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Rachel Melanie
Rachel Melanie پیش 4 روز
Patrick Star is truly cringe & 🤢
Asher پیش 7 روز
i would love to see garret speak out
Monse Mares Tapia
Monse Mares Tapia پیش 9 روز
What’s with the licking? 😖😖
Alexis Rivera
Alexis Rivera پیش 10 روز
I think at this point Jeffree is so paranoid he destroys anything that is simply good out if this fight or flight mind set that everyone is out to get him.
Katherine NO
Katherine NO پیش 11 روز
Who's gonna tell Patrick that the mask ain't doing anything on his wrist lol. They don't have magic powers and repel all covid particles in a 5m radius
Shordy da Goat
Shordy da Goat پیش 13 روز
Y’all be reaching lol I just want u to say u don’t like jeffree lol cause girl lol Im like okay u can tell u hate jeffree
OmarAntics پیش 8 روز
Fr these 14 yr old girls be sensitive over every little thing
Vegan Dolls
Vegan Dolls پیش 14 روز
quit saying literally. you said it 70 times in this video
Kaitlyn Garcia
Kaitlyn Garcia پیش 14 روز
bryce handled this way better than i would’ve
itsAugustStones پیش 15 روز
Not you taking that joke about paying garrets rent seriously lmfao
Calliophe Sage Rose
Calliophe Sage Rose پیش 15 روز
To whomever is reading this comment, whatever bad things are going on in your life will get better. You are valued and loved. If you feel alone or betrayed or lost, please know that you are not alone. I will never know you but I want you to know that things do get better. It cannot rain every day. Keep your head up, or if you're dealing with mental health issues I'll say keep your chin up. Breathe. Drink some water. Eat at least once. Its okay to not be okay but please don't give up. I myself haven't had the best of vibes lately. But I'm sending out nothing but love and support for you so you can pay it forward. 🙂🥰💞💯
Pellow Princess
Pellow Princess پیش 15 روز
Funny thing is, Jeffree didn’t buy his house. he said he had a mortgage which is literally just like paying rent but to a bank
Maria Tea
Maria Tea پیش 15 روز
jeffree seemingly doesnt know much about real estate / renting / finance? or hes just talking to talk. trisha was probably able to write off the entire home she rented considering she works from home
Bichen Up Ur -
Bichen Up Ur - پیش 16 روز
Patrick Star needs to go back under his rock
Haylee Yates
Haylee Yates پیش 16 روز
I just noticed when you go to Garretts page and click on "channels" Morgan & Drew are there, but no Shane or Ryland. Shane has Garrett on his but when you go to Rylands Garrett isn't there. Hmmm
Housewife Tarot
Housewife Tarot پیش 16 روز
He seemed really hurt when he made the diamonds comment
iner2408 پیش 16 روز
Lol the clip with Shane and Ryland "encouraging" Garrett to fuck Jeffree for rent payment was totally a joke xD of course they don't want him to do that. They were laughing at it!
Emily smith
Emily smith پیش 17 روز
i just don’t see the point in these types of video. like ur just spreading misinformation and adding to the fire or this situation
Emily smith
Emily smith پیش 17 روز
i think everyone just needs to stop talking about this and let them fucking deal with their own lives by themselves. like that shade did not seem like shade or meant to be anything. he laughed at himself. obviously was just a joke about not being rich. also the part from shane’s video was also 100% a joke as well, at least on shane and rylands part. u could tell by how andrew laughed because he knew it was just stupid absurdity to add to the content. i can’t say jeffrey was joking because idk with him. but like everyone else seemed like they knew it was just a joke.
arianny پیش 17 روز
Andrew and Garret deserved so much better. If you watch old videos you can see the very rude comments Shane made. 😕
Cheyenne Nicholas
Cheyenne Nicholas پیش 18 روز
It’s sad I grew up watching Shane, and Jeffrey. But as soon as they became friends things blew up, now I can care less what they do. I’m more disappointed in Shane
pebbs89 پیش 19 روز
These “influencers” are trash but ppl love trash. IMO Garrett cmmt was a way to say not everyone has sold their soul for money and it’s perfectly normal to rent/not own the property. The way JS ALWAYS looked & his comments made at Garrett was DISTURBING af and I’m not surprised it wasn’t brought up before. Everyone just thought it was soo cute becuz Garrett is cute & sweet. SD’s fiancé is gross. He would if hasn’t already gave it up to JS. SD & Ryland are perfect for each other.
milly larz
milly larz پیش 19 روز
I'm so confused I hit all notifications and I keep getting notifications days later, like this one says this vid was 5 days ago, wth IRpost!!!???
