Try Not To Gag Challenge

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Good Mythical Morning

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Today, we're smelling, seeing, and tasting things to see who gags first. GMM # 1897
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CampbellRocksAgain پیش 3 ساعت
Im going to be sick 🤢
Collin Matheny
Collin Matheny پیش 17 ساعت
Is there literally anyone else who wishes they could be a part of this episode?? I’m so curious.
Ulvetann پیش 21 ساعت
Link is cheating, he is holding his breath. ^_^
Kimberly Joyce
Kimberly Joyce پیش روز
9:48 soulmaaaaates hahahaha totally in sync!
Lydia Neher
Lydia Neher پیش روز
Link looks so defeated before the eating portion. I don't think I've ever seen him look so sad.
Josh Grover
Josh Grover پیش روز
Try this again and put a pure shot of tequila you will gag with in the first couple of second and I probably should not know this because I am 12 but I do
Andre Burns
Andre Burns پیش روز
buddy system???
Jake B
Jake B پیش روز
The horse one just made me feel sad for the horse ☹️. Didn’t really have a reaction though
Reagan پیش 2 روز
Stevie does not judge fairly
James Delrosario
James Delrosario پیش 2 روز
I have an question guys: Is staring on disgusting things can make you gag?
Bethany Morrow
Bethany Morrow پیش 2 روز
This show just makes me feel better always! Thanks guys for always cheering me up
jays_ok پیش 2 روز
Me getting ready to watch another fresh episode of GMM 9:49
John R
John R پیش 2 روز
links are down
S S پیش 3 روز
Australians watching them eat the vegemite like 😋🍴
Jake Rowland
Jake Rowland پیش 3 روز
Amoungst us!
MysticalMoon پیش 3 روز
I played this game with my uncle! I lost every time:(
Jacob Herrod
Jacob Herrod پیش 3 روز
I don’t know why I chose to watch this episode while eating my Philly cheesesteak. For sure lost my appetite
SophisticatedAss پیش 4 روز
Properly prepared liver actually taste good ...
SingingSoftly پیش 4 روز
Okay but I watched the horse cyst video and it wasn’t bad at all
MannyVGaming پیش 4 روز
Did link just admit he deep throats a tooth brush? Lol
Evening Enigma
Evening Enigma پیش 4 روز
What kind of psychopath clicks on this video while eating?? Me.
iceiceisaac پیش 4 روز
I can’t even watch people reacting to these 🤢
Ghost Lag
Ghost Lag پیش 4 روز
I love how the screams leave so much up to the imagination.
Xueshanshan Xia
Xueshanshan Xia پیش 4 روز
I love rhett even more now that I know he likes durian. it is ELITE fruit, the king of fruit.
CupCake پیش 4 روز
This is one of the funniest episodes I've seen.
sarah williamson
sarah williamson پیش 5 روز
The slingshot video is why you don't eat before getting on a ride
Bobby Fenris
Bobby Fenris پیش 5 روز
The links are already duds.
xxSKITTLEZxx 420
xxSKITTLEZxx 420 پیش 5 روز
Everytime link gags, he looks 30 years older.
Dot Time Again
Dot Time Again پیش 5 روز
Im gagging so hard watching you gag at the end
Jondo Andel
Jondo Andel پیش 5 روز
how is this boy from the south and cant enjoy some pigs feet man that's a staple in my house XD
Jack H
Jack H پیش 5 روز
I like how Rhett reacted to stuff but didn't get points.
Señor Tequila Purr
Señor Tequila Purr پیش 3 روز
I guess we didn't watch the same video.
Jordan Huemoeller
Jordan Huemoeller پیش 6 روز
I am very surprised that 2 girls, 1 cup didn't make it in the videos 😂
thomas foret
thomas foret پیش 6 روز
Such a hilarious episode ! Keep those kind coming !
Cheap Coffee
Cheap Coffee پیش 6 روز
I love how they kept giving Rhett points even though he didn't even flinch, just to make him seem like an actual, real human and not a robot-woodchopper.
fingers پیش 6 روز
"I kinda think it like I scream"
Alika Sari Ramadhani
Alika Sari Ramadhani پیش 6 روز
Excuse me, but Durian smells Heavenly
Gwyneth Issabel Aranda
Gwyneth Issabel Aranda پیش 6 روز
i love liver 💕
Gwyneth Issabel Aranda
Gwyneth Issabel Aranda پیش 6 روز
I almost gagged at the Horse Cyst one. I held myself back
Hunter Kupp
Hunter Kupp پیش 6 روز
it’s so crazy how i literally can’t choose whatcha of the 2 i like more, i love rhett but i think link has made me genuinely laugh more.
bird tutorial
bird tutorial پیش 6 روز
Wait but this was more of a try not to react rather than try not to gag. Link still lost yeah but most of the points were from them just reacting to what was happening
bird tutorial
bird tutorial پیش 6 روز
Me, emetophobic: Also me: time to watch 👁👁
jjschwartzkopf پیش 6 روز
That's what she said...
Paulina and Garret Strymecki
Paulina and Garret Strymecki پیش 6 روز
I believe they traumatized Link lol , he’s gonna need a therapist after that lol
Jordan Russell
Jordan Russell پیش 6 روز
i have emethephobia why am i watching this
Khalil Magic
Khalil Magic پیش 7 روز
Man I miss the old GMM this episode takes me back to 2015
Le Monke
Le Monke پیش 7 روز
The unbecoming business consquentially untidy because bra climatologically scold amongst a right granddaughter. afraid, shivering secretary
Megan Behrmann
Megan Behrmann پیش 8 روز
Such a perfect video to watch during lunch
TheJanelleFamily پیش 8 روز
Why did they cross their legs together at the exact same time? @9:51
Drankpiss پیش 8 روز
Link brushes how far down??
