WARZONE is about as BROKEN as my keyboard

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Antoine Q
Antoine Q پیش 4 روز
return of requis its about time
Barzinkstudio202C پیش 4 روز
game keeps crashing in mid game of warzone then my ps4 is crusted on the new update
Jay Kraft
Jay Kraft پیش 7 روز
Then stop playing the game....period...try Hunt showdown its a good "battle Royale" game
Sebastian Nisker
Sebastian Nisker پیش 9 روز
Yo jev why don't u play apex?
Connor Leathery
Connor Leathery پیش 9 روز
You should try terraria
TheDragonborn پیش 10 روز
Please don’t stop posting in IRpost man you are by far the best you tuber ever honestly
ZomBMan 101
ZomBMan 101 پیش 13 روز
3:56 When you're using a hammer
Collin Beeston
Collin Beeston پیش 13 روز
I have the same with Cold War, and it’s like my integration didn’t happen either.
Kikkx._ پیش 14 روز
PLAY UFC4 instead get requis back
Zach Fadhel
Zach Fadhel پیش 14 روز
Jev slowly Turing into the Tim the tat man
justanotherbloke پیش 15 روز
We saw Frankie Edgar’s soul leave his body
Robert Howe
Robert Howe پیش 17 روز
Cold war is a failure in mu opinion
Sleepy G
Sleepy G پیش 18 روز
I thought he was joking at first and then I realized he is actually crying over a game 🤦🏾‍♂️. Wow I stopped about 60 seconds in
Dravyn Kitelinger
Dravyn Kitelinger پیش 19 روز
All hail jev king of rage . I think you should go play some death stranding take a long walk 😂
Dolor_lol پیش 19 روز
Play Rust :)
Boog پیش 20 روز
Does anybody know what calling card Jev is using at 0:33 reply to my comment if you know what calling card he is using
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson پیش 20 روز
I've been getting screwed by the game as of late. Bullshit match making etc.
Sofia Posadas
Sofia Posadas پیش 21 روز
A P پیش 21 روز
This game is actually so painful its not even funny how broken it is. Its just a breeding ground for aimbotters and exploits.
Tyler Griffin
Tyler Griffin پیش 21 روز
Judging by the comments most of the people on here aren’t here for warzone and CoD plays. They’re here for you bro. CoD doesn’t make your channel awesome, you do. Play what you want. We’ll be here for it.
JosephPalaski پیش 22 روز
I've watched maybe 6 of your videos and 6/6 are strictly complaints.
gary winthorp
gary winthorp پیش 22 روز
omg i love frankie edgar i met him and trainedc with him in my ufc gym in eastbrunswick nj
Tokyoo پیش 22 روز
In memory of Jevs keyboard ??? - 2021
CIA پیش 22 روز
Jev wants unlock all button What about dark aether
decimalauto5140 پیش 22 روز
Imagine complaining this much over a fucking guns In a call of duty game 🤦‍♂️
Gucci Sock
Gucci Sock پیش 22 روز
He said the n word 😂😂
IGS Modding
IGS Modding پیش 23 روز
bro we’d watch you play minecraft .
Steif Chinki
Steif Chinki پیش 23 روز
I think you should play something besides cod for one vid
Runmemyguaphoe _
Runmemyguaphoe _ پیش 23 روز
Damn jev got curls now haha crazy stopped watching like 4 years ago
bGN Eann the gamer
bGN Eann the gamer پیش 23 روز
3:55 my dad when he drinks a six pack and my mom tries to ask him something
Chase Beck
Chase Beck پیش 23 روز
I feel his pain man
RitualREDRUM پیش 24 روز
Yeah they don't like people who tell the truth.
vTsac پیش 24 روز
Yo Jen have you tried re installing cod
Isaac A
Isaac A پیش 25 روز
you could play something random like the bread game jev
999patrick_ پیش 25 روز
Play battlefield
Chris Clark
Chris Clark پیش 25 روز
I hate this vid
Quaid Girdner
Quaid Girdner پیش 25 روز
Play either other creator's. Like dysmo or marksman
Not_Dead_ Yet
Not_Dead_ Yet پیش 25 روز
you look and sound dead inside please play a different game
Ryyking21 پیش 25 روز
Ryyking21 پیش 25 روز
Challenge: while your waiting for everything to be fixed, get dark matter eather. I know you can.
