I Tried Out EVERY Mythic Item on Shen and Made a TIER LIST

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This is the longest and most comprehensive League of Legends gameplay commentary video made for any Champion. I teach the ins and outs of Shen while demonstrating the versatility of the champion by testing and ranking every single Mythic Item in the Game. At the end of the video I discuss the Item Tier List and summarize my findings.
0:00 Introduction
1:03 Divine Sunderer
28:15 Duskblade of Draktharr
48:22 Eclipse
1:24:31 Everfrost
1:46:59 Frostfire Gauntlet
2:12:11 Galeforce
2:27:41 Goredrinker
2:48:16 Hextech Rocketbelt
3:34:51 Immortal Shieldbow
4:08:11 Imperial Mandate
4:34:48 Kraken Slayer
4:57:59 Liandry's Anguish
5:23:47 Locket of the Iron Solari
5:42:22 Luden's Tempest
6:07:27 Moonstone Renewer
6:35:57 Night Harvester
7:02:53 Prowler's Claw
7:26:14 Riftmaker
7:53:13 Shurelya's Battlesong
8:19:07 Stridebreaker
8:33:22 Sunfire Aegis
9:01:17 Trinity Force
9:34:32 Turbo Chemtank
10:03:33 Conclusions and Summary
► The Ultimate Shen Guide (2019): irpost.info/face/fy-lm-h-y/0YfRrcyuym6shqU.html
► Updated Challenger Shen Guide: irpost.info/face/fy-lm-h-y/tYDWqNu3ma62ipk.html
► How to Climb with Shen (2020): irpost.info/face/fy-lm-h-y/l2ixlK7F1qGtpmo.html
► Road to Rank 1 Challenger: irpost.info/soft/PLpvdOzO2AknxZPe4CtcuhhCsGXpmxkwiU
► Learn Other Champions: irpost.info/soft/PLpvdOzO2AknzaFvp4TOzjj4iW7N934pLN
► TWITCH - www.twitch.tv/xpetu
► TWITTER - xpetu
► DISCORD - discord.gg/4UdXswe
► petumontages@gmail.com
► Edited by xPetu (me!)
► Outro: Halvorsen - She Got Me Like [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
// ABOUT ME //
Hi, I'm Petu!
I'm a Shen main from Finland. I've climbed to 1000+ LP Challenger on EU West and EUNE by playing Top Lane. I've been ranked as the best Shen in the World for many years and I love to share my knowledge as a Challenger streamer. Besides streaming and content creation, I enjoy Disc Golf, Basketball and Board Games. Consider subscribing for exciting and educational League of Legends content like:
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xPetu پیش 2 ماه
Gameplay: 16 Hours Analysis and Editing: 6 Hours Rendering: 18 Hours Uploading and Processing: 28 Hours QUALITY CONTENT: 10 HOURS I would appreciate it if you took two (2) minutes out of your day to share this video with three (3) friends of yours who play League. Thank you for your continuous support! Best regards, Petu.
SorawGames&Musics پیش 19 روز
Incredible work my friend !
StarwindMansell پیش 26 روز
Bold of you to assume I have friends! On a more serious note, thank you for the content. It's gold!
Kyle Pinnock
Kyle Pinnock پیش ماه
Been watching your videos from when I started taking ranked more serious around s7 and Shen was the first champ I invested time into learning combos and such, your Rank1 climb series was really insightful as it helped me learn about ranged matchups like with gp and such(sometimes I do take fleet footwork against gp and the sustain helps a lot) Keep up the great content and look forward to more videos in any format #StandUnited
Steven Watt
Steven Watt پیش ماه
I did it! I finished the video! And that last game with Chemtank was a perfect way to end the gameplay section 👌 Always love the content and I'll be ready to engage with that Stand United thank you again for this video ❤
Bradley Moore
Bradley Moore پیش ماه
Can you really rate the Locket of the Iron solari? The game you got it you didn't even get to test it. It was such a stomp. Maybe test it out in a future game. :( I honestly don't care about gale's force.
