Sharife Cooper & Auburn Face A Tough Arkansas Team | Full Highlights 1.20.21 | 25 Pts, 4 Reb & 4 Ast

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Educational Basketball
Educational Basketball پیش ماه
Cp3-ish/Kyrie-ish combo type of player. You can always tell when a Point Guard is elite by the pace they play with, the way the ball is passed up in transition and by their willingness to let plays develop. He always waits for a well set pick. Always has his head up in the paint. Never lets the defender bully him off his spot. Has great combo moves but has the balance and strength to utilize them at a high level. Should be top 3 in the draft with ease.
Jamal Carter
Jamal Carter پیش ماه
It’s light for him lottery pick fasho. Get with an NBA shooting coach and he’ll be lethal from anywhere on the floor
ey4hunnid پیش ماه
tf are these refs doin bruh
kingg staxxx
kingg staxxx پیش ماه
He broke the shit outta brodie ankles 😂
2K The Rich
2K The Rich پیش ماه
Pass the ball cooper, pass the ball
BEN TEN پیش ماه
He was fouled, but sharife needs a consistent floater
Swat Blake 8
Swat Blake 8 پیش ماه
warrrrr eaglllleee
Jalen Sanders
Jalen Sanders پیش ماه
He sucks in end game situations
Chris Louis
Chris Louis پیش ماه
why he always dropping 20
KJ پیش ماه
why the shot clock reset at 6:53 ball didn’t hit rim🤔
Red • glocks
Red • glocks پیش ماه
Cooper chocked that was a good game tho 💪
BB$ پیش ماه
Rife sat in that chair last possession on d ! And he nead some better bits and he would be lottery
Michael Michael
Michael Michael پیش ماه
I feel absolutely comfortable asking him to run an nba team
vexo timmer
vexo timmer پیش ماه
He has a Chris Paul quality about him.
Michael Michael
Michael Michael پیش ماه
CP3 Is that you?
xxGamerKidx پیش ماه
3:36 & 4:54 elite moves and finishes
Rick Rijuana Productions
Rick Rijuana Productions پیش ماه
I like the point guard controlling the game concept but you have to let other players be aggressive with the ball so teams have to play honest. Getting the ball out of Sharife's hands says we don't respect or believe the rest of the team can beat us 🤷🏽‍♂️
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat پیش ماه
He reminds me a lot of Dame. But there were opportunities when he could have passed the ball in the lane driving left (his strong side, even though he's a right-hander). Gotta give him credit for taking it to Arkansas.
Ft. Rainy
Ft. Rainy پیش ماه
@Elann Suvat it happens but man he can be really deadly. If they really give him that steph mentality.
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat پیش ماه
@Ft. Rainy Great analysis. I agree with everything you said. I think that even though his teammates were dropping the ball, he should still trust in his teammates and get them going. You're absolutely right. When he has a strong floater/mid/3 game, he's going to be tough to guard.
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat پیش ماه
@Cam That's true, Cam. I think he became frustrated that night and started to take it to the hole more. He is young so he is still growing and learning. When he has a strong floater and jumpshot, he can become unguardable. Such a smooth player to watch.
Cam پیش ماه
He could of passed it but we were dropping a lot of passes that night for some reason
Ft. Rainy
Ft. Rainy پیش ماه
Yeah I saw a lot of that as well. I was dissecting a lot of his pick and roll potential and opportunities. He isn’t always looking for what is available. He had a screen where he had a three a few times or could of used the screen one more time to get an open shot. Along with actually picking him up. They guard the screen but never truly had the center pick up high. He settled and stayed back where Sharife could punish him on the 3 or mid range/floaters. Or assessing that the roller if he pops is wide as well. Many other pick and rolls where wing players have their heads towards him. But he could truly take over a game if he shoots or finds his shot instead of fixing the miss match with the big. I love the way he finishes but he’s more open then he thinks in many plays. If your teammates are struggling I see that but if they are open you have to pass. It will make them stay honest And for Sharife to stay aggressive in his play style.