Iker Espinoza
Iker Espinoza پیش 25 روز
why dont you delete warzone and cold war off your pc then get it back
elisha thornton
elisha thornton پیش 25 روز
Jev, never stop raging and being an angry gamer. You represent more people than you know xD
lemur dad
lemur dad پیش 25 روز
Fuck that ww2 dev tho fr 😤
SWEET TEA پیش 25 روز
You can’t win one f****** game, you POTATO streamer
Garfield4317 پیش 25 روز
Man you've got burnout. Please take a break for your mental health. You're not having fun, this wasn't good to watch. You deserve a break, you've earned it you need it.
Evan Clark
Evan Clark پیش 26 روز
everyone tag @activision
Harz پیش 26 روز
Play rust bro
Aidan Smart
Aidan Smart پیش 26 روز
I recommend Sekiro for something to play
Slayer Bloons
Slayer Bloons پیش 26 روز
I feel bad for jev the developers holding this mans account hostage
Lewis Mcbride
Lewis Mcbride پیش 26 روز
You gotta re Download the game same thing happened to me
x iDropKillz x
x iDropKillz x پیش 26 روز
It’s horrendous. Down very bad.
Cameron Soto
Cameron Soto پیش 26 روز
Jev u should try Genshin for a game to play when not on cod or recording
Aleifr Pl
Aleifr Pl پیش 26 روز
you should play mordhau
Matt Steele
Matt Steele پیش 26 روز
Alternate title: “Entitled Child throws a temper tantrum over video game unlocks and complains about a game he’s not obligated to play for 10 min”
Avery Hoffman
Avery Hoffman پیش 26 روز
I feel like you had a better time playing UFC or Mortal Kombat
Shiv Patel
Shiv Patel پیش 26 روز
Just play zombies, it’s fun and u should play it
Asad Osman
Asad Osman پیش 26 روز
Why don’t u make a new account and start over until this is fixed
Trayce M
Trayce M پیش 26 روز
Day 98 of asking jev to play titanfall 2
Jackos G General Reviews
Jackos G General Reviews پیش 26 روز
If you don’t like Wz then don’t play it , it’s annoying the way you leave n stuff in your videos or just spectate ,.... love you tho jev but start having fun in your videos again man
Varuna 60
Varuna 60 پیش 26 روز
I can honestly relate to a lot of the things you say in your videos man. While I haven’t had any of the issues you have had with receiving and being able to use things you have literally spent loads of time unlocking, I do agree with a lot of your current opinions on cod. Especially some of the bs that happens within your matches, like I often have very similar experiences. For example, yesterday I got a literal kill chain and was awarded a double kill. I also half the time feel like gunfights are predetermined as often times I will shoot first and land every shot on a guys only for them to turn around and laser me. Cod just really isn’t the same anymore and I 100% agree with your current thoughts on cod.
xTrae پیش 26 روز
Jev you should try fivem gta rp
Jackie Rabbit
Jackie Rabbit پیش 26 روز
I don't know why they keep fucking CoD off that way. It's probably just safe to assume that the whole game is broken and not one individual plans on fixing any given problem.
Brenden Mckechan
Brenden Mckechan پیش 27 روز
jev should play rocket league for a vid
Austin Ponthieux
Austin Ponthieux پیش 27 روز
Connor Elliott
Connor Elliott پیش 27 روز
If you so frustrated with the game why you keep playing?
Freddy Lopez
Freddy Lopez پیش 27 روز
Try Tarkov
Hoodie Jagged
Hoodie Jagged پیش 27 روز
5:35 - 5:40 Lmfaoooo
Luke Fabina
Luke Fabina پیش 27 روز
repeaT_ Fury
repeaT_ Fury پیش 27 روز
When jev says there's nothing for him to play I immediately think bring back tequis on ufc 4
Nicholas Heath
Nicholas Heath پیش 27 روز
Jev can you please PLEASE make a video addressing the state of combat training (vs bots) in both Modern Warfare and Cold War? Yes I know this sounds ridiculous. Like why can't I just play online multi-player. Well sometimes I get tired of that. Sometimes my internet is laggy. Sometimes I really just wanna play against veteran bots and have a good, fun challenge. Back when Black Ops 1 came out combat training was so much fun because of how challenging it was. Now it's just shit. No competition. Also combat training is buggy on both games on PS4. Some of the maps don't work/load up. Not all the game modes are compatible with all the maps. Like TDM, FFA, KC, your basic all-around games modes only work with some maps. I think that's complete bullshit and needs to be fixed. These issues are strictly issues related to Cold War. My only issue with the combat training on Modern Warfare is that bots would glitch out. Meaning that they would get stuck in certain areas of the map and can't move. My issue with both games as a whole is that combat training is just too easy. The difficulty levels on both games need to be buffed. Call of Duty has really fallen off from local play. They stopped putting effort into offline play long ago. It really needs to addressed. I think you are the one for this task. I feel as if issues that you bring up in your videos eventually get addressed. Perhaps this will too
GamerWorks پیش 27 روز
aww baby... your still gunna buy the next one xD
Dark پیش 27 روز
Does anyone know how to get that calling card at 0:27?
