Eagles reportedly hire Nick Sirianni as head coach - Wiley and Acho react | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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The Philadelphia Eagles reportedly hire Indianapolis Colts OC Nick Sirianni as their new head coach. Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho discuss the Eagles hire.
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Eagles reportedly hire Nick Sirianni as head coach - Wiley and Acho react | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
Speak For Yourself

Speak For Yourself
Speak For Yourself پیش ماه
What are your thoughts on the Eagles hiring Nick Sirianni as the head coach?
Lrac Lrac
Lrac Lrac پیش ماه
Should of sent Carson to colts and achoo just say Doug wanted to promote deuce to OC and the eagles just threw press Taylor’s name out to save face....
GMo G پیش ماه
********PHILADELPHIA EAGLES SHOULD HAVE AN ALL-WHITE COACHING STAFF AND ALL-WHITE PLAYERS****************** RACIST JEFFREY LURIE has now been exposed, he will get his wish an all-white coaching staff and all-white players. Let's see how many quality black players will want to play for EAGLES. If I am a sort after black FREE AGENT player, I will not even look at the EAGLES😈🥶😈😈🥶😈😈🥶😈😈🥶😈
Wayne Creyaufmiller
Wayne Creyaufmiller پیش ماه
@Greg Dismukes Greg. You are clueless. Look at the top 4/5 QBs. Lawrence , Wilson, Fields, and Mac Jones. 2 runners. 2 passers. Fields will be a bust. Lawrence will be great. Wilson might wind up the best of them all. Mac Jones nothing special.
Greg Dismukes
Greg Dismukes پیش ماه
@Wayne Creyaufmiller Lawrence isnt really that good just another Sam Sam Darnold. Man! You made those stats up. Name a college QB who doesnt run, remember there 120 college teams. So 2 out of 120. lol Get off the gas. The reason why QBs have to be able to run is, defenses are faster and D-ends are running 4.4ers coming off the edge. O-lines do not have the time to pass black.
Wayne Creyaufmiller
Wayne Creyaufmiller پیش ماه
@Greg Dismukes not necessarily. 2/4 top QBs this year are not really mobile. Fields is a runner. His stock is dropping. Lawrence is a passer first. Will stop running in the NFL.
SNUPE پیش 24 روز
Acho is qualified for this kind of gig. The way Wiley worded that was kind of disrespectful. Dude was being lowkey passive aggressive with some of his points
Theo the Foot Washer
Theo the Foot Washer پیش 27 روز
only national guys who discuss eagles like every other show discusses cowboys. thanks
Psycho Kitty
Psycho Kitty پیش 28 روز
disgruntled Acho, not qualified but kinda successful? 😁
Gabriel Martinez-Zuviria
Gabriel Martinez-Zuviria پیش 28 روز
First time I’ve agreed with Wiley over Acho
Travis Mannix
Travis Mannix پیش 29 روز
Coached QBs WRs and had 3 solid years solid years as OC considering situation. Started at quality control. Sounds like Wiley only one did his homework here lol
King Kane
King Kane پیش ماه
Acho just told y’all he bends narrative and says what he hears... when he starts talking about Lamar gotta keep that in mind 🥴
Ralph Dixon
Ralph Dixon پیش ماه
Are Colts known for having a good offense? At least since Luck left? Brissett had a decent half season once and rivers was up and down
Antoine Powell
Antoine Powell پیش ماه
This show is real talk lol that’s the real name of this show 😂😂😂
Terrell Mack
Terrell Mack پیش ماه
I like this debate but make good points. But im with wiley. I think coaching and management can gotta be on the same page. Besides doug lost the locker room. In my eyes once you lose that you outta here.
Jim McGeehan
Jim McGeehan پیش ماه
Sounds like Amos and andy
tommy hu
tommy hu پیش ماه
eagles owner is stupid fired pederson over wents , biggest mistake this is the end of eagles
wharriso29 پیش ماه
I don't want to admit it, but the show was better with Jason Whitlock on it.
Trai Davis
Trai Davis پیش ماه
Great show!
Lrac Lrac
Lrac Lrac پیش ماه
Not going lie...I want they guy who going to his 2nd straight Super Bowl with a 3 yr qb....there is no argument who the best candidate still available is
Jae پیش ماه
"Metamucilin'". looool. Love Marcellus and (sometimes) Acho.
Ray Perez
Ray Perez پیش ماه
The Eagles owner needs to fire Howie Roseman, hes running the team into the ground.
GMo G پیش ماه
********PHILADELPHIA EAGLES SHOULD HAVE AN ALL-WHITE COACHING STAFF AND ALL-WHITE PLAYERS****************** RACIST JEFFREY LURIE has now been exposed, he will get his wish an all-white coaching staff and all-white players. Let's see how many quality black players will want to play for EAGLES. If I am a sort after black FREE AGENT player, I will not even look at the EAGLES😈🥶😈😈🥶😈😈🥶😈😈🥶😈
Terry Simmons
Terry Simmons پیش ماه
Another yt guy that benefitted from cronyism, in essence, mediocre season 🙄.