Marvin Cash
Marvin Cash پیش ماه
His game perfect for the nba just got to add a lil more muscle
Kwame Johnson
Kwame Johnson پیش ماه
He gone grown to be unstoppable mark my words the kid is definitely a monster
DNL HIGRND پیش ماه
why is bol bol in college?
Antonio The Goat
Antonio The Goat پیش ماه
in my eyes auburn won this game cooper fouled on the last play makes both free throws but good job to a talented arkansas team great game
King Yarbrough
King Yarbrough پیش ماه
cooper is a superstar player but sometimes he holds the ball way to long in his hands. His teammates cannot create a basket
Yung God
Yung God پیش ماه
He took a bad shot at the end
TOPPER TOP پیش ماه
Clearly a foul at the end.
Kee پیش ماه
If anyone cares for reaction and what's to see a new face reacting. Come over to my channel and check my reaction out to this game. I appreciate any bit of support!
Domo Harden
Domo Harden پیش ماه
If you pause at the end the dude clearly hit rife in his head and arm
Qual Martin
Qual Martin پیش ماه
Arkansas: we dem boys🔥🔥
Peter A
Peter A پیش ماه
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Kai Kae
Kai Kae پیش ماه
“formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a basketball, it becomes the basketball” #PointGod #SharifeCooper
Nate Kakou
Nate Kakou پیش ماه
Krabby Krabby
Krabby Krabby پیش ماه
4:46 So smooth. And the layup past defender 👀
JayshaunTrains پیش ماه
check out my ab workout!
ExpBows پیش ماه
Auburn needs to work on their free throw shooting. If they only made their freethrows the game wouldn’t have been decided by the refs.
YBlok AJ
YBlok AJ پیش ماه
Rife is easily one of the the best pgs in the country 💯
Zamorak15395 پیش ماه
These refs really weren’t calling shit for Rife
Deandre Walker
Deandre Walker پیش ماه
I played against that 7 footer for Arkansas in high school he just gotta learn how to play in space like the gasol brothers had to learn when they started playing centers who can shoot and take you to the rim
Beach Boy
Beach Boy پیش ماه
i hate how nba teams are scared nowadays to pick someone under 6 ft like look at spud webb or mugsy or thomas or nate they were great smh
Mr.Hooper پیش ماه
He can’t shoot bro that’s why u can’t be short and not have a quick and consistent jumper
Nick Crawford
Nick Crawford پیش ماه
Such a smooth player. Always in control. Always creating. Love watching this guy play.
Scott Buckman
Scott Buckman پیش ماه
2:20 get ankle insurance
JMixtape TV
JMixtape TV پیش ماه
Refs missed the and 1 and buddy hit his whole arm on the last drive
Howard Myquan
Howard Myquan پیش 28 روز
@Seth Seliga because that’s another sport If it ties into this in any way, my bad Chief.
Cam پیش ماه
@Seth Seliga but ur point is ass 2 different sports
Seth Seliga
Seth Seliga پیش ماه
@Cam don’t be mad 😢 Auburn lost get over it
Cam پیش ماه
@Seth Seliga wtf u tlkn abt thats a totally different sport
Seth Seliga
Seth Seliga پیش ماه
Auburn got away with a fumble in football and he threw the whole ass ball backwards. We won’t talk about that tho
david collett
david collett پیش ماه
Where is Justin Powell for Auburn
ELi پیش ماه
rife is just a poet.
Dushawn21 پیش ماه
sharife should start appearing on mock draft boards now
Clouds پیش 29 روز
@Jay_Are hes 6ft fr lol he was 5"10 in junior year
trellxo_ پیش ماه
@Jay_Are W
Michael Poole
Michael Poole پیش ماه
@Jay_Are he’s 6ft
Jay_Are پیش ماه
he should but at the end of the day he really is only about 5'10-5'11
trellxo_ پیش ماه
Late 1st
Psticky پیش ماه
3:41 this the first time I saw him got blocked
Dominick Harris
Dominick Harris پیش ماه
Yea for his height he does a really good job if avoiding blocks
Bucket Prod.
