Shaq & Charles Barkley Argue over Giannis Antetokounmpo - Inside the NBA | January 21, 2021

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Agent Orange
Agent Orange پیش 3 روز
Giannis should eat more cause i don't want to see him injure like Durant cause they are close in body type! Actually every young players with those thin legs should be careful not to smash them. Giannis is doing great what else you want? Another PF, C player who shouts three's?!
Colin O'Connor
Colin O'Connor پیش 7 روز
I get what shaq means by he’s not that kinda player but chucks just saying if he learned to post up at the height and length it would be a much easier way to bring versatility to his game then him trying to learn how to shoot off the dribble like a guard.
Greg Egg
Greg Egg پیش 8 روز
The orange morning thirdly injure because owl unfortunatly mix a a concerned activity. deranged, fallacious waiter
Ihab Mawed
Ihab Mawed پیش 10 روز
Shaq did not dare to bring up his rings in this argument as he knows Charles will bully him
B Mills
B Mills پیش 10 روز
They're both right
Dustin Rhodes
Dustin Rhodes پیش 12 روز
Chuck and Shaq need their own show where they just argue about everything. Chuck: "Creamy peanut butter is so smooth. That Chunky stuff is T I B L Turrible." Shaq: "No you're wrong Chuck, I have 4 rings. Chunky is better."
Stephen Strick Strickland
Stephen Strick Strickland پیش 12 روز
Charles got shaq on this one.
Jonathan Watts
Jonathan Watts پیش 13 روز
Charles is on point! Giannis really isn’t all that great......He plays bully ball....
PKWay 93
PKWay 93 پیش 13 روز
Now I know a lot disagree with shaq I agree this is a COACHING AND STRATEGY issue more so than a Giannis issue. Shaq said his coach needs to put him in the post. It is a lot of coaching. Giving a non shooter the ball at the top of the 3 to drive it’s easy to stop just block the paint. I know he needs a mid range but dam put him near the paint not at the top of the 3 point line.
GHOST BUCKLEY پیش 13 روز
I disagree with Shaq saying he doesn’t need to work with guys like KG because “that’s not his game” that’s how you develop and become more lethal when you add things to your arsenal. Like Chuck said in the past 2 post seasons “his game” has got locked down.. so adding a mid range jumper and even a better post game will allow “his game” to be even more dominant..
Dan Castro
Dan Castro پیش 14 روز
shaq feel what charles said "limited offensively"
Bekim Robertson
Bekim Robertson پیش 15 روز
I agree with Charles.
TheGhostof Versailles
TheGhostof Versailles پیش 15 روز
@chuck Giannis and your ft percentage all time is identical. What???
Jason C.
Jason C. پیش 15 روز
What's better than MVP?
Joshua D
Joshua D پیش 16 روز
Shaq is WRONG
Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia پیش 16 روز
Sir charles is completely right.
Israel Briggs
Israel Briggs پیش 17 روز
Facts he anit no post player
All Things K3
All Things K3 پیش 18 روز
I’m starting to see it now Shaq think he knows everything because of rings
Woopity Scoop
Woopity Scoop پیش 18 روز
Problem is Milwaukee had clear problems with their lineups and matchups. They tried addressing it with Holiday but that's not working at all like they expected. They need a roster shakeup.
Jerrod Rabb
Jerrod Rabb پیش 19 روز
“First of all you just wrong” -Chuck 😂😂😂
spotlights Universe
spotlights Universe پیش 19 روز
Bill BanDoh
Bill BanDoh پیش 20 روز
Bring in Beal and it’s over
Zyad Yousef
Zyad Yousef پیش 20 روز
As Ernie said, the funny thing is that we are talking about a reigning back to back MVP and discussing his need to improve!!
marvel stark
marvel stark پیش 21 روز
shaq is INCOSISTENT with his arguments. this is in conflict with what he said about derozan when benched out during the raptors vs cavs series.
Ben Alexander
Ben Alexander پیش 23 روز
Giannis is such a scrub.
