NBA vs NFL Mindsets | Terrell Owens Joins Gilbert Arenas To Talk About Ballers And Hoopers

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This is how you start off 2021! Gilbert Arenas is joined by NFL Hall of Famer, Terrell Owens. The guys talk about the similarities and differences between NFL players and NBA players. Watch “No Chill with Gilbert Arenas” every Monday night at 8pm ET / PT on fuboTV or stream it FREE at
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00:00 - Intro
3:56 - Football Mentality
7:36 - T.O.'s Motivation
14:36 - Gil Couldn't Do 10 Pushups
20:51 - Jerry Porter Can JUMP!
22:41 - How T.O. Got Faster
26:45 - NBA Players Can Create More Than NFL
29:38 - How QB's Affect WR's Stats
36:08 - Ask Agent Zero
37:13 - Why Isn't Gil's Game Recognized
41:46 - NBA Players In The NFL?

tonywinkwonkbang پیش 10 روز
34:40 Gill talking about lebron and mj
Hannah Nguyen
Hannah Nguyen پیش 12 روز
The vivacious kitchen puzzlingly step because crawdad significantly tire inside a true venezuelan. penitent, didactic pruner
Gary Corr
Gary Corr پیش 14 روز
I wish his co-host shut up👎
Bob Green
Bob Green پیش 25 روز
It's the same amount of contact. Not the same contact.
Soul In Ice
Soul In Ice پیش 28 روز
T.O. King of Y.A.C.
thomas bonner
thomas bonner پیش ماه
To and Gil should of did this by the selves other dude annoying as hell 😭
ggarcon89 پیش ماه
I'm glad he gave Earl Boykins the respect he deserve lolol
ggarcon89 پیش ماه
He said "oh yeah yeah yeah.... I was NICEEE" LOLOL
tashun` miller
tashun` miller پیش ماه
These two were put on this earth for each other 🤣🤣
Clhodes Rosed
Clhodes Rosed پیش ماه
🗣ECHO .......echo echo echo
Junelle Tubania
Junelle Tubania پیش ماه
I thought this was a different HOF named Dave Chapelle. My bad dude. 🤦
Moody El-Khatib
Moody El-Khatib پیش ماه
Gil like the uncle that be cappin about all the good times back in the day 😂
Mark Smith
Mark Smith پیش ماه
When that pale skin dude said this era hs more contact than the old-school NBA!???... Shut the fuck up please, so glad T.O put him in his place.
Home Secrets
Home Secrets پیش ماه
Owens is sooo boring.
Silver Swag
Silver Swag پیش ماه
Two Goats right there.
Yanno 225
Yanno 225 پیش ماه
Wait a min! Aaron renaudez was a beast on the field! Wtf is T.O talking about! Tom Brady had Wes Welker, Randy Moss, Julian Adelman, Troy Brown, Gronk, Antonio Brown for a lil, etc.... Tom Brady played with arguably 3 HOF WRs 😳 😳 what you mean he didn’t have a no one WR! 🤦🏿‍♂️ 🤦🏿‍♂️
Ronald Williams
Ronald Williams پیش ماه
I noticed, T.O. did not want to mention Randy Moss name, when somebody brought his name up, he dissed him. lol
Nick Jim-Lawson
Nick Jim-Lawson پیش ماه
Football is a collision sport not contact
Ali Hussein
Ali Hussein پیش ماه
I dont know if this is a stretch. But I could see lebron as a middle linebacker if he just beefs up a little. Dude has crazy height. Can see the play before it happens, is already ultra fast for his size. I think he can go all pro.
JR Swish
JR Swish پیش ماه
Jerry Porter was swole af too 😂
Jay Davis-Curry
Jay Davis-Curry پیش ماه
Couple years ago I was playing pick up basketball games with Jerry Porter here in Arizona. Cool dude.
HeavyLifted پیش ماه
That player into had to be one of the most lack luster I have ever heard, TO continued as if he was properly introduced lol
WilShootYT پیش ماه
Crazy how Gil said he hated lifting weights but was strong as hell on the court lol
norma1250 پیش ماه
Dijon Lee got 37 more follows lol
A W پیش ماه
better microphones please
Leon Rodriguez
Leon Rodriguez پیش ماه
Larry Fitzgerald is one of those wr the Gilbert askin about
americanshottas پیش ماه
The white boy is terrible ... he is ignorant to what T.O is conveying ..his follow uo questions or statements make no sense
Skinny Timmy
Skinny Timmy پیش ماه
I know what Gil is saying about foul calls but harden is 6'5 230 strong af but gets a lot of calls. You just gotta know how to sell it.
