Monologue: Pass the Corona | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Real Time with Bill Maher

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Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including Super Bowl LV, Donald Trump's second impeachment and the GOP's identity crisis.
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jim simpson
jim simpson پیش 2 روز
Trump is winning in the republican primary polls
Goofey ButReal
Goofey ButReal پیش 3 روز
A weasel instead for Groundhog Day? Lmao
JF Composition
JF Composition پیش 7 روز
I composed it for you all please share 💗💗
Saathvik Anand
Saathvik Anand پیش 8 روز
Bruh what is that thumbnail 😂
Robert Griffith's
Robert Griffith's پیش 17 روز
🤔robots wouldn't be safer A slip to be sure
Los Carlito
Los Carlito پیش 20 روز
Vincent Daniels
Vincent Daniels پیش 23 روز
cases are down because the pcr test cycle threshold has been lowered
Vincent Daniels
Vincent Daniels پیش 23 روز
covid response is a religious doctrine
Beverly Ver Steeg
Beverly Ver Steeg پیش 24 روز
gary schraa
gary schraa پیش 24 روز
"The Washington 'Formerly' Redskins" (I don't think it's infringement)
Gary Agin
Gary Agin پیش 24 روز
You re getting very Biden incomprehensible I bet you wish you could retire as a cashier at walmart
membear پیش 25 روز
Marjorie TRAITOR Greene.
Im gay since Im responding to your comment, but
Im gay since Im responding to your comment, but پیش 25 روز
No my dads retaired was good
Paolo Vallejo
Paolo Vallejo پیش 25 روز
damn audience
Jan W. de Lind van Wijngaarden
Jan W. de Lind van Wijngaarden پیش 25 روز
That last joke was the best hahaha, my dad has retired 😝
kevin Dillon
kevin Dillon پیش 25 روز
I preferred it when there was no audience
George Hugh
George Hugh پیش 26 روز
Bill seemed to be struggling a fair bit in front of his 'non-employee' audience...
Jessica Maybury
Jessica Maybury پیش 26 روز
He hella enjoyed having his audience back
Dean Dreisbach
Dean Dreisbach پیش 26 روز
The permissible leg unintentionally suggest because second fundamentally complain before a staking beat. taboo, dispensable forecast
McKinley Brown
McKinley Brown پیش 26 روز
I am an emancipated man whom served in two-branches of military service an only have the privileges of the rights of the constitution. America has went around the world fighting wars for freedom, justice and equal rights if the “GOP” doesn’t convict Mr.Trump and his followers for their open acts of treason upon the constitution, the HOUSE of GOVERNMENT and the Flag what good is the constitution. It would mean everything was a LIE THAT AMERICA STOOD for against EVIL. MB • 2021®️©️™️
Dope'd Furry
Dope'd Furry پیش 26 روز
4:22 thats not the same thing, because Marilyn Manson hosting the Grammys would be an amazing thing that I would actually tune into the Grammys to see.
EM P پیش 26 روز
And no Cheney will be challenged back home she survived ciz was secret vote. Which is terrible she'll be replaced by a radical
EM P پیش 26 روز
Ha ha Bill is so sharp
M C پیش 26 روز
I'm from CA. McCarthy is no leader.
M C پیش 26 روز
MTG wore a "STOP TEH STEAL" face mask to Congress. She hasn't changed at all - she's till a steaming pile of Qish crap.
M C پیش 26 روز
"Chiefs" is not a racial slur, sweetie, while "Red Skins" is!
KensCrazyThoughts پیش 26 روز
Is it me or is Bill losing his humor?
Kiriu Xeosa
Kiriu Xeosa پیش 27 روز
Gotta love the freeze frame on the thumbnail
Max T
Max T پیش 27 روز
I forgot how much Real Time's audience interrupts to applaud every other sentence.
locke8guard پیش 27 روز
McCarthy: "hey what's with all those people wearing masks?" :DD
NDR 7652
NDR 7652 پیش 27 روز
A lot of people have called their leaders Chiefs .
