Super Bowl Tom Brady MVP throws TOUCHDOWN to Drew Brees Son NFC Champion Saints Bucs Highlights

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Tom Brady won 7th ring against the Kansas City Chiefs in super bowl LV. He says good bye to Brees then throws a TD to his son. Brady and the Bucs knocked off the No. 1-seeded Green Bay Packers 31-26 in Sunday's NFC Championship Game at Lambeau Field. They now will face the defending Super Bowl-champion Kansas City Chiefs -- a 38-24 winner over the Buffalo Bills in Sunday's AFC Championship Game -- at Raymond James Stadium in Super Bowl LV.
The Bucs will become the first team in NFL history to play a Super Bowl in their own stadium. Drew Brees most likely retires to play with his kids. Brady moves onto face the Packers. The Buccaneers signed quarterback Tom Brady this offseason for moments like this: to go head-to-head with a New Orleans Saints team that has had an unrelenting grip on the NFC South, to get Tampa Bay back to the postseason for the first time in 13 years, and to become the first team in NFL history to host a hometown Super Bowl. In the second stop of a playoff odyssey that began with a wild-card game on the road -- a first in Brady's 21-year career -- Tampa Bay defeated New Orleans 30-20 on Sunday night. The Saints had swept the Bucs in the regular season, outscoring them by 46 points in two games. Up next: Lambeau Field, against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game. It will be Brady's 14th conference title game and the Bucs' fourth, after most recently defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 27-10 on the road en route to winning Super Bowl XXXVII following the 2002 season.
Against the Saints, Brady completed 18 of 33 passes for 199 yards, two touchdowns through the air, one on the ground and no interceptions. He is now 3-5 against Saints quarterback Drew Brees, although defense and the ground game told the story. The Saints frequently lined up with deep safeties, focusing on preventing big plays downfield.

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IN STADIUM FOOTAGE OF STREAKER: Inside Bucs Locker room. HOW TOM BRADY Celebrated 7th Ring:
moto at tokyo
moto at tokyo پیش 14 روز
20years later, Brees' son will beat TB12 aged 63.
Clayrock پیش 21 روز
Lol plot twist those are toms kids and brees dont know or maybe rivers slipped in while brees advanced in the post season
robertk2007 پیش 26 روز
Next time you see two hall of fame qbs and want to film it please, turn your phone horizontally. Thanks
Christian G
Christian G پیش 26 روز
Boys going to the NFL, daugher to WWE for sure
Philip Carthy
Philip Carthy پیش 26 روز
Absolute legend, best I've ever seen,
Wally Palmer
Wally Palmer پیش 27 روز
Nice moment between two legends. I'm still sore at Brady for whooping up on my Packers in the NFC title game, but this is cool to see. BTW, Brees's kid's got an arm. Did you see that bullet he threw into the end zone? Nice pass from Brady to Brees's kid at the end too.
Corona Season
Corona Season پیش 27 روز
That kid is going to have a cannon for an arm when he's older.
Ronee Newton
Ronee Newton پیش 27 روز
Class act. 👍🏾
Official Face of The DNC
Official Face of The DNC پیش 27 روز
How fricken athletic these kids are, even the daughter...cartwheels off her brother's limp body lmao
Drew V
Drew V پیش 28 روز
Toms throws the TD an was like. Ok Drew now you need 11 more to catch up with me
Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan پیش 28 روز
man! it’s like throwing touchdowns is in that fuckers blood!!! 😭 😭 😭
Francis E Salazar
Francis E Salazar پیش 28 روز
You will be missed MR BREES🏈😎👍
b spoon
b spoon پیش 28 روز
all i know is drew’s wife been hitting them hip thrusts hard... but yes this is a touching moment by two hof qb’s💯
Vicki Istre
Vicki Istre پیش 28 روز
Brady is and always will be a cheater. He also thinks way too much of himself. Brees is more of a man than Brady will ever be.
