Flyers @ Bruins 1/21/21 | NHL Highlights

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Extended highlights of the Philadelphia Flyers at the Boston Bruins

DRIFTED_Dubz پیش ماه
The habs are going to destroy y’all 🤣
Phill Acoustic Chaos
Phill Acoustic Chaos پیش ماه
Bruins are winning shootouts? What alternate universe is this?
Mark Smith
Mark Smith پیش ماه
Ya Rask looked really good in Overtime. Boston still looks like a contender
Mr. 4leafClova
Mr. 4leafClova پیش ماه
Rask needs to be this way in the playoffs... Lost 2 Cups😒
Matthew Devine
Matthew Devine پیش ماه
ngl the beggining of this game and the next bruins game againts the flyers looked very similar
Nick R A
Nick R A پیش ماه
amazing game
dave gnarlsson
dave gnarlsson پیش ماه
FAKE CROWD NOISE = Thumbs down
Blue Line Hockey Club Productions, LLC
Blue Line Hockey Club Productions, LLC پیش ماه
Check out our podcast, we have had a few bruins guys join us on the podcast
Carine S
Carine S پیش ماه
(Insert "Edward's bad" comment)
Rafeman Rafemane
Rafeman Rafemane پیش ماه
Is Rask showing signs that he's a clutch goalie
Robert Butts
Robert Butts پیش ماه
Boston is still a great team.. Remember the #4 and #24 days.. I love Boston.. And the Flyer days with Captian Bobby C
David Armitage
David Armitage پیش ماه
Come on FLYERS help out your goalie FFS!
M Pooler
M Pooler پیش ماه
Let's get Brian Elliott back in there
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith پیش ماه
Ahhh, Bruins and Flyers: Please keep playing this weak defense when you're playing the Islanders, please!!!
V strom
V strom پیش ماه
where did they get these announcers
Kevin Doria
Kevin Doria پیش ماه
Great game. Flyers really need to tighten up defensively, they've been leaning way too heavily on their goalie the last couple games.
Whoever disliked are flyers fans
Mike Jones
Mike Jones پیش ماه
Awesome game, this is the type of game I miss having a crowd in the stands.
TG2929 پیش ماه
Still waiting for Pasta to return
Kyle Newcomer
Kyle Newcomer پیش ماه
Very entertaining game between two very good teams. Game of the year so far IMO
Vincent DiNunno
Vincent DiNunno پیش ماه
Go Bruins!!!!!!!
Tomáš پیش ماه
Why does nobody talk about Voracek?
purpleDANDY13 پیش ماه
We dont want him calling us a weasel
Thomas Hanson
Thomas Hanson پیش ماه
In my opinion the Bruins outworked the Flyers in regulation. But Rask was the HUGE difference maker in overtime
Thedude1983 پیش ماه
That last save by rask already save of the year
Tom Billard
Tom Billard پیش ماه
damn bears gonna set a record for overtimes time to blow someone out instead
Bukelos پیش ماه
Great passes by Voracek
the stanimal
the stanimal پیش ماه
Such a good game last night
Brad Wolf
Brad Wolf پیش ماه
I own Boston Bruin. - Eugene Kwok
Jonathan Funnell
Jonathan Funnell پیش ماه
James Kilgour
James Kilgour پیش ماه
Awesome game from both teams. It's rare that a goalie let's in four and still looks phenomenal overall
Jitesh Ramakrishnan
Jitesh Ramakrishnan پیش ماه
We won another shootout how is this possible?
Crazy Grizs
Crazy Grizs پیش ماه
Flyers find some d they can go crazy this year
12 Uhr Sportplatz ohne treten
12 Uhr Sportplatz ohne treten پیش ماه
what a 3rd Period
Jackson Altham
Jackson Altham پیش ماه
Now imagine with Pasternak back
Kevin Y
Kevin Y پیش ماه
Great game to watch! Good sportsmanship all around
gg bruins but just remember, you blew a 3-0 series lead and a 3 goal lead in game 7
Woodilicious پیش ماه
Imagine being cocky about something from 11 years ago. Y’all starting to sound like Montreal, and you didn’t even win the cup that year 🤣
tulagi1 پیش ماه
And then swept the Flyers the next year on the way to winning the cup!