Bucket Prod. پیش ماه
he’s definitely got blocked before in HS, it happens to everyone though
Chris Tha God
Chris Tha God پیش ماه
It’s because he’s so good at shielding the taller defender with his body and using crafty finishing moves to score
Michel Mukendi
Michel Mukendi پیش ماه
Can’t believe he crossed moody like that 😂😂
Qual Martin
Qual Martin پیش ماه
That’s what I said 🤣🤣
Iam King
Iam King پیش ماه
I’m sorry but Auburn was no help lastnight when it came to Rife. Hella Missed Layups, And wide open mid ranges. They have to do better getting back on Defense as well. When SHARIFE is getting doubled, they have to HELP. It’s his 3rd game back and he’s getting DOUBLED😭😭😭😭. his teammates need to be reliable, and the only ones that are pretty close to that is JT THOR, and FLANIGAN
Travis Johnson II
Travis Johnson II پیش ماه
Their second best player is still injured for a concussion, whenever Justin Powell returns they’re going to stop double teaming Sharife because Powell can light it up from anywhere. Free throws cost them this game. In the last 2 minutes they left like 4 points at the line
Reginald Clark
Reginald Clark پیش ماه
@ 21 seconds dude didn’t even travel if you watch his feet 🤦🏾‍♂️
Carter پیش ماه
No one gonna talk about number 3 for Arkansas? He was a beast
chase66phillips پیش ماه
Daddy Sills😍😍😍
Bro پیش ماه
He could have past the ball to number 1 he was wide open ..I understand he was tryna do his thing but him doing the 1 on 1 cost auburn the game tryna drive thru the lain
Davonte V2
Davonte V2 پیش ماه
If he can shoot better efficiency and limit turnovers he's a late lottery to mid first round pick
Julian Story
Julian Story پیش ماه
Once Justin Powell comes back, he’ll be fine
ShaneFaherty پیش ماه
Early lottery
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets پیش ماه
He got fouled on that last play look at these sorry ass teams double teaming sharife lmao
Nelson Kuria-Joseph
Nelson Kuria-Joseph پیش ماه
Why wouldn't they double team him? It don't make em sorry it make em smart.
Imabum پیش ماه
So we not gone talk about rife breaking moody ankles
Ronnie Schultz
Ronnie Schultz پیش ماه
Watching this you can easily see his game is gonna translate to the NBA fairly easily he knows how to deal with pressure even at his height and he knows how to run a team very very well and set his teammates up. People keep questing his shooting when really he has a strap it’s just you can obviously tell he’s trying to get people their touches. He’s only shooting in rhythm or when the shot clock is about to expire which is what a true point guard does
ShaneFaherty پیش ماه
Nah he doesn’t have a strap😂 but everything else is true tho. He needs someone to help fix his shot a little he leans back a lot on it
Joshua Jean-Baptiste
Joshua Jean-Baptiste پیش ماه
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bnicedagreat پیش ماه
Sharife will have an amazing professional basketball career overseas
Mr.Hooper پیش ماه
@bnicedagreat yea he not his height but his weight short non athletic pg need to shoot well and be strong that’s why CP3 lasted so long same with Kyle lower short but bulky yk
bnicedagreat پیش ماه
@Handz Montgomery facts bro, fortunately for me I live in Germany and unlike the states, people over here abide by the rules. I'm prior service military and lived aboard all of my career, so I seen some of the greatest players you never heard of and a lot of the top players in College hoop in these leagues overseas. I'm not knocking his game at all. I just seen that story many times. Hopefully he proves me wrong
bnicedagreat پیش ماه
@Mr.Hooper that's my point exactly. I'm not knocking his game at all, I think he's an amazing PG. The NBA just another level. I compare his to Tyler Ulis, he was the PG at Kentucky played for the Suns. Great floor general, but his size was the problem
Mr.Hooper پیش ماه
Honestly sharifs has no jumpshot bro so idk what’s gonna happen like his form is baddddd like ur not supposed to lean back while ur shooting plus his wingspan is short and he has no defence he a trae young wit no jumpshot basically
Jay Ferrill
Jay Ferrill پیش ماه
@bnicedagreat I'll back in a few years just to say you were wrong.
