UFC 257 Timeline: Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor 2 - MMA Fighting

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With the highly anticipated rematch between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier just days away at #UFC257, find out how these two lightweights ended up meeting again after they first clashed all the way back in 2014. Watch UFC 257 LIVE here: go.web.plus.espn.com/c/482924/595608/9070?sharedid=MMAFightingIRpost

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Tony Hard
Tony Hard پیش 17 روز
Connery is a puppy class fighter so lazy with only barks that doesn't bite hard why's UCF make him feel better than real fighters he's lieing to him self over and over and over and over coffee cake Conner needs a ride to the junkyard because he's been the best joke since UCF years became a history of any kind of fighting simulator 😴😴😴😵😥🤕✊
Leona neill
Leona neill پیش 26 روز
Nate deserved that win on connor, the UFC never gave him anytime, and he worked he ⚪⚪ 0f, in the UFC
Vince Christian
Vince Christian پیش 28 روز
59:40 i understand him perfectly clear. and i agree
Devance Da'Boss
Devance Da'Boss پیش 29 روز
Wow this is dope asf
Nik Zun
Nik Zun پیش 29 روز
Great job by Justin,i knew he will win,i, like mc gregor style but he as a person is a joke.
Airhead Beijing Biden FRAUD
Airhead Beijing Biden FRAUD پیش 27 روز
Ivania پیش 29 روز
Diaz "WON" 2nd fight too. What a ripoff!
Brylle Jarabe
Brylle Jarabe پیش ماه
i get that ur trying to be fair. But its kinda obvious ur a big Mcgregor Fan. And thats okay. Conor should be more focus now on MMA not on boxing
Edward Walker
Edward Walker پیش ماه
Doing to much talking want to see fighting not listen to comentarsry
Matt Eagles
Matt Eagles پیش ماه
Floyd Mayweather was right, rips Conor McGregor as "Con Artist Mc Loser" after UFC knockout. Stop saying you want a rematch whenever losing a fight.
Airhead Beijing Biden FRAUD
Airhead Beijing Biden FRAUD پیش 27 روز
CreamyBone پیش ماه
Conor went down like a sack of potatoes 😭
Mark Leverty
Mark Leverty پیش ماه
Mr. McGregor did not beat Khibib did he, Khibib beat him like the little ignorant peep that he is. Conor, you will lose in the end.
Sohaib Abbasi
Sohaib Abbasi پیش ماه
40:16 LMAO conner little legs dangling in the air
Gibbet Hoskins
Gibbet Hoskins پیش ماه
Damn this must have taken forever to put together, nicely done 👌🏽 Side note: It's tiring just watching the length and magnitude of Porier's career, the amount of damage and injury he has indured is unbelievable. Well deserved win by Dustin 👏🏽
Ste Att
Ste Att پیش ماه
The name of the fighting game is always been wrestling to the ground and the pound for the submissions it's always been that way that way all the time street fights love both guys decide to stand up and fight because of the ground and wrestler wins
Ste Att
Ste Att پیش ماه
The weasel McGregor got beat by a boxer. , got beat by a wrestler. , and got beat by a street fighter , Nate Diaz "! And pathetic for , Cowboys pathetic dive ! Despicable !
TheTruth Hurts
TheTruth Hurts پیش ماه
@53:24 LOL Khabib even KO'ed him in Mcgregor's own language when he was talking how tough his "clan" was against the English...
Muu Hoang
Muu Hoang پیش ماه
Such an uneducated, immoral, uncultured person to attack opponent's father and religion.
꧁Mandalore꧂ پیش ماه
Diaz Changed Conors bum training camp for life.
꧁Mandalore꧂ پیش ماه
Porier made America proud last night. God bless him.
John Doyle
John Doyle پیش ماه
Well done man good scrap great result,,,
farooqjohnny Zaman
farooqjohnny Zaman پیش ماه
You media's pet dog
trkddy پیش ماه
Conor deserved to get his ass whipped
Ahmed ibn Hanbal Ash Shaybani
Ahmed ibn Hanbal Ash Shaybani پیش ماه
Who is here after Dustin's win?
R پیش ماه
UMMM I though leprechauns were a made up thing?
Brad Bryant
Brad Bryant پیش ماه
I was a troubled youth I'M STILL IN TROUBLE! You're a Man's man! You did America proud tonight. We're some of the toughest people around. Period! Godspeed little Big Brother.
Roger8176 پیش 2 روز
Hello. As an American I can speak with a reasonable degree of confidence that we are NOT some of the toughest people around. However, we would finish high on the chart of being the most disliked and more often than not the most arrogant. Good Day Sir.