Fantaztic Dream
Fantaztic Dream پیش 19 روز
Garrett who? Right. No one cares. Patrick Starr? Trash. Nikita Dragun? Trash. Moving on...
Miranda Ferrer
Miranda Ferrer پیش 13 روز
What? People care about Garrett
Amy Jones
Amy Jones پیش 19 روز
If someone is following you, drive to the closest police station. Just ask your GPS to find it while you’re driving normally.
Kenzie Coco
Kenzie Coco پیش 19 روز
Stop following these people y’all mad weird for that
Truth Teller
Truth Teller پیش 19 روز
It was a joke and you’re reaching. 😑
Sunny C
Sunny C پیش 19 روز
Shane spitting all over the place just to do a fake laugh from the 00’s 🙄
Sacred Waves
Sacred Waves پیش 20 روز
Ok. People are upset about someone saying they werent at a party they were at? Mayne its an inside joke, or something? The things people get their panties in a wad for, is ridiculous. Is that important enough to be upset about? Really... Life holds so much more than Patrick star at a party. Why does that matter? I wish my life was so simple, I had time to worry about someones tweet. 🙄
Karla Moran
Karla Moran پیش 20 روز
Eh Garrett and Andrew must have known how Shane is...
Rebecca Harrington
Rebecca Harrington پیش 20 روز
Followed by a follower.... O the irony! 🤣
Crystal Q
Crystal Q پیش 20 روز
I seriously think that Garrett was just being Garrett. Garrett doesn't have a drama bone in his body. I feel he is just spouting the obvious. Love Garrett for this reason!
DD Bears36
DD Bears36 پیش 20 روز
Jacqueline hills products will be now an alter how is that possible she’s never had a successful launch? I won’t be supporting her
Angelica L
Angelica L پیش 20 روز
6:46 for the garrett watts/jeffree drama
Tiffany Starr
Tiffany Starr پیش 20 روز
They seemed excited for Garrett. Maybe Garrett had a crush on Jeffree but assumed he was WAY out of his league. Jeffree is a Gorgeous man
Geny Rodriguez
Geny Rodriguez پیش 20 روز
7:40 Garrett and Jeffree drama
SarahKay پیش 21 روز
YT recommended this to me, but I only clicked to ask who even f'ing cares at this point?! Aren't you guys sick of other people's drama? I know I am.
slayer1990z ashley
slayer1990z ashley پیش 21 روز
If I've said it once I've said it a million times ryland is the most money hungry person I've ever seen
samler pill
samler pill پیش 21 روز
holy shit jackolyn hill and patrick star look soooo similar i never realized
caprisun 420
caprisun 420 پیش 21 روز
i own a house and it really doesn't mean anything. my mortgage is literally $1,000 less than the rent for a one bedroom apartment in my area lmao. also, i would rather rent than own because i never want to feel trapped in a place because it's difficult to sell a home 🤷‍♀️ at least when you're tired of where you live when you're renting, you can move out when your lease is up.
Gabrielle Elizabeth
Gabrielle Elizabeth پیش 21 روز
I think if that clip proves anything it’s the Ryland is nothing more than a gold digger
Austin Thomas
Austin Thomas پیش 21 روز
Maybe has something to do with the alcohol in his hand?? 🤷‍♂️
Star Girl
Star Girl پیش 21 روز
Garrett was too pure for this toxic group. Garret is an angel he must be protected at all cost 👼🏻
#TheЄrin پیش 21 روز
Thought I was back in junior high for a minute..
BBhomemaker33 پیش 21 روز
Honestly is a rich man told me that he wants my friend and he’ll pay her rent for a few months I will tell her to fw him cause I wanna see my girl win. Baby that’s free rent!!! Ofc it’s up to her and I wouldn’t force her to do something she doesn’t wanna do. But the way Shane and ryland reacted to that is how a lot of us would react don’t cap 😭😭😭
Cylie پیش 21 روز
Nah don’t drag Garrett into all that mess. He was just saying that with no one in mind. He’s living his life.
bonjour itsizzy
bonjour itsizzy پیش 21 روز
people are given them this platform and if you continue to comment, like and repost or buy their shitt than you are continuing to support this influencer-19 (covid-19) gross behavior
Jae Gonzales
Jae Gonzales پیش 21 روز
Patrick grosses me out so bad 🤢 his lack of a jawline makes me really disgusted
Britney Ball
Britney Ball پیش 21 روز
Wait wait wait... didn’t Shane rent his old house? Like the one with the pool... Sus that Rylan and Jeffree were basically laughing at Shane
TheFridayNightGirl1 پیش 21 روز
I mean the male privilege of Bryce to be able to not be scared of a possible stalker is talking loud to me💀
TFC_Laylicious پیش 21 روز
My family and I were followed because these two guys about my age I think wanted to talk to my 15 year old sister 🤢🤮
Jezebel Starr
Jezebel Starr پیش 21 روز
And that shit they said about his rent IM PRETTY SURE WAS A JOKE. No one said shit about that vid when it first came out so why do y’all keep REACHING ???