Legend Gaming
Legend Gaming پیش ماه
Rask was a beast
Legend Gaming
Legend Gaming پیش ماه
Let's go Bruins won l. Bruins all the way
Flop پیش ماه
Tuukka was killing it
Tyler S
Tyler S پیش ماه
My heart cant handle Overtime games every night
Lassi Ukkeli
Lassi Ukkeli پیش ماه
Anytime anywhere Dont worry flyers
landrec2 پیش ماه
Wow what a game!
Shark Dark
Shark Dark پیش ماه
I was missing hockey but I've forget that you have to listen the clown commentator of Boston when you watch the B's...
P H I L L Y 7 5
P H I L L Y 7 5 پیش ماه
Dammit Tukka!! Outstanding job....unfortunately 😪.
Rex Starr
Rex Starr پیش ماه
That was entertaining.
Bevan پیش ماه
Heh, you know you're a 70s Bruins fan when you see #21 angling to the corner of the open net and the first thought in your head is "Marcotte." (Smith and Carlo being the only other similar ones on the roster)
Richard Siciliano
Richard Siciliano پیش ماه
Tuukka might not make a better save all year than that one with his right pad in the OT.
xI uk 0W7V3R Ix
xI uk 0W7V3R Ix پیش ماه
let a bit of a weak one in but tuuka looking solid in net
Todd George
Todd George پیش ماه
I was dising Rask the entire game. Terrible save %. Until the OT/SO. More than made up for it 🐻🐻🐻
Ron Almog
Ron Almog پیش ماه
R B پیش ماه
Rask gets better under pressure each year.
wippezi پیش ماه
Rask on fire
milo20060 پیش ماه
DUDE RASK PERFORMANCE ON OT WTFF?? But this game overall was hilarious!!! I loved it!
Pèr Zerker
Pèr Zerker پیش ماه
It sounds like there's a big audience, but there isn't one.
Zaylas Pelt
Zaylas Pelt پیش ماه
Now THAT was a game of titans. Such Hockey greatness. Go my beast from the East Bruins!!!! Good game to my fellow fans from Pennsylvania. Go Flyers!!! More Hockey, let's go!!!
Andrea Rantin
Andrea Rantin پیش ماه
It looks like everytime we are in ot rask gains some kind of superpowers.
C پیش ماه
Yeah, he played so bad though in the first 60 minutes
Julian Fohrman
Julian Fohrman پیش ماه
Genuinely curious - do people or I guess Boston fans actually enjoy listening to jack Edward’s?
An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd
An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd پیش ماه
J T پیش ماه
Not at all, I wished NESN replaced him with Dave Goucher instead of letting him take the TV job for Vegas
Batman پیش ماه
@Michael C. Williams Agreed. He brings excitement even when the game isn't going in his teams' favor. Can't say the same about certain other commentators.
ayo پیش ماه
yes, we know he’s v biased but as long as you’re a bruins fan hes entertaining to listen to
Michael C. Williams
Michael C. Williams پیش ماه
I like his excitement about the game. I understand how some people could not like him but I find him amusing.
Zaylas Pelt
Zaylas Pelt پیش ماه
Oooh, the two titans of the East. Go Flyers!!!! Go my Bruins!!!
M.O. Stats
M.O. Stats پیش ماه
The heart of a winner.
Andy Krafve
Andy Krafve پیش ماه
my boston bruis doing good
Crystal Kiklis
Crystal Kiklis پیش ماه
Bruins #1
Mina #9
Mina #9 پیش ماه
Damnit I missed this game!!
Jacob Hobart
Jacob Hobart پیش ماه
Good game Boston Bruins and tough loss Philadelphia Flyers!
MAZI SBK پیش ماه
Can’t believe Bruins came back to win
MAZI SBK پیش ماه
@Honza Kret very beautiful 💰💰
Honza Kret
Honza Kret پیش ماه
Yeah, I went to sleep after second period and woke up to a win... beautifull
Shua Krasnow
Shua Krasnow پیش ماه
Let’s go B’s !$! BIG BAD BRUINS!!!!!!
D Cons
D Cons پیش ماه
Rask and Hart both let squeakers in but Rask showed up when he needed to. What a game.
Solace پیش ماه
Both of these teams are solid overall... Love watching matchups like this
OSH_70 پیش ماه
tHeY sHoULd tRaDe rAsK ....Derrrp
Hi:) پیش ماه
I'm so glad that Hockey is able to happen. I just got into it at the start of quarantine so I have a LOT to learn but it's such a fun sport to watch! Can't wait to how it goes!
