telling my mom “I’M PREGNANT AGAIN” *hilarious pregnancy announcement reaction* | the east fam

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Welp, here we go again. I thought telling my parents the second time around that I was pregnant would MAYBE be smoother this time around but boy was I wrong haha. We did everything to try and drop hints to them both about the shirt Drew was wearing, but we couldn't get them to read it 😂 it was still so special for us to be able to tell them and are so excited we finally get to share this with you. How do you think Andrew told his parents?! Comment your thoughts over in the community tab!
Love, The East Fam
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0:00 timestamp
0:47 Telling Shawn’s Parents the first time
2:10 Drew’s Big Sister Shirt
2:40 The plot twist
3:37 Arrival of Shawn's parents
4:10 Shawn’s parents not realizing the surprise
4:41 Ad Home chef
6:13 Shawn giving them clues
7:24 The moment they finally realized
7:40 Their reaction
9:35 Predictions
9:50 Stay tuned - Telling Andrew's parents

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