Patrick Mahomes DIZZY After Big Hit (OUT FOR GAME w/ Concussion)

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Patrick Mahomes Dizzy & Loses His Balance After Big Hit
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T C پیش 26 روز
The lights were on but no one was home
Josh Steppa
Josh Steppa پیش 26 روز
This nigga just had a concussion and he playing in the bowl smh 😂😂🤦‍♂️
Oliver Century
Oliver Century پیش 26 روز
That’s a dedicated ref right there. Concussion or not I’m doing my job dammit.
PMcFarland پیش 26 روز
I've never had a physical response to a video but I saw this in slow mo and my stomach twisted and I got hit with a wave of light headedness and dizziness. DISGUSTING!!!
Ko Walla Lmao
Ko Walla Lmao پیش 27 روز
Lets GO!
Janie Rios
Janie Rios پیش 27 روز
Craig Theisen
Craig Theisen پیش 28 روز
That's funny, Wait he's not smerking?
You Space
You Space پیش ماه
Funny how he got to play for the next week game to go to the superbowl .Any other person would've been home on concussion protocol .
Maurice Troop
Maurice Troop پیش ماه
This is why I say QB's need to be looked at in two eras. Qb's who played during years of being able to get hit and those who play in this current day where they can't. Football is a different game at the Pro level now. It was great to see Mahomes healthy the next week.
Jeff Go
Jeff Go پیش ماه
He’s in big trouble, he barley got hit
Ivan Melendez
Ivan Melendez پیش ماه
Stupid grabbing his neck to the ground!
Bruce Perez
Bruce Perez پیش ماه
A appreciate the Brown players sorrounding Mahomes and showed their concern when Mahomes stumbled.
Sam Dilworth
Sam Dilworth پیش ماه
When did he hit his head during the play?
Joe Fern
Joe Fern پیش ماه
He tried breaking his neck
Chia S
Chia S پیش ماه
I think he had carotid artery /vertebral artery (temporary) occlusion for a few seconds causing him to be dizzy and wobbly. This happens when those arteries that supply the brain 🧠 get occluded temporarily.
Eduardo Almeida
Eduardo Almeida پیش ماه
That guy dragged Mahomes by his head and Mahomes' neck had to support his whole weight.
Mississippi4Clemson پیش ماه
lmao 😂
Jake Heke
Jake Heke پیش ماه
Lol 51 had a harder hit to himself 🤣
Drake Smith
Drake Smith پیش ماه
and he’s gonna play in the afc championship
yoConn پیش ماه
Rip I hope you get better manholes for the afc championship
Mike Hedrick
Mike Hedrick پیش ماه
Clean hit
drugstorecowboy پیش ماه
we live in a soft society....its a contact sport people!!!
B Lauer
B Lauer پیش ماه
Just read a story that called this a dirty hit, WTF? Even Mahomes mother was calling it dirty. She later recanted her claim.
AJ7 پیش ماه
It wasn’t the hit. It was his helmet hitting ground. The hit was nothing.
Kev Hello
Kev Hello پیش ماه
It was similar to a whiplash...
Jackie Clark
Jackie Clark پیش ماه
This was a storyline setup for this week's game...If he really had a real concussion,he's not coming back this soon.Makes the Buffalo game more interesting even though Buffalo has a nice team. This makes it more dramatic.
Jackie Clark
Jackie Clark پیش ماه
@blotter downey ...and it’s QAnon btw...if you’re gonna try and use it,at least use it properly! Geeeeez! 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂
Jackie Clark
Jackie Clark پیش ماه
@blotter downey you first! 👍🏾✌🏾😂
blotter downey
blotter downey پیش ماه
stick to qanon man
Oblivious 2 Reality
Oblivious 2 Reality پیش ماه
That was a running DDT!!!
Robert Atwell
Robert Atwell پیش ماه
51 was taking a lot of heat for it being a dirty hit. I was not watching the game, but it does not look dirty at all to me. What part would be described as dirty? If you have a mark in the video please indicate it. Thanks!
Joseph Rivas
Joseph Rivas پیش ماه
As spectacular as Mahomes is to watch, I believe he is not designed to take high level impact tackles.
Quin Gassiott
Quin Gassiott پیش ماه
He didn’t even get hit hard he’s a wussy
Josh Alden
Josh Alden پیش ماه
Horrible tackle
Elijah Little
Elijah Little پیش ماه
He was actually hit prior that play but they still played him.. that hit just made it worse
S Monster
S Monster پیش ماه
Buddy really did too much in the finish of the tackle though
Rob Fernandez
Rob Fernandez پیش ماه
He was out cold. You can see his arm go stiff. Anyone who has seen a knockout before knows that wasn't a nerve. That was his brain banging against his skull and turning off the lights. If the NFL plays him Sunday they prove how much they care about the players.
Lee Kyle
Lee Kyle پیش ماه
What a fucking pussy. Bills are going to have a fun time on Sunday 👍
r e
r e پیش ماه
I am no doc but looking at the questionable impact on his helmet, probably he suffered a "mini" stroke?
Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler پیش ماه
Lucky he didn't break his hand catching his head.
