 ماه
New hype house
Maddi Mota
Maddi Mota پیش 3 ماه
Chase had Charli on the shower door!
Zali Clapson
Zali Clapson پیش 3 ماه
Lol anyone watching this after the Lopez brothers got canceled
Naomi پیش 3 ماه
new hype house
Sierra McIntyre
Sierra McIntyre پیش 3 ماه
i am prety sure coner was in chase's shower
Ava Costello
Ava Costello پیش 3 ماه
No one gonna talk about how Chase still had pictures of Charli lol
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae پیش 3 ماه
Now there in the third house
Bailey-may Perrins
Bailey-may Perrins پیش 4 ماه
is anyone watching this when they moved in to hype house 3.0 lol
any one else see the pics of charli still on chases bathroom shower
Nadia Amrollahi
Nadia Amrollahi پیش 4 ماه
Newww fucking hype house
AlbertsStuff Reuploads
AlbertsStuff Reuploads پیش 4 ماه
Can no see that Charlies face is still on the bathroom shower door 😂😂😂
Ava Silva_26
Ava Silva_26 پیش 4 ماه
now there going to a new house
Elsie Foster
Elsie Foster پیش 4 ماه
Papper look like the boy from croods ngl and she is so calm when nick or ryland talk to him and When he tell papper he broke the door for no reason “ I can never tell nick and ryland apart 😂
Dee Renee Rihia-Neumann
Dee Renee Rihia-Neumann پیش 4 ماه
New hype house
Markys Charles
Markys Charles پیش 5 ماه
Me tooooo
Brady Cook YouTube channel
Brady Cook YouTube channel پیش 5 ماه
Can i join the hype house
Carmichael’s پیش 5 ماه
i͚ w͚a͚s͚ late
Alexa Melchor
Alexa Melchor پیش 5 ماه
That sounds so sexist bro... when Charlie said imagine being called Charlie as a gilr
Mikala Whitehead
Mikala Whitehead پیش 6 ماه
now hype house
hayleigh grierson
hayleigh grierson پیش 6 ماه
you did this on my bithay
Jedaiah Jallah
Jedaiah Jallah پیش 6 ماه
I am dying of laughter
AnaMaria Ochoa
AnaMaria Ochoa پیش 6 ماه
new hype house
angie paul
angie paul پیش 6 ماه
paper seems so sweet and he didn’t know what to say😭😭😭
ramona swaney
ramona swaney پیش 6 ماه
new house
Nikita Howard
Nikita Howard پیش 6 ماه
new hype house
ItzSommer پیش 6 ماه
okay but micheal when he had black hair......... ummm sheeeeiiiittt
Sofia Merlussi
Sofia Merlussi پیش 6 ماه
eu sinto falta de tonick, isso sim
Caden Kreeft
Caden Kreeft پیش 7 ماه
New hype house birch
Melissa Fuentes Granados
Melissa Fuentes Granados پیش 7 ماه
yup me tooooooooooooooo bye old hype house s
Karim Khazoula
Karim Khazoula پیش 7 ماه
New hyped house
Quandell Smith
Quandell Smith پیش 7 ماه
Kover like did you get that and didn’t check if she was fine lol
Isabel Echevarria
Isabel Echevarria پیش 7 ماه
new hyep house
Zinix پیش 7 ماه
oh shit he have charlies pics all of the shower😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Haylee Erickson
Haylee Erickson پیش 7 ماه
being in the hype house is like being in the hunger games
Madison Hufnagel
Madison Hufnagel پیش 7 ماه
Thai made me cry so many memoris
Harold Frederik
Harold Frederik پیش 7 ماه
Its really always so loud at the hype house
bella Mata
bella Mata پیش 7 ماه
Nick is so fine
ZOEY SADRIEH پیش 7 ماه
no ones going to say that charli's pics are still up
tiktok.mashup پیش 7 ماه
im crying cuz i miss this kind of hype house
IamAshely Playz
IamAshely Playz پیش 7 ماه
When I am sad I Watch your and Alex’s vlogs
Jillian پیش 7 ماه
Lmao nick and ryland
Google_gray پیش 7 ماه
Why is this kinda sad tho..
Nevaeh Romero
Nevaeh Romero پیش 7 ماه
new hype hose
netoordonez پیش 8 ماه
New hype house
Nateasha Davis
Nateasha Davis پیش 8 ماه
I really wanted to join the hype house
Irene Tumbles
Irene Tumbles پیش 8 ماه
Whos here septermber 4?