Reed Stoess
Reed Stoess پیش 27 روز
how can they possibly have not handled this issue by now lmao like its not complicated
R6 traxee
R6 traxee پیش 27 روز
Horror game jev ??
4benorama T
4benorama T پیش 27 روز
Jen wanna play dous
omar b
omar b پیش 27 روز
Yeah i have the same glitch i can’t put the cold war guns
Dominiq Montes
Dominiq Montes پیش 27 روز
I support the unlock all button on Jev’s account! UNLOCK ALL! UNLOCK ALL! UNLOCK ALL
Uhhh Hhh
Uhhh Hhh پیش 27 روز
Jev: I just didn’t feel like uploading
Uhhh Hhh
Uhhh Hhh پیش 27 روز
That’s why he’s the best guy
OgZombie PickleRick
OgZombie PickleRick پیش 27 روز
Jev: if MW ore cold war isn't fun try a different game? Rouge company it's free and pretty competitive.
Activai پیش 27 روز
Havent watched Jev since i got into a game with him back in BO2 days
Nicholas Parton
Nicholas Parton پیش 27 روز
You should just take a break from the game for like a month or sum
SaucyGailan پیش 27 روز
You should try vlogging lol
klyne پیش 27 روز
I know ur a cod youtuber, but make other content and play other games. Please
Vad3r پیش 27 روز
you have a huge following. stop complaining and use your platform to get the devs attention. would take 1 tweet.
Jose Olivares
Jose Olivares پیش 27 روز
Go to your battle pass and let everything unlock then you might have your 💪
1 Krasser Dude
1 Krasser Dude پیش 27 روز
I bet they can give u anything with your Account they even can Unlock you from SBMM so you make Content saying "I dont feel any sbmm guys :^)"
Julio Torres
Julio Torres پیش 27 روز
Why don’t you try deleting the game and reinstalling it ?
Peter Saints
Peter Saints پیش 27 روز
Hey Jev, thanks for the great content as always! Maybe you've tried this, but what if you reinstall the game? Sometimes a clean game install will fix random things like the issue you're having with the locked guns? Hope it gets fixed soon! :)
balec پیش 27 روز
I feel like jev has the worst luck!
Kyu 9TF
Kyu 9TF پیش 27 روز
"free my boy"
HamDaBoss پیش 27 روز
Bro was too busy explaining himself, he forgot to parachute 😭
Nicholas Martinez
Nicholas Martinez پیش 27 روز
He’s getting white hairs 😢 on his mustache
Tuhin Misra
Tuhin Misra پیش 28 روز
Is jev an actual faze member? (just a joke ......... no offence :) )
Lucifer bonilla
Lucifer bonilla پیش 28 روز
I’m soooooooo glad that i stopped playing this broken ass game along time ago
The CoD Father Noob King Of Verdansk
The CoD Father Noob King Of Verdansk پیش 28 روز
I suggest Post Malone style tattoo for Jev😂
Youngboy_love پیش 28 روز
Thats twice they do this😤
benchord marda
benchord marda پیش 28 روز
try to reinstall the game jev i had the same problem then i reinstalled and it worked
Devin Simmons
Devin Simmons پیش 28 روز
bro jev can lowkey rage like dellor but but not as loud as him cause dellor quality and audio ass and jev audio better
Jacob Moncivaiz
Jacob Moncivaiz پیش 28 روز
This dude sounds hella depressed dont kill yourself over a video game
The_Demographic_Gamer ____
The_Demographic_Gamer ____ پیش 28 روز
Try zombies but idk if you’d like it
WARZONE SOLO is HORRIBLE for my health
FaZe Jev
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I RETURNED to WARZONE just to get bullied