Hack the North 2020++ - Chamath Palihapitiya & Vinod Khosla Keynote

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Recorded January 15, 2021

Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and CEO of Social Capital/Waterloo Engineering alumnus and Vinod Khosla, Founder of Khosla Ventures, joined moderator Kartik Talwar (co-founder of Hack the North) as the keynote speakers of Hack the North 2020++ for conversation about entrepreneurship, key moments in their careers, and experiences working in the Valley.

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Osman پیش 3 روز
Vinod should not comment on cryptocurrency if he doesnt understand it properly
Maham پیش 7 روز
Absolute gem of an interview
Magan Ang
Magan Ang پیش 7 روز
The adjoining crime spectacularly cry because badger psychologically earn off a six rabbi. hospitable, mute text
getiingtubed پیش 9 روز
First time hearing Vinod, what a man
Cambodian River Pig
Cambodian River Pig پیش 12 روز
Main problem: overpopulation.
Sudharsan Prabu
Sudharsan Prabu پیش 14 روز
Wow! Gonna save this one for life!
Tomiwa پیش 22 روز
I still remember listening to Vinod Live in 2016 Hack the North and Chamath in 2018 live from U of Waterloo Library ( the auditorium was at capacity). Both very memorable parts of my undergrad. Major props to the HTN team for getting both of them at the same time.
Onemirror پیش 22 روز
This wisdom is priceless thanks for the content
Marcos smith
Marcos smith پیش 23 روز
Thanks to those who recommended *Dumpsdark* on telegram here I got my dumps with pin from him and works well in UK thanks bro
Sunny پیش 23 روز
Valuable advice from Vinod. He has done it and speaks from experience of being a success.
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 26 روز
LOVE mostly helping others brainstorm!
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 26 روز
My mother brilliant oncology nurse can suffer memory issues if brain fatty acids replaced with fish oils like eating tuna salmon 1 to 2 times per week// helped my older dad’s memory he would tell me the same sorry 20 times. Love his stories too!
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 26 روز
Again light no metals
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 26 روز
Nylon hollow rose can carry pressure for miles so we can harvest energy across the ocean
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 26 روز
Engineering puzzle: How much could 100 kites as above lift, what air pressure could we make (notice no metal parts!)
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 26 روز
This would be a GREAT college confidence boost ! Lift 20 tons together
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 26 روز
Nylon cord can carry 6 tons, and PET plastic sails could almost do as much
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 26 روز
Organic materials decay so our Egyptian rock carrying secret decomposed.
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla پیش 27 روز
Legends talking....good job Waterloo
Azwad Abid
Azwad Abid پیش 27 روز
"Awesome" - Kevin Lau.
Azwad Abid
Azwad Abid پیش 27 روز
Don't extrapolate the past. Rather invent the future you want.
ankur pandita
ankur pandita پیش 27 روز
vk and chamath rocks as always
therealmcgimmick پیش 28 روز
Vinod's testimony on how he got into Stanford was epic!
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 28 روز
As a 48 year old, poor scholar my parents earned to much for me to get college Love learning
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 28 روز
HVAC Idea: Persia had towers that moved air for FREE and offered air conditioning cooling even to freezing water levels
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 28 روز
Oil AGE is not over, oil not for cars $100/barrel instead used as valuable building material plastics $1000/barrel
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 28 روز
This guys BRILLIANT I wish this would never ever end...
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 28 روز
I strive to surround myself that are strong where i am weak
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 28 روز
I carried golf clubs for free for 2yrs just to listen to BRILLIANT people talk
Sherif Elrashidi
Sherif Elrashidi پیش 28 روز
With AGE comes a SENSE OF HUMOR when looking at my earlier life. Currently I LAUGH and I CRY
Josh Yahalom
Josh Yahalom پیش 28 روز
Thumbs up for my Sri Lankan friend saying “chutzpah gets rewarded” 😂
Chinnini پیش 27 روز
Sarvesh Srinivasan
Sarvesh Srinivasan پیش 29 روز
How about Tesla attacking the HVAC problem as Vinod stated he's not found any breakthrough in this area to help mitigate the climate crisis.