Joey Elmore
Joey Elmore پیش ماه
That guy is soft. That was one of the softest tackles I've ever seen.
calamorta پیش ماه
lol ok
MyNintenderSexyWhore پیش ماه
Madden curse?
wrxsubaru02 پیش ماه
was it the helmet hit or when he hit the ground?
Caitlyn Sittg
Caitlyn Sittg پیش ماه
I hope you are ok Patrick
LoH Bros
LoH Bros پیش ماه
My money is on the forearm to the jaw 0:30. Contact shakes head pretty good inside his helmet, and ball carrying arm starts to drift away right afterwards
Stephen Lynn
Stephen Lynn پیش ماه
100% concussion 100% will play 100% stupid 100% don't care..
Jeffrey Shumate
Jeffrey Shumate پیش ماه
Welcome to the NFL
wewhoareabouttodie saluteyou
wewhoareabouttodie saluteyou پیش ماه
It's weird how that was just a tap and he ended up dizzy. I have seen NCAA qbs hit harder than that, targeting, and they are still good to play. Maybe it was the defender holding his neck while he went down?
Colin Boegli
Colin Boegli پیش ماه
Yeah they say he will play this weekend after that LMFAO, take your carreer in you own hands Patrick, NFL needs its prime time QB. But you want to play for years. sit the fuck out, no need playing cause BS NFL will let you
Lizard King
Lizard King پیش ماه
Ian Perez
Ian Perez پیش ماه
His head never touched the ground?
Nick Tirado
Nick Tirado پیش ماه
Lol those that actually thought he would be out because of so call concussion protocol are naive every one knows NFL would make every attempt to help him get back as not to affect the ratings
Angie Marie
Angie Marie پیش ماه
This is what happens when QBs forget they're are QBs not running backs, adding his toe must not have been hurting too bad leading to an concussion. Btw how in the world is a QB contract worth nearly half of a billion dollars?? Sports do not save lives, it's just entertainment. Sports are overrated, and players are over paid.
reverse23 پیش ماه
Otw to mahomes hahahahahaha
Memory Drain
Memory Drain پیش ماه
Andy Reid is going to be in big trouble if he forces this kid to play against the Bills and he gets really really hurt.
jbfarley پیش ماه
He can't force him to play, kid
gavyn musser
gavyn musser پیش ماه
Dirty tackle🤷‍♂️
jbfarley پیش ماه
Objectively not a dirty tackle, not in any way
Deliver Us To Evil TN
Deliver Us To Evil TN پیش ماه
Wasnt even that big a hit tho
Dog films
Dog films پیش ماه
I dont see how he got a concussion. 51 hit him on the shoulder
3 times
3 times پیش ماه
so you wanna play football huh, oh well
Alan Hill
Alan Hill پیش ماه
When will these new gen qbs learn to slide? Or learn to fight another down? No need to fight so hard for 2 yards there. Give it to the real Running Back or just punt, youre up by 9. SMH
Dylan Mills
Dylan Mills پیش ماه
Wonder what Richardson said to him?
Flawless Diamond
Flawless Diamond پیش ماه
Hope you feel better mahomes.
Duncan Idaho
Duncan Idaho پیش ماه
Can't see a deceleration anywhere on the slowmo - can see a big guy wrenching on his neck.
The physics channel
The physics channel پیش ماه
This man is soft
M پیش ماه
Get well soon
Addy G
Addy G پیش ماه
Fine him, wait its not Brady.
S Valentine
S Valentine پیش ماه
Wth was with the play punches after though. That doesn’t seem right. Hoping for a fast recovery for Mahomes though, and the tackle itself seemed innocent.
spazypants123 پیش ماه
Goodell is getting the electric chair prepped for Wilson
Chris Haslam
Chris Haslam پیش ماه
Top worst and brutal injuries of the 2020 season: 1. Dak Prescott 2. Joe Burrow- ACL 3. Brees's lung injuries/or this one
carlos arevalo
carlos arevalo پیش ماه
Well the Browns at least did that right
keith bailey
keith bailey پیش ماه
That was not a concussion, that was a choke out.
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez پیش ماه
Chokes don't cause fencing it's a concussion.
jbfarley پیش ماه
He objectively had a concussion. The doctors know more than you do
subjektproductions پیش ماه
he basically got DDT'd
Zero Fret
Zero Fret پیش ماه
I saw everything except the big hit.
Its GOAT پیش ماه
that should be roughing the passer
gamingwith Brae
gamingwith Brae پیش ماه
Stay strong broski💯💯💯
Tommy Wong
Tommy Wong پیش ماه
Hoping he’s ready by the AFC game; would love to see a great matchup with both teams in top shape.
gabriel hernandez
gabriel hernandez پیش ماه
Like a pinch in the neck from Mr. Spock
BigA _05
BigA _05 پیش ماه
Man no concussion he just got knocked out with a forearm to the chin. Shit happens its football.
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez پیش ماه
That would be a concussion.
jbfarley پیش ماه
The doctors know more than you
Solid Snake1019
Solid Snake1019 پیش ماه
The madden curse strikes again
Emiliano Romero
Emiliano Romero پیش ماه
Wilson is a shit
jbfarley پیش ماه
Clean hit, kid
J Boy
J Boy پیش ماه
That looked like the knockout hit ali put on liston in their rematch, couldn't see one at all.