Perc Angle
Perc Angle پیش ماه
He can blow by ANYBODY
Zhashkovets پیش ماه
Looks like Trey Burke early in his career. He had problems with height in NCAA, whats about NBA level without consistent jumpshot.
Joshua Rendell
Joshua Rendell پیش ماه
More lik Dame dollar
Mr.Hooper پیش ماه
Cooper jumpshot needs to change bro is leaning back like he fat joe lmaoo
Joe Stuehmer
Joe Stuehmer پیش ماه
Burke's passing ability was never like that
BallinDay96 پیش ماه
Moving forward teams are going to keep doubling Sharife cause he’s their only playmaker and without him the offense is nonexistent. Similar to what they did to Trae Young at Oklahoma. Trae was still able to keep his stats up cause of his crazy shooting ability but I’m curious to see if Sharife will continue to put up these numbers through out the season.
Mr.Hooper پیش ماه
Rife can’t shoot and trae swears he a better shooter than what he really is
d b
d b پیش ماه
Trae’s stats and efficiency dropped significantly later on in the season.
Fran Barshon
Fran Barshon پیش ماه
Definitely missed that last call on Coop.
Art Art
Art Art پیش ماه
he has only a month and a half left to prove to scouts his capable of shooting the 3 at a decent clip. Hope he figures it out soon.
KoranTheGod پیش ماه
@The Kidd exactly
The Kidd
The Kidd پیش ماه
@Jordan Edmond I doubt he’s staying after what they did to him why keep paying the ncaa after they almost messed up his chances
Jordan Edmond
Jordan Edmond پیش ماه
Hell prolly stay another year to develop just because of how they did him wrong at the beginning of the season
Rich Rell
Rich Rell پیش ماه
Ref gotta make the right calls
HziGod HonchO
HziGod HonchO پیش ماه
How was that not a foul at the end. The home team reds gave them the game. Out of all the fouls called that one was missed! Disappointing
Lil Ricchi
Lil Ricchi پیش ماه
“It was a foul at the end” Arkansas was getting fouled all game 🤣🤣 he didn’t finish with contact. Stills finished damn near every tough layup, no excuses
Avery Thompkins
Avery Thompkins پیش ماه
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nik mintz
nik mintz پیش ماه
- DreamsComeTru -
- DreamsComeTru - پیش ماه
Bro he snapped that one dudes ankles bad
Chris Keesee
Chris Keesee پیش ماه
I’ve noticed that the guards with the best handle usually have the best NBA careers. I think Sharife is going to be an all star caliber point guard thats similar to CP3. Great playmaking and shot creating potential.
Chris Keesee
Chris Keesee پیش ماه
@Mr.Hooper A player’s handle is the foundation of their game. It correlates to playmaking and shot creating. Cooper is averaging 22 and 8 without a jumper in the SEC. Imagine his game once he gets in the NBA training facilities. GMs would be fools to pass up on him.
Mr.Hooper پیش ماه
Bro I don’t think u guys understand guards need to shoot if the can’t they aren’t Gonna do much except if your Westbrook like please stop saying this
Joe Stuehmer
Joe Stuehmer پیش ماه
This is exactly why I think JQ should be drafted.. Dude's handle n finishing ability is elite
Chris Keesee
Chris Keesee پیش ماه
@Mike Jones Do you think otherwise?