Will Dragon
Will Dragon پیش 27 روز
Trump Won ... MAGA
D-MAK Productions
D-MAK Productions پیش 27 روز
Nice, you cover some tough topics in the video production industry! We are interested what you do, keep it up. Anytime you are in Scottsdale hit us up. If you can, DM us @dmakproductions on IG and we can connect. You kill it!
joe momma
joe momma پیش 27 روز
Nice thumbnail guy. This shit is back to the bullsit
Jay Birdy
Jay Birdy پیش 27 روز
"Pass the Corona" Hah......hah.......that was LAME Bill. Poor wording and stupid.
ONNIE TALONE پیش 27 روز
Trump the fake back in the day guys like him were made to carry the cross>3
Kevin Pearce
Kevin Pearce پیش 27 روز
KC should change their name to the Chefs.
Stéphane Ehouman
Stéphane Ehouman پیش 28 روز
SNL had the best line: Former social media influencer Donald Trump.
Rebelwith Acause
Rebelwith Acause پیش 28 روز
Trump won!! Joe "Beijing Biden" is an illegitimate President only through election fraud and foreign influence in his favor from Communist China to ensure their "Manchurian Candidate" would be planted in the White House after they secretly paid "China Joe" (aka, "the Big Guy") $3 million using his son Hunter as a cutout.
Calvin Wright
Calvin Wright پیش 28 روز
Keep spewing lies
FreakinHobbs پیش 27 روز
Quaabo پیش 28 روز
Bill, you need to stop clapping after every sentence :D
Carrie Cree
Carrie Cree پیش 28 روز
My grade school was the Tecumseh Chieftains but to be P C they changed it to Black Panthers.. Smh
Inge Forman
Inge Forman پیش 28 روز
Your president is going to beat Carter as the worst president ever!
Inge Forman
Inge Forman پیش 28 روز
Did you pay your audience to clap Bill?
Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton پیش 28 روز
Wow Bill you’re such a hack. How’s your buddy Newsome doing?
ONNIE TALONE پیش 28 روز
we were going for the NFL but at least we got the NBA
The Sword of Kings
The Sword of Kings پیش 28 روز
Man, you had great material to write on, yet it was like watching a bowler knock down nine pins on the first ball, then on the second ball was one thrown into the gutter. 😜
Grace Brock
Grace Brock پیش 28 روز
Democrats are just signaling that they will do such a shitty job they can’t compete with Trump. This will only strengthen republicans they won’t have a split party. Biden won’t be able to get his 100 day plan through. Democrats hate success it means that they have to work
ConstantineAtByron پیش 28 روز
I'm pretty sure you could find some writers for some actual comedy
Charles Elmore
Charles Elmore پیش 28 روز
ConstantineAtByron پیش 28 روز
Stop rubbing and clapping your hands all the time bill. Annoying as hell.
Marie Martin
Marie Martin پیش 28 روز
Hah! Kevin McCarthy ANY kind of leader? 😂😂😂😂😂😷😷😷😷😷🌎☮️⚜️⚜️⚜️🤘🏼✌🏼
Marie Martin
Marie Martin پیش 28 روز
Bill - really! He’s been impeached for the second time. The senate has to convict. But his two impeachment’s stand.
Wesley Dalton
Wesley Dalton پیش 28 روز
This show sucks, not even funny. lol, sad.
me Thompson
me Thompson پیش 28 روز
You are starting to look like the devil as in the one in hollywood movies.
jas bhanga;
jas bhanga; پیش 28 روز
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dave redler
dave redler پیش 28 روز
I wonder what jokes he'll have to say @ Ol' Joe & his lib 'Ho?
Who knows Bb
Who knows Bb پیش 28 روز
Where’s the video where he talks about armie?
