If Husbands Were Toddlers | Dude Dad

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your husband acted like a toddler? We're not like this are we ladies? Right...right?
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About Dude Dad:
Hi! I'm Taylor Calmus, a Colorado based actor/comedian. I started Dude Dad™ two weeks before my son Theo was born as way to stay creative while learning to be a father. My wife Heidi and I now have two kids, Theo and Juno and over 300 videos. My purpose for the channel is to entertain, educate and inspire.
In addition to Dude Dad™, I have been in numerous TV shows, commercials, and has regular appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
I will also be hosting his own TV show called "Super Dad" on the new Magnolia Network coming out in 2021. Heidi and the kids will also be apart of the show.
I am originally from the rural community Howard, South Dakota.
If Husbands Were Toddlers | Dude Dad
Dude Dad

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