Mike Jones
Mike Jones پیش ماه
Issac Will Give You Buckets
Issac Will Give You Buckets پیش ماه
Last play by cooper was a foul.
Jay Balenciaga
Jay Balenciaga پیش ماه
W for sharife and aburun dude got away with a foul at the end🤦🏽
Aaron Porter
Aaron Porter پیش ماه
2:20 Damn his ankles gone
Rob Bucks
Rob Bucks پیش ماه
@Michael Poole nah he got his ass broke
Michael Poole
Michael Poole پیش ماه
He didn’t get broke. He just slipped
Zion Harris
Zion Harris پیش ماه
@Elijah lee he didn’t even do a move he just fell sharife still tuff tho
Elijah lee
Elijah lee پیش ماه
facts and aint nobody said nothing about it lmao
Andre Lewis
Andre Lewis پیش ماه
That was a foul at the end SMH 🤦🏾‍♂️
Arc7X Angel
Arc7X Angel پیش ماه
@2:21 ankle abuse alert.
William Glover
William Glover پیش ماه
Sharife cooper be the smallest nigga on the court and Is getting double teamed at half court that’s tuff
William Glover
William Glover پیش ماه
Short hair morant
emmanuel lee
emmanuel lee پیش ماه
Niggas fouled my boi riffe at the end it’s cool tho
Goatsav پیش ماه
On my kids they did💯
DboySoGaming پیش ماه
Ong bro
Jimmy Buttcheeks
Jimmy Buttcheeks پیش ماه
So we not gonna talk about that last shot
RyDaReaper پیش ماه
Missed a foul call
Call Me Lito _
Call Me Lito _ پیش ماه
Clearly A Foul
Jump Street24
Jump Street24 پیش ماه
Lol, i was pulling for Arkansas in this one.
Jalen lif3
Jalen lif3 پیش ماه
yessir thats what arkansas will do to you
Isoblxccy پیش ماه
Double team🤨
PK پیش ماه
Tested by Arkansas are you freaking serious way to create basketball drama #ClickBaitAuburnHavingAHardTimeWithArkansasPlease #IfTheyDoThenTheySuck
Jaryen Mcfrazier-Jackson
Jaryen Mcfrazier-Jackson پیش ماه
Its 9 o clock at night why is there a college game on
anu junior Alemanji
anu junior Alemanji پیش ماه
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson پیش ماه
Red dye dude talked hella shii for no reason 😂 dude needed a double and triple team to stop cooper and cooper still had 25 💀
TJ Productions
TJ Productions پیش ماه
@Thomas Jackson auburn still lays goose eggs with cooper
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson پیش ماه
Oh wow congrats he shot a limitless three and was contested,... the game was in COOPERS hands which gave them a chance but they got away with a foul... lol you know if the ref called that clear foul auburn would’ve had that one stupid red dye talked shii but got out performed💀
TJ Productions
TJ Productions پیش ماه
@Thomas Jackson he didn’t take the last shot😂 don’t tell me to watch the game because I can tell you didn’t number 22 took the last shot dumb number 22 is Allen Flanigan
TJ Productions
TJ Productions پیش ماه
@Thomas Jackson the red dye dude is not much taller
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson پیش ماه
Dude what 😂 cooper got fouled last play but didn’t call so that’s a easy win bc coooer got hot from ft line but you know refs ain’t see it and cooper shortest dude out there and gets his way in the lane easily whenever he want and got a couple and ones lol so how that’s weak
Rico McCard
Rico McCard پیش ماه
That jumshot not going to cut it😒
jaden hbtl
jaden hbtl پیش ماه
Could’ve had like 30+ if they never double teamed him for half the game
TJ Productions
TJ Productions پیش ماه
I liked it when he got ran over by DESI Sills. Once I saw that cooper doesn’t play defense I said this is the perfect game for desi sills.
