Hot Mics w/ Ryan Sickler (EP 16) | The Josh Potter Show

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Ryan Sickler joins Josh Potter for this episode of The Josh Potter Show. They discuss their NFL teams - the Ravens and the Bills - facing off against eachother, Baker Mayfield wearing his hat backwards, Nascar driver Hailie Deagan's hot mic R-word drop, brothers that are also Eskimo brothers, and a bodybuilder who cheated on his sex doll. Josh brings Ryan up to speed with "Mr. Unlimited" Russell Wilson, and Ryan hears something new in the "Ask Marty Time" audio.
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BirdOfHermes83 D.
BirdOfHermes83 D. پیش 2 روز
Fucking an alien that looks like a dog? Even for THIS podcast it got weird fast! Brent Chrysler would be in heaven if those aliens abducted him though! 🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕🐩🐩🐩
Samuel Quintanilla
Samuel Quintanilla پیش 4 روز
Ryan sicklers laugh is the only thing keeping me from blowing my dam brains out at this point.
Yvonne Fuellemann
Yvonne Fuellemann پیش 9 روز
Thanks for making sports interesting and unlimited! Best sports segment out there!
5011chico پیش 10 روز
Burt kersher is waiting for those dog aliens uh hunnerd percent
Samuel Quintanilla
Samuel Quintanilla پیش 12 روز
H پیش 12 روز
I see Sickler and I click!
beached whale
beached whale پیش 15 روز
Also best hotmics are esports mics
beached whale
beached whale پیش 15 روز
Ring of pedos around the NFL? Superbowl is the highest trafficked day of the year.
twonine3 پیش 22 روز
That Marty Brennaman revelation and breakdown is a greater discovery than the Zapruder Film. These two would definitely make a good podcast pair #ftcf
Kip پیش 24 روز
If you go back and watch the first season of COPS they are doing the same thing now in Florida rounding up prostitutes and drug dealers
Rafael Rivera
Rafael Rivera پیش 24 روز
How many episodes u gonna post? Hopefully unlimitedddd
paul s
paul s پیش 24 روز
Sickler looking like Tim Allen
kronosx7 پیش 26 روز
I'm convinced that people who don't like honeydew have never had a ripe one. You're really going to pick cantaloupe over honeydew? CANTALOUPE!?
Derek S
Derek S پیش 28 روز
Anyone else notice the terrible product placement of the Nickelodeon ad on that Seahawks article?
Sam Poirier
Sam Poirier پیش 29 روز
Ray Lewis stabbing guys with more than knives
Rick James
Rick James پیش 29 روز
Sports are gay your a grown man obsessed with men in tights playing with balls.
Josh Potter
Josh Potter پیش 23 روز
Mountain bike Ben
Mountain bike Ben پیش ماه
Damn a podcast with Ryan sickler is the best thing the make a wish foundation could’ve ever gave josh Just jokes all love 🙏🏼
mikeduva1 پیش ماه
The funniest part is that neither of their teams made the super bowl LOL
Haley Cloonan-Lisi
Haley Cloonan-Lisi پیش ماه
I'm such an enny when they were talking about eagles fans I thought they meant the band lmao
Jake Frost
Jake Frost پیش ماه
Pootttttttteeeerrrr! You rock, bruv.
