How To Tie Dye : Crumple Aurora Colors Black Scrunch T Shirt

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DIY Tutorial How To Tie Dye : Crumple Aurora Colors Black Scrunch T Shirt. Use Basic Aurora Colors (Yellow, Light Blue, Magenta Red) And Black. Using Crumple / Scrunch Technique.
Material :
- 100% Cotton 30s White T Shirt
- DyStar Remazol Reactive Dyes
- Waterglass (Sodium Silicate) Or Soda Ash
- Natural Rubber Bands
- Plastic Bottle
- Latex Gloves
- Mask (If Needed)
- Water
Tutorial Cara Membuat Kaos Tie Dye Motif Kerut Aurora Bercak Hitam. Menggunakan Warna Dasar Aurora (Kuning, Biru Muda, Magenta Merah) dan Hitam. Menggunakan Teknik Lipat Kerut / Jumputan.
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Alodia Manreza
Alodia Manreza پیش روز
What kind of colors did you use sir..? Plss....
Shani Mae Naul
Shani Mae Naul پیش روز
did you soak the shirt in the water first?
Elessa Saffia
Elessa Saffia پیش 2 روز
What pain do you use
destructogod 3000
destructogod 3000 پیش 3 روز
Thanks for the help
Camilo Tm
Camilo Tm پیش 5 روز
sorry for my bad english but could you put the links or tell us where you buy the dyes? excellent video, I really liked it
Mid Mid
Mid Mid پیش 5 روز
Kaos hitam bisa ga?
Ajeng Kusuma
Ajeng Kusuma پیش 7 روز
Sumpah bagus banget
Mikegt 500
Mikegt 500 پیش 7 روز
Is the shirt wet???
Muzun Alsaud
Muzun Alsaud پیش 8 روز
Thank you now I’ll make it for my school project😁
RedMegaPaul 678
RedMegaPaul 678 پیش 10 روز
too amazing, does it work the same if it is with acrylic paint?
Erpart پیش 2 روز
I dont think so.
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming پیش 12 روز
how long does the shirt have to sit in the sun before rinsing out the dye?
Natsu Gtmp
Natsu Gtmp پیش 13 روز
Pakai pewanA apa
Adigladis Adi
Adigladis Adi پیش 14 روز
pakai apa warnanya
Zambo Larena Jr.
Zambo Larena Jr. پیش 16 روز
Whats the brand of the shirt
Rayna AmirYaasin
Rayna AmirYaasin پیش 16 روز
This is so amazing! 😍
Feelgood Threads
Feelgood Threads پیش 21 روز
Can I commission you to do this type of dye on a jumpsuit? Please let me know if interested.
betty cute
betty cute پیش 21 روز
ano po ung materials na ginagamit mo po? ganda e
Glenn Weiland
Glenn Weiland پیش 23 روز
Im going to try that sometime😁😁😁
Lando Lan
Lando Lan پیش 26 روز
Pewarnanya namanya apa bang?
Ahmad Bryan
Ahmad Bryan پیش 27 روز
LORE PAO پیش 28 روز
Cómo amó estás remeras. Siempre quise saber como las hacer, voy a probar si me sale
Siraj Shaik
Siraj Shaik پیش 28 روز
Super super super bhaiiiii
Ojok guyu
Ojok guyu پیش 28 روز
Amazing good good , apik apik nemmen gawene
Gibran Fachreza
Gibran Fachreza پیش 29 روز
Mas baju nya direndam di soda ash berapa lama ya sebelum di tie dye
Gibran Fachreza
Gibran Fachreza پیش 26 روز
@Erpart kalau dijemurnya Kira Kira berapa mas
Erpart پیش 27 روز
Minimal 15 menit. Maksimal 1 hari. Yang penting merata.
Jessa May Jimenez
Jessa May Jimenez پیش ماه
Thank you , I've got an Idea for unique design it so pretty cool 😍😩👽
jady Salvatoree
jady Salvatoree پیش ماه
Martha Zuniga
Martha Zuniga پیش ماه
angel adames
angel adames پیش ماه
What color do I use to make that design?
