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HARRIS SWEARS IN NEW SENATORS OSSOFF, WARNOCK, & PADILLA: Vice President Kamala Harris swears in Georgia’s Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock and California’s Alex Padilla as the newest members of the United States Senate. Ossoff and Warnock won their runoff races earlier this month to flip both Senate seats in the Peach State blue for the first time in nearly two decades. Notable is also that Harris, the first Black vice president, will swear in Warnock, Georgia’s first Black senator. Padilla, California's former secretary of State, was tapped by Gov. Gavin Newsom to fill Harris’ own Senate seat. He is the first Latinx senator from California and will finish out the final two years of Harris’ term. The Senate now will be split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, and Harris will serve as the tie-breaking vote.
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qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon پیش ماه
Madam President...it has a ring to it, u gotta admit!
Old Sniffing Joe Potato
Old Sniffing Joe Potato پیش ماه
You tube is tweaking the like dislike ratio
Jim Hackett
Jim Hackett پیش ماه
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt پیش ماه
Biden .I don’t even double sure if I will even receive the $1400k to sum to $200k
P پیش ماه
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon پیش ماه
Madam President...it has a ring to it, u gotta admit!
Nixon Caparas
Nixon Caparas پیش ماه
There is a mandate about wearing masks on federal property. KUDOS to Madame VP Kamala Harris. Good job! All GOVERNMENT officials must follow.
crapentertainment پیش ماه
13:50 is when Kamala arrives
usb usb
usb usb پیش ماه
BigBoss1228 پیش ماه
Dude, it's barely been a day, his first priority is to get COVID under control in the US. Only then, can he focus on other priorities he will face.
victor gbarmah
victor gbarmah پیش ماه
Congrats to you president Biden along your veep Vice President Kamala Harris and in the future I like to meet you guys in person face to face as American citizen for any some sort of assistance .I personally victor Gbarmah voted my million worthy ballot paper through mailing for you president Biden along with your veep president Kamala Harris
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt پیش ماه
15:12 "That was weird right?" 15:14 "Yeah that was very weird." Not even a day in office and she's already being so chill, that's rare in politics-
victor gbarmah
victor gbarmah پیش ماه
Pretty good signal president Biden and you never wasted no time to jump start your promises you made to the American folks
victor gbarmah
victor gbarmah پیش ماه
I want to know whether my 600k still in transit or I been left behind .folks that I knew them vast majority had received their 600k deposited through their bank accounts but I had being left behind president Biden .I voted for you president Biden as American citizen
victor gbarmah
victor gbarmah پیش ماه
But till now I haven’t yet receive my 600 bucks but I did received the $1200k and I m still figuring it out what the delay on the traffic congestion or I being left behind president Biden .I don’t even double sure if I will even receive the $1400k to sum to $200k
victor gbarmah
victor gbarmah پیش ماه
Wow, no time to waste president Biden and your veep v Kamala Harris and really a jump start
petefishes پیش ماه
She will be impeached
:D I will vore you.
:D I will vore you. پیش ماه
Lol good luck with that trumpet.
Sebert پیش ماه
Madam Vice President. In a few years we’ll be calling her madam President. 🙏
Martin Rivera
Martin Rivera پیش ماه
Imagine Harris playing hardball with Putin. Putin would pull up skirts and spank before the debate.
Zero Hero
Zero Hero پیش ماه
Everyone here all of a sudden so supportive for Harris, yet there was no support when Harris ran for president or when Tulsi Gabbard demolished her during the debates.
The American Crusader
The American Crusader پیش ماه
In 2025 well have a Progressive Vice President. Count your days Boomer Harris.
Michelle Henderson
Michelle Henderson پیش ماه
Congratulations to all. Best Wishes VP Harris. GOD BLESS
Peace & Namaste
Peace & Namaste پیش ماه
Madam President...it has a ring to it, u gotta admit!
Peace & Namaste
Peace & Namaste پیش ماه
Yassss!!! History in the making. A fresh new turn of the page. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!🤤
Deanne DFL rocks!
Deanne DFL rocks! پیش ماه
America is watching. CLOSER..accountability and consequences..our families died, we demand answers some members have some explaining to do. Government makes mistakes and its system can no longer cover it up.
avii پیش ماه
15:12 "That was weird right?" 15:14 "Yeah that was very weird." Not even a day in office and she's already being so chill, that's rare in politics-
Gabriel Encinas
Gabriel Encinas پیش ماه
Naira Aslanyan
Naira Aslanyan پیش ماه
Surprised to see Mitch on his best behavior
Bitfire31337 پیش ماه
He said for the congress to "find common ground for the common good everywhere, where we can and disagree respectfully, where we must". He just described the working basis of a healthy democracy. Let's hope he and at least most of the senate hold true to his words. Would be something new for a change.
Lucian Lawson-Foley
Lucian Lawson-Foley پیش ماه
Well there's not much he can do to challenge the results. He'll just fillibuster and wait until 2022 when his party will probably take the house
Deanne DFL rocks!
Deanne DFL rocks! پیش ماه
Biden took him to church today😁😂
Aatmik Mittal
Aatmik Mittal پیش ماه
Really Proud to see next Obama in making. Way to go JON OSSOFF, WARNOCK!