TJ Productions
TJ Productions پیش ماه
@SUB ZERO half these people in comments didn’t watch the game
TJ Productions
TJ Productions پیش ماه
@SUB ZERO I watched the game if he played defense desi wouldn’t score
SUB ZERO پیش ماه
@TJ Productions If u watched the game rife wasnt guarding sills you must be a hopeless arkansas fan lmaoooo
TJ Productions
TJ Productions پیش ماه
@SUB ZERO sharifs cant guard a fly
SUB ZERO پیش ماه
he does imao sharife was barely guarding him
Hashi پیش ماه
He so calm under pressure... PRO
Shiina Hiyori
Shiina Hiyori پیش ماه
Ankle breaker👀👀
FyeKidJay پیش ماه
He broke tf out that nigga
Jahard Fisher
Jahard Fisher پیش ماه
Just might be a better game manager than Cade, or he has more talent on Auburn. But from the eye test Cade is a better overall prospect, but just not at pg.
Julieanne Gilchrist
Julieanne Gilchrist پیش ماه
@Maleek Whiting exactly my point, all those players were years ago like over a decade. Chris paul is the last of their kind. Its a new nba bud.
Maleek Whiting
Maleek Whiting پیش ماه
@Julieanne Gilchrist what u forget bud. John Stockton. Isaiah Thomas from Detroit and Celtics. Spud Webb. Tony Parker. Allen Iverson. Jameer Nelson i can go on and on and on
Julieanne Gilchrist
Julieanne Gilchrist پیش ماه
@Maleek Whitingyou really just said size doesn't matter? Beside chris paul who's the last great 6'1 not uber athletic guard or lights out shooter in the nba. Guys like sharife will be good in the nba but not great because of their size. Ty Lawson, isaiah Thomas did 3 to 4 years in college and came to the nba and took a minute to become relevant and only had a few years of glory, then they fell off. I hope he's good but his size is a detriment. Period.
Maleek Whiting
Maleek Whiting پیش ماه
@Julieanne Gilchrist size doesn't matter and he is doing well for his size. He gets anywhere he wants for his size. And i know he can shoot cause he was pretty good at shooting in high school. His shot just ain't fallin right now. Give him some time
DeeWayne Wade
DeeWayne Wade پیش ماه
@Maleek Whiting Bro you lost me at Auburn fan so im already knowing where your head at enjoy your day thou King/Queen
Jahard Fisher
Jahard Fisher پیش ماه
Man his ability to get to any spot he wants is impressive. When his jumper starts to fall consistently, and his teammates are making shots, they’ll be hard to beat if they make the tournament.
I like little boys but,
I like little boys but, پیش ماه
eh his jumper doesnt even fall inconsistently it just doesnt fall 14% from 3 and 75% from ft i swore he could shoot in high school
David Boboye
David Boboye پیش ماه
They not going to the tournament. Auburn took themselves out for 2 years, remember
ali galvan
ali galvan پیش ماه
@KingOfMars90 bribery
ThatsMan پیش ماه
@KingOfMars90 the coach did something against ncaa rules
KingOfMars90 پیش ماه
@Maleek Whiting for what?
Yoan Nunez
Yoan Nunez پیش ماه
The refs missed the foul call
DjtheGoat 15
DjtheGoat 15 پیش ماه
@Austin Kragel wym you glad 🤨🤨🤨
Austin Kragel
Austin Kragel پیش ماه
Good I'm glad
Zay پیش ماه
I like how he didn't complain on the last shot...Professional
kingg staxxx
kingg staxxx پیش ماه
Definitely was a foul that shoulda been called
Lil Jay
Lil Jay پیش ماه
@James Billingsley you funny ash bro, just read the whole section 😂
James Billingsley
James Billingsley پیش ماه
@Elann Suvat Yea I understand what you mean. And yea, I do play high school basketball, and happen to be an emotional player myself. Would never complain to the ref though. There’s no point
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat پیش ماه
@James Billingsley Players can complain and argue calls. Not all players are the quiet, silent type. Even Grant Hill probably had a few complaints in his days and he was a true professional. I think your definition of professional is more a personality preference. Now, if you're throwing tantrums, yelling in a rage, or getting into shoving matches or fist fights, of course that would be unprofessional. Players can become frustrated. Have you ever played any official basketball? Refs do make some bad calls and it is frustrating, especially down the stretch when the game is on the line. Showing emotion does not always mean you're unprofessional.
