Remembering Hank Aaron, one of the greatest MLB players ever

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MLB is devastated by the passing of Hammerin’ Hank Aaron, one of the greatest players and people in the history of our game. He was 86.
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been famous
been famous پیش روز
I remember when I DIDN'T like BASEBALL now I LOVE it this is my favorite SPORT hands-down
DoesNotExist305 پیش 3 روز
Hank Aaron is one of the least spoken of all time greats in sports history. The true home run king, the very picture of professionalism and consistency. May he Rest In Peace and may we long remember the King.
Akeelia Gray
Akeelia Gray پیش 9 روز
The 🔨
Jay Company
Jay Company پیش 9 روز
The greastest hr hitter ever. Legend
Robert Teachout
Robert Teachout پیش 14 روز
Greates ball player of all time. No doubt.
zachary klincko
zachary klincko پیش 15 روز
Not one of no the greatest of all time
Julia Bennett
Julia Bennett پیش 16 روز
I have watched this video many times.. a great man .. to be admired..
David Ward
David Ward پیش 17 روز
Loved everything about him.
whip tater
whip tater پیش 21 روز
time truly fly's. played a lot of sandlot ball when we were kids .60's 70's use to call me little hank Aaron. boy time fly's😪😪😪 rest in peace "HAMMER"
Luke Schroter
Luke Schroter پیش 21 روز
Hank and Mays who's better
Arterra پیش 22 روز
11,31 comments also almost 2.69m subs 69 lmao sad 2.68 tho rn also 6k to 40 dislikes lol 142,517 views lmao jan 22, 2021 lmao lol lmao lol xd
Arterra پیش 22 روز
teacher showed us this in class, pretty cool
T Slavens
T Slavens پیش 23 روز
I just read he got the cov vaccine thats probably what killed him.
Ayan Sayan
Ayan Sayan پیش 25 روز
This definitely was the worst day of 2021
Ray Whitehead
Ray Whitehead پیش 28 روز
Eddie Gaedel, in base record 100% now that is a record never to be broken!
Ray Whitehead
Ray Whitehead پیش 28 روز
More then 3000 turns at bat then Babe Ruth, and in a much smaller ball park for most of his career.
Cynthia Gossage
Cynthia Gossage پیش 19 روز
officialshkamdizz پیش 28 روز
So sorry for the loss of this wonderful baseball player and person. May you rest easy and peacefully in The Wonderful Great Lord’s hands and care Hank Aaron. May God Bless your beautiful soul, and may God Bless your beautiful lovely family and loved ones always and forever amen. OneOfAKind HumbleNCaring AwesomeSauce HallOfFamer WorldChampion #755 BreakingBarriers TrulyMissedNLoved 💯💯🙏🙏❤️❤️
elgonococogranuja پیش 29 روز
Where can i find that 05:32 interview? Would love to see it. It's Killebrew, Pete Rose and ...Mantle ??
Jason Sobb
Jason Sobb پیش 29 روز
Happy birthday my friend. 23 amazing seasons. I'm sure you're in heaven hammering them home runs away. I'm curious to know how many over 715 you're at now. God bless you, till we meet.
Marriott Rangely
Marriott Rangely پیش ماه
As far as I am concerned Hank is still the home run KING. He didn't need steroids to get his home runs. God Bless him. A great player and a great human being. He hit 715 against my beloved Dodgers.
Monica Ponce
Monica Ponce پیش ماه
True American killed by vaccine 😞
Tim Prescott
Tim Prescott پیش ماه
One of my earliest heroes and I didn’t even understand why. I do now...
Mason Rahal
Mason Rahal پیش ماه
Thank you Mr Aaron.
Lauriel De León
Lauriel De León پیش ماه
Calm Down
Calm Down پیش ماه
Hank Aarron was one of the best baseball players and humanitarians the world has ever known.
The Last Sifu
The Last Sifu پیش ماه
He broke records without juicing. In my opinion, he’s still the home run king.
Mike The Dancer
Mike The Dancer پیش ماه
Evan Kalbach
Evan Kalbach پیش ماه
Far as I'm concerned THE Greatest.
Stan Kakol
Stan Kakol پیش ماه
Bill Bergendahl
Bill Bergendahl پیش ماه
Hank Aaron was a model of consistency and a great player.
Molliesdad پیش ماه
What a fantastic baseball player Mr. Aaron was. Will we ever see anyone that can play ball better, I would be surprised. Rest peacefully Hank and teach those angels how to play the game.
Carolus Magnus
Carolus Magnus پیش ماه
The true home run champion.
c kelleher
c kelleher پیش ماه
Hank you were the best! My favorite baseball player of all time.