L. W.
L. W. پیش 28 روز
Jesus Saves. If you read The Bible, you will have understanding. God is good, that’s why these people fell. The Bible says: you don’t need money to eat at our table. So stop trying to lump Jesus into this mess. Do you know they killed Jesus in the name of God? Which means somebody is lying. I don’t see you here going against any other religion. Smh.
v s
v s پیش 28 روز
Bill he was so against Brady and ... oops :))))
teaberrywmn پیش 28 روز
McArthy is just following the tRump playbook. The sycophants learned well.
Paul Newton
Paul Newton پیش 28 روز
It's absurd we even have a conspiracy group discussed at this level of government
Maria Perez
Maria Perez پیش 28 روز
I am also a loser with not love life hahahaha
Juraj Benak
Juraj Benak پیش 28 روز
Why is Bill so annoying when it comes to his audience? It’s so distracting I can only think about the reaction and in which way it’ll piss him off. Why have audience at all if you want them to be mini you?
Jay Comedian
Jay Comedian پیش 28 روز
BILL !!!!! YES !!!!!
David Blu
David Blu پیش 28 روز
Because I hate liberals. I am in the process of creating my very own newspaper similar to the EPOCH TIMES. The newspaper will be called the BAYESIAN TIMES .. It is a newspaper to prove that conservative ideals are the true form of life and living and can indeed be mathematically proven to be valid which shall be based on BAYES THEOREM. The newspaper the BAYESIAN TIMES will explore extremely nerve-wreaking issues such as QANON, the election fraud, government waste, child pornography, RAPE, FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF RAPE, sex trading, prostitution, drug trade, the war on drugs, etc. The BAYESIAN TIMES will make the EPOCH TIMES look like the liberal New Yorker by comparison.. It will become the ultimate in extreme-conservative views.....
Micah Stewart
Micah Stewart پیش 28 روز
Good to hear the “claps at everything” audience is back. I’de almost forgotten about that. It’s way more authentic when you space the clapping between jokes at least to every other joke. Do you really deserve to have everything applauded?
Breanna Zumhof-Harthan
Breanna Zumhof-Harthan پیش 28 روز
Graduate scholarships need a 3.0-4 0 GPA, Green River. I just keep saying it! I just keep saying, KC! KC! Pirates! Pirates!
Br1gHtBVrN پیش 28 روز
Those 25% can’t die fast enough.
Tess Elaynes
Tess Elaynes پیش 28 روز
How many hides did it take to make your red shoes?
Accelerator Magazine
Accelerator Magazine پیش 28 روز
Dude, you need to check out the thumbnail for this video. Anybody else seein that? In the small pic on my tablet it appears as if blood is pouring from his right eye and his mouth is disfigured. Probly just on my tablet but looks eerie. Of course it is post dissin the Book of Revelations.....
L V پیش 28 روز
Well Biden lied $2000 about stimulus checks - basically bribing votes in Georgia (see Susan Sarandons tweet for reference), job creation, covid plan(he doesn’t have one apparently), bitching about executive orders while he is signing them at a record pace, sending troops into Syria while letting ours sleep in a garage, letting more people into the country while the current people here can’t find jobs, all while killing jobs - yes that will include fracking which he also lied about during the debate. 327 million people in this county and we can’t get one decent person to lead it...
Just Noped out
Just Noped out پیش 28 روز
Kansas City now says that they meant Fire Chiefs. 🚒
Gwen Reader
Gwen Reader پیش 28 روز
When the audience reactions or lack of are funnier than the jokes.
Sofia Cabello
Sofia Cabello پیش 28 روز
Despite all the economic crisis, this is still a good time to start up an investment
Susanne Grabowski
Susanne Grabowski پیش 26 روز
@Melvin Ross b.s. Sounds like a Ponzi 28k+ off of a 4.5k investment? 700%+ returns😂😂 Even PONZI HIMSELF didn't claim THAT high of a return!😂😂😂😂😂
Ray پیش 27 روز
@Ahmad Jain I lost all my money because of Mr. Jackass Samuel! He is a fraud!
