Parkland Survivor David Hogg Launches ‘MyPillow’ Competitor

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Inside Edition

پیش 28 روز

David Hogg, a gun control activist and survivor of the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, is taking on the Trump-supporting MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell by launching his own line of pillows. “Our goal is to sell $1 million of product within our first year,” Hogg wrote on Twitter. “Mike isn't going to know what hit him - this pillow fight is just getting started.” Lindell has come under fire for calling for the 2020 election to be overturned, without merit, and given to Donald Trump, who lost.

Bj D
Bj D پیش 2 روز
David Hogg is a grifter.
Mike Florian
Mike Florian پیش 7 روز
Charly پیش 14 روز
Jimmy Kimmel talking about someone else being crazy. After spending hours and tears bemoaning his child's illness on his comedy platform. Who does that? He's no different from anyone else going through their child's health crisis. Some comic, but he's not really funny. He is however, a big joke.
Randy B
Randy B پیش 14 روز
What a lying weasel that kid is.
Aqua Marina
Aqua Marina پیش 15 روز
So is he attempting to copy Mike's pillow for political gain? Smh. Guess its time for a few others to get into the pillow business.
GladeGaming پیش 15 روز
Lock her up! (Rep. Greene)
HuMan Being 34/7
HuMan Being 34/7 پیش 16 روز
David Hogg........ Leaves a bad taste
Fred Patzold
Fred Patzold پیش 16 روز
The original My Pillow sucks anyways I would gladly Buy the new one it can't be any worse or any more expensive then my pillow invented buy a crazy ex crackhead
Doug Betts
Doug Betts پیش 17 روز
The company is going to be called Tears on my pillow.
Pam Stocker
Pam Stocker پیش 17 روز
You go girl we Need more representatives like you
Mark Myjak
Mark Myjak پیش 17 روز
What happened with Dave Hoggs book?
Victor L
Victor L پیش 17 روز
This kid is more disgusting than Nikolas Cruz
christian shaw
christian shaw پیش 18 روز
David Hogg is a weasel
Rebekah Tyler
Rebekah Tyler پیش 18 روز
It's funny because if we did not live in a great capitalist nation like America he could not start a competing company haha
The Book Was Better
The Book Was Better پیش 18 روز
Nice to see he got a real job.
MrKly123 پیش 18 روز
i just comment on the titles of the posts that the idiot media barf up! No need to give them the satisfaction of one more view by watching an entire video of manipulated facts and nonsense. Oh yeah... Trump/Lindell 2024!
Pam M
Pam M پیش 18 روز
David Hogg is a sad person. No real creative idea, just hate. Just like the left
william spencer
william spencer پیش 18 روز
David does HIS Pillow
rodeye2 پیش 19 روز
His pillows will be different, all children will get one to take to school, Hogg calls them my bullet proof pillow.
Fam4RM پیش 19 روز
Rep. Greene: "I also want to tell you that 9/11 absolutely happened." Illhan Omar: "Really?" The rest of Congress: "Of course." Congress: "Wait what?"
ADVENTURES with Christian
ADVENTURES with Christian پیش 19 روز
Taylor Green is the best
Robman92 پیش 19 روز
Awful person
Bradley Putnam
Bradley Putnam پیش 20 روز
I wouldn’t buy a bottle of water from David Hogg and I love “my” my pillow so much better than anything else I’ve ever had that I’m gonna buy more my pillows
harry’s cardigan
harry’s cardigan پیش 20 روز
the way AOC handled this made me love her more
Erik l
Erik l پیش 20 روز
You're a simp
Beezel پیش 20 روز
Does your pillow soak up blood?
Gray O
Gray O پیش 21 روز
i’m sorry but don’t go up to someone who’s survived a school shooting and say they’re wrong for wanting gun control, you don’t need to agree with gun control but someone who’s gone through that obviously they want gun control
Pat Cummins
Pat Cummins پیش 21 روز
This guy is more annoying than Greta Thunberg!
Aew Beast
Aew Beast پیش 5 روز
Which guy and why
Founding Father's Films
Founding Father's Films پیش 21 روز
No one has the right to infringe on my 2nd amendment rights plain and simple
Dmac K
Dmac K پیش 21 روز
Perfect! Finally an SJW pillow to prop yourself up during your abortion!