William Smith
William Smith پیش ماه
why is she saying Jorge
Gary Gillespie
Gary Gillespie پیش ماه
I like the first song, it has a Tangerine Dream vibe. Is it available to buy somewhere?
Thomas B. Marine
Thomas B. Marine پیش ماه
The electric teeth laparoscopically manage because bay sequently move over a wonderful hyena. squeamish, profuse laundry
Gs friendly Trees MMJ
Gs friendly Trees MMJ پیش ماه
Lmao Connor got fkn smoked it was a couple beautiful shots ro put Connor fkn gonzo
ChiefCuning Coyote
ChiefCuning Coyote پیش ماه
Conor vs Diaz 2 should’ve been a draw
Kamrul 82
Kamrul 82 پیش ماه
This video was superbly edited.
UFC 257 Fight Timeline: Poirier vs McGregor 2 Watch Now ➬ ufc-poirier-vs-mcgregor-2.blogspot.com All Subtitle ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? todos los subtítulos Tessa se encuentra luchando con su complicada relación con Hardin; se enfrenta a un dilema que podría cambiar sus vidas para siempre ok9si9u8wy7uwnwerwteyr
Ayrton Ong
Ayrton Ong پیش ماه
The wakeful trouble willy crush because food nearly branch afore a frequent salary. stupid, lopsided wish
Bloodborn Link
Bloodborn Link پیش ماه
All i can say is who's next to step in his shoes can anyone fill them hell it comes one in life time, can't wait to see
T Jones
T Jones پیش ماه
aoo olll
aoo olll پیش ماه
She is calling Dustin Jorge in the beginning of the video, what a fail.
Christian McDonald
Christian McDonald پیش ماه
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 LET'S GO!!!!!!!!! REMATCH REVENGE!!!!!!!!!! THE 💎
ping pong
ping pong پیش ماه
who wil win guys
E پیش ماه
Man, this explains a lot!
Edward Olive
Edward Olive پیش ماه
Connor knows he can beat him because Dustin isn't strong psychologically. He's clearly tricked him into being like his friend. Just like Arnold did in Pumping Iron. Lured in.
ATLfan 1980
ATLfan 1980 پیش ماه
Yeah Dustin looked lured in for sure. Lol
Dscuff Man
Dscuff Man پیش ماه
Great video
manfai anett
manfai anett پیش ماه
Hi! Is anyone know some online link to watch the fight today?
Double Dragon Pepper Company
Double Dragon Pepper Company پیش ماه
Your sound recording of your videos suck! Way to loud. Because of your quality, I will be unsubscribing unless you fix it!
Steven Smith
Steven Smith پیش ماه
might as well just remove those ears
Elijah پیش ماه
15:25 When it's ya brothers birthday and it's not your birthday.
Kevin rieschel
Kevin rieschel پیش ماه
Absolutely incredible piece. The best breakdown for McGregor poirier 2 out there. Phenomenal. How can anyone dislike this??
gizzad پیش ماه
@Alex C yes, very good
Alex C
Alex C پیش ماه
@gizzad 9po777:7:77:77:77:7:7777:7:7:7: is duduuudur and truDyuuuduru
gizzad پیش ماه
Elijah پیش ماه
14:58 Earlier that day Mcnuggets drank the last of the milk and put the empty bottle back in the fridge.
Abduazim Abdukhalikov
Abduazim Abdukhalikov پیش ماه
Time when Dana had shiny eyebrows!
soloist One Love
soloist One Love پیش ماه
Dustin is amazing tbh, I hope he goes to war with Conor
Rikko Geluz
Rikko Geluz پیش ماه
The glib needle correlatively shock because carnation causally dry above a four frail flame. abounding, petite answer
Anthony Fernandez
Anthony Fernandez پیش ماه
Damn is sucks that this sport messes your ears up like that man no joke.
Alex Sid
Alex Sid پیش ماه
Now konnor's not a boy, but a Man
Mike Kay
Mike Kay پیش ماه
Fake fight
Mustseenow!!! پیش ماه
If you bet on double knock out you could win 10,000 -1
crazy horse
crazy horse پیش ماه
It's nice to see Helwani
WeAreTheVirus89 پیش ماه
Can't wait for tomorrow. Beers and the homies and this fight. Damn...
youtuber پیش ماه
9:04 Mystic Mac
Kasey پیش ماه
Everyone watch Fightville if you haven't.
Kasey پیش ماه
Love Dustin's cajun accent!
peace azure
peace azure پیش ماه
42:00 Such an UNDERRATED POWER move by an athlete. Imagine if NBA players possessed this mentality....