Steven Bolewicki
Steven Bolewicki پیش ماه
When Gil played you didn’t really get rewarded for selling it like that. Even today the same principles apply harden is just a good flopper
Terek Topoe
Terek Topoe پیش ماه
Those red kicks are ugly though
Fubo Sports, would be great if you guys could have Brandon Roy on the show. His name gets brought up so much, like Gil career cut short, I feel it would be a great interview. Blessings.
CRSNBOY34 پیش ماه
i appreciate Gilbert Arenas honesty, like nah you giving us too much credit LOL
Brent ETA man
Brent ETA man پیش ماه
The white man although means well, he’s not a good fit between two brothas talking sports and a little trash, he’s more of plain rice on a plate of exquisite food just not a good match
sahayesdav@gmail.con heartless16
sahayesdav@gmail.con heartless16 پیش ماه
TO Nd No chill 💯
Robert Harris
Robert Harris پیش ماه
So we not gone act like AI didn't average 24 points and 7 assists his rookie year and got moved to shooting guard his 3rd year before Gilbert Arenas, Steve Francis, or even Baron Davis came in the league. He was the first ASSASSIN GUARD
shamier smith
shamier smith پیش ماه
What is an assasin guard
Michael Smith
Michael Smith پیش ماه
The notoriety didnt come bc it was a time they were celebrating other ppl for money which led to the whole legacy of multiple ppl
Michael Smith
Michael Smith پیش ماه
And i mean the legacy of ppl not being named a hof bc of how the League was ran.
The Sabanrab MME
The Sabanrab MME پیش ماه
If you know basketball and are a know how nice Agent Zero was. 💯
Marcus taylor
Marcus taylor پیش ماه
I went to UTC too! I'm from Chattanooga! I never knew T.O. went there till two years ago.
Trav Parker
Trav Parker پیش 20 روز
Who is you??? When you went to UTC. What 423 HS are you from?
P. Menjivar
P. Menjivar پیش ماه
LMAO! @that Jerry porter story, he was on that raider squad with Tim Brown and the other Jerry, Jerry Rice.
Eighty Baby
Eighty Baby پیش ماه
*T.O. be trying act like he never played with Donovan McNabb, a better basketball player, and overall football player than you T.O.*
Skinny Timmy
Skinny Timmy پیش ماه
Definitely not a better football player
Donnie پیش ماه
Best of both worlds 💪🏽💪🏽
James Pegg
James Pegg پیش ماه
He really got dunked on by a football player and left I’m fucking weak lol
alex smith
alex smith پیش ماه
Shit so good had to like it twice
Rakim پیش ماه
Fire podcast 🔥🔥
JP22 پیش ماه
This was great. Love TO’s humility. Desire, dedication and discipline
WavyBennyBlanco پیش ماه
Yo T.O has massive hands , those are the bread winners right there.
Skinny Timmy
Skinny Timmy پیش ماه
And still runs a 4.4 40
D S پیش ماه
I didn't know this was a Tyrell Owens interview!
The Rogue Titan Artificial Meta Intelligence
The Rogue Titan Artificial Meta Intelligence پیش ماه
Epic show topic! 💯💯💯💯
Mr Jupiter
Mr Jupiter پیش ماه
This is awesome
T. Paul Xavier O.
T. Paul Xavier O. پیش ماه
TO and agent zero. Nuff said. Take the lile
Justin Akinsipe
Justin Akinsipe پیش ماه
Play w jerry porter now, he’s still dunking in his 40s w ease
IMcommited 2Ratchetness
IMcommited 2Ratchetness پیش ماه
Earl Boykins?.... Gil: yea that nigga was Yoked! Lmao
KBC 123
KBC 123 پیش ماه
Idk if I wanna listen to these niggas steady talking bout themselves
Joseph Gardina
Joseph Gardina پیش ماه
Steve Smith Sr. was great with just an OK quarterback.
@sahayesdav@gmail.con heartless16 true but Steve was elite
sahayesdav@gmail.con heartless16
sahayesdav@gmail.con heartless16 پیش ماه
Not close to TO, Randy
Jay Burnham
Jay Burnham پیش ماه
Definitely Westbrook
Addicted to YouTube comments
Addicted to YouTube comments پیش ماه
Gil is hilarious
Damari Moland
Damari Moland پیش ماه
Mike is getting better at hosting. Just be yourself
Mike Tyler
Mike Tyler پیش ماه
What was his problem at first?