Kid Ink-_
Kid Ink-_ پیش 25 روز
Did he just say he don’t want to see him shoot threes u can’t DUNK your way through the playoffs this not the old era Shaq u need a 3 ball in today’s nba wtf is he saying
danny Angove
danny Angove پیش 25 روز
They make up so much bullshit on this show
jedker پیش 25 روز
jesus what a hugeee table
jeff dy
jeff dy پیش 26 روز
charles is right. still needs to improve his game. giannis dont need to play 5. he should be at 4 and improve his his pull up mid range shot and posting up
Rickjamesbck پیش 26 روز
Chuck is right hes trash asf
Teeko پیش 27 روز
Shaq is wrong
Kirk Meyer
Kirk Meyer پیش 28 روز
Chuck knows, Shaq just argues
Real Talk with Jordan
Real Talk with Jordan پیش 28 روز
Man Shaq is a really bad analyst. Lol
Ted Jordan
Ted Jordan پیش 28 روز
Shaq always so sensitive. But I think both he and Charles are right.
Uptalk1 پیش 28 روز
Charles is right! All you have to do is clog the paint and Giannis turns into a regular player. Giannis needs to develop a pull up jumper similar to Durant's. His height would make it unguardable.
p k
p k پیش 28 روز
both kinda right but the way shaq argue sounds somewhat stubborn
Joshua Morales
Joshua Morales پیش 28 روز
Shaq has a bad take on this. If Giannis was a beast in the post and had a shot his coach would have to recognize that at some point and add that to the teams offensive strategies. It’s possible that the coach may be ignore the skill set but it’s very very unlikely. Giannis just does not possess that skill in the paint nor a shot.
Joshua Morales
Joshua Morales پیش 28 روز
If the coach really does call all the shots and the player has no say as to parts of his skill set he can’t use at all even though he’s great at it
Joshua Morales
Joshua Morales پیش 29 روز
Good take Charles
Jordi Marroquin
Jordi Marroquin پیش 29 روز
They both have solid points but I’m leaning towards chuck on this one. That being said giannis needs to develop a jump if he wants to last a long time in the league
Mark Uy
Mark Uy پیش 29 روز
itsyoungbson پیش 29 روز
Would have been the one time I’d be ok with shaq bringing up his rings. Shaq ain’t have a mid range and couldn’t hit free throws and defensively giannis is better than he was. shaq didn’t win until he got with a good strategy coach and legitimate help so I think that’s where he was speaking from.
DJ KING FARI پیش 29 روز
GA is nothing like KG what chuck ? bruh cmon
Phantom Facilitator
Phantom Facilitator پیش 29 روز
I’d love to swoosh through and help Milwaukee.
Joe Knapp
Joe Knapp پیش ماه
You can’t ask someone who can’t post up to post up Shaq 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
NicNakTV پیش ماه
Honestly they both are right! Shaq is true his strength is fast pace , coast to coast, but Charles is also right that he need to develop his game a little more to kinda complete his game. A mid range game will help that. Him trying to play in the post wouldn’t take his game to the new level. Neither one of the Kevin’s could go up & down the court like him. They’re strength was in the post and mid range. So, him doing that won’t work because it isn’t who he is.
Dekkstar 84
Dekkstar 84 پیش ماه
Excuse me the most Teams have much better Teammates and Giannis is bringing millwaukee every year in the playoffs. So what you expect that he is Michael Jordan he needs 2 years more time and he will be a Big Men force as Shaq...
alvaro blasi
alvaro blasi پیش ماه dall italia
Dylan Feetz Muir
Dylan Feetz Muir پیش ماه
"I don't want him shooting 3's" "He's not a post player" What are you saying he should do shaq? resort to midrange jumpers and drives to the basket? The fact that defenses have learned to collapse on his drives is one of the reasons he gets shut down in the playoffs and the midrange jumper is the least efficient shot in basketball. He needs to develop both a post and 3point game so he's dangerous in all spots offensively. edit: "His coach needs to put him in the post" make up your mind Shaq, do you want him playing in the post or not?