-aspensdarling پیش 8 ماه
Did nobody else realize that Charli's pictures were on the shower door?!? No? Just me then? ;-;
Itz Maddie Here
Itz Maddie Here پیش 8 ماه
new hype house
c o c o n u t p i n e a p l e
c o c o n u t p i n e a p l e پیش 8 ماه
Anyone gonna talk abt how chases mirror still has pictures of Charli on it
Dakota MSP
Dakota MSP پیش 8 ماه
Am i the only one that thinks its so freaking hot how fast Ryland ran down the stairs like he was the fastest lmao ❤ (in first try)
Madilyn Cardona
Madilyn Cardona پیش 8 ماه
old hype house!
Tamara Sam
Tamara Sam پیش 8 ماه
We well miss the first house of the hype house
Mariyam Sura Zakariyya
Mariyam Sura Zakariyya پیش 8 ماه
New Hype House 🏡
Someone ??
Someone ?? پیش 8 ماه
Mia is really violent
Gab پیش 8 ماه
new hype house
shaunna. Buggy
shaunna. Buggy پیش 8 ماه
U said description really weird and I miss the old hype house even know its mon Aug 24
Ian Loveridge
Ian Loveridge پیش 8 ماه
New hype house
Duaa Elfarra
Duaa Elfarra پیش 8 ماه
Gabriel Dos Santos
Gabriel Dos Santos پیش 8 ماه
i feel bad kouvr burnt her juul dont those cost alot im sorry idk i dont vape lmao also i never knew they vaped
Cam Doyle
Cam Doyle پیش 8 ماه
goodbye old tiktok
Xena Suman
Xena Suman پیش 8 ماه
Did you see Michel hair it was so weird
Lyriq Tito
Lyriq Tito پیش 8 ماه
New hype house
Arelie Sandoval
Arelie Sandoval پیش 8 ماه
Aww I miss the old hype house
Rihanna Cobaxin
Rihanna Cobaxin پیش 8 ماه
New hype house
Laken Marie
Laken Marie پیش 8 ماه
im still curious on what kouvr and mia were burning
cheyenne higham
cheyenne higham پیش 8 ماه
new hype house
Adan Deleon
Adan Deleon پیش 8 ماه
I fill bad of paper 😞
Sam Mintz
Sam Mintz پیش 8 ماه
we just gonna ignore the fact that he MESSED UP THE WORD “description” xD
Madyson Wentworth
Madyson Wentworth پیش 8 ماه
No diversity? What about chase
Mackenzie Shoob
Mackenzie Shoob پیش 8 ماه
Michael is so hot with hair oml
Pïck1ë !!
Pïck1ë !! پیش 9 ماه
thomas: there burning mias *bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*
Tereza Abdel Malik
Tereza Abdel Malik پیش 9 ماه
Micheal’s hair in that video clip
julia m
julia m پیش 9 ماه
Rhona Schoeller
Rhona Schoeller پیش 9 ماه
Y’all are so mean to pauper I felt bad when he was about to say sorry and then Riley talked over him
Peggy Fortenberry
Peggy Fortenberry پیش 9 ماه
new house
Hype_house _123
Hype_house _123 پیش 9 ماه
Me watching All the videos of the hype house cause I’m lonely and depressed and they are the only people that make me happy
Fantastic days With me
Fantastic days With me پیش 9 ماه
strawberry پیش 9 ماه
A good challenge would be last to stop swearing 🤬
Bacon _0
Bacon _0 پیش 9 ماه
Who else is watching this in august
Hlya Acc only
Hlya Acc only پیش 9 ماه
In 1:01 the way tony toke nick
Sarah Watkins
Sarah Watkins پیش 9 ماه
no one: not even the cats: nO oNe At AlL: michael: 0:30 *falls* ondreaz: 😐 *shakes head no*
Sarah Watkins
Sarah Watkins پیش 9 ماه
their bathrooms are bigger then my room 🤣
Jana Chochoroska
Jana Chochoroska پیش 9 ماه
New hype house💔🥺
Kenyonne Summers
Kenyonne Summers پیش 9 ماه
New hype house
ava dquaver
ava dquaver پیش 9 ماه
Megan Miller
Megan Miller پیش 9 ماه
Are we not going to talk about the fact that Chase still had the pictures in his bathroom?
Roman Ordonez
Roman Ordonez پیش 9 ماه
The way nick slide
It's_Just _Kwanita
It's_Just _Kwanita پیش 9 ماه
New hype house! !!
LazyLivia پیش 9 ماه
I love how Micheal FigHTS everyone
Pich Molina
Pich Molina پیش 9 ماه
new hyp house :)
Lexi M
Lexi M پیش 9 ماه
New hype house
Liv پیش 9 ماه
the scenes in 2019 litterly are so fun to watch that you Guys said that everybody Hates you
Tiferet H
Tiferet H پیش 9 ماه
They are aware baba ganush is a eggplant and mayo salad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Júlia Genuino Tôrres
Júlia Genuino Tôrres پیش 9 ماه
thomas seems to be a very nice and funny guy, but his laugh anoys me
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