Imityr پیش روز
You single handedly made me want to main shen in the toplane (tho im a main jungle lmao)
Antonio Cmrečak
Antonio Cmrečak پیش 2 روز
As a Shen main i agree totally with the list Frostife was like made for Shen,op
mst 4891
mst 4891 پیش 3 روز
I see the video 10:37 minutes i say ok. Then i realized the seconds at the end of the time.jiiiiiiz
juan guillermo iriart
juan guillermo iriart پیش 9 روز
Wow dude, this video is pure effort, i would share this to my friends but none o them talk english xd
cvsporn پیش 9 روز
I started watching since this video came out and just finished all 10 hours in a 1.5 month span. Worth.
Allen Peyerl
Allen Peyerl پیش 11 روز
the amount of work u put into videos is unprecedented!
Maks FL n4js.
Maks FL n4js. پیش 12 روز
wtf xdd
William Ferrier
William Ferrier پیش 12 روز
I have a question for the god. How do you lane into morde or darius as shen? I always die multiple times and wish to know the secret.
Renato Luís
Renato Luís پیش 13 روز
Thank you for your effort
Steeve Rogers
Steeve Rogers پیش 13 روز
Omg u are very prooooo
NanoAffect پیش 14 روز
I wonder what the avg view time of this video is
xPetu پیش 14 روز
It's 16 minutes, just checked in Analytics.
JuanseAKA پیش 14 روز
I still seeing the video
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith پیش 15 روز
So much dedication, petu. 10 hour video, mad respect
Lauch mit Schlauch
Lauch mit Schlauch پیش 16 روز
It took me multiple attempts, but I finally watched it all. Mad respect for putting this together!!! Thank you for taking the time
Black Dagger
Black Dagger پیش 16 روز
I watched the entire video, my guy. It's so fun to watch and learn from you, you have all my gratitude Petu.
Howard Blacker
Howard Blacker پیش 17 روز
Krl, acabei o vídeo, desde 2020 assistindo
Tony Stark
Tony Stark پیش 18 روز
Wonderful ! gg
Julian Marinoff
Julian Marinoff پیش 18 روز
liked and subscribed, your effort to put this together is impressive.
Inyfinn پیش 18 روز
BIGZ_ ZDOG پیش 18 روز
True fans will watch it
George Duncan
George Duncan پیش 19 روز
This is mad
George Duncan
George Duncan پیش 19 روز
but awesome
Sir Serphyral
Sir Serphyral پیش 20 روز
I cant see the whole video cuz its too damn long but holy jesus shen mains have good material here to improve
Møab پیش 20 روز
10:03:40 I did :)
O ClouD
O ClouD پیش 21 روز
Dude, you're the best
Bossman Bossio
Bossman Bossio پیش 21 روز
8:42 _Singed proceeds to do proxy farm_ xPetu: Haha! I got the canon, *LoOsEr*
Orisdark پیش 21 روز
try to use doran blade for shen
xNikke پیش 22 روز
6:38:27 petu taking out his inner finn, i chuckled a little "hetkinen, hetkinen, we have a fiesta here"
Asatora پیش 23 روز
Insane, there was too much good shit for a single video that most people wouldn't bother watching entirely, took me 3~4 days to make it through, waiting for my shen ult irl Good stuff, bro
Marths پیش 23 روز
GT Cline
GT Cline پیش 23 روز
Next I want to see a video of every mythic item against every champion... All in one video. :)
Venthos پیش 24 روز
You’re missing River Shen
SkySyrak پیش 24 روز
Thx Xpetu for the video
Huni CLG
Huni CLG پیش 25 روز
WTF 10 HOURS ???
Xc Kai
Xc Kai پیش 25 روز
16:29 n that's a challenger shen player for ya
Terrin Snelgrove
Terrin Snelgrove پیش 26 روز
yo that flash taunt on that zyra during the first game was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I wanna try that sometime. Edit: The entire game was clean. thank you for letting me watch that
Sly Toxic
Sly Toxic پیش 26 روز
took me 4 days but i watched it all lol
Asatora پیش 26 روز
This video deserved several thumbs up but sadly is one per person
Asatora پیش 26 روز
Do you think the tier list would look the same if instead of alphabetical order it was the best available option for each game?
Nona پیش 27 روز
Dude youtube unsubscribed me for some reason
ʀᴇᴅTMᴛᴢʏツ Official
ʀᴇᴅTMᴛᴢʏツ Official پیش 27 روز
I just bought shen 3 days ago now i want to go shen main after this
Nahravky پیش 27 روز
Why didn't you play with teh psyops skin?