Mandizzle FoShizzle
Mandizzle FoShizzle پیش 8 روز
No gag reflex.
Alex Fritsch
Alex Fritsch پیش 8 روز
I Wonder how they would react To mangoworm removal video 🤔
King Guillotine
King Guillotine پیش 8 روز
The last video one made me gag
resverie پیش 8 روز
fun fact, frozen durian is actually pretty good! it doesn’t really smell at all, and the texture is kinda like ice cream! just don’t let it thaw because it starts to get nasty real quick
resverie پیش 8 روز
‘you have more things to try not to gag while doing’ oh stevie....
jesse farrow
jesse farrow پیش 8 روز
I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! CTFU
Justin Santiago
Justin Santiago پیش 9 روز
It's girls LMAO what a dork
Joitea پیش 9 روز
whats funny is as an Australian, I love eating Vegemite by the spoon full. Its super good.
SkreechCretin پیش 9 روز
A hotdog is actually a taco
the guy
the guy پیش 9 روز
This is the only time period Link would be able to survive in
James Whittington
James Whittington پیش 9 روز
The Frogg Toggs made it real
Tyler Coons
Tyler Coons پیش 10 روز
9:49 ik yall saw that
Ava Haller
Ava Haller پیش 10 روز
Wait omgosh rhetts hair is so pretty
Rebecca Abrams
Rebecca Abrams پیش 10 روز
Watching this while 8 weeks pregnant and in the thick of morning sickness... I involuntarily gagged when Link did 😂 definitely do not recommend watching if you’re already queasy lol
Joslyn Kalivas
Joslyn Kalivas پیش 10 روز
The minute I saw the title of this video I knew who the winner was 😂
Lizzie Gasho
Lizzie Gasho پیش 11 روز
I didn’t see Rhett move at all during the arm video but okay
DaddyDerick پیش 11 روز
Title made me weary of where this is going
Magnus Marklund
Magnus Marklund پیش 11 روز
Surströmming is delicious!
Kelsey Curtis
Kelsey Curtis پیش 11 روز
I’m seriously laughing so hard oh myyyyyy link is so funny.
Classy Freeza
Classy Freeza پیش 11 روز
Enjoyed the concept of the video, but not the whole point thing. It seemed extremely unfair for both Rhett and Link.
Isaac Rumley
Isaac Rumley پیش 11 روز
13:34 perfect embodiment of why I love this show
Justice O8s
Justice O8s پیش 12 روز
i ate pizza this whole video
Carolina North
Carolina North پیش 12 روز
The gleaming surprise ultrasonographically reject because venezuelan additionally check like a sweltering east. daffy, numerous wing
Feefs Manuel
Feefs Manuel پیش 12 روز
I knew Link wouldn’t make it through round 1 🤣🤣🤣
rhonda90402 پیش 12 روز
Link is so pale...
honeybee476 پیش 12 روز
omg! I gag brushing my teeth too lol My husband and kids think Im a freak :P
Justin Wright
Justin Wright پیش 13 روز
Imagine they do the intro and then johnny sins walks onto the set
Atalinay پیش 13 روز
Leaving this for future me in case I rewatch this video: Don't watch the gross videos they showed them. You were able to fight the curiosity the first time. Don't succumb to that. Thank you.
SexyWhiteMail پیش 13 روز
LMFAO❗ 0:34-0:44 takes the 🍰 when it comes to this video❗ 🤣🤣🤣
Lane پیش 13 روز
Welcome back to classic GMM
Ins0mnia365 پیش 13 روز
Almost had to gag myself at some point lmao
Penentang Takdir
Penentang Takdir پیش 13 روز
Durian is not that bad
Jamie S
Jamie S پیش 13 روز
Link gags at the smell of air
Bryan Dalley
Bryan Dalley پیش 13 روز
The fact that Link still tried to eat the blood when he was absolutely going to lose at that point is impressive. I would have bailed.
Kaleb پیش 14 روز
literally those gag videos didn’t phase me i was eating while watching them
Sophia Dutsar
Sophia Dutsar پیش 14 روز
I threw up watching this
Alfred Cueva
Alfred Cueva پیش 14 روز
First video isn’t available anymore :(
ivonne gonzalez
ivonne gonzalez پیش 14 روز
This episode was the best 😂
ivonne gonzalez
ivonne gonzalez پیش 14 روز
Yo I was legit almost crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Salem Russell
Salem Russell پیش 14 روز
nobody caught the sync'd leg cross at 9:48 ?????
Doctor Gears
Doctor Gears پیش 15 روز
"The horse doesn't seem to mind" Well I'd imagine it'd rather not have a cyst.
Gigi Hide
Gigi Hide پیش 15 روز
Just in case anyone is wondering, the video of the girl vomiting has been taken down from IRpost xD
Leijion پیش 15 روز
Surströmming is delicious tho 😯
mastersword48 پیش 15 روز
Well one of the videos linked was already taken down lol
Monica Kruczaj
Monica Kruczaj پیش 15 روز
I love durian. It is sooo yummy
KRUSADER پیش 15 روز
I watched the arm break video and I genuinely flinched
John C
John C پیش 15 روز
Girlfriend: so what do you wanna do tonight Me: 14:33
Omegus prime
Omegus prime پیش 15 روز
Did we really have any doubts to who was going to win this challenge. Lol.
SlipNSLide19 پیش 15 روز
if you turn on subtitles and watch around 11:59 it says link whimpers haha
Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey پیش 15 روز
Pickle pigs feet isn’t bad
Kent Teo
Kent Teo پیش 16 روز
i miss seeing them gag
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