dima razruv
dima razruv پیش ماه
that's a great crossover
Manny Neva
Manny Neva پیش ماه
TO...MJ initiated a strength and conditioning trainer and gave Grover a chance...he kept up with MJ and the rest is history
Manny Neva
Manny Neva پیش ماه
Don’t say basketball players don’t lift grew up in an era where lifting weights was being done by most hoopers. You were just mistaken in your head...bruh you stay talking crazy af 🤣
Steven Starkey
Steven Starkey پیش ماه
I like how this show doesn’t need to be 3 hours to monetize it so much that it turns off it’s listeners
Jon Blow
Jon Blow پیش ماه
Terrell “ like I said” Owens
Jon Blow
Jon Blow پیش ماه
Same shit happened to me when I tried out for varsity football in 10th grade...Oklahoma drill I got rocked and my helmet flew off...after that...”yeah Ima stick to hoopin...” 😂
Patrick Poole
Patrick Poole پیش ماه
Terrell ‘like uh said’ Owens 😂😂😂
Spam پیش ماه
Those 9 dislikes are baseball players😂
Allen Richard
Allen Richard پیش 7 روز
And they are the 13 burner accounts for skip bayless
Mr. Ohio
Mr. Ohio پیش ماه
13 now
Jerome Bradford II
Jerome Bradford II پیش ماه
“He hit my helmet off...I woke up a basketball player 🤣🤣😭😭”
Rich Cuatro
Rich Cuatro پیش ماه
The chemistry wasn’t as good as I thought it would be
crjohnson757 پیش ماه
Yeah the questions didn’t seem thought out
Dior Dennis
Dior Dennis پیش ماه
Bro does that sound come from somewhere ? The intro and outro of every segment?
Rylee Richter
Rylee Richter پیش ماه
No cap I never knew I needed this podcast til now 😂💯
DCGuru پیش ماه
Man said he got dunked on by a NFL player so he just left lol
Rah-Saan Naga
Rah-Saan Naga پیش ماه
Good channel family
Phatboi1k R
Phatboi1k R پیش ماه
Gil said “Ima head out” 😂😂😂😂😂 🚶‍♂️
Mark Teague
Mark Teague پیش ماه
Great receiver with no HOF QB....megatron
Horse -
Horse - پیش روز
Stafford might make it tho
Sos Money
Sos Money پیش ماه
Great convo frm 2 legends 💯
eternalmind پیش ماه
I wish they mentioned Antonio Gates.
Par Divus
Par Divus پیش ماه
Terell "Like I said" Owens ...My dude!
Par Divus
Par Divus پیش ماه
Audio sounds like they're in the Grand Canyon
Jon Poon
Jon Poon پیش ماه
Difference between filming in a studio vs at a home
M T پیش ماه
I thought my speakers were tripping lol
Raf پیش ماه
Nothing but echoes 😂
Ryan Soles
Ryan Soles پیش ماه
T.O. is my absolute favorite receiver. He's top 3 but people don't understand how good Jerry Rice actually was.
Skinny Timmy
Skinny Timmy پیش ماه
T.O even admitted that Jerry is 1 and he's 1a
Rah-Saan Naga
Rah-Saan Naga پیش ماه
@PG Hiei those qbs had fucked up situations, including fucked up coaching. Montana had damn near perfect set up for him
J White
J White پیش ماه
@PG Hiei and look who Dhop had throwing to him some wack ass qbs an still put up numbers. A wr is dependent on a qb to a certain extent an vice versa obviously. The wr still has to catch the ball at the end of the day
J White
J White پیش ماه
@PG Hiei how I think football is played? The league is much more pass happy than before what are you talking about. And Jerry still has plenty of records standing. You sure disrespecting the goat by down playing his talent by putting it on his qbs. Again if that was the case San Frans other wrs would have comparable numbers to Jerry
PG Hiei
PG Hiei پیش ماه
@J White still confused on where I said he wasn't the goat, but continue lol like I said regardless how you THINK football is played, QB controls the offense, a great QB throughout a career for a person depending on passes will always be beneficial and even better if you possess once in a lifetime talent as a WR, Jerry is the goat wr but if you LISTENED to what TO said, what I commented originally would make sense lol
Shill Jin
Shill Jin پیش ماه
Why Gilbert arenas go on a. 15 minute rant talking down on lifting weights. Bruh u just lazy. Being extra. We get it u didn’t lift. Boy really turned it into “being strong is actually a downfall” 😂 lazy folks be ready with excuses
The Noble Son
The Noble Son پیش ماه
@Raf Evander Holyfield Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, and Mike Tyson would say different.