Arkadip Maitra
Arkadip Maitra پیش 29 روز
Yeah, Tesla's heat pump is a step in that direction. Tesla also told that they will eventually do HVAC for buildings.
siddhartha sirimalla
siddhartha sirimalla پیش ماه
I am wondering what made vk start 2 companies 1 month apart
siddhartha sirimalla
siddhartha sirimalla پیش ماه
Chamath Palihapitiya for governor
christopherwillson پیش ماه
I've been waiting a long time to see Vinod and Chamath together. I enjoyed how much they enjoyed it.
RK Y پیش ماه
After burning so much of my time on spam web apps, I want to save other's time and energy and say that the only website that worked is Gamecrook.
Bayarea Carnatic
Bayarea Carnatic پیش ماه
Dunno why VK mentioned " muslim population should not be left behind" What about hindu population who are left behind? Hmm liked the content except for that comment.
Susan Mathew
Susan Mathew پیش ماه
America is based on capitalism. Regardless of technology, we will always be based on capitalism. From the saddle to the spinning wheel to the spinning Jenny to the maser, we will always be based on capitalism.
Susan Mathew
Susan Mathew پیش ماه
The bran trust of the Indian race. According to the state of California.
Vasantha Skanda
Vasantha Skanda پیش ماه
Great to see these two out of the box STEM visionaries talk about the future.
DL Bhardwaj
DL Bhardwaj پیش ماه
Chamath you are my hero !
David Lin
David Lin پیش ماه
Amazing stuff!
R R پیش ماه
I love VK but his narrative on crypto is off.
shera ghag
shera ghag پیش ماه
Thanks for the Plushfull conversation.
Kristopher Mancini
Kristopher Mancini پیش ماه
Nothing to lose.
Ana Blanco
Ana Blanco پیش ماه
Got another successful transaction from Hacknomous.com thank you 🙏🙏
William King
William King پیش ماه
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Trey Scoot
Trey Scoot پیش ماه
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Martin Anderson
Martin Anderson پیش ماه
*Thank you **Hacknomous.com** for the succesful transaction,,,i got the money into my PayPal account successfully*
Mary Parker
Mary Parker پیش ماه
Another transaction confirmed by Hacknomous.com thank you sir
HKS1993 پیش ماه
Did anyone find the 50 page document on medium that Vinod Khosla talks about? 28:13
Ganesh Adhikari
Ganesh Adhikari پیش ماه
Mikhael Catapang
Mikhael Catapang پیش ماه
Chamath for CA Gov!
Scott Morgan
Scott Morgan پیش ماه
@Mikhael Catapang Absolutely true but i know he can think bigger
Mikhael Catapang
Mikhael Catapang پیش ماه
@Scott Morgan since CA is one of the largest economies, then he would be one of the world leaders.
Scott Morgan
Scott Morgan پیش ماه
Chamath for World Leader 🌍
Fredrick Peterson
Fredrick Peterson پیش ماه
As the economy crisis keep rising,one needs to have different stream of income, one needs to have a diversified portfolio in order to survive
Greg Steven
Greg Steven پیش ماه
I've got 12th winning thanks to Mr Mathew Lowe, he's really the best, I've made a lot during this period of pandemic.
Chris Smart
Chris Smart پیش ماه
@Marcus Jones You can contact him online he's always available on WhatsApp 📩
Chris Smart
Chris Smart پیش ماه
@Marcus Jones + 1 6 0 2 7 8 2 8 9 8 6
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones پیش ماه
Please where and how can I contact him I want to work with him and invest🙏🙏🙏🙏"
Mason Jack
Mason Jack پیش ماه
Wow... He must be good, thanks for all the recommendations.