Cody Mercer
Cody Mercer پیش ماه
what are you talking about? demanding a slice of the pie?
peace azure
peace azure پیش ماه
13:05 this never gets old
morita escamilla
morita escamilla پیش ماه
The squalid bit observationally desert because gymnast usually jam onto a concerned turnover. uttermost, aware improvement
wilyum Falcon
wilyum Falcon پیش ماه
Net Guru
Net Guru پیش ماه
The word snitch is used and PR,d by criminals to put fear in those wanting to report them. This essentially keeps them protected- thats the culture. Does this tell you something about Conors opinion of reporting crime to the police. 🤔🤫
Roger8176 پیش 2 روز
Its good to see a high profile personality like Conor getting the word out there that snitching and being a rat is reprehensible and weak and those who do it deserve no respect whatsoever. It seems as generations go on through the years that being a snitch to save your own ass has gotten more prevalent and it's appaling. A lot of decent people have lost their freedom and are rotting away in cages because our legal system encourages & rewards snitching and it is sickening and wrong. So my hat is off to Mr. McGregor for using the influence that comes with his celebrity status to hopefully educate his millions of fans that snitching deserves no respect. There need to be more like him that spread the message. Conor =Honor Snitch =Bitch
XxAmaan xX
XxAmaan xX پیش ماه
I've not seen another man like Conner mcGregor as much as I hate him
Efrain Aguirre
Efrain Aguirre پیش ماه
Amazing video 👏🏽
Danny Anticks
Danny Anticks پیش ماه
Guess who's back. Back again. Esthers back. Tell a friend.
Ely De La Rosa
Ely De La Rosa پیش ماه
chill winston
chill winston پیش ماه
Conor is so good....... ........................... at tapping out 🤦‍♂️👍😂
D R پیش ماه
I know that it is "do or die" in that octagon but I would like to see a war.
Me Me
Me Me پیش ماه
20:49 B.C. Before Covid!
Mark mcmahen
Mark mcmahen پیش ماه
This is old bs news. Wtf? This is stupid
Elijhaa Adesiyan
Elijhaa Adesiyan پیش ماه
Are u that slow? Dude this series is called timeline😂 do u know what timeline means?? It goes through the past intel present day. Sheesh this is not stupid it reflects the story of top world class fighters of the world. U don’t like it then don’t watch
M CJ پیش ماه
Ariel “he was eating blueberries” Helwani
Rebecca Wigington
Rebecca Wigington پیش ماه
🤔I know right what the hell did that mean🤣
Joshua Mills
Joshua Mills پیش ماه
I want connor to win but Dustin, I love you too man, super humble fighter.
Harun Rashid
Harun Rashid پیش ماه
Personally i think it's gonna be banger. connor's gonna get his ass broke.
soloist One Love
soloist One Love پیش ماه
same bro, I hope he can go to war with Conor , it will hurt him a lot of he loses bad
Sophia Asker
Sophia Asker پیش ماه
Complete "proper"-ganda in Conor's favor. They're reshaping the narrative in his favor at all points.
Cleveland216 پیش ماه
Dustin has been a monster since he lost to mcgregor he focused his emotion and turned it into a healthy calculated work ethic
Jeffrey Napisa
Jeffrey Napisa پیش ماه
If he can keep that same focus and be first and work Conner into the 3rd round....I believe in my opinion he take the fight...Conner is notorious for gassing out....pun intended lol
swiss cheese
swiss cheese پیش ماه
Enjoyed this video, this lady seems to of changed her voice to be more bearable, the creepy whispering she used to do was is no longer 👌👍
RxbLxx پیش ماه
i cant wait to see this fight and as much as i like conor why do i seem to be pullin for dustin to?....i think its his character dustin is cool 😎 and has hella heart i think that resonates...i wish both of them the best and may the best fighter win bc they both good men really
AsTroDubzy پیش ماه
Same here he deserved the win
Chris L
Chris L پیش ماه
Day don’t tink like I tink
Sergey Danilyuk
Sergey Danilyuk پیش ماه
I think Dustin will win this one...