Aquariuskudo پیش ماه
You should play NHL 21.
Prophecy x QC
Prophecy x QC پیش ماه
10x better with crowds, especially in playoffs!
Olle Jonasson
Olle Jonasson پیش ماه
Welcome to the community! It truly is an amazing sport.
Drew Hiivala
Drew Hiivala پیش ماه
Was this announcer slurring his words?
Brendan McCann
Brendan McCann پیش ماه
It’s Jack Edwards so yes
John Browne
John Browne پیش ماه
Cheeky goal by DeBrusk.
Killerbeast 2508
Killerbeast 2508 پیش ماه
B’s have finally found their offensive game. And congrats to Jack Studnicka for scoring his 1st NHL goal tonight!
Atticus Bush
Atticus Bush پیش ماه
I watched 2nd, 3rd, OT and SO rask was lights out in SO AND OT
Chris LaPointe
Chris LaPointe پیش ماه
@Scorch Neely I heard that was a preseason game.
Jitesh Ramakrishnan
Jitesh Ramakrishnan پیش ماه
Scorch Neely
Scorch Neely پیش ماه
@Killerbeast 2508 interesting
Killerbeast 2508
Killerbeast 2508 پیش ماه
@Scorch Neely No I don’t believe they did. He got his 1st NHL goal puck after this goal
BruinsBoY63 پیش ماه
Ritchie is leading the Bruins in goals, let that one sink in.
Carine S
Carine S پیش ماه
@Don Tonberry 4 games
Don Tonberry
Don Tonberry پیش ماه
We are 3 games into the season. What a useless comment.
BruinsBoY63 پیش ماه
@Bevan like a milan lucic 2010/2011 season 30 goals with krejci, they should try ritchie krecji smith, for lucic krecji horton vibes
Bevan پیش ماه
Hey, if Ritchie wants to score at a 40-goal pace, I'm not arguing!
Big Smoke
Big Smoke پیش ماه
Just wait until Pasternak returns
Matt Carson
Matt Carson پیش ماه
GG Bruins see you again on Saturday!
Vin LeB
Vin LeB پیش ماه
Lmfao flyers coach salty
Tanner C
Tanner C پیش ماه
Honestly; the bruins have been looking shaky without their #1 goal scorer but my goodness Coyles line is looking good this year!!
Riaz Muhammad
Riaz Muhammad پیش ماه
Good game bruins!
Packers Nation
Packers Nation پیش ماه
What a performance by Tuukka
Lemon Beats
Lemon Beats پیش ماه
Rask looking like there was 3 of him down there daaamn
Lemon Beats
Lemon Beats پیش ماه
@not2tees bars
Cole Lovelace
Cole Lovelace پیش ماه
@not2tees i love that ryme now lol
not2tees پیش ماه
Rask stood tall and that was all.
Lemon Beats
Lemon Beats پیش ماه
@Cole Lovelace totally
Cole Lovelace
Cole Lovelace پیش ماه
He built different
Stephen Ksiazek
Stephen Ksiazek پیش ماه
9 goals for in 4 games! Come on B's! 😡
Adelaide Corpuz
Adelaide Corpuz پیش ماه
We need pasta
Matthew Devine
Matthew Devine پیش ماه
rask mvp of the year automaticaly
Matthew Devine
Matthew Devine پیش ماه
@Dennis Smith what happened with leafs, im sleeping under a rock, the bruins and the golden knights are the only teams i pay attention to lol
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith پیش ماه
Sorry Matt, Leafs fans already awarded the Hart to Matthews.
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes پیش ماه
He will definitely be a candidate for save of the week this week.
Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer پیش ماه
Tuuuuu is actually Manuel neure in disguise 🥸
R BAS3L پیش ماه
damn.. Rask is a beast
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog پیش ماه
And to think there's 7 more matchups between these teams. Can't wait!
MrHmg55 پیش ماه
The way this season was put together was pure brilliance. Nothing at all wrong with an eight-team mini-league with every team playing each other eight times, especially in a physical game like hockey where grudges can develop quickly. I'm looking forward to the games with the Rangers -- the B's No. 2 rival back in the '60s and '70s before the Rangers were taken out of the Eastern Division.
Solace پیش ماه
Right!! Not including additional playoff games
Logan Borys
Logan Borys پیش ماه
Not suprised Marchy didnt get a shot lol
Darnell Sanderson
Darnell Sanderson پیش ماه
@Brian Thayer right? Lol not sure what this guy is going on about because Marchy is the man!