Arnold Wong
Arnold Wong پیش ماه
Fantastic and insightful interview, thanks guys. Aside from all the gems from both, what really stood out was how much respect Chamath had for Vinod. In all of Chamath's interviews, he's dropping mics left, right and center. But very impressed with the amount of listening and respect he showed.
Aymon Sawdeckyar
Aymon Sawdeckyar پیش ماه
So far less than 32k people know the value here. I would trade a month of college class for an hour of this conversation.
Marwan Genena
Marwan Genena پیش ماه
mannnnn i love this interview i don't feel inspired but rather accountable to change the world ill figure out how on the internet
Lou پیش ماه
Insane there are 2 billionaires on here and this is still less than 30K views in the 1st week. Yet WAP will get MMs+ and is literally doing nothing productive or positive for society. You are who you spend the most time with! Excellent interview thanks guys.
zmedemz پیش ماه
Commenting for the algorithm.
Bharath S
Bharath S پیش ماه
This interview is gold mine. Best interview of best of minds. Immensely rewarding!
Nguyen Khanh
Nguyen Khanh پیش ماه
Morri Rowan
Morri Rowan پیش ماه
You think people won't be reading books in 50 years, that seems kind of absurd
Parag Deshpande
Parag Deshpande پیش ماه
Watch out for IPOE and MP materials
DhowTo پیش ماه
Thanks for doing this interview.
Tim Joe
Tim Joe پیش ماه
Climate crisis was never a subject when flying around.
Nicholas Cummings
Nicholas Cummings پیش ماه
Biased and not nearly as successful as the two keynotes but NYC and LA have 2/3 the tech industry size (the compounding and concentration do matter in Silicon Valley...) but also have massive amounts of culture and other industries.
Luke Coffey
Luke Coffey پیش ماه
TV Mohini
TV Mohini پیش ماه
Vinod is immensely deep and thoughtful. Plus he has made most of his money doing socially accretive activities (vs/ say, creating social media apps).
Jayson Woolvett
Jayson Woolvett پیش ماه
its not where your from, its where your going. Chamath is contributing to the world in a big way
Gaël des Montagnes Noires
Gaël des Montagnes Noires پیش ماه
Hack your life! Buy Bitcoin so governments will have to be subservient to civilians instead of the other way around. Onwards.
Neil Beekie
Neil Beekie پیش ماه
Two of my favorite Tech visionaries Vinod's paper mentioned : medium.com/@vkhosla/reinventing-societal-infrastructure-with-technology-f71e0d4f2355
Evan Kim
Evan Kim پیش ماه
43:37 "skip school, go on wikipedia" - Chamath
Yada پیش ماه
I'm glad there are people like Chamath that's not afraid to speak their mind and not just the status quo.
MCB World
MCB World پیش ماه
BTW, I love Chamath! :)
MCB World
MCB World پیش ماه
If you are really hardworking and smart and read a lot more than everyone! With great creative ideas. You don't need school. I guess you are in the top 0.1% of the smartest people in the world! :) But I'm not sure if this applies well to a regular kid.
Peter Mitchell
Peter Mitchell پیش ماه
maybe chamath can lead the anti social media movement
tom knop
tom knop پیش ماه
Jessie Pinzon
Jessie Pinzon پیش ماه
Which social media platforms do you suggest we use to promote this?
Shao Khan
Shao Khan پیش ماه
8:00 he probably meant newsgroups
Shao Khan
Shao Khan پیش ماه
@Mike neeeeato
Mike پیش ماه
I think he did mean bulletin boards en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulletin_board_system newsgroups came after if I recall correctly.
Angela R
Angela R پیش ماه
Chamath is so bored... love all the innovation. How do we change the government? This government is cruel and inhumane. How do we share love and positivity? Risk is our messed up politics! The greed is sick and middle class disappearing is problematic. Climate can for sure be controlled.
Jon Becherer
Jon Becherer پیش ماه
Phenomenal, thank you.