Edgy Daddy
Edgy Daddy پیش 21 روز
I feel like Andrew knew though if he was behind the scenes the whole time but that’s just loud thinking
Emily Simmons
Emily Simmons پیش 21 روز
Bryce doesn’t need to do that next time. Call the police you’re a famous person that person could’ve tried to shoot you. Ugh that’s scary
Andriana michael
Andriana michael پیش 21 روز
Patrick star is a Pisces that's why lol
Babysymba Instagram
Babysymba Instagram پیش 21 روز
Damn you over analyze everything..... I use to like this channel.
LoveCeCi Cc
LoveCeCi Cc پیش 21 روز
Your video is getting more stupid
Silvia López
Silvia López پیش 21 روز
Stop assuming things 🙂
Liam Manning
Liam Manning پیش 21 روز
Renting does make you broke...js. Means you have bad credit and stuff you can’t pay back 😴 lol no fronts
Liam Manning
Liam Manning پیش 21 روز
I’ll stan Jeffree beyond the grave/cryochamber 🦯🧊😉💚
Vanessa Dunlap
Vanessa Dunlap پیش 21 روز
And that’s on REACHING 😂 watched tha whole video without thinking about this drama... guess it depends on your frame of mind
hi it’s yoona
hi it’s yoona پیش 21 روز
set the drama with jeffree and shane aside, those videos were so goddamn funny and i miss those 😩
Amina Mokhlis
Amina Mokhlis پیش 21 روز
does spilly sound different to anyone else ?
Pepperandsalt پیش 21 روز
This channel would be SO much better without the valley girl accent, the atrocious amount of times she says “literally”, and the gaping mouth talk.
Willow Moon Wolf
Willow Moon Wolf پیش 21 روز
If someone is following you in your car/truck, NEVER drive home. Drive straight the police station. And call them on the way and let them know what’s going on. And let them know what you’re driving.
September پیش 21 روز
IRpost translate: Churchia Paytas
ᄼPERIODT پیش 21 روز
Wow they really wanted him to sell himself to pay for the house. And his "friends" saying so it.
Opinionated Kraken Troll
Opinionated Kraken Troll پیش 21 روز
I remember when Jeffree first met Garret and he kept trying to hook up with Garrett and telling him he’d pay for his rent and kept trying to sexually suggest things to Garret who just laughed and ignored it. I didn’t realize they deleted it/ it resurfaced lol a good portion was just Jeffree soliciting Garret even tho he was with Nate. He wanted to bring Garrett on a vacation and what not lol i thiugjjtbit was funny i didn’t think Jeffree was serious I thought it was content
Javier Gonzalo Carvajalino Vera
Javier Gonzalo Carvajalino Vera پیش 21 روز
Are u kidding mee all the mehhh people were on that party ahhahahha the hypocrisy hahahah
Indy RAWR پیش 21 روز
I wouldn't be surprised if that mystery box stock was placed really, really low in the first place!
Ashley Hixson
Ashley Hixson پیش 22 روز
Can we give Shane a break! Like let's go back to 2016/2017 when he wasn't friends with Jeffrey. Like Shane is so blinded by Jeffery that he can't see what he is doing is wrong. He will come around. Well I hope Shane comes around.
Kayla Gorman
Kayla Gorman پیش 22 روز
A warning should really be posted before that tongue swap 🤢💀🤣🤣
Vanessa Curry
Vanessa Curry پیش 22 روز
All us renter peons are the reason he has money to purchase things such as a mansion!! It’s the reason he can’t keep relationships he’s vapid and selfish and huge narcissist
Miscellaneous Skiksdk
Miscellaneous Skiksdk پیش 22 روز
These Influencers suck but most of us never had people following their lives in their 20’s. I would have totally life failed if it was me. Money would have just made worse, lol, JS😂
Katie Lynn
Katie Lynn پیش 22 روز
I think that Patrick was trying to say he was black out that’s what he meant by “wish I was there” doesn’t excuse that disgusting licking thing between him and Tana??