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent پیش ماه
Sickler is top 5 guest to have, his laugh his energy and his stories are top tier entertainment
Zayne Barela
Zayne Barela پیش ماه
I think ryan is what this podcast was missing. Potter needs someone else to play off of
mike zee
mike zee پیش ماه
The inner city blacks
Tyler Morelan
Tyler Morelan پیش ماه
If Josh had a daily sports show I would 100% watch it
Kris Brooks
Kris Brooks پیش ماه
Salty Army
grathado28 پیش ماه
nothing but sports 😓 I wish be I was into it
h1992 uk
h1992 uk پیش ماه
Trav Lund
Trav Lund پیش ماه
Darb Nation
Darb Nation پیش ماه
please re-name the podcast "The R-word Motel" thank you from everyone
Rod Miller
Rod Miller پیش ماه
The unlimited segments are podcast gold
Daniel Penrod II
Daniel Penrod II پیش ماه
I wish the HoneyDew was still on YMH
101wormwood پیش ماه
that announcer guy says "sex swing" when he interupts himself, i thought they were going to make fun of that. dude just says wrong words a lot
Life with Liam
Life with Liam پیش ماه
Give these two a weekly show together
Arben Loci
Arben Loci پیش ماه
Coach Freewilly
Coach Freewilly پیش ماه
I like the R word motel more than the..... wait, I’m not even gonna say it
Shane Christensen
Shane Christensen پیش ماه
Am I the only one who noticed the Nickelodeon ad on the Chimo article 🤔
Christopher Price
Christopher Price پیش ماه
How many bodies does Sussel have under the slab of the house he had built... It's 4
Tim Bier
Tim Bier پیش ماه
Rodgers is definitely gay. . .he is my favorite player and i have followed him for years. Spot on!!!!
nicole malone
nicole malone پیش ماه
Lol l showed that hockey video to my old flatmate and he had a seizure
Brett Morton
Brett Morton پیش ماه
i am so gay for sports
KrustyKrabbzy پیش ماه
Unliiiiimited vacancy at the R Word motel
Inigo Montoya
Inigo Montoya پیش ماه
Josh must be talking to his idles. Because it seems his opportunities are Unlimmmited
Tyler Woodard
Tyler Woodard پیش ماه
Mom says I can only watch The Good Boy Hr. Until next time. Lol could you imagine
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez پیش ماه
Hey hey playa!!
Ted Jones
Ted Jones پیش ماه
Hooker business on Crenshaw has been booming since the start of covid
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith پیش ماه
I love the mistakes. I love this show it makes me so happy!!!
Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore پیش ماه
Nice Boy clock made me lol
Christopher Rivas
Christopher Rivas پیش ماه
Ryan Wendel
Ryan Wendel پیش ماه
The potential for a Potter\Sickler sports podcast is UNLIIIIMITED!
Krystal Rea
Krystal Rea پیش ماه
Sussell is giving off major Garth vibes.
z b
z b پیش ماه
that laugh is so piercing and annoying...actually angers me
Vincent DeBlasio
Vincent DeBlasio پیش ماه
I come for the sports talk tbh...
Jacob Blue
Jacob Blue پیش ماه
This is one of my new favorite podcasts lol
BackToWar100 پیش ماه
Matt Kolb
Matt Kolb پیش ماه
actually met josh a few times in josh allen town and off chipewa, randomly outside bars
Matt Kolb
Matt Kolb پیش ماه
are josh's eyes crossed? or is that the double glasses effect? shred and ragan miss ya
Dawson پیش ماه
Hearing Sussel saying Unlimitedddd makes my blood boil
Azz Tazztik
Azz Tazztik پیش ماه
Bills suck
Gil Garcao
Gil Garcao پیش ماه
He said “bring it baby”
jon Bailey
jon Bailey پیش ماه
The bleeps in the intro had me rolling lmao
Kyle Mitchell
Kyle Mitchell پیش ماه
Sicklers laugh is so infectious.... never could make it through honeydew but anytime hes a guest it's always a favorite episode
Jim Little
Jim Little پیش ماه
Bring it big Un. Stickler still traumatized by the "protests" past summer.
Wilde Sage
Wilde Sage پیش ماه
Holy shit I just had double pipe classic. Jan 22, 2021 3:43am. Bless up. 🙌
Scott Munro
Scott Munro پیش ماه
had never watched one of these but i saw the bills gear in the thumbnail and had to watch
Blair Johnson
Blair Johnson پیش ماه
Three words, Potter: Mahomes will start.
2395WagnerHousesApt2C پیش ماه
Now the only thing standing in the way of the Bills going to the SB is my team. Im so conflicted. I want the Chiefs to win but I want the Bills to win for Josh's reaction.