Addicted to YouTube comments
Addicted to YouTube comments پیش ماه
Weight lifting in the off-season is great for a basketball player
Ash 123
Ash 123 پیش ماه
@Raf who said it’s not good for basketball??? Stop lying lol u might need it a lot but working out and having muscle will benefit you a lot in ball and especially boxing
PG Hiei
PG Hiei پیش ماه
@Raf facts, basketball is built off skill same with boxing
Raf پیش ماه
Weight lifting is overrated and actually not good for sports like basketball and boxing
Jeronimo Maiquez
Jeronimo Maiquez پیش ماه
Unpopular opinion: T.O could been an hof on the nba
Trav Parker
Trav Parker پیش 20 روز
Raf پیش ماه
Said no one
Lee Mack
Lee Mack پیش ماه
T.O stay with the shades on indoors 🤣🔥💯 lol he took them off at the end like he heard me 😎
Raf پیش ماه
Social anxiety
Renejime پیش ماه
Probably why Gilbert arenas career was cut short, wear and tear and not building up your body not to be stronger but durable
mell0SIX2 پیش ماه
Gil was already naturally strong for a guard with a broad frame on top of elite coordinatio yeah maybe he did take it for granted...but it’s had to do with bad luck more than anything
Wolf Williams
Wolf Williams پیش ماه
What kinda shoes does TO have on 😳
D Watt
D Watt پیش ماه
Nice interview
Koos Gadellaa
Koos Gadellaa پیش ماه
audio's atrocious! (but still listening....)
MistaGrim پیش ماه
Gil "I think because of injury and I wasn't winning..." Swaggy "How about when LeBron tap yo' shoulder and said you gonna go home and you ain't ever been the same since?"
Almighty Dre
Almighty Dre پیش ماه
Bruh ut Chattanooga is not getting no damn 4 and 5 star recruits 😂😂
Trav Parker
Trav Parker پیش 20 روز
Yes we are
Certified Chaos
Certified Chaos پیش ماه
T.o was an explosive player one of the few guys who gets faster the further he runs. He could turn a5yd hitch
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor پیش ماه
@Marcus Griffin people hit top speed at different distances. T.O. said he isn't the fastest but I have never seen him get hawked. Short speed and long speed are not the same.
Marcus Griffin
Marcus Griffin پیش ماه
@Certified Chaos dk was faster and maintained his top end speed longer to catch him you don’t start off sprinting and hit your max speed that’s all I’m saying.. you don’t hop in a car and automatically hit 60 mph without building up to it
Certified Chaos
Certified Chaos پیش ماه
@Marcus Griffin no that’s why guys get hawked done hits that the cardinals safety who got hawked down by dk metcalf that’s elite speed. When u explode 40 50 yds into a sprint
Marcus Griffin
Marcus Griffin پیش ماه
Everyone gets faster the further they run lol
cray 3K
cray 3K پیش ماه
Yess this is exactly what I'm talking about. Keep getting nfl and nba celebs the channel will grow. Already have the best content in the game just need some flash
Steven Simms
Steven Simms پیش ماه
Gil is crazy, " where you play at"? "The Raiders" "What college is that"? "The san Francisco Raiders"😂😂😂
Damari Moland
Damari Moland پیش ماه
Phatboi1k R
Phatboi1k R پیش ماه
I was confused asf 😂
Melo2k پیش ماه
Agent 0 should get signed as a player developer for the Houston Rockets
Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan پیش ماه
76ers anyone need to help ben Simmons
Bradley N
Bradley N پیش ماه
bring Melo on PLEASE
Steven Harris
Steven Harris پیش ماه
straight facts and this is great
Freddy Calipari
Freddy Calipari پیش ماه
jerry porter lmaoooo
Ruben Magana
Ruben Magana پیش ماه
Gotta get gil on I am athlete
datdude1021 پیش ماه
Man i was thinking the same exact thing!! That episode would be crazy
RobbyBean پیش ماه
And probably still could play in the game today. Wish the NBA and NFL brought back players. Especially the veteran good/great players that the younger players respect. Would love to the Wizards stop the bs and bring Gil back. 💯💪🏾
Justin Grant
Justin Grant پیش ماه
This guy said basketball is more physical now then in 80s and 90s ???? does he speak on sports podcast ?? some one explain i literally don't understand
Rich Cuatro
Rich Cuatro پیش ماه
@Ro Romez the rules decide how physical you can be is my point.
Ro Romez
Ro Romez پیش ماه
@Rich Cuatro again your talking about skilled players. We’re talking about physicality which limits a players effectiveness on the court.
Rich Cuatro
Rich Cuatro پیش ماه
@Ro Romez You don’t realize that LeBron or Giannis would be able to do the same on defense right? These current players are tough too but rules change over time. Look at Wilt era rules vs Shaq era.
Ro Romez
Ro Romez پیش ماه
@Raf again we’re talking about physicality
Ro Romez
Ro Romez پیش ماه
@Rich Cuatro were not talking about that we’re talking about being physical and tough
Raumance پیش ماه
Haven't watched yet but feels like TO and Arenas is a perfect match.
Tay Jones II
Tay Jones II پیش ماه
Great interview Terrell's literally the best lol.
Saxon de Rohan
Saxon de Rohan پیش ماه
3:03 “I woke up a basketball 🏀 player.” 🤣🤣🤣
OGGOAT_ _ پیش ماه
Litty committee