De پیش 22 روز
Just Nonsense!! Hogg will never be the man that Lindell is. Sorry, this little boy is just a wannabee
Thomas Sabecky
Thomas Sabecky پیش 22 روز
AOC is a complete joke
SuperAgentman007 پیش 22 روز
The one thing about David Hogg is he wasn’t at Parkland at the time of the shooting he arrived afterwards then he started filming and pretending he was there when the shooting was and people believed it. But leave it to the Internet detectives to figure it out they did. He’s doing the same thing that AOC did claiming she was in the middle of the January 6 riot when she wasn’t.
SuperAgentman007 پیش 22 روز
I can picture David Hogg getting sued by Mike Lindel for copyright infringement David has to remember this isn’t China were copyright infringement does not mean anything
DMP پیش 22 روز
He should have called it cry baby snowflake pillow.
espada9 پیش 22 روز
Gun grabber = pillow biter....
TTiger 8626
TTiger 8626 پیش 22 روز
Quit calling Hogg a "Survivor", He was NOT even there when it happened. He rode there afterwards.
UndertakerU2ber پیش 22 روز
Can’t believe this irrelevant brat keeps getting brought up in the news. Might have something to do with his mommy working in the MSM industry... 🧐
uptown funk
uptown funk پیش 23 روز
smollette pillow factory?
Stacey Gandy
Stacey Gandy پیش 23 روز
No wonder the my pillow was wonderful to me because of the mysterious dust that came out of it when I plopped my head into it at night! I must have mistakenly got one that was supposed to go to another country!
Sasha Jean
Sasha Jean پیش 23 روز
Lord Inside edition can you guys hire other people to write the titles! 😭 y'all gonna give some one a stroke reading these 😭
Ralph Canfield
Ralph Canfield پیش 23 روز
David we will buy your pillow
harleyrdr1 پیش 23 روز
Wait, so now as a “Gun Grabber Expert” he’s a “pillow expert” too? What’s next Teabags? This country is sooo being laughed at around the world.
Tammy Skinner
Tammy Skinner پیش 23 روز
Hoag is not a survivor of parkland. He lived in California at the time.
Koba TheDon
Koba TheDon پیش 23 روز
I like this lady. This little soy boy should never have children. We have enough of his type.
manny ramires
manny ramires پیش 23 روز
Boss Hogg is the boss of hoagies pillows
SomeNYBoi پیش 23 روز
0:13 she wasn’t even in the capitol building, the person asking where she was is a cop!
Karen پیش 23 روز
The video is shaking
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor پیش 24 روز
David Hogg "Cry like a BIT#% Pillows" for the Beta Male in you.
Billy Graham
Billy Graham پیش 24 روز
I won't be buying any "hog" pillow, that is for sure. Mike Lindell has sewn-up all my pillow business. MAGA 2022, 2024, AND FOREVER!!!
Hogan T.
Hogan T. پیش 19 روز
Do you like Benny Hinn?
Diana Cleary
Diana Cleary پیش 23 روز
you need to speak to your doctor for a medication adjustment
KuraQueen پیش 24 روز
I'll buy some of his pillows.
bunnnyful پیش 24 روز
Klan mom needs to go away.
Hoodie پیش 24 روز
what does this even mean
Preston Strother
Preston Strother پیش 24 روز
Union over priced, bad quality, and slow production? Sounds like a plan kiddo
John Newhouse
John Newhouse پیش 24 روز
"Without merit"? Guess IE didn't bother to watch the documentary. If I'm Lindell, I would be concerned about Camera Hogg. That "guy" has a lot of experience biting pillows, so if should be a pillow expert.
Mr. Feathersmith
Mr. Feathersmith پیش 24 روز
Someone test David Hoggs pillow as a silencer like demo ranch see if its any good.
Raja پیش 24 روز
Of course she doesn't care shes privileged and knows it
Patriot Watchdog 1776
Patriot Watchdog 1776 پیش 24 روز
Is he selling his safety blanket and cry pillow😂😂😂
Sparkplug the fox
Sparkplug the fox پیش 24 روز
I can't take her seriously.
Wane felicia
Wane felicia پیش 24 روز
Uhmm where can i buy the pillows
The Legend
The Legend پیش 24 روز
She is standing up
Nostalgia پیش 24 روز
Now this is how you take a pillow fight to the next level
Mufasa I Am
Mufasa I Am پیش 24 روز
That "survivor" kid wasn't even in the school when the incident happened. But it hasn't stopped him from using his 15 minutes of fame to get rich
Gh0st89otbag23z پیش 24 روز
Did we get bated for the my pillow thing? LOL
Ted Smith
Ted Smith پیش 25 روز
I can see his company name My Pillow Biter!
selrod55 پیش 25 روز
Now David Hogg want to pillow fight !