Benjamin Penberthy
Benjamin Penberthy پیش 28 روز
@oscar vincent Thanks man, and surely I will do just that😊
oscar vincent
oscar vincent پیش 28 روز
@Benjamin Penberthy tell him that I referred you to him.
oscar vincent
oscar vincent پیش 28 روز
@Benjamin Penberthy +1. 5 . 1 . 6. 4 . 6 . 4. 5. 0. 7. 9.
Associates & GIvens
Associates & GIvens پیش 29 روز
I miss the laugh track!
Shelley Ross
Shelley Ross پیش 29 روز
The Superbowl hasn't been the same since we lost Seau.
Karen Whinesmore
Karen Whinesmore پیش 29 روز
👸🏼👸🏼Marjorie Taylor Greene 👸🏼👸🏼 👸🏼The Republican Qanon Queen👸🏼 ♨️👹♨️ She is Pure Evil ♨️👹♨️ MATH PROBLEM What do you get when you combine a Narcissistic Sociopath with the Qanon Cult, then add the KKK + the remaining American Rejects ??? ANSWER: The Republican Party!
ONNIE TALONE پیش 29 روز
how she reals them is by speaking for NRA say u will band riffles ak47 and they back her big time , even the kkk needs the guns?
Tom Sdralis
Tom Sdralis پیش 29 روز
The aberrant ant neurologically guard because tornado ethnopharmacologically wish outside a lush vibraphone. psychotic, ashamed theory
Gary Chandler
Gary Chandler پیش 29 روز
devin smith
devin smith پیش 29 روز
Funny everything starts to open up after you got rid if Trump🤔
ULTRANAUT پیش 29 روز
That thumbnail tho
Kamal Pada
Kamal Pada پیش 29 روز
Cases magically go down when Biden becomes pres.
The Renegade Piano Technician
The Renegade Piano Technician پیش 29 روز
Dick Cheney played the role of a "psychopathic Rasputin" in the Bush Admin. Recently demonstrated he actually does have principles. Dick Cheney could "gas light" in a way that was much more believable than these Q-tards. .
seedyrom247 پیش 29 روز
This crowd is the worst
richpontone1 پیش 29 روز
What do Atoms, Republicans and Trump have in common? They make up everything.
Kathleen Henson
Kathleen Henson پیش 29 روز
You’re still alive? Another dream smashed. I dream every night that all tv people died. That would be so cool. No media would be awesome. They finally took CNN off airport TVs. No I can sit in an airport and not try to get as far from the tv as possible. I hate democrats and I’m related to a few.
Bokmoh پیش 29 روز
That thumbnail tho
Brigitte Banks
Brigitte Banks پیش 29 روز
Idk whether to laugh or cry... folks hating friends and family for 2 parties who dont give a f¥@k about us..... one old rich racist sexual predator for another one.
lannon4prez پیش 29 روز
This is unwatchable
kevin _12
kevin _12 پیش 29 روز
What ever happened to Trumps trade war with China? Don't hear about it anymore. Probably because he lost.
John Burns
John Burns پیش 29 روز
Read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker, a Medical Doctor who said, “There Is No Proof Any Vaccines Cure Anything”.
Space Dandy
Space Dandy پیش 28 روز
Poliovirus: “Am I a joke to you?”
Cathryn Alpaugh
Cathryn Alpaugh پیش 29 روز
Sir, you defame weasels. 😆
Robin Lillian
Robin Lillian پیش 29 روز
The insanity is part of the death throes of the Republican party. The more people leave the party, the crazier the remnant they try to please.
Message!! پیش 29 روز
Clown show here. Take the masks off
greg lavier
greg lavier پیش 29 روز
If mindless so called comedians could be impeached you would be the first to go. I remember when you used to be funny.
Cronico پیش 29 روز
Maher needs new writers.
Lee Hall
Lee Hall پیش 29 روز
The GOP is proof that schizophrenia is alive and unwell.
Mac Swanton
Mac Swanton پیش 29 روز
I want my 5:52 back
DG youtube
DG youtube پیش 29 روز
I keep praying this man finds Jesus.
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