Douglas Casey
Douglas Casey پیش 28 روز
The mechanics the boy had in throwing and catching only comes with keeping a ball in your hands. When we grew up it was almost complete sports. What ever season was in, that's where we were. Organized or the barnyard everyday. Perfect mechanics, if only I wasn't 5'9", 170.
Lorenzo پیش 28 روز
Legends really don't want a big send off.
mr del
mr del پیش 28 روز
Next time breeze dont hang out with brady before the playoffs and lose oh ya brady retired u lol ha ha or maybe hang out with brady at his house play catch and have Micheal Thomas there for Brady to throw the ball to him not feel bad about the loss at the playoffs lol ha ha
mr del
mr del پیش 28 روز
It's funny to see brady throwing a pass to breeze son but breeze couldn't throw a touchdown pass or even a pass to Thomas after the loss just bad karma to the saints and thomas is talking smack to breeze just retire all ready lol ha ha
Kim Chi
Kim Chi پیش 29 روز
Patriots should sign Brees son he's caught more TD's than their first round pick.
DDowson284 پیش 29 روز
Love it when Brady says “be nice to your sister” hmmm she was beating the living daylights out of her brother, Brees & Brady followed by Rodgers & Brady, probably this is the fitting end to a classic time, over to the young guys to try and match it.
Joseph Wolf
Joseph Wolf پیش 29 روز
It must feel good for that kid to finally have a hall of fame QB throw him a touchdown
louis Kwaku
louis Kwaku پیش 29 روز
That kid is incredible.
Chris Green
Chris Green پیش ماه
Your profile pic literally had me about to break my screen from the thought of a hair some how getting behind my screen 🤦🏾‍♂️🤫🤣
jahzbird پیش ماه
I haven't made it to Tom yet, but little dude has an Arm! The other one has some Hands!! Hail!
mdcool34 پیش ماه
Brady class act as always.
Danny Lopez
Danny Lopez پیش ماه
Ok hes the 🐐.
NOO NOPE پیش ماه
thumbs down this is imo a private moment........ but as usal normal people....... cant respect that shit. got to post shit
Ultimate Patriot
Ultimate Patriot پیش ماه
Is this the kid he was holding when the NFL gave Drew Brees and the Saints a Super Bowl? If you want to see the most rigged game in NFL history go back and watch the NFC championship game against Brett Favre and the Vikings, the fix was in
Clive Doe
Clive Doe پیش ماه
50 years from now, Drew Brees's son is lying in a hospital bed facing the end of his days. He's lived a long, full life, and his friends and family have gathered to say their final goodbyes. He speaks of his father, lessons learned, moments both joyous and somber. Then, as the end approaches, he tries to say something but the words can't quite be heard. His sister leans in close as he utters his final words: "I was only ever nice to you because Tom Brady told me to be."
Buc Whovian
Buc Whovian پیش ماه
This is like one of those scene they add to famous people’s biopics that never really happened, except this one did!
Shadowboost پیش ماه
This play was practice for that dime he threw to Evans today
Imran Khan
Imran Khan پیش ماه
What kind of game is this and in which country is this game being played I never heard of this game before 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Dave Peck
Dave Peck پیش 23 روز
@Imran Khan February 7th is the super bowl. Its for the championship of American football. Its the most watched event in the usa
Dave Peck
Dave Peck پیش 23 روز
@Imran Khan how exciting to be a coach and a former player. Good health to you and your family.
Imran Khan
Imran Khan پیش 23 روز
I am here in india and I am a Cricket coach and I own a Cricket Academy as a head coach I played the game in india at state and and national level played in Holland Thailand and all over in India I am 44 years old married with two two kids one boy one girl I know basketball and baseball but some how completely miss AMERICAN FOOTBALL
Dave Peck
Dave Peck پیش 23 روز
@Imran Khan yes he is. And a good guy. Cricket looks like a fun game. Looks like our baseball. India looks like a fascinating place. What kind of work do you do there? I own a sheet metal business here in the states. Im 56 years old with a wife and two children.