The American Crusader
The American Crusader پیش ماه
Us Bernie Supporters: Ugh *sticks finger guns in our mouths*
Osbaldo Alba
Osbaldo Alba پیش ماه
Kamala Harris enters @ 13:46
aaapaintingca پیش ماه
Thank god Putin is not the president any more
aaapaintingca پیش ماه
Where is Lindsay, trumps caddy,washing his balls
Urban Xplr
Urban Xplr پیش ماه
all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC
Karizkeenan Bagastria
Karizkeenan Bagastria پیش ماه
Her laugh is so infectious
Mridul Maitre
Mridul Maitre پیش ماه
The Nintendo & Rambo Fan
The Nintendo & Rambo Fan پیش روز
Sounds way better than Majortiy Leader Mitch McConnell, but Minortiy Leader Mitch McConnell sounds so much better
Chaz MBC. Burch, H.C.
Chaz MBC. Burch, H.C. پیش 19 روز
Khabib Nurmagomedov 3
Khabib Nurmagomedov 3 پیش ماه
Ahhhh... It sounds so GOOD!!!
Mridul Maitre
Mridul Maitre پیش ماه
15:03 That's really awkward!
Wayne Arnold
Wayne Arnold پیش ماه
Another bunch of new do nothing, Goverment clowns that will waste tax payers money to achieve nothing.This organisation is just another move to make these people rich when the people of America are being led to the slaughter house and America will lay in ruin by a Man that use all tricks to achieve a useless agenda and he twice admitted himself. A traitor and committed treason as well.
petefishes پیش ماه
Corrupt Thugs Getting Sworn In . We’re Doomed
petefishes پیش ماه
@Khabib Nurmagomedov 3 Russia , prove it . What you can’t ??? Lol
Susan Gray
Susan Gray پیش ماه
Trumps gone already. No worries 😉
Tomi Giyu
Tomi Giyu پیش ماه
@Khabib Nurmagomedov 3 HAHAHAHAHAH BEIJING JOE 🇨🇳🖕
Khabib Nurmagomedov 3
Khabib Nurmagomedov 3 پیش ماه
@petefishes, Ha Ha Ha, Russia 🇷🇺 Trump.
petefishes پیش ماه
Ha ha ha , China 🇨🇳 Joe
Steven Prime
Steven Prime پیش ماه
Kamala Harris’ mother was Shyamala Gopalan, born in British India (present-day Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu). Ms. Gopalan never became a naturalized U.S. citizen. Donald Harris, Senator Harris’ father, is a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Jamaica. There are no provisions in the U.S. Constitution that qualifies a child born of a foreign national as a natural-born citizen and Senator Harris is not eligible to hold the office of the vice president.
HJ Escalera
HJ Escalera پیش ماه
😅 Why doesn’t this surprise me? I’ve still seen some “Obama wasn’t American because he wasn’t born in the US” comments at that 6. January Protest...
Deanne DFL rocks!
Deanne DFL rocks! پیش ماه
Im Native American this is my land first. Everyone else are immigrants including YOU! If you dont like it go back to where your bloodline came from.
Shannon 777
Shannon 777 پیش ماه
You know, if you don't like it, there are 6 other continents you can choose from.... And let's not talk about how Trump had a mail-order bride sitting in the White House with him....
Monk Monk
Monk Monk پیش ماه
Wooton ... we have ourselves another maga snowflake here people, rejoice couse we are blessed by their sweet sweet tears for the next 4 years ... delicious
Daniel Lushbaugh
Daniel Lushbaugh پیش ماه
She was born in the US (so that makes her a natural born citizen), so therefore, she can serve as both President and Vice President of the US.
rattatouille m. rat
rattatouille m. rat پیش ماه
Note to Kelly Loeffler: You just lost to radical liberal Raphael Warnock
Yvonne Plant
Yvonne Plant پیش ماه
When MLK Jr was alive people like Loeffler thought he was a communist. Nothing has changed with people like her while things have changed around them.
The Riddler Usurper
The Riddler Usurper پیش ماه
I just love this Kelly loefler concedes Loefler - "Radical liberal raphael warnock " i congragulate you on your victory. The people have spoken Warnock- ehhhh
Andrew پیش ماه
Love this ♥️🌊
Kim Tait
Kim Tait پیش ماه
At least I hope she didn't play touchy feely with the kids like creepy did when he had that duty.
Deanne DFL rocks!
Deanne DFL rocks! پیش ماه
Only a pervert like yourself thinks up garbage. Look past the color of skin shes got more brains than you do. WOMAN POWER!
Thomas Spiller
Thomas Spiller پیش ماه
Cassie Latour
Cassie Latour پیش ماه
Yes yes yes yes yes the big blue 🌊 may God bless you all and keep you all safe because we all need your help down here in the short little guy so take care love you all be safe and need help thank you thank you thank you
Snorlax for life Omar
Snorlax for life Omar پیش ماه
Jess C.
Jess C. پیش ماه
Sooo awesome “yea that was weird” lol
Deanne DFL rocks!
Deanne DFL rocks! پیش ماه
Yes its gonna be weird for her shes not just VP shes also Senator that breaks all ties. Shes got two jobs but paid to do only one. Kamala is in the house. 💔💕💟
OrganicPROduce پیش ماه
So glad to see so many historical firsts! Way to go blue voters!