DaGreat پیش ماه
If Giannis antetokounmpo don't have a different strategy to score the basket he's going to be another Charles Barkley
Jacob Graves
Jacob Graves پیش ماه
Chuck : gives opinion Shaq : everything you said is wrong Chuck : how is my opinion wrong Shaq : you know nothing about winning championships 😂
Jamaican Me Crazy
Jamaican Me Crazy پیش ماه
Why can't they both be right? 🤷
Muscle Head
Muscle Head پیش ماه
The slim secretary universally snow because drizzle acly embarrass amid a lumpy roof. concerned, silent postbox
random Hero
random Hero پیش ماه
both are right
Gee Dee
Gee Dee پیش ماه
I would love to see Shaq pull that same crap on the Freak that he tried with Donovan
Yanno Love
Yanno Love پیش ماه
I don’t see the bucks winning anything for 5 years
eric maurer
eric maurer پیش ماه
Giannis’s last name is too complicated for me. I just know it starts with an “A” and has 2,500 letters after that.
Cereal Killa
Cereal Killa پیش ماه
Kobe worked with Hakeem on his foot work and he wasn’t a center. Shaq is as wrong as he is ashy
Ant B
Ant B پیش ماه
I agree with both of em. But I'm more on Charles side
Fouad پیش ماه
Why do these videos get cut mid convo??
alida flus
alida flus پیش ماه
Good Lord the boy needs a knockdown jumper or at least a deadly post game, he should really watch film of Charles Barkley
FugleSkarn Productions
FugleSkarn Productions پیش ماه
Why does the rich snob Barkley still have a job?
Atrain973 main4life386
Atrain973 main4life386 پیش ماه
The Bucks need another star . He is really the only one that plays hard . And his shot . But the post game is needed . He too big too be out of the paint .
Ash Lee
Ash Lee پیش ماه
Shaq contradicting himself here, he always says coaching don't matter and you as a player should get in spots no matter style your team plays but in this segment he says the opposite.
alida flus
alida flus پیش ماه
Giannis NEEDS to go see Hakeem Olajuwon & complete his game!
Patrick Sobb
Patrick Sobb پیش ماه
Chuck is totally right. If Giannis could post up, turn to face the basket and shoot 15 footers at 30 -40% he'd be even more of a beast.
c j
c j پیش ماه
They gotta upgrade the studio, the desk isn't wide enough
Emre Bogazliyanlioglu
Emre Bogazliyanlioglu پیش ماه
I'm 100% with Shaq here. Budenholzer is not doing a good coaching with the Bucks. They have a very limited strategy, that's why the offense is stuck most of the times in half court.
KeyMajor پیش ماه
Chuck you are right
cooldudecs پیش ماه
He isn’t an mvp
Faizan Ali
Faizan Ali پیش ماه
Gianni's needs to do what embiid is doing right now. Posting up, shooting those mid rangers and dominating. Unfortunately he isn't.
toby2k75 پیش ماه
Tbh giannis needs to go work with hakeem the dream. He had the best foot work and finesse for a big. Now teams know giannis weak Ft teams are not afraid of him getting to the line. Giannis needs a jumper but he dont need to shot 3s. Some floaters more hook shots something more to add to his game
Jason Wayne
Jason Wayne پیش ماه
Shaq is unbelievably stupid. I love him.
Claudius پیش ماه
Shaq refuses to listen to constructive criticism yet when the boys come at him for criticizing he claims i just want to see the young brothers win. Shaq you are not the most intelligent man on earth and most the most knowledgeable on all matters.
Randy dunn
Randy dunn پیش ماه
Lmmmmmmmaaaaoooooo Shaq is becoming annoying he's wrong nd then he cuts you off knowing he wrong
bp پیش ماه
Gianni's shouldn't have won MVP last year let's be honest. It should've been LeBron. Sure Gianni's matched his previous MVP stats but, like Harden said, he isn't the most skillful guy. He's been blessed with a body like that. His skill isn't even very good.
MSC MSC پیش ماه
Can’t believe imma say this but chuck was 100% correct. Along with his floor running; with that wing span and height he could help the offense so much if he would dip down to the post every few times down the floor. Would open up the offense so much if he could be a two dimensional player.