Brian Thayer
Brian Thayer پیش ماه
wdym he scored the game winning shootout goal 2 games ago and he remains the best
Luke Benway
Luke Benway پیش ماه
Conclusive پیش ماه
Good game Bruins! Hope my Flyers can redeem themselves on Saturday!
Tombombschannel پیش ماه
@Conclusive gg my guy you guys are always a tough team. Good luck this season!
Conclusive پیش ماه
@Tombombschannel Welp! We sucked again! Well played this series! Good luck on the rest of the season! We will see you again plenty!
InYourMindsEye پیش ماه
@Tombombschannel True brother. The passion in Philly and Boston is hard to match across the nation. Good luck this season!
Tombombschannel پیش ماه
@InYourMindsEye yah I mean if they lose a cup they do be flipping cars over in Philly but that's part of there atmosphere there and that's what make Philly fans Philly fand
InYourMindsEye پیش ماه
@Tombombschannel You don't seem like you are but IMO Boston and LA fans are the most toxic in the country and you could prob make Philadelphia #3 haha
Bcon8 پیش ماه
That "C" looks so good on Bergy. Well deserved. I'm not missing Chara one bit, sorry!!! Love from NH
Big Smoke
Big Smoke پیش ماه
Chara forever a Bruin
Tombombschannel پیش ماه
New Hampshire?
Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers پیش ماه
im a bruins fan because this is embrassing
blitz پیش ماه
Rassk on his head tonight
Iconic 292
Iconic 292 پیش ماه
@blitz I just did thx fornite sucks
blitz پیش ماه
@Iconic 292 i cant change it ):
Iconic 292
Iconic 292 پیش ماه
Delete ur pfp 🤢🤢🤢
Kyle Medeiros
Kyle Medeiros پیش ماه
Hockey fans are the biggest cry babies! Go Bruins!
blitz پیش ماه
Nice win Bs
Joseph Ayers
Joseph Ayers پیش ماه
🐻🐻🐻🐻 the bear will always reign over a flyer, philly.
Jerry Ao
Jerry Ao پیش ماه
Kyle Medeiros
Kyle Medeiros پیش ماه
Rask you are a beast.
Greysen Gagne
Greysen Gagne پیش ماه
@Rmunkay Every goal is a weak goal to the Rask haters.
Rmunkay پیش ماه
@C 2 weak goals
C پیش ماه
Along with the 3 weak goals he let up
Chris Brogna
Chris Brogna پیش ماه
Tuukka Rask the NHL steak dinner candidate of the week.
Carine S
Carine S پیش ماه
@Boom Stick are you stupid? He made a ton of saves and saved the Bruins a lot in ot he played great just because 4 goals went in doesn't mean he wasn't good dumbass same thing for carter
Boom Stick
Boom Stick پیش ماه
How is letting 4 goals in good?
Atticus Bush
Atticus Bush پیش ماه
@Cody White yessir love my b’s
Cody White
Cody White پیش ماه
@Mitchell LaFlam that kick save was insane!
Rogue Game Dev
Rogue Game Dev پیش ماه
He really turned it around those first few that went in were weak but he made up for it big time in OT and the SO.
Eric the Great
Eric the Great پیش ماه
Go B's 😀
Bruins Fan63
Bruins Fan63 پیش ماه
Matthew Devine
Matthew Devine پیش ماه
are you from massachussets?
Bruins Fan63
Bruins Fan63 پیش ماه
Bruins are 2-0 in shootouts! What weird times we are living in GG Flyers
Phillybleedsgreen 8821
Phillybleedsgreen 8821 پیش ماه
Damian D'Orsaneo
Damian D'Orsaneo پیش ماه
GG. If the rest of the games are gonna be as fun as this, this will be an awesome season. See you on Saturday.
Tombombschannel پیش ماه
@Chee Beard yeah we were 0-8 in shootouts in 2020
Chee Beard
Chee Beard پیش ماه
no doubt we have been terrible in the past in shootouts
Logan پیش ماه
watched this live with a live chat. was epic. go B's
Logan پیش ماه
@Max Rubin sportsurge bro
Max Rubin
Max Rubin پیش ماه
Where'd you watch?
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بازدید 1.1M
ننوش حامل🤰🏼في بيبي ثاني ولكن؟؟😭
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