ashley may
ashley may پیش 22 روز
spilly, that seems like a really scary situation. that’s insane, my heart probably would beat so hard and i wouldn’t know what to do honestly. that’s so traumatic and maybe your even scared to go out now
ashley may
ashley may پیش 22 روز
also sorry if i sound disgenuine at all, didn’t mean it in anyway ofc
makenzie white
makenzie white پیش 22 روز
This man is literally a landlord ofc he looks down on people who rent yet he profits from them
Marisol1997 Cruz
Marisol1997 Cruz پیش 22 روز
I think y'all reaching with the garrett drama the dude don't seem like he cares about drama
notaxandria _7
notaxandria _7 پیش 22 روز
"Omg I'm being followed it's so scary" ...stfu 😅 get out and do sum bout it.
shanices heart
shanices heart پیش 22 روز
Don’t bring Garrett into this
Elizabeth diaz
Elizabeth diaz پیش 22 روز
I came just for Garrett
Kevin The Rat
Kevin The Rat پیش 22 روز
Props to Andrew got out while he could
Angelica Magaoay
Angelica Magaoay پیش 22 روز
OK YALL IM TIRED OF THIS DRAMA... anyway does anyone know a good sunscreen that’s good for poc???? i’m tired of buying sunscreen that leaves a white cast
Vinaluv پیش 22 روز
Garrett is annoying but really sweet so I don't think he was doing it on purpose. It just probably came out his mouth. Renting relieves you of a lot of responsibility. Like if my fridge breaks, I just call the company I'm renting from. From plumbing to roofing. As long as it's not something I caused.
K پیش 22 روز
The Jeffree “shade” is suchhhh a reach. 😂
natalia hernandez
natalia hernandez پیش 22 روز
Guys if someone is ever following you like that, call 911 to let them know, ask for the directions to the nearest police station and drive there
CorySimpsonArt پیش 22 روز
And then there’s ryland laughing at Jeffree’s joke as if he’d have that big house without Shane’s money. God I can’t stand ryland more than any of them.
fat bitch
fat bitch پیش 22 روز
Stans gotta calm down. deadass.
weirdooo. پیش 22 روز
Patrick Starr shocked me cause I thought he was better than these influencers but I guess not. He was definitely trying to be funny because he was holding his mask and was mocking people that were asking about his mask. He's disgusting for that. I also can't believe Nikita's family are essential workers and look at her behavior and she's partying meanwhile her family are putting their lives on the line because they work in hospitals. Like disgusting.
Rosalind Snyder
Rosalind Snyder پیش 22 روز
Oh please. Garret’s comment was NOT directed at Jeffree Star. That’s not his style at all to say the least.
ilovegreen324 پیش 22 روز
There’s nothing wrong with renting at all. As long went out of your way looking for your very own space and paying for it to me that’s a success. I’m starting to think some of the deal and certain things jeffree owns it might’ve been handed to him. Ya having a place handed to you without having to work hard at all whatsoever is not a success. I know plenty of family members who are spoiled (sickening I know) who always have things handed to them and they act like they earned it without having hustle.
belinda پیش 22 روز
so many rich celebrities are so tone deaf, the pandemic parties really showed that
Kayla Varela
Kayla Varela پیش 22 روز
Sometimes renting is way better for some people. Ever hear of property and insurance taxes? Deposit? Yes there is security deposit and some places need renters insurance but the costs is wayyy different. Some people can’t rent or don’t want to. It’s great he came up and made a lot of money but a nasty person is a nasty person, money or none.
the wizard
the wizard پیش 22 روز
People buy JH makeup still ..
Angola L
Angola L پیش 22 روز
Patrick Star is always this way. He isn't this sweet, demure thing. Manny stopped talking to him for a reason.
Oliwia Ja
Oliwia Ja پیش 22 روز
we NEED to protecc Garrett from Jaffree
QUEER VEE ART پیش 22 روز
jeffree wanting to fuck garrett and offering to pay his rent to get there,,, um what the hell that whole part of the video made me super uncomfortable ,, jeffree doesnt even see people as people
Rosario پیش 22 روز
I dont think garret is the type to throw shade like that
Suki B
Suki B پیش 22 روز
SHOOOO!! I know Nikita had a two part bday so maybe Patrick starr didn’t go to the second part???? 🤷🏻‍♀️
ItsmehPėrłåa پیش 22 روز
Oh my gosh Garrett is just such a sweetheart, I don’t think nothing bad should or would be ever said about him :) too innocent
Na Li
Na Li پیش 22 روز
Spilly... do you understand jokes? Basically every video is about you misinterpreting jokes. Just because you don’t understand them or dont get them/ don’t find them funny, doesnt mean they are not jokes? You are always sharing your opinion/thoughts, you are definitely not objective but make it look like that. Chanels like this are just feeding into canceled culture which is just most of the time fucking mass cyber bullying
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