Mikey Williams Goes CRAZY In Front of DABABY & Wins MVP!! Mikey Coming For That #1 SPOT!!

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Mikey Williams just went off again tonight dropping 26 points and winning MVP in front of DaBaby.
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YoutubeKontoblabla پیش 2 روز
bruh they don't look like some of them are 16..especially Mikey doesn't
Larry Lagatiana
Larry Lagatiana پیش 3 روز
Real talk the boy on the other team was on fire #1
Cxrtified Sellout
Cxrtified Sellout پیش 4 روز
Was this Mikey highlights or numbers ones???😭😭
Jimmy Bull
Jimmy Bull پیش 15 روز
not a13xx
not a13xx پیش 16 روز
What? Mikey did barely a thing lmao. This channel is clickbait
King J
King J پیش 18 روز
Why they said "And 1" on every layup💀😂
jehtoch 0180
jehtoch 0180 پیش 19 روز
So nobody gonna talk about number 2 from Mikey's team he was going dummy too
Jordan23Youngan YT
Jordan23Youngan YT پیش 21 روز
When someone fouls mike and he can’t dunk the ball 😒🙄
Jeremy Marcel
Jeremy Marcel پیش 22 روز
This is more a highlight for number one on kenann he gunna be nasty 👀
Keenen Jones
Keenen Jones پیش 22 روز
How do I get one of those Keenan jerseys
DC nation's capital
DC nation's capital پیش 23 روز
Y'all gotta chill with these team full highlights i came to see mikey williams this shit is garbage 🗑
Its Silxnt
Its Silxnt پیش 24 روز
2 is a walking bucket
marcus luck
marcus luck پیش 24 روز
how is that going crazy i drop more points then him a game like fr
Jenskito Charles
Jenskito Charles پیش 25 روز
#1 goes crazy in front of dababy
Jenskito Charles
Jenskito Charles پیش 25 روز
on the opposing team
Jenskito Charles
Jenskito Charles پیش 25 روز
why doe number 4 on mikey's team got the tails fox 3's. maybe cuz he fast
the dough overs
the dough overs پیش 26 روز
We ain’t going to talk about number 5 throwing the ball at 14 head
Bill Gates
Bill Gates پیش 27 روز
Mikey had 26 and Jazian had 28... This is Mikey's video though
CTG Jonah the goat
CTG Jonah the goat پیش 27 روز
Who won ?
Bachir Diaby
Bachir Diaby پیش 28 روز
Pedro Joubert
Pedro Joubert پیش 28 روز
What a hype title 😬😬 he sure did go crazy.
Carson's World
Carson's World پیش 28 روز
Did not come here to see the whole game highlight
Rick Stutts
Rick Stutts پیش 28 روز
whare was this game hosted?
Clay King
Clay King پیش 28 روز
Joseph Arias
Joseph Arias پیش 29 روز
Where tf Is dababy at
Paid Killa
Paid Killa پیش 27 روز
scubba steve
scubba steve پیش ماه
Who mom is that at 0:47 ?
Kai پیش ماه
mikey barely did anything..
Paid Killa
Paid Killa پیش 27 روز
Clxtch Kelz
Clxtch Kelz پیش ماه
You sad he went crazy when he was only in the game half of the time
Teresa S
Teresa S پیش ماه
Dude fouling Mikey from dunking at the end was unnecessary & shows how salty he was cause they were losing lmao
Landon Ell
Landon Ell پیش ماه
mikey used to be such a team player and actually hustled. now that he’s famous tbh he just walks up and down the court and cherry picks. he’s a lazy player call me a hater all you want but yk it’s true 😬 this is coming from someone whose been a fan for a minute now
c.m chido
c.m chido پیش ماه
It was actually #2 that was balling hard on mikey’s team..
History Patuz
History Patuz پیش ماه
Number 1 on the other team went off 🔥
Playboi Tay Music
Playboi Tay Music پیش ماه
this slick was #1 from keenan highlight tape
YT- Fazetogoated
YT- Fazetogoated پیش ماه
Number 2 seems to not want to pass the ball to Mikey 🤦🏽‍♀️
Jared پیش ماه
Kid: I want Bow Wow Mom: We have Bow Wow at home Bow Wow at home: *Number 2*
Kayla Sexy
Kayla Sexy پیش ماه
Dmentos8 پیش ماه
Mikey tattos isn't he like 16?