Jeff Warren
Jeff Warren پیش ماه
Do you think there will be a Superbowl commercial with Hank Aaron images in it next Sunday?
Claire Lowry
Claire Lowry پیش ماه
We lost an international treasure when Hank Aaron went home.
Matthew Burroughs
Matthew Burroughs پیش ماه
Hank was one of the greatest players of all time. Not only was he great player he was just as great a person.
Collin Wilson
Collin Wilson پیش ماه
Hammering hank smooth swing hit homer off the best
Cheyenne Sewell
Cheyenne Sewell پیش ماه
The true King of Baseball in every way
The Collector
The Collector پیش ماه
I would say top 5 best ever
The Collector
The Collector پیش ماه
one of the best. holds true homerun record
Hellmuth4 پیش ماه
Bonds beat him fair and square.
The Black Sheep
The Black Sheep پیش ماه
He was so incredibly consistent and could do it all. I'm glad I had the chance to see him play for so long. Thank you Mr Aaron.
cassandra jenkins
cassandra jenkins پیش ماه
Rest in everlasting peace. Your legacy and great spirit will live on forever.
Soraya Shah
Soraya Shah پیش ماه
There've been very very few since Hammerin' Hank to match him as a player and even fewer, if any, who could match him as a gentleman.
B Hirst
B Hirst پیش ماه
Who are the heathens that could possibly dislike this video???
Ryan’s Colorado Rail Productions
Ryan’s Colorado Rail Productions پیش ماه
"Fastball, it's a high drive into deep left center field, Buckner goes back to the fence, it is gone!" - Vin Scully
okolekahuna پیش ماه
Pure Class.
Austin Kelly
Austin Kelly پیش ماه
Rest in peace to one of the goats
Quentin Davis
Quentin Davis پیش ماه
🙏🏾 To a well mannered man and legend. Oh, I got your jersey sir. I had it for 2 years same jersey of course replica with the record on the sleeve. God Blessings, to you and Mr. 42. Some of my heroes to be 45 year's old. True mannerism and greatness.
Skippy پیش ماه
Forgot to mention he took the covid vaccine only two weeks before his death.
bulldogsbob پیش ماه
Or he was 86
John Fealy
John Fealy پیش ماه
Hey hey, ho ho, your GMO vaccine has got to go!!!
GuerillaGardner پیش ماه
Hmmmm. Two weeks after his Covid Vax. VERY interesting. Why is nobody listening to ALL the doctors speaking out AGAINST it? All the media shows is the pepfar criminal, Fauci. And why do we need a vaccine for a sickness with a 99+% recovery rate? And why do BigPharma companies have zero liability by law and cannot be sued? (That's a pretty sweet deal!) Are you catching on yet, People?! Eugenics IS a thing and YOU'RE NEXT!
Jew and Greek
Jew and Greek پیش ماه
I feel bad for the catcher. He wanted to shake Aaron's hand but things just got so crazy he didn't get to.
martijn bakker
martijn bakker پیش ماه
He was a vegan as well!
CrummyMonk پیش ماه
Dusty on deck when Hank hit 715.
cryptobradley200 پیش ماه
He liked to be called Henry
chickenflinger5002 پیش ماه
Bruh last year kobe now hank. Bruh
Chris Marcontel
Chris Marcontel پیش ماه
American Hero, legend and the sultan of Swat! Wow! Truly blessed and highly favored for sure! God bless you Mr. Aaron
dick johnson
dick johnson پیش ماه
The public conifer sequently own because word univariately battle past a internal square. innocent, aboard cousin
MRindependentTHINK پیش ماه
Should've never taken that experimental Covid-19 vaccine
Edgar Araujo
Edgar Araujo پیش ماه
From Brooklyn N.Y. may GODCHRIST embrace you Hank Aaron and when i look up to the Heavens with its stars and see a shooting star i will say ' hey Hank Aaron what a nice home run Thanks GODCHRIST , HANK AARON may it home....safely. PEACE 😞🌍🌎🌏☝🙏😁✔💯🏁👍😉
Bernadine Wood
Bernadine Wood پیش ماه
Big bad hank!
Bernadine Wood
Bernadine Wood پیش ماه
Great job on this video!
Blazers04 پیش ماه
A true champion of humanity
Ant B
Ant B پیش ماه
Vaccine two weeks before...👀😔
Brendan Mazon
Brendan Mazon پیش ماه
He will reast ib peace he is one of the legens rest in peace hank you will be rembered forever
Michael Saunders
Michael Saunders پیش ماه
Thank you for all that you have done Henry (Hank) Aaron. Rest in Peace.
