James Harden Lost ALL OF HIS FAT For His Brooklyn Nets NBA Debut! How did he lose this weight?

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Donna Sturdivant
Donna Sturdivant پیش روز
V'Ger Kinte
V'Ger Kinte پیش 2 روز
Avoid video if your attention span is bad!
KAYESONE Solomon پیش 3 روز
Fat suit on the face? 🙄
Crazy Sistet
Crazy Sistet پیش 4 روز
It is possible
cravedog پیش 6 روز
he might have been packing alot of water weight by way of vitamins/supplements or something
Jon Perrong
Jon Perrong پیش 12 روز
No he didn’t...it’s Feb 21st and he’s still a far slob 🤦‍♂️
Spazz پیش 16 روز
Snake diet to the face
millbill killbill
millbill killbill پیش 20 روز
😂😂😂😂 it was his (clone)
Airasite پیش 21 روز
Why you keep saying your career, your career in youtube? That sounds ridiculous
Airasite پیش 21 روز
Why you keep saying your career, your career in youtube? That sounds ridiculous
Airasite پیش 21 روز
Why you keep saying your career, your career in youtube? That sounds ridiculous
Derek Dick
Derek Dick پیش 21 روز
Eddie Lacy of the NBA 🤦🏽‍♂️ Jk
Low key
Low key پیش 21 روز
That was his clone
Joshua Woodard
Joshua Woodard پیش 22 روز
His weight fluctuates 10 lbs or so. It happens to a lot of people. He most definitely will be fat when he retires though. Some people gain weight fast.
207sledhead 710
207sledhead 710 پیش 23 روز
James is an elite player hands down. Hes to much in his own head.
Antoine پیش 25 روز
its not impossible dangerous maybe but its possible however i agree lmfao
Gavin Megaw
Gavin Megaw پیش 25 روز
Ameen H
Ameen H پیش 27 روز
It’s been 2 weeks since posted if not post tomorrow I unsubscribe
Ameen H
Ameen H پیش 27 روز
Post please
Official BNAMusic88
Official BNAMusic88 پیش 28 روز
He needs to lend that fat suit to Deshaun Watson
Jack Luebbers
Jack Luebbers پیش 29 روز
He wasn’t fat before he got traded, it was just an unfortunate photo angle. There are many photos from this year around the same time where he looked very underweight. It’s all just angles.
Z // Universe
Z // Universe پیش ماه
Harden:Yas baby, food so I want large burger, pizza, Taco, KFC chicken wings. And fries and Spicy ramen After : Harden:Oh I look fat time to lose weight:D *took 1 day* Random:How tf did you got in shape so fast man Harden:Oh say less, Look...I jogged from Houston to Brooklyn. And then I did 50 pushups, And dribble fast.And Made 50 layups, 60 Shots. For Brooklyn nets😁
DJ ReadyReal
DJ ReadyReal پیش ماه
I subscribe
Mark Paul Abare, Jr.
Mark Paul Abare, Jr. پیش ماه
James Starven.
Jacob Houston
Jacob Houston پیش ماه
Dude literally repeats himself like 10 times before makign his point. I get it.
Team Matrix
Team Matrix پیش ماه
This comment section is evil 😂
Special _Efex
Special _Efex پیش ماه
*Videos 3 minutes in* “Let’s get straight into this”
Dainsleif پیش ماه
James uses harden, it's so effective
Timothy Carson
Timothy Carson پیش ماه
Drink 12 beers a day for a month. You will gain 20 lbs. Stop drinking and start training, that 20 will come off in a month. Water weight.
JosiahJones پیش ماه
A lot of people are saying he's wearing a fat suit
J. Green25
J. Green25 پیش ماه
Thats from smoking all that weed in las Vegas with lil baby.
Bryan Pelfrey
Bryan Pelfrey پیش ماه
How many times did he say UMM?
Macabree پیش ماه
That's how he always spoke. He's not a good speaker.
Kennedy Vang
Kennedy Vang پیش ماه
James Larden’s at his bestest
Brady22 پیش ماه
They basically have the same OKC team in Brooklyn
Brady22 پیش ماه
He probably was wearing a fat suit
J. Green25
J. Green25 پیش ماه
So what,Still look the same.
James Knochen
James Knochen پیش ماه
Maybe hes was drinking salted water, that makes you fat for like a day or two
Benjamin پیش ماه
10 min for a fatsuit conclusion... mkay...
Light Side 23
Light Side 23 پیش ماه
Nba gamming
Nba gamming پیش ماه
Well spoiler was that he had on a fat suit
ThatGuy Logan
ThatGuy Logan پیش ماه
Water weight basically drink alot of water along with no exercise and a little over eating to appear out of shape. Actors use this method for movie roles. So jus hit the treadmill and sauna sweat it out. Jus my theory
Greg Fan
Greg Fan پیش ماه
he was fat looking as Berry White shooting instead of singing
Pablo Gomez
Pablo Gomez پیش ماه
How long it took him ?
yoZaltc MC
yoZaltc MC پیش ماه
He look like Kendrick perkins
Taher Hashim
Taher Hashim پیش ماه
I honestly think he waterfasted and just lost a bunch of weight working out and stuff
Fabric Movie
Fabric Movie پیش ماه
"To rack up as many points I mean wins as I can." J. Harden
Funk Child
Funk Child پیش ماه
Black people are genetically different
Wordsfromthewise 1
Wordsfromthewise 1 پیش ماه
He’s an alien
mrbobjrsrv پیش ماه
It probably was just all water weight. Professional athletes load up on water all the time, just to make weigh ins.