Ko Borja
Ko Borja پیش ماه
Black was not a good choice. Looks like it’s covered in oil
Hlima Bawihtlung
Hlima Bawihtlung پیش ماه
Which material u use for a coloring
Rick Cisneros
Rick Cisneros پیش ماه
Do you use soda ash?
Erpart پیش 27 روز
Sometimes. But i usually use Sodium Silicate (Waterglass), Because it is more faster as a fixative.
M. Abihasan Asyaid
M. Abihasan Asyaid پیش ماه
Pewarnanya pake apa bang??
Ardine Arya
Ardine Arya پیش ماه
Bang permisi, saya rencana mau bikin baju seperti abang, boleh nggak bang bikin baju mirip kaya abang? Aku kasih ntar di diskripsi video aku link video abang
Erpart پیش ماه
Boleh saja. Asal jangan reupload video saya ntar dimarahin youtube.
Baki Bani
Baki Bani پیش ماه
Type of color you used?
Ardine Arya
Ardine Arya پیش ماه
Excuse me, i planning make tie dye video in my channel, can i use this video tehnique to my future video? I will add this video link too in my video description. Sorry for my bad english hehe cuz i still learn english hehe. Anyway can't wait to see your next content 😁😁
Milano Putra
Milano Putra پیش ماه
In yellow apa ya, yellow RNL atau yellow FG?
Faqihdwi پیش ماه
Pewarnanya pakai merk apa?
Anis Anis
Anis Anis پیش ماه
Fikri Azhar
Fikri Azhar پیش ماه
Bro gua saranin mending lu jualan ni baju pasti ada yg beli bro
35. Fikri Haeqal Bahtiar. A
35. Fikri Haeqal Bahtiar. A پیش ماه
keren bang mantapp
Satria wiradi frikasmara
Satria wiradi frikasmara پیش ماه
Bang please jawab ini pewarna nya pake apa bang
Aldi Maul
Aldi Maul پیش ماه
ini dijemur ga om?
Elang Barlian Koto
Elang Barlian Koto پیش ماه
Bro itu pewarnanya make apaan?? Saya beli wantex tp hasilnya ga sebagus itu😪
M Nazky
M Nazky پیش ماه
Yg cairan item apa itu bang
Claudette Dalapa
Claudette Dalapa پیش ماه
Definitely gonna try these tomorrow😉 one of a it
Carlo Verano
Carlo Verano پیش ماه
What liquid did you use sir. I really need to know. Btw i likw your videos
Junes Journey Adicta!
Junes Journey Adicta! پیش ماه
tengo miedo de hacerla y que me salga mal😭😭😭alguien mas??
M. Nafis īhsan
M. Nafis īhsan پیش ماه
Pake pewarna apa
fahmi putra
fahmi putra پیش ماه
Sumpah, baru kepikiran caranya kek gitu, kirain pake baju item wkwkwk
กัญญาณัฐ วิชัย
กัญญาณัฐ วิชัย پیش ماه
Kaycee Kennedy
Kaycee Kennedy پیش ماه
Can't wait to try this!
oney Fetalvero
oney Fetalvero پیش ماه
Ano po ginagamit nyo pang kulay sa damit?
Rio Rio
Rio Rio پیش ماه
does it really have to wet the shirt first?
Fernandito Jossef
Fernandito Jossef پیش ماه
Bahannya dong pake bahasa Indonesia
Anthonius Fernando
Anthonius Fernando پیش ماه
waterglassnya setelah pewarnaan ya ?
Eceu Ika
Eceu Ika پیش ماه
Wantek nya merk apa yahh
heri fadly
heri fadly پیش ماه
Bang tintanya pake apa ?
Lucid Dreamz
Lucid Dreamz پیش ماه
What kind of dyes were used?
Amel Lionationina
Amel Lionationina پیش ماه
gombal amoh.
Windy Pattiasina
Windy Pattiasina پیش ماه
Kk pake pewarna ap?
Sesilia Contreras
Sesilia Contreras پیش ماه
Can you do this for a sweatshirt
Erpart پیش ماه
Yes, as long as the sweatshirt made from cotton.
Jarsuto پیش ماه
Pewarna pake merk apa mas?
Sakindu Dissanayake
Sakindu Dissanayake پیش ماه
Very nice ...thanks
Angeline Dekit
Angeline Dekit پیش ماه
Anong gamit na pang color yan?