Bro that was a fumble
jbfarley پیش ماه
Cody Dillon
Cody Dillon پیش ماه
It looks like that was a hyperextension or something spinal
Will6159 پیش ماه
They knocked the mojones out of him!
Clip 3k
Clip 3k پیش ماه
He didn’t get a concussion. It looked like he did not hit his head. From the play it looked like he got chocked out
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez پیش ماه
Don't need a direct hit to the head to cause a concussion
Clip 3k
Clip 3k پیش ماه
@jbfarley no shit, I’m just saying how it looked to me
jbfarley پیش ماه
Doctors know more than you
Internal Organs External
Internal Organs External پیش ماه
Takes more than a second to choke someone out..
Samuel Johnston
Samuel Johnston پیش ماه
that just doesnt look like a concussion hit ya know? like when kuechly had his concussion, it was a HUGE hit, this doesnt even look like his head got touched
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez پیش ماه
Took a hit to the button that's a concussion
Blue Bills
Blue Bills پیش ماه
When 51 goes in to tackle him he basically punches him in the chin that's what caused the concussion
Mike DeBruin
Mike DeBruin پیش ماه
100 percent plays this week. No way franchise quarterback in a championship does not play. So much money on the line. His head could of fallen off his body and they would still say he is good to play. He clearly has a concussion and he should automatically be out next week.
BENNY BATZ پیش ماه
He's obviously rattled, but I don't see the big hit. Was it the clothes-line to the neck? Or, the twisting of the neck maybe caused a pinched artery to make him just about pass out? I'm genuinely curious.
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez پیش ماه
A pinched artery wouldn't cause fencing and he took a hit to the jaw.
Ike Greger
Ike Greger پیش ماه
The announcers are saying "uh oh" because they know that's their way of winning games right there
Gil Avalos
Gil Avalos پیش ماه
It was not a big hit that caused the concussion , it was the twisting /pulling of the neck with extreme force that ruptured the nerves . Very fortunate it was not a lot worst . Clean tackle , just the nature of the football beast. Prayers !
Unholy Darkstar
Unholy Darkstar پیش ماه
Everyone is saying the browns played should be banned from ever playing football? Good God it wasn't anywhere near helmet to helmet.
Joseph پیش ماه
Dirty!!! Tried to snap his neck
jbfarley پیش ماه
No he didn't
Bang Mateo
Bang Mateo پیش ماه
His helmet did not hit anything FOH
J D پیش ماه
He doesn't look like he's packing much down there.
flowerz پیش ماه
charles mcgee
charles mcgee پیش ماه
The more I watch the hit the intent after the contact looks intentional to bulldoze Mahomes into the ground. Deshaun Watson took some hits back at Clemson against Alabama in the national championship that were intentional to cause injury.
generalnsj پیش ماه
Bro thought he was with Progressive Auto for a sec
Neo62003 ‘
Neo62003 ‘ پیش ماه
Man you hate to see it
This Is My Name
This Is My Name پیش ماه
I'm as far from a Mahomes fan as someone could be but I hate to see him get hurt
Mark7858 Gard
Mark7858 Gard پیش ماه
Good clean hit. Shut up mom. This is football!!
ForceIsWithYou77 پیش ماه
For the thousandth time he did NOT get a concussion. Reports stated he tweaked a nerve in his neck which caused the "concussion" like symptoms.. there was no high impact to his head. His neck kept going after his body stopped.
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez پیش ماه
What reports? Chiefs never confirmed or denied anything
Maurice Wilson
Maurice Wilson پیش ماه
Am I trippin or did he try to take his head off? That's super dirty fine and suspension for that. You never wrap the head or neck. I've laid hits on plenty of people and vice versa we don't play with that.
jbfarley پیش ماه
Objectively false, kid, 100% clean and legal
flyingfishsurf پیش ماه
The Commissioner needs an independent evaluation of this injury, not the Chiefs' team doctors. The Chiefs are saying it was a neck twist? BULLSHIT. That was a hard hit to the back of the helmet. That area protects the cerebellum. It's the brain's center for controlling motor function. Is the NFL throwing away protocol for $$$$$$$$$$? It certainly looks that way. That would be another dark chapter in NFL history. I don't think they give a damn about the players.
ErroneousE پیش ماه
I’m looking at the video and there was no helmet to helmet though 👁👄👁
alahiri22 پیش ماه
Knocked out... He needs to take a month off, but I doubt he will
ItsMeI'mHim پیش 26 روز
@Athletic Weeb yeah he’s done 😂
ItsMeI'mHim پیش 26 روز
@Choummaly S L
ItsMeI'mHim پیش 26 روز
@Franchesca Davis ummm.. i think your comment didnt age well 😂
ItsMeI'mHim پیش ماه
@Franchesca Davis it will in 2 weeks
Franchesca Davis
Franchesca Davis پیش ماه
@ItsMeI'mHim this comment didn't age well
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