Gaming Dreams
Gaming Dreams پیش 25 روز
LMFAO 😂 Hogg is a joke. AOC wasn't even at the Capitol that day so you're wrong.
Diana Cleary
Diana Cleary پیش 23 روز
keep dreaming, with a little luck, you'll be released from your computer cage. enjoy the misery "your side" has created.
Gaming Dreams
Gaming Dreams پیش 23 روز
@Diana Cleary you're comment makes zero sense but nice try baby murdering lefty.
Gaming Dreams
Gaming Dreams پیش 23 روز
@Drake Sessions she was not at the Capitol. She is lying!
Diana Cleary
Diana Cleary پیش 23 روز
keep living the lie...... !....... you'll NEVER get out of the house, wait, you probably NEVER DID!!!!
Drake Sessions
Drake Sessions پیش 24 روز
but she was somewhere where it was connected by tunnels
Irish God
Irish God پیش 25 روز
Bro AOC is the dumbest person I have ever seen 😂
Love Zalaxa
Love Zalaxa پیش 25 روز
The last few videos have been like this the title doesnt match the topic.
Derek Villorente
Derek Villorente پیش 25 روز
Title is very misleading.
Rock Wilson
Rock Wilson پیش 25 روز
AOC is a huge Liar
James Largen
James Largen پیش 25 روز
Not a "survivor", survivors indicates that you were present when an act of terror occurred.
ImUnguardable پیش 25 روز
so he just stole the dudes idea...
Bandit99 پیش 25 روز
That guy wasn't even at the school when the shooting happened 😂
daniel DanielK
daniel DanielK پیش 25 روز
I'll buy the pillow
HuMaNoId PhEnOmNoN
HuMaNoId PhEnOmNoN پیش 25 روز
9/11 happened because of people like you and your supporters
Alphabet 7
Alphabet 7 پیش 25 روز
There's thousands of competition
Nathan solano
Nathan solano پیش 25 روز
1000 comment
rmx01indiana پیش 25 روز
Cue the pillow fight jokes
Jon Wright
Jon Wright پیش 25 روز
Customer review, Hogg pillows make excellent pistols silencers my neighborhood never heard a thing, that's great because often liberals whining about guns is louder and more annoying than gunfire itself!
Jaren H
Jaren H پیش 25 روز
FUQ David Hogg, he is a joke
Earthbound Misfit
Earthbound Misfit پیش 25 روز
I support the second amendment!
galilthejew پیش 25 روز
That punk kids pillow will be perfect for soaking up Liberal tears. Reeeeee Reeeeee Reeeeeee Reeeeee
88Crager پیش 25 روز
Trump lost, cope
T1000 is coming!
T1000 is coming! پیش 25 روز
David Hoggs pillow sucks . My pillow is much better
kevvcoot پیش 25 روز
Greene is Awesome.
Jay vorheee
Jay vorheee پیش 25 روز
Her eyes r too close together
TrainerJoe Fitness
TrainerJoe Fitness پیش 25 روز
David needs cheeseburgers, not pillows
Apollo پیش 25 روز
Hogg SAID he wasn't at school that day. HE SAID IT, then moaned that he was there interviewing survivors. So, this child materialized in classrooms or he ran through the police barricade just to interview?
JJ Daniels
JJ Daniels پیش 25 روز
My Pillow vs Pillow biter...Lindell for the win! Hogg bites Pillow and finds his sweet spot!
Janice Merkle
Janice Merkle پیش 25 روز
Sleep with The Hoggs pillow and use your Hogg pillow to fend off an intruder, because he’s a gun grabber!! No Thank You ! I would rather support someone who loves America. And just like AOC ...... you weren’t there when it happened !
bcd182 پیش 25 روز
"Far right" because being Christian and a Trump supporter makes you an extremist. Right.
HP Cisne
HP Cisne پیش 25 روز
Go Marjorie!!!
JuiceProd پیش 25 روز
will it be YourPillow
Belk پیش 25 روز
AOC is a joke.
Erika Bulsara
Erika Bulsara پیش 25 روز
STAN ATEEZ پیش 25 روز
Not the lady that said lasers cause the California fires calling people morons 😂😂
ʙʀᴀɴᴅɪ ᴛX
ʙʀᴀɴᴅɪ ᴛX پیش 25 روز
You guys should have 100% dislikes simply based on that video title. 🤦‍♀️⚠️
bob burger
bob burger پیش 25 روز
Where did he get the money?????
Rhonda Williams
Rhonda Williams پیش 25 روز
Gayle King is such an "Oprah King" wannabe!
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