Jayden Walker_4
Jayden Walker_4 پیش ماه
He mos def got hacked
The RealWetLemon
The RealWetLemon پیش ماه
JT Thor making a jump shot in this video is more surprising than Sharife going off
The RealWetLemon
The RealWetLemon پیش ماه
@Brady Rush oh I believe he can be very good I’m just saying that he hasnt been very good this year in particular
Brady Rush
Brady Rush پیش ماه
@The RealWetLemon he will be a good shooter. Give it time. Just look at his free throw stroke. Hitting 73% as a 17 year old in college
The RealWetLemon
The RealWetLemon پیش ماه
@Brady Rush I mean he never seems to be hitting jumpers whenever I watch the games but I dont have SEC Network so he must only never hit shots on national TV
Brady Rush
Brady Rush پیش ماه
@The RealWetLemon that's just being a stat watcher though. That's just his 3 point percentage. He makes midrange jumpers regularly and is clearly going to be a good shooter down the line
The RealWetLemon
The RealWetLemon پیش ماه
@Brady Rush he is also shooting 24%
V8NCE CARTER پیش ماه
His team ain’t show up today they missed hella open shots and layups, big reason he only had 4 assists
Abby IK
Abby IK پیش ماه
Soon as Bama shut him down, Auburn lost. Send that boy some help
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat پیش ماه
Yeah, the dropped a lot of good passes, too. Wasn't their night.
Dennis U
Dennis U پیش ماه
for the person who said he’s better than cade stay offf the weeddddd
Kyvup پیش ماه
@Mr.Hooper 🤦🏽‍♂️sound like a hater 😂
Mr.Hooper پیش ماه
Rife can’t shoot at all bro
Maleek Whiting
Maleek Whiting پیش ماه
@dwayne keenum u don't even know what ur talking about do u
Kyvup پیش ماه
@dwayne keenum ?
dwayne keenum
dwayne keenum پیش ماه
@Maleek Whiting dumb Malik outsold and that’s not how it works
Tyler Mayweather
Tyler Mayweather پیش ماه
Mike Jones
Mike Jones پیش ماه
Way better than Cade.
Julieanne Gilchrist
Julieanne Gilchrist پیش ماه
@Mike Jones so is luka. Not to compare them or say he is going to be him. He uses strength to get where he wants.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones پیش ماه
@Julieanne Gilchrist Cade is slow as hell
Julieanne Gilchrist
Julieanne Gilchrist پیش ماه
@Mike Jones i like how you rep lebron though. I stan him 100%
Julieanne Gilchrist
Julieanne Gilchrist پیش ماه
@Mike Jones cade stans first of all the only person I stan is jalen suggs. How can you disrespect someone averaging close to 20 when that isn't his strength and he gets doubled on every play. I don't even listen to ESPN because they said suggs was a mid first rounder and Boston was 3. The stupidity. I love cade because of his ability and how it will transfer to the nba. Sharife is great and if he gets a better jumper he can be a good nba player. He's from jersey of course I like him but cade size also makes it hard for him to be quick and guard smaller guards and makes it easier to get ripped and harder to maneuver around the court and be slippery. Size doesn't help everything but it is better than being 6'1.
dwayne keenum
dwayne keenum پیش ماه
@Mike Jones he doesn’t he’s a bad shooter always been