Nux Player
Nux Player پیش 28 روز
I wish I could watch the entire video to learn to master shen but damn, 10 hours. but thanks, your shen videos are making me destroy the top lane
Hellgate666=@_@=Cyong Druid
Hellgate666=@_@=Cyong Druid پیش 29 روز
i like to play shen with eclipse and hail of blades. the burst is real
Braimy پیش 29 روز
My sister said you sound cute
ahmed hossam
ahmed hossam پیش ماه
this video made me a shen main wanna be broo this is litt af
Nikotin#5127 پیش ماه
Get your "Watched full 10 hrs" Diploma here I watched it all in one day lmao, no sleep + no life
Ivan Stayner
Ivan Stayner پیش ماه
Well I know what I'm going to be doing all night. Watch this video. And then try it all out my self. Also I once had a singled proxy me for like 15 mins in a game once. But I was playing Sion. And I don't think he realized what my W passive did. So by 15 mins I have like 160-170 farm, and like 1k bonus health. And like 5-6k gold. And I backed and got a sun fire, boots, and spirit visage. And when I went to fight him he was no prepared for how much health I had. And he flashes, ghosted, and it was the biggest mistake he made. Don't leave a Sion, Nasus, vinegar, or kayle in lane alone. They will scale so hard. And the funny thing is. The singed was actually winning the early game pretty hard. He had like a 30 CS lead on me.
Juan Laurinø
Juan Laurinø پیش ماه
I Just watched locket game, you didn't even use it XDDDD
Marco Baggio
Marco Baggio پیش ماه
is it wrong if i'm planning to watch it all?
BEHEDETY پیش ماه
17-I پیش ماه
love u petu
Jesu16 پیش ماه
hmm hmm expected some clips and explaining and got 10 hours of content
FireFly پیش ماه
Daihu Covei
Daihu Covei پیش ماه
Took me 3 days to watch the video xD
Primm Slim
Primm Slim پیش ماه
It took me like two weeks but i watched the whole thing, you're a god petu
corey lezama
corey lezama پیش ماه
Ayyo do you do coaching, I’m yardstick bronze and I’m try a learn shen
Frohe Zone
Frohe Zone پیش ماه
Fck sleep
Fuzion Velez
Fuzion Velez پیش ماه
I watch sunderer cause I think it op in shen jg and it is but teleport technology was the highlight of that game🤣
Kyle Pinnock
Kyle Pinnock پیش ماه
Made it to the end after 5 days of watching on and off😭😂😂
Anyoneplease پیش ماه
Been watching 1 game a day, but I've finally watched the whole video :)
Noirlineasorus پیش ماه
Okay I will seriously finish this video starting now
David Dot
David Dot پیش ماه
very good video man
Renan Dantas
Renan Dantas پیش ماه
I watched this video split in two days and it was very fun and useful to me. Shen is not my main but I used to play on jungle only and I have so much fun and game impact he represents my playstyle.
kilomanX پیش ماه
took me like 2 weeks but I finished watching all the video, I enjoyed a lot. Man, you deserve more than a single "like" for all this work. the game when you went full comentator mode was wonderfull, and the TURBO-SHENTANK was awesome. I love the way you enjoy playing, I just subcribed to your channel because of your spredsheet to optimize a 2-item spike got my attention. I wish I subscribed to you before that.
Fley پیش ماه
What’s your favorite build? What’s the best for max DPS? ap or ad or crit?
amaraly trooper
amaraly trooper پیش ماه
Has not been in one go but i am half way through
Yusril Arzaqi
Yusril Arzaqi پیش ماه
Let's gooo
septile vg
septile vg پیش ماه
The effort on this at god level
SweetChilliIlly Gore
SweetChilliIlly Gore پیش ماه
I got you brother, took me yonkers but i watched the vid from start to finish
Kalinmir پیش ماه
DripSoap پیش ماه
Not only did I watch the whole thing, I liked the video too.