Supa VIRAL Collectibles
Supa VIRAL Collectibles پیش ماه
Mike T
Mike T پیش ماه
So... Everyone keeps referencing #1 on the other team. So here you go... Put Back Dunk In The beginning of the game 2:22 2:31 2:40 6:50 Oh & Spoiler alert. They lost by 30 🤷🏽‍♂️
Kayla Sexy
Kayla Sexy پیش ماه
Xavier Jenkins
Xavier Jenkins پیش ماه
Jay gort still better than Mikey 😂
Anne Dunn
Anne Dunn پیش ماه
c’mon now y’all, this might be a little too much
Kayla Sexy
Kayla Sexy پیش ماه
Jayflexnnn333 Springs
Jayflexnnn333 Springs پیش ماه
Number 1 was the best on the court
Robinson Alejo
Robinson Alejo پیش ماه
Ummm number 2 deserved the mvp!!are people blind??
Chicken wang man 240
Chicken wang man 240 پیش ماه
@BALLisLIFE yall need to pay attention to number1!!!
929th basketball
929th basketball پیش ماه
We barely saw him and he didn’t do much gkt a couple of buckets and that’s it. I’m not trying to hate or anything I just want to see him play D and get his teammates involved more. He can score but not whenever he wants to. He also has to play a a faster tempo. He’s a good player but not the best.
KING NICE پیش ماه
No one else thinks its strange that kid if fully tatted up !! Young look it he really 19yrs old.
Chaz Tranchina
Chaz Tranchina پیش ماه
The verdant galley implicitly prepare because horn perplexingly blink regarding a flippant advice. standing, educated december
Nell !
Nell ! پیش ماه
No hate but I like how the camera is all in his face and there's other players around him that's trynna get noticed
Kris پیش ماه
The kids at 8:24 that aren’t wearing a mask are exactly like I would’ve guessed they looked like LOL 🤣 “Tyler 🇺🇸🎣⚾️ is typing...”
Kayla Sexy
Kayla Sexy پیش ماه
Adrian Hinrichs
Adrian Hinrichs پیش ماه
Do they play on lower rims?
Seymour Clarkson
Seymour Clarkson پیش ماه
How can somebody be in high school and be tatted the fuck up
Nigward Testicles
Nigward Testicles پیش ماه
how many times they gonna say and 1
Spooky1k پیش ماه
who won
Marqueena Smith
Marqueena Smith پیش ماه
Who here form TikTok
SaintLaurentSavage پیش ماه
Click bait smh Mikey had like 3 highlights this whole clip!!! don’t waste your time watching. Unsubscribed!!!! Cant support Click baiters!!
Mitchell Bahamas
Mitchell Bahamas پیش ماه
“Goes crazy”!? Ballislife losing a lot of credibility among ppl that actually knows the game.
Kayla Sexy
Kayla Sexy پیش ماه
Mitchell Bahamas
Mitchell Bahamas پیش ماه
The only kid that “went crazy “ was number 1 in blue. Mikey Williams is all hype.
Miguel Ortega
Miguel Ortega پیش ماه
@Mitchell Bahamas he's a bust if doesn't grow taller i don't think thats something u can control thats genetics u work with what u got
Emmanuel Brako
Emmanuel Brako پیش ماه
@Mitchell Bahamas do you have proof you played in the d league cause it’s soundin like cap rn
Mitchell Bahamas
Mitchell Bahamas پیش ماه
@Jay Money If he doesn’t grow 3 more inches in the next year he will be a bust . Just keepin it 💯 kid . It is what it is
Mitchell Bahamas
Mitchell Bahamas پیش ماه
@Jay Money he’s averaging 21 a game playing against bums. Every game he had against ranked teams he sucked. I played in the D league and 6 years in top leafs overseas. And for the Bahamas national team for 10 years. I could tell what level you played at by your comment
Jay Money
Jay Money پیش ماه
He avg 30 a game that's not all hype my guy😒
Jateyana Drummond
Jateyana Drummond پیش ماه
How he win MVP BUT #1 is all hear ?
Jozrl پیش ماه
3:40 Bruh nr 2 on mikey team shit himself nocap ahhahahaha
Al Jackson, Jr.