Ronald Corder
Ronald Corder پیش ماه
Chuck made a pretty good point. Shaq on the other hand... smh.
George Martin Sr
George Martin Sr پیش ماه
Giannis NEEDS to go see Hakeem Olajuwon & complete his game!
Deon Harden
Deon Harden پیش ماه
TF shaq talking bout
Victor Olivier
Victor Olivier پیش ماه
I agree with Charles, Giannis doesn't too many special things except for his size
Frank Gibbs
Frank Gibbs پیش ماه
I agree with shaq
B Antonio Bustion Jr
B Antonio Bustion Jr پیش ماه
Shaq is right It’s unreal that so many people overlook the fact that Coaching is the main factor when it comes to getting a team over the top I mean the man just won back - to - back MVP and Defensive player of the year and he’s has to get better for you to win !!! Wow ‘ love you Coach Bud / but your time is up!! Get someone in there that can figure it out!!
Trajan Nerva
Trajan Nerva پیش ماه
Giannis needs to get better but not his teammates?? He won the MVP back2back and it’s not enough. Gee wiz guys. 🙄
CMort پیش ماه
Giannis is trash
cnzaq dfrut
cnzaq dfrut پیش ماه
Chuck's got a point. Respect to Shaq
Gary Augustus
Gary Augustus پیش ماه
Shaq has some nerve...he didn't want to improve his game, so of course he wouldn't suggest someone else improve theirs. The only area I witnessed him try and improve in was his FT shooting. Chuck was correct... Giannis could use some work in a few areas, and ANY basketball player, especially a big, at ANY level would become markedly better with some Hakeem Olajuwon tutorials on post play footwork.
Captain Corvette
Captain Corvette پیش ماه
"Like I say"- The Chuckster
Vince Bautista
Vince Bautista پیش ماه
Sir Charles, and Shaq is right, Giannis got to work with other PFs that are magnanimous and has elite level offensive game, cause if Giannis develops a post game and Midrange Fades he would be unstoppable, or better yet go to Hakeem and other legends to know more of the game and see it the way he fits.
cyber6sapien پیش ماه
Chuck is 1000% correct!! And it's obvious to anyone who understands the game.
KINGPENS پیش ماه
Only losers have a problem with the people bringing up rings lol
timothy silk
timothy silk پیش ماه
Thoth Of The Morning Rises With The Sun
Thoth Of The Morning Rises With The Sun پیش ماه
Chuck is right though watching Giannis operate offensively is kinda gross to watch
Mike 91MDK
Mike 91MDK پیش ماه
Both are right. It's the mix of some less than sound coaching in crunch time, plus giannis' inability to add a bit more to his game. If he could shoot like KG of even anthony davis in that midrange, that opens things up
glennfjackson44 پیش ماه
Shaq is a dweeeb at times
No Lies Allowed
No Lies Allowed پیش ماه
Shaq AND Charles are RIGHT!!!...#GiveMeJESUS
Rickie Heywood
Rickie Heywood پیش ماه
Charles is right, Shaq always thinks he’s right
rick d
rick d پیش ماه
Hey Chuck, Shaq is right
GFHMike /PSP پیش ماه
Shaq is wrong giannis needs to get his ass in the post cause he’s just catching it at the top of the key and running to the basket on every play that’s y he’s so easy to draw a charge on and throw up that wall to stop him when it counts. That’s y they lose every year. The heat made them look like trash last year.
Ladarius Dower
Ladarius Dower پیش ماه
Smh if only y’all knew Shaq is actually right,The coach decided giannis play outside instead of inside position,giannis knows how to post up jus the coach rather him outside
Ronald Baptiste
Ronald Baptiste پیش ماه
If Gannis does not improve in key areas of his game he will be ring less
MatlasX پیش ماه
Chuck: Giannis doesn't need to be shooting 3s and needs to develop a post game Shaq: Giannis needs to work on his midrange but I don't want to see him shooting 3s Am I missing something or do they actually agree?
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