Solar Energy Products
Solar Energy Products پیش ماه
I'm 44 and at this time. I have to do everything myself. It is frustrating.
Elite Investor
Elite Investor پیش ماه
Summary of Keynote 1. Be curious and have role models to lookup to -Define them and learn from them 2. Risk Taking: - When your young, you don't have much to lose. -Don't have high expectations -View failure as a good teacher that gives lessons - Focus on what you really believe in and not what others expect from you. -Make sure your bets don't destroy you 3. "Your failures don't matter, as long it's manageable" ~Vinod Khosla 4.The Future - Find things that can be massively reinvented using via technology - Inequality and climate change 5. What Chamath Spends time reading daily. -Blogs (Vinod Khosla), wikipedia, scientific paper, articles. -3-4 hours daily 6.Working in Silicon Valley? - Interesting place full of special people -Work on meaningful products -Take risks and learn 7. If you feel Lost - Define your self worth: What success means to you, how you are wired and function. -Define what success means to you 8. Bitcoin - Uncorrelated hedge - As trillions of dollars get pumped into society, you need crypto as a hedge. - Blockchain is going to be the future 9. Social Media in future - Same long term problems just as tobacco - People don't realize what the long term consequences are. I hope this was informative. Thank you Hack The North for bringing Chamath Palihapitiya and Vinod Khosla on.
Anishia Gopi
Anishia Gopi پیش ماه
This is an absolute gem of an interview!!!!!
TV Mohini
TV Mohini پیش ماه
Only one that I’ve seen where another speaker dominates Chamat
Omar Shabab
Omar Shabab پیش ماه
Amazing to hear both Chamath and Vinod together
klau - Product Manager
klau - Product Manager پیش ماه
great conversation!
Shao Khan
Shao Khan پیش ماه
I like Vinod, Chamat I feel cares what others think slightly. Vinod doesn’t give a shit.
Shao Khan
Shao Khan پیش ماه
@Jonathan De La Paz half man half amazing
Jonathan De La Paz
Jonathan De La Paz پیش ماه
Nas is that you?
Kevon Cheung
Kevon Cheung پیش ماه
Great camera angle Chamath. And of course great sharing. Thank you.
chamath and vinod in one video! wow!!!!!
Sylvia Chan
Sylvia Chan پیش ماه
Modern thinking vs old school!!!! Dig it. Someone should look at Ethics in Marketing education! all the excess profits and creatives to lure buying claims and so on. Too many high IQ without EQ running amok and no basis for moral ethics is becoming self-destructive ecosystem
raeon ™
raeon ™ پیش ماه
VK not being more informed about crypto and bitcoin in particular. there are so many more illegal activities related to the USD than crypto, both within institutions and criminal actors.
Arbaaz Manjiyani
Arbaaz Manjiyani پیش ماه
@Edward Dench wtf are u talking about
Sip Zz
Sip Zz پیش ماه
He is Boomer
Shao Khan
Shao Khan پیش ماه
Elon Musk says the same thing as VK... he says it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Don’t know if they’re right
Arbaaz Manjiyani
Arbaaz Manjiyani پیش ماه
I agree with you but think about it like this. The fundamental utility of Bitcoin has been used as a means of transferring value in illicit activities. Usd does too but there are 10000000x things you can do with it as well. I hope this changes soon!
kvps27 پیش ماه
1996 - the year Chamath's home country Sri Lanka won the cricket world cup.
SeaFrothSpaceWave پیش ماه
There are so many gems in this conversation. Thanks for sharing this here.
Chamin Nalinda
Chamin Nalinda پیش ماه
did you guys re-upload this, I remember watching this yesterday!
Overpowered athleticism
Overpowered athleticism پیش 21 روز
bro he hacked a bangladeshi youtube channel named antik Mahmud and give video on it .
Bhupinder Nayyar
Bhupinder Nayyar پیش ماه
Great to have Vinod and Chamath on same platform. ❤️🔥🙏
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