Matthew Neufer
Matthew Neufer پیش ماه
I thought Diaz won both fights 🤔
Luciano Peluaga
Luciano Peluaga پیش ماه
Thanks for this, great video, like both of them, Poirier and Conor, but would love to see Dustin take this one, he deserves it so much. Can't wait for the weigh in!
orphan snacks
orphan snacks پیش ماه
I cant be the only one wondering if conor and Eddie ever switched belts because Eddie took the wrong one lol
Tim Mosso's N95 Mask
Tim Mosso's N95 Mask پیش ماه
Good edit.
justin Densebuds
justin Densebuds پیش ماه
Look at Dana White sitting there red as rudolph's nose embarrassed because he knew damn well he should have suspended Conor for the bus incident. But Dana used footage of a real situation where other UFC fighters got hurt so he could put more green in that pocket. BUT LETS SUSPEND NICK DIAZ BECAUSE HE SMOKED POT LMAO THAT WASN'T MAKING DANA MONEY THO LOL
justin Densebuds
justin Densebuds پیش ماه
justin Densebuds
justin Densebuds پیش ماه
Thank gosh Nate Diaz humbled Conor Mcgregor's a$$ when he did. Cuz Conor would have turned out to be even more of a jackass than he was. Not saying he still acts like he did either. But it was bad when he did act like a cocky highschool jock.
numi numful
numi numful پیش ماه
who cares? especially with that annoying womans voice
Devin Volkov
Devin Volkov پیش ماه
@South Paw aye u know it🙏 hardcore mma fans like us have been coming to media coverage like this for years
South Paw
South Paw پیش ماه
@numi numful ur causal man. I watch these videos and so did thousands of other hardcore mma fans when we are excited about an upcoming bout and have love for the sport. been watch this series well before covid and all other forms of mma media for almost ten years now. This always had a decent following of hardcore mma fans that appreciate and praise this type of coverage. Like I said if u simply don’t like it as an individual why even come here.
numi numful
numi numful پیش ماه
@South Paw the only reason people care about this fight is because nothing else matters anymore. there are very few and rare interesting fights. khabib left and tony lost badly. the first conor dustin fight was a joke, dustin fell from an awkward unplanned shot. not to mention that this is the first fight that conor has no anomosity towards his oponnent which makes it super boring. "TIMELINE" trying to make a drama out of nothing. i hope conor loses and disapears to oblivion
South Paw
South Paw پیش ماه
only you. you sound like a casual/hater of this beautiful sport. If you don't like it then don't watch haha why are u even here? this timeline series does a fantastic job and coverage of the sport we love that showcases the journey of world-class fighters before they fight and if you can't understand that or appreciates it then you are not a fan of this sport
J0KA پیش ماه
Robbie Knowles
Robbie Knowles پیش ماه
Cool Dustin's fighting we get to see boxing
Crypto Is The Way To Go
Crypto Is The Way To Go پیش ماه
Good Documentary
Musa A.
Musa A. پیش ماه
props guys this is so well edited and made
Scotty Loveless
Scotty Loveless پیش ماه
55.50 Dana is like " kill me" Coners wasted
Omarsito پیش ماه
Why are they calling Dustin Jorge?
Easypeezie پیش ماه
I’m glad that Connor stopped acting like this. I prefer the older more mature Conor for sure
Mr. BooYa
Mr. BooYa پیش ماه
Love the bulge Conor always has.
Andy X
Andy X پیش ماه
Who narrates these?! The timeline series always indicates a big fight, no different this time with the lightweight division in a bit of a no man's land. A clear contender will stand tall. Who does the winner fight? Oliveira? Gaethje?
Elijhaa Adesiyan
Elijhaa Adesiyan پیش ماه
An Asian girl I think her name is Esther Lin. she’s also a mma photographer. Her Instagram is allelbows
The Zealous Christian
The Zealous Christian پیش ماه
This deserves more views
Crazycraigy پیش ماه
That Rolex looks better than that Jacob + Co Watch hes just bought...
Crazycraigy پیش ماه
1:17...Left ear perfect...Right ear Cauliflower...u can see when he fights he always puts left hand on left face....
Jesco White
Jesco White پیش ماه
@BadNiGht -ON You can delete your comment now.
Despond پیش ماه
@BadNiGht -ON Nice comment.
BadNiGht -ON
BadNiGht -ON پیش ماه
Yeah and always open for the Conor big left!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cailen Mckenna
Cailen Mckenna پیش ماه
Conor giving that left hook to the back of Nate's hang was cheap and probably hurt a lot for a while/seriously disabled Diaz's fist and was probably a large reason for him losing via karma
Cailen Mckenna
Cailen Mckenna پیش ماه
@Cody Mercer umm no.. He knuckled it in the middle of the back of the hand which can have serious adverse effects...shhh
Cody Mercer
Cody Mercer پیش ماه
he slapped it. it didnt hurt his hand whatsoever maybe stung a little. but he open palm slapped it
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