Al Jackson, Jr. پیش ماه
5:06 horrible defense mikey
ayod پیش ماه
Remind me of the scene from above the rim
Ace Pirate
Ace Pirate پیش ماه
Number one on Blue going to the mf League.....dat boy out there playing like KD mixed wit Jordan
aquaz is sad
aquaz is sad پیش ماه
Yo Mikey out here
Bliz_ پیش ماه
6:20 No way reff just waved that off... smh what a dummy
Unknown پیش ماه
At 2:25 - 2:35 that mans jump shot looks like it came from 2k
TreaDoesMagic پیش ماه
Literally 99% of y’all won’t see this but god bless you and be safe during these times I’m struggling to hit 2k😔
Kayla Sexy
Kayla Sexy پیش ماه
Blanks YT
Blanks YT پیش ماه
Is it just me or I didn't see dababy 🤔
Winner Gezaei
Winner Gezaei پیش ماه
@6:45 shi was smooth💆🏾
Sh0ta Lol
Sh0ta Lol پیش ماه
Number 1 on the other team is going places I’m not finna lie with u
Greg Westemeier
Greg Westemeier پیش ماه
Mikey the laziest player I’ve ever seen, no defense what so ever
Young Hypee
Young Hypee پیش ماه
Thái Nguyễn
Thái Nguyễn پیش ماه
Number 1 dude name is Jazian gortman on Keenan for who wonders
Jave Andrei Legaspi
Jave Andrei Legaspi پیش ماه
That number 1 in the other team was going crazy not mikey williams!!!!!
Jave Andrei Legaspi
Jave Andrei Legaspi پیش ماه
All of the audience when someone scores: AAANNDDDD OONNNEEEEEE
Kayla Sexy
Kayla Sexy پیش ماه
Reek ._.
Reek ._. پیش ماه
If y’all didn’t know....#1 is a 4⭐️
Simon Wilson-Ayer
Simon Wilson-Ayer پیش ماه
We saw that #1 make more shots then Mikey
Tränqüil پیش ماه
This look like Junior vs Cobbs
ahm0n پیش ماه
why everybody at keenan got the same hairstyle💀
plak پیش ماه
why he hit dude in the head wit da ball😂😂🤣
Diamond Kutz
Diamond Kutz پیش ماه
Click bait
Dylan پیش ماه
bro #1 on the other team was eatin.
im vKobe8
im vKobe8 پیش ماه
Micah didn’t even do much 😂😂
Jivy Dremsa
Jivy Dremsa پیش ماه
7:49 was the best part. He goes up and gets stuffed and then the guy in blue chucks the ball at his head... on accident? 😂
Big Guala
Big Guala پیش ماه
we gonna ignore how good lake normans bigs are?
Where my Juul
Where my Juul پیش ماه
number 2 really underrated
Mikey is my inspiration
guaptguap پیش ماه
Who number 2 on Mikey team anyone know lmk ⬇️⬇️ .
Carter Clary
Carter Clary پیش ماه
They were playing at my school clover highschool
Seby Serrano
Seby Serrano پیش ماه
Ima move to mooresville in a month and go to the high school hopefully I get to see them play
Kemal Ege Sucu
Kemal Ege Sucu پیش ماه
random germ
random germ پیش ماه
Why did Mickey look so slow on that last play
Dany Mota
Dany Mota پیش ماه
How big is the hoop they playing?
Dany Mota
Dany Mota پیش ماه
They playing on 10 ft
Iam Ceve
Iam Ceve پیش ماه
Click bait... Should of titled this Mikey vs JayG....JayG was cookin....
collin mccormick
collin mccormick پیش ماه
Why the crowd say and 1 after every basket lmao
nelsuvy پیش ماه
mikey was taking more high percentage shots than usual and focused more on play making this game fs
I_voke_I پیش ماه
Mikey should’ve waited to get his tattoo it decreases the chances of him going to the NBA or a Good nba team
Deej Scot
Deej Scot پیش ماه
Ok but like anybody else notice that Mikey lowkey plays like a bouncier rife?
GetBusyAnt پیش ماه
ight but number 1 is tuff 😭
Julius Kanyard
Julius Kanyard پیش ماه
Did they lose that game?
iRunOpp 2
iRunOpp 2 پیش ماه
Look at my son at there😂 ( keenan on top)
Benji Official
Benji Official پیش ماه
The caption be jazzin
Janiian Official
Janiian Official پیش ماه
People overrates players cause they have fame or something like that... And there is a lot of players that are better than this overrated guys and only need a name, need to be recognized ;) number 1 do some good highlights plays, and definitely putting points
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