Imran Khan
Imran Khan پیش 23 روز
Hi Dave I am from india and all I know is Cricket While growing up saw ONLY Cricket so I googled about tom Brady he sounds like legend in this game 👍👍
Bob Buey
Bob Buey پیش ماه
Go back to Texas, baw! Go back home before you choke on another broken rib!!!
Drew Zeller
Drew Zeller پیش ماه
arturo gomez
arturo gomez پیش ماه
Brady has a new name. Tom the bomb .
arturo gomez
arturo gomez پیش ماه
Another touchdown pass.
Andre Parker
Andre Parker پیش ماه
Beautiful I love stuff like that so much bigger than football...
Evan Williams
Evan Williams پیش ماه
Two guys who were in the Big Ten together, Drew at Purdue and Tom at Michigan were in the NFC South together with Drew in New Orleans and Tom in Tampa Bay.
Nicole OConnell
Nicole OConnell پیش ماه
Brees son future pats tight end.....great to see these 2 goats showin love to each other
greg eads
greg eads پیش ماه
Those kids are having the time of their lives, and dont even realize who the two dads talking really are.
John B
John B پیش ماه
When Drew Brees' son had more catches than Michael Thomas
Icyy RL
Icyy RL پیش ماه
It’s funny how he casually asked Tom Brady to throw him the ball
Reuben Mims
Reuben Mims پیش ماه
Got more catches than Michael Thomas
Crunch پیش ماه
So we just going to ignore the arm on Brees' son? 0:24
Just 2 dad's shooting the shit with their kids playing.
FaZe Hamster
FaZe Hamster پیش ماه
Th realizing that that person is better than all of the receivers on the patriots
Chase Bethersonton
Chase Bethersonton پیش ماه
Then later, Drew Brees tried to throw to Tom Brady's son and was picked off 3 times.
burt2481 پیش ماه
Brady wouldn't be there if he lost.
Jimbo Jones
Jimbo Jones پیش ماه
Did he give him a kiss on the lips on the way out?
Anthony Sakiestewa
Anthony Sakiestewa پیش ماه
See kids if u dont do drugs u could be a superstar qb.
I might answerback
I might answerback پیش ماه
I wish as a joke Brady said OW MY ELBOW after throwing that. The internet would have broke
Coms1 پیش ماه
🤣LOL! That little girls is very active and rough. My daughter grew up with 2 brother's and the little girl in the video reminds me of how my 17 year old daughter use to be. She even started on a all boys TYFA League football team for 3 years at Running Back and Safety. I told her no more after that, because the boys she would rough up when she was 8 and 9 started to get bigger, faster and stronger.
Hook_em1108 پیش ماه
Anyone else noticing brees' sons arm when he is throwing those passes lol? You can tell who's gonna be 1st string in school as QB.
eh پیش ماه
Jesus Christ is coming soon he loves you all please repent and accept him and be careful with that vaccine pray on it please
Gamercurse پیش ماه
HA Brady is so bad that a kid from the saints intercepted the ball...
Maltfusion پیش ماه
Roger Goodell might wanna promote this side of NFL more than the other stuff. Respect and wholesome family values would do wonders for tv ratings.
Harley Kilfian
Harley Kilfian پیش ماه
Just playing at a nfl stadium as a kid.
Jeff Gamel
Jeff Gamel پیش ماه
Eff Brees
Mike Beck
Mike Beck پیش ماه
Brady going down in green bay ...
purdueman2012 پیش ماه
Total respect for Tom Brady...a class act all the way...
andrew5184 پیش ماه
I want to hate Tom Brady, but stuff like this makes it hard! Class act.
Raging Reagan
Raging Reagan پیش ماه
The kid he FORCED to kiss him on the lips? That kid!?!?