Dera San
Dera San پیش ماه
what material you used can share it?
Official 08 Kriting
Official 08 Kriting پیش ماه
Broo kalo beli pewarnanya di toko apa ya
Martha Lucia Arenas
Martha Lucia Arenas پیش ماه
eso es colorante
M. Iflah Febrizal
M. Iflah Febrizal پیش ماه
Itu yang warna warni apa?,pewarna baju???
Robert Tinio
Robert Tinio پیش ماه
san po nbbli ung dystar rematol dye?
Robert Tinio
Robert Tinio پیش ماه
ska po ung soda ash?
Manel Dasalla
Manel Dasalla پیش ماه
What kind of dye did you use sir?
ima ayu maesyarah
ima ayu maesyarah پیش ماه
Boros air , tolong hemat air bersih bro
Muhammad Najmal
Muhammad Najmal پیش ماه
Bang beli pewarnanye dmn
werpa -
werpa - پیش ماه
Kuya anung klaseng dye po ginamit nyo d2?
greimalkin پیش ماه
O never mind I'm stupid you put yellow on top and then blue and then pink on the bottom
greimalkin پیش ماه
I don't get it if you put pink and yellow and then blue how did it come out like that where did the pink go
J Sull
J Sull پیش ماه
Nice job!!
Faisal Hechanova
Faisal Hechanova پیش ماه
Sir anung color po nilagay mo snung last? Ty
James Macalaguim
James Macalaguim پیش ماه
Tina po ba ung pinang kulay nyu
hanif saintino
hanif saintino پیش ماه
what dye do you use? please answer
Robi Hadiyanto
Robi Hadiyanto پیش ماه
Itu pewarnanya pake apa ya kak?
Sayful R.
Sayful R. پیش ماه
Pewarnanya pake apa kak?
In Butterfield
In Butterfield پیش ماه
Bahan buat warnanya apa aja ya?
Airene Antonio
Airene Antonio پیش ماه
anong pangkulay po gamit niyo dito ?
D'Sailing Warrior
D'Sailing Warrior پیش ماه
Anu yang pang kulay nio boss?
i putu bunga
i putu bunga پیش ماه
Keren bngt 😍
Ashy Dick
Ashy Dick پیش ماه
This is so ass
Ashy Dick
Ashy Dick پیش ماه
hanya adham
hanya adham پیش ماه
How do you do the colors
Jonas Carlo
Jonas Carlo پیش ماه
How many hours before rinsing?
Novan Argi Yudhistira
Novan Argi Yudhistira پیش 2 ماه
Itu pake apa warna nya ?? plis orng indo jawab doang
Josh Basallote
Josh Basallote پیش 2 ماه
Abril Choquellampa
Abril Choquellampa پیش 2 ماه
No hablo ingles pero me gustaria saber q pintura es ????? Alguen q sepa por favor me avisa
Uti sum
Uti sum پیش 2 ماه
Itu apa pewarna makanan
Reima Muzaema
Reima Muzaema پیش 2 ماه
Pewarna nya pake apaan ya?
FireStrike_2.0 پیش 2 ماه
Wow! Please Watch here, the one I did for my mom: @qTBo
Killing Spencer
Killing Spencer پیش 2 ماه
Pretty dope. I'd still like to know how liquid blues are treated. About the only brand of tie dye that doesnt end up shrinking on matter how cautious I am with washing/drying. 100% cotton is usually my enemy. If I hang dry tends to f my skin up. Static alone messes my shit up.
Hannah Sturdivant
Hannah Sturdivant پیش 2 ماه
Great job
Ishita Deep
Ishita Deep پیش 2 ماه
hello I have a question regarding tie dying. after dying my shirt and let it dry for 24 hours can I handwash my tie dye shirt with soap a couple of times instead of putting it in the washing machine? i just have one tshirt that i have dyed and i would like to conserve water and electricity.. so is this possible?? Please reply.. thank you
Killing Spencer
Killing Spencer پیش 2 ماه
I dunno about hand washing tie dies but I doubt you'd save any water at least. Washing stuff manually eats up water at a faster rate. I'm assuming that's a ton of rinses with tie die.
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