Shawn Goh
Shawn Goh پیش ماه
sometimes u scare us too
Draven Pascual
Draven Pascual پیش ماه
Hello Petu. I watched the entire video over a span of 3 days. I hope I won't feed as shen anymore
abdennour BENATALLAH
abdennour BENATALLAH پیش ماه
Big up man, my shen is getting better since i started watching you, cheers buddy u deserve a comment even though i don’t do it usually
Paulo پیش ماه
Broooo so much time you put into this video and then they release 10.25 :/ I feel the pain. Will you release a new tier list?
Neo Adam Bontia
Neo Adam Bontia پیش ماه
I already commented on this video and I will comment again cause I just finished the whole video and Turbo Shensei Petu said something really cool in 10:03:53 that was so genuine and I really needed that. Petu, my man, I hope you can read this comment. May the Eye of Twilight really look down upon me and may you Stand United With Me just as you said. I'll be needing it. Haha XD
Gerard VdPl
Gerard VdPl پیش ماه
How do you know about the consistency of sunfire when you only tried it out?
Sanka Grero
Sanka Grero پیش ماه
Amazing stuff Petu! Keep the 2050 Technology coming
Charlie Trofimuk
Charlie Trofimuk پیش ماه
A for Effort
El Waned
El Waned پیش ماه
Watchtime : 0.3 % xd
M پیش ماه
so i watched this video over 3 days or so, thank you so much for all these guides you keep on doing us. this fr is quality content and we can really see that you put so much effort on doing them ! it's very interesting to be able to see the advice of an advanced player and what he thinks about all of these items on a champ we main. thank you so much petu !
Dennis Peters
Dennis Peters پیش ماه
Turrrrbo Chemtank Tell your friends.
Zust پیش ماه
xPetu trying every mythic and giving guide and thoughts. Everyone: We learned a lot today, frostfire is so good. Me: Chroma technology.
Logophile پیش ماه
Ily cutie
Papoy پیش ماه
Damn 10 fcking hours video
Justo Alvarez
Justo Alvarez پیش ماه
This is completely crazy xD
Un pepino Amistoso
Un pepino Amistoso پیش ماه
Just a coment to help with the algorith
Jairo پیش ماه
Day 2 halfway through , I quit league after starting league in March and this shen content fills the void
FireChiefta1n پیش ماه
I completed the whole video! Not in one go but I did it! I just want to say, on behalf of everyone who watches your content, you are truly amazing. In terms of League content you are by far the greatest. Your knowledge, your skill, your charisma, your experience, your intellect. Literally everything is such a joy to watch and experience. I hope no matter what you do in life you remain the person you are. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all the time and effort you put into your content that you create. Hell yes Petu! Turrrrrrrrbo calculation content!
Kid Tytus
Kid Tytus پیش ماه
Yup finished the whole thing and am an adc main. Plays shen when I get tired of Inting top laners lol
xPetu پیش ماه
Thanks for positive comment! Appreciate it a lot :)
Enrique Cano
Enrique Cano پیش ماه
10 hours of shen guide. This is fucking beyond phenomenal. Holy cow. Man this dedication and passion. I don’t even play when but I love watching you because you have so much knowledge and passion. Truly wish you nothing but the best and happiness.
Ludvig Kratzert
Ludvig Kratzert پیش ماه
10 hours and gold all the way through, I ESPECIALLY loved the sports commentary on moonstone renewer. And so much powerful BÖNK
Boris Chiou
Boris Chiou پیش ماه
I'm a new player for Shen and really thanks for your introduction to Shen. It's pretty helpful.
Patient Mind
Patient Mind پیش ماه
Te amo petu saludos desde Argentina!
Ahmed Esmael
Ahmed Esmael پیش ماه
Day 7 of watching the 10 hours and i just finished them Much Love for u man and keep up the amazing work
「Vault Star」
「Vault Star」 پیش ماه
Don't mind me, just assisting the algorithm
Fanna - League of Legends Content
Fanna - League of Legends Content پیش ماه
You're an absolute madman, holy shit :D
Asimar پیش ماه
3:03:52 1hp btw
Revnge911 پیش ماه
Aren't most of these items matchup specific? I get that it would take a lot longer to make a video doing that, but how useful is it if for ex you're getting a tank busting item vs an AD carry top?
The Morellonomicon
The Morellonomicon پیش ماه
"This is going to be one loooong video." *Checks timer* No daddy please, I'm gonna run out of lube!
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