Gibran Bedra
Gibran Bedra پیش ماه
CLASS ACT! I thought it was funny though Brady tells Brees' son "be nice to your sister". Lol
Robert Bright
Robert Bright پیش ماه
Such a Brady move...
The couch
The couch پیش ماه
The father he always wanted, even his wife ready to give some up to the 🐐
M Allen
M Allen پیش ماه
that is rare air for a kid...imagine
EJ O'Neil
EJ O'Neil پیش ماه
He is only like this when he wins. If they lost he would have walked off the field like he always does.
Andrew Freebury
Andrew Freebury پیش ماه
158 people are very odd
Raven House Mystery
Raven House Mystery پیش ماه
A class act.
Jon Kenyon
Jon Kenyon پیش ماه
Xeed33 پیش ماه
Brady throwing pass: "They could've used you tonight" Brees: 😐
EDDUUBB پیش ماه
Lewdogr Lew
Lewdogr Lew پیش ماه
Yo Drew! Better keep your eyes on Brady around your wife. I don't trust him. He fumbled many years ago and lied about it to the refs. Just saying.
Richard Villela
Richard Villela پیش ماه
Example of how white folks raise 'em by ignoring 'em children... Or Example of unrestrained spoiled children not respecting elders...
Matthew Baran
Matthew Baran پیش ماه
What a nice guy :)
Scratch Adams
Scratch Adams پیش ماه
Little boy is in shock the whole time
Skippy Brown
Skippy Brown پیش ماه
No masks I guess.
Elite Productions
Elite Productions پیش ماه
The next brees in the nfl finna be a receiver?
Kenny Sarkadi
Kenny Sarkadi پیش ماه
Fuckin awesome
Hoan Tran
Hoan Tran پیش ماه
which team is gonna draft that kid.?!! wow
Christopher Van Zant
Christopher Van Zant پیش ماه
Im enjoying him now because there will never be another one like him. God Bless the Goat.
YounG FresH
YounG FresH پیش ماه
Come on 🤷🏾‍♂️This is magical
Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico پیش ماه
What in the world was that little girl doing the whole video😂😂😂
MasterBlaster پیش ماه
I gauntee if Brady hadn't won, this would not have happened, ha!
Lop Thu
Lop Thu پیش ماه
Love you.
Allen T
Allen T پیش ماه
Tom will still be here when the kid is old enough to be in the NFL.
Brad Cissone
Brad Cissone پیش ماه
Who cares
James Hunter
James Hunter پیش ماه
Very classy
Julian rangel
Julian rangel پیش ماه
That's a moment the kid gonna remember forever
Toskie Mail
Toskie Mail پیش ماه
If someone makes a comic book of Tom Brady's time with the Buccaneers, this would be the ending scene of the Drew Brees and the Saints arc.
Billsfan716 پیش ماه
Says they could of you tonight #sneak diss
Finding Keno
Finding Keno پیش ماه
0:56 What is amazing about the TD pass is that he through it over the defender where only the receiver could catch it lol. :) Doesn't matter what size the players are lol. :) Great stuff there.
Joe Shelton
Joe Shelton پیش ماه
What a throw from Tom Brady, to one of Drew Brees' sons. That's awesome!!!
ETHOS پیش ماه
..Both Gentlemen, Embody a True Sportsman's spirit!
The JOSH L Show
The JOSH L Show پیش ماه
And some people call Brady a bad person
Milagro Berry Montoya
Milagro Berry Montoya پیش ماه
Drew will never be forgotten 😢
TheDanielDayLewis پیش ماه
Anyone else try and wipe away the profile pic
drewby613 پیش ماه
Football royalty.
Independent 1
Independent 1 پیش ماه
At first seeing this I thought, well maybe Brady isn’t so bad on person but then I remembered that Only reason why Brady is there is because he won. Had he lost he wouldn’t have been hanging around. He would have left and not congratulated Brees.