Grey Fox23
Grey Fox23 پیش ماه
Sir Charles gained 20-50 pounds for the draft so the team he didn’t like selects him in the draft James harden wore a fat suit to get out of Houston 😂
Mxss پیش ماه
Bruh who wears a fat suit to a game
Fabiano Costa Coelho
Fabiano Costa Coelho پیش ماه
NBA needs to forbid a player on a contract saying where he wants to play instead. unfair for small teams, unfair for non-contenders. one buys the player, the others can buy a rent at most
Quinton Onezine
Quinton Onezine پیش ماه
Harden must have been sippin that syrup in H town
Noah Sandoval
Noah Sandoval پیش ماه
damn amgain he did wear a fat suit😂
Lisa Hassell
Lisa Hassell پیش ماه
G Schultz
G Schultz پیش ماه
Fat suit? That is absurd
Matt McMillan
Matt McMillan پیش ماه
malachi smith
malachi smith پیش ماه
Me and James similar I can gain 20 pounds in a month and then lose it in a month almost seamlessly. Plus weight sticks faster in cold seasons
SoFlow Mochomo
SoFlow Mochomo پیش ماه
Sinrae Salvador
Sinrae Salvador پیش ماه
It's cuz his coach be giving him burgers every game cuz he sign a record deal or something and add burgers
Napy پیش ماه
he did the Charles Barkley thing...eat a lot of food so you will get traded 😂😂😂
Jerry Jack
Jerry Jack پیش ماه
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Sir Count
Sir Count پیش ماه
Cocaine and hgh notice his body also got muscular
Timothy Arnold
Timothy Arnold پیش ماه
Yes this is the year where James harden makes the triple quadruple double stepback
Adan Martinez
Adan Martinez پیش ماه
Nba youtuber carrer???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brandon Mosley
Brandon Mosley پیش ماه
Lol he where’s a stomach brace
Coca Cola
Coca Cola پیش ماه
One cross man
DEMON14 CYBORG پیش ماه
its simple he obviously have a twin fat brother
Lone پیش ماه
Miss Care rAge
Miss Care rAge پیش ماه
Cause he wasn’t “fat” to begin with
greg miller
greg miller پیش ماه
He jogged across the world
B Rad
B Rad پیش ماه
It’s just water weight. It’s what happens when a pro athletes body that is used to a lot of strenuous work all of a sudden just stops. Happens to every serious athlete. He clearly just stopped working out for awhile.
RIP KING VON پیش ماه
Justin Chegancas
Justin Chegancas پیش ماه
Water and beer weight
McLovin پیش ماه
It took this guy 8:18 seconds to say he was wearing a fat suit😭🤣
Ibnu Yashier
Ibnu Yashier پیش ماه
If James wants to get championship just once for his career, he should go and be with James.
꧁. T DOLLA ꧂
꧁. T DOLLA ꧂ پیش ماه
soongebob doesn’t live under a rock... he lives inside of a pineapple. Patrick lives under a rock but his neighbor does not play the clarinet
Nicky Santoro
Nicky Santoro پیش ماه
Amazing what you can do with a few million dollars and the best PEDs on the market.
Nba24 Nation_
Nba24 Nation_ پیش ماه
How did you make your intro 🔥🔥🔥nice vid
Sparky ENT
Sparky ENT پیش ماه
Probably used "legal" p.e.d's
Female Goku
Female Goku پیش ماه
I have an answer guys push ups sit ups and plenty of juice
DWG Herkemasnurdbird
DWG Herkemasnurdbird پیش ماه
Dude wanted traded. If the fat suit didn’t work, he’d have played crack head next week. James loves him some James.
Lando Tech
Lando Tech پیش ماه
Notifications on
Ariam پیش ماه
I don’t think that he was wearing a fat suit just look at his arms before and after
Dr. Royalty
Dr. Royalty پیش ماه
Nah his cheeks, neck and forearms had some fat to it. Couldn't have been a fat suit
albert dean castillo
albert dean castillo پیش ماه
He actually smarter only listen to the useful information and discard the rest,and put work on it,precisely” ,basketball the right way”
Federico Molina
Federico Molina پیش ماه
These guys are literally elite when it comes to knowing their body. I think its possible.
DAG 0621
DAG 0621 پیش ماه
That was just water weight from not working out for a while.
Marvin Lassegue
Marvin Lassegue پیش ماه
He was really fat.
Marvin Lassegue
Marvin Lassegue پیش ماه
I think James Harden had liposuction or is probably wearing a fat weight hiding under garment.
Darryl Johnson
Darryl Johnson پیش ماه
He wore a fat suit apparently
The flight Mike!!! I’ve been subscribed and had the notifications on! GOAT VIDS
Bullhamster پیش ماه
you can easily hold 15 lbs of water weight alone...... on deca lol
Stone Weaver
Stone Weaver پیش ماه
I like how he says ‘let’s just jump straight into this’ at 2:50...If 1/3 of the video has passed then you didn’t just jump straight into it.
Cole Tin
Cole Tin پیش ماه
I like your intro
Demon Clan
Demon Clan پیش ماه
I have been here since 70k Ur old name was mikeraphone
mans likes his gummies
J پیش ماه
Da Fuk kinda interview was that. 🤨
Bored Eats
Bored Eats پیش ماه
that brotha possessed by barry white??
Andrew Pounds
Andrew Pounds پیش ماه
Bruh chill about his weight he wasn’t even that big
Did James Harden Wear A Fat Suit To Get Traded?
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