Barrik Hooper
Barrik Hooper پیش ماه
Josh Potter is uh-hundred percent funnier than Belt Chrysler
Barrik Hooper
Barrik Hooper پیش ماه
Sickler has no respect for the nice boy clock
Olivia Luna
Olivia Luna پیش ماه
@13:25 Please tell me someone else noticed that the ad on the story about the child porn charges was about the NFL teaming up with Nickelodeon. Lmao. #adfail
Joe Morgan
Joe Morgan پیش ماه
bert and ryan have the most annoying laughs
michael edward
michael edward پیش ماه
since when do they censer a podcast ...... much love from hamilton ontario canada
JWS880711 پیش ماه
The best of this is seeing Josh showing the sex doll guy and we get to see all the ads for crippled Tod shopping for shower amenities.
Luis Aguilar
Luis Aguilar پیش ماه
Rob D
Rob D پیش ماه
They should be able to do text to voice for Josh, then they could play what he can't see.
Naltddesha پیش ماه
I fucking love the Sickler/Potter podcasts man
Silver G
Silver G پیش ماه
Silver G
Silver G پیش ماه
Kyle Gunther
Kyle Gunther پیش ماه
Rob's Mental Playground
Rob's Mental Playground پیش ماه
More Josh and Sickler please. Really enjoyed this one, sucks Enny wasn't there to chime in on a couple things.
Max Clarity
Max Clarity پیش ماه
How many times did Marty Brennaman drop that "'N" joint? UNLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMITED
Chris Roper
Chris Roper پیش ماه
I love the look on Sicklers face whenever Joshs musical segments start, he looks like he hates em. XD
Jen Perez Fun
Jen Perez Fun پیش ماه
Someone get Josh a phone book to sit on :D
Drew P
Drew P پیش ماه
These two should be a podcast. I could listen to them all day.
Mysterioso پیش ماه
When Ryan mentioned that sex dolls don’t prevent rape is about power I imagined Elon Musk inventing a sex doll that fights back furiously when you try to have sex with it.
J W پیش ماه
Potter and segura need to do a sports pod.
Ethan Eck
Ethan Eck پیش ماه
Benny and Griselda are legendary, the Bills are lucky
Colt Forty5
Colt Forty5 پیش ماه
*Lay Man John 7, bring it nigga!*
Mike پیش ماه
unliiiiiiiiiiiiimited, has me rolling.
Matthew Duell
Matthew Duell پیش ماه
The funny thing about the Seth Curry Paul George thing is he got an and one on him and pointed at George and said “Bitch ass!” like the game after Harrell called Luka Doncic “Bitch ass white boy.” If you watch the highlight of Luka’s buzzer beater you can see Curry just yelling at the Clippers’ bench. That whole series was like a basketball soap opera.
Nate Burns
Nate Burns پیش ماه
Please more Sickler on this show
Janeta Silacci
Janeta Silacci پیش ماه
The far duck typically fry because work primarily whine following a quirky nation. unsightly, enthusiastic sister-in-law
Gregory Gutierrez
Gregory Gutierrez پیش ماه
Benny The Butcher, Griselda N**ga I sold cocaine to users, and okays to shooters
Robbie پیش ماه
please to be 2021
No no Ahhh
No no Ahhh پیش ماه
How many roaches do motels have ? unnnnnliiimmmited !
O. Rob
O. Rob پیش ماه
I've ALWAYS been suss on Sussell, I'm glad someone else is finally acknowledging this!
Bear Centeno
Bear Centeno پیش ماه
Ryan Sickler always gold, Josh Potter pure gold... this episode? Timeless
Cree Hall
Cree Hall پیش ماه
Dylan r
Dylan r پیش ماه
i think i smoked so much weed and watched so much sickler ive unintentionally stole his laugh
Frankie Saenz
Frankie Saenz پیش ماه
Only podcast I look forward to. However I would have wanted to hear ryan sickler's thoughts on who he would want to cannibalize.
John Sellas
John Sellas پیش ماه
Tim and Eric did the first song about sports it's called Sports
thatbigoreo پیش ماه
im so glad I started listening to this podcast. its potential... its... UNLIIIMITTTEEDDDDD
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