Wolf پیش ماه
Hank Aaron took the experimental vaccine on January 5th.
the sweaty pro
the sweaty pro پیش ماه
☠ 💉
True Love Seeking Accomplished
True Love Seeking Accomplished پیش ماه
He never hit 50 home runs in one season, yet still managed to break Ruth's record.
David Hackett
David Hackett پیش ماه
Hammerin' Hank logged over 51 miles worth of home run trot in his incredible career.
Mcgiver 13
Mcgiver 13 پیش ماه
Hero of mine growing up and a fantastic role model for everyone. His death is a huge loss not only for the braves and the MLB but the world.
Matt Rapp
Matt Rapp پیش ماه
Class act
Indiana Joe
Indiana Joe پیش ماه
Some writers have said that there was nothing remarkable or exciting about watching Aaron hit but when I see him hitting, especially in early footage I notice that his bat speed is absolutely incredible , and the baseball jumped off his bat like no other ballplayer I have seen. It seemed like if he hit a line drive, the ball travelled that first 150 feet so quickly it was scary. I have never seen another hitter that reminded me of him.
Slembones پیش ماه
too many ads!
The Hershey Dog
The Hershey Dog پیش ماه
The true home run king
Leo Melendez
Leo Melendez پیش ماه
Kill them with kindness. My respect ✊🏾
Christian O'Connor
Christian O'Connor پیش ماه
the real home run champion, set the record during the worst stretch ever for hitters, with tons of racist barbs thrown his way----and did it without steroids
Juche Tony
Juche Tony پیش ماه
murdered by Pfizer.
David Hackett
David Hackett پیش ماه
Hammerin' Hank played baseball the way it was meant to be played and lived life the way it was meant to be lived.
Flix Louder
Flix Louder پیش ماه
Christian Soldier
Christian Soldier پیش ماه
They killed Hank Aaron by injecting him with that killer vaccine
Laura Bell
Laura Bell پیش ماه
Ya thumbs down this, ya burnt, bruh.
HilarityBribo پیش ماه
Bill gates tallies another 😔
Mr. Weah
Mr. Weah پیش ماه
This country will pay
Nimfa McDonald
Nimfa McDonald پیش ماه
When I was in 6th grade I looked at the back of Henry Aaron's baseball card. 554 Home Runs. 1969. Then I asked kids if they thought Hank Aaron could catch Babe Ruth "Who?"
Darryl Wilson
Darryl Wilson پیش ماه
I know he was scared to death with those white boys running on the field
Darryl Wilson
Darryl Wilson پیش ماه
OMG .the real homerun King
Mim پیش ماه
Amerikkka is an ugly country for its treatment of anyone who is black
Nimfa McDonald
Nimfa McDonald پیش ماه
Shut up.
mrwrestlingII پیش ماه
9:16 is that Craig Sager?
bcask61 پیش ماه
This one hurts. What an awesome gentleman he was. Class, dignity and uncommon grace. Rest in Peace legend. There will never be another like him.
Vinyl MASSacre
Vinyl MASSacre پیش ماه
I hope a lot more is done for him 🔨👑⚾️
Beckonor پیش ماه
I assume everyone reading this realizes that Hank was "killed" by the COVID vaccine he received 2 weeks before dying. He had been healthy.
KINGSNYC54 پیش ماه
👑 The TRUE home run king 👑 (755)
God Christ
God Christ پیش ماه
May Hank Aaron rest in peace.
Hell N Degenerates
Hell N Degenerates پیش ماه
Awesome man killed by a evil vaccine, i will say it as it is.
Liam F
Liam F پیش ماه
Liam F
Liam F پیش ماه
?? Take your tinfoil hat off lmao
PLM in Texas
PLM in Texas پیش ماه
A real gentleman, a great ballplayer, a well-deserved hall-of-famer, and still my home run king.
James Anthony
James Anthony پیش ماه
Whenever Aaron played the Reds and the Big Red Machine, Henry would come to the plate, and the conversation would be something like this: Henry Aaron: Hello John. Johnny Bench: Hello Henry. Such respect.
PrinceHakim._ پیش ماه
They need to explain this to me NOW !
Liam F
Liam F پیش ماه
You need to get injected with a vaccine to protect you from CORONAVIRUS🤒😱😰 trust me. It's harmless it's for you and everyone's safety
Cosmic Brownie
Cosmic Brownie پیش ماه
Why do the news convince us that the vaccine is safe by using black people taking it instead of the showing us the test results after doing a study. ??
Liam F
Liam F پیش ماه
Are you a conspiracy theorist and racist at the same time? It doesn't surprise me
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