Stafford Beasley
Stafford Beasley پیش ماه
Jalen Hurts is not better than Carson Wentz. Pederson got fired because he's a blockhead
Liam wang
Liam wang پیش ماه
The splendid semicircle morally frame because stocking importantly worry worth a uptight warm. nutritious, sophisticated bun
Michael Ervin
Michael Ervin پیش ماه
Siri play "The Good Ol' Boys"...🙄 We know exactly why he was taken over Eric B. Smh
g.i. joe
g.i. joe پیش ماه
I'm so glad they replaced Whitlock with Acho
BoyWonder1914 پیش ماه
13:56 My man said you out there Metamucil’n 😂🤣💀⚰️
SunRae* **
SunRae* ** پیش ماه
They hired him for Carson Wentz. If they play in the stadium and they miss 3 snaps: THE FANS WILL EAT CARSON ALIVE !!! Coach killer.
Truency پیش ماه
Yall are entertaining as fk.. that being said .. usually I side with acho more..(fly eagles fly) and while I do agree with him in idk If nick will be better than Doug Pederson... but yall this was by far one of the most intelligent arguments or discussions I've ever heard yall make
bruticus smash
bruticus smash پیش ماه
Dumpster fire>Philadelphia eagles
Deshaun621 پیش ماه
Anybody wonder why people aren't considering all the injuries on the offensive side of ball (WRs)
Turquel JUST Baker
Turquel JUST Baker پیش ماه
I agree with Acho. He’s normally always on point when speaking on the Eagles
Chris Ingram
Chris Ingram پیش ماه
Best talk show. Period. Really enjoy
Harry Gr
Harry Gr پیش ماه
i wanted Deuce Staley as Eagles coach
Wayne Creyaufmiller
Wayne Creyaufmiller پیش ماه
Acho wasn’t a good player. And is a clown. Stopped watching this show when Whitlock left.
Gregory LaGrange
Gregory LaGrange پیش ماه
So after listening to Acho and Wiley talk about qualifications about being a host, Acho just need to say "after all the people like Colin Cowherd that kept getting host jobs, I was over qualified."
Gregory LaGrange
Gregory LaGrange پیش ماه
It's funny that nobody argues with "winning fixes everything". Whatever criticisms are flying around, everybody forgets them when the team starts winning. But whenever a team is dealing with a high draft QB that they thought was going to be the guy, and they find out that the backup may be better, or a new draft that wasn't picked as high may be better, they don't keep the same "winning fixes everything" mindset. It turns into "we put a lot of money in this guy so we have to find a way to make it work and hope for the best". I realize they may be guarding trade value in a way to hedge their bets. But if a team would win with the other guy, they still hardly ever just go with the other guy, and accept that they made a mistake.
Audrey Furber
Audrey Furber پیش ماه
Hey idiots look at all the coaches the eagles hired no of them had any experience that’s the way the eagles hire it’s their team and they can hire anyone they want
Audrey Furber
Audrey Furber پیش ماه
Guys that was the front office that put that team together
Natrel Williams
Natrel Williams پیش ماه
I hate this guy..he should go join fox news
Reginald Graham
Reginald Graham پیش ماه
Elevating Marcus Wiley as the lead commentator and adding Acho is like a breath of fresh air. Whitlock was dry and boring . I like the show new direction.
O.T. exclusive
O.T. exclusive پیش ماه
I agree with acho
Cee Speaks
Cee Speaks پیش ماه
This was a control hire , nothing else. I'm disappointed in the disfunction of my team I just hope something good of some sort comes out of this
Abid Ahmad
Abid Ahmad پیش ماه
This segment was so much better than Undisputed’s segment on this topic. I’m starting to like this show more and more
John Moore
John Moore پیش ماه
Acho still showing his true colors then he said dougie p won multiple titles just one just saying
Gregory LaGrange
Gregory LaGrange پیش ماه
Might be counting as a player
Victor Canales
Victor Canales پیش ماه
Thank you acho speaking truth
Roosevelt Green
Roosevelt Green پیش ماه
BLACKS;;i am getting very upset about our complaining about white football team owners not hiring BLACKS..we have PELFMAZUMA brothers and sisters,,buy YOUR own TEAMS..HIRE whom YOU want. YOU BUY YOUR 100% BLACK OWNED TEAMS,,,I GUARANTEE WE WIN THE 3 MAJOR SPORTS CHAMPIONSHIPS BACK TO BACK TO BACK IN ALL 3..AGAIN GUARANTEE
Chi-Town Mapp
Chi-Town Mapp پیش ماه
No black coaches 🤔
Markus Tillman
Markus Tillman پیش ماه
At least Shannon has the balls to say what it's really about 🤷🏿‍♂️
Chucky Killz
Chucky Killz پیش ماه
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson پیش ماه
If the coach was black everybody would be worshipping him
Chief 90
Chief 90 پیش ماه
This guy was hired to not challenge the front office. When, he does wrong, he is going to be blamed.
Focus on Kicks
Focus on Kicks پیش ماه
White privilege. PERIOD. Pep Hamilton? Eric B from KC wasn't good enough?!?! HE'S HELPED COACH THE #1 OFFENSE IN FOOTBALL!!!
Jabari Crews Ellis
Jabari Crews Ellis پیش ماه
I think this hire isnt just good for the eagles, for wentz, but for jalen hurts as well
Mr24 Tha General
Mr24 Tha General پیش ماه
Remember u Black?
Mr24 Tha General
Mr24 Tha General پیش ماه
White Privilege? No more white Lairs? White people? Don't like black people remember that....
Jakeem پیش ماه
firing Doug peterson was a bad move, dude is good but hey I'm a giants fan so I can't criticize too much
bubba pacha
bubba pacha پیش ماه
im not even going to lie.... As a loooong time (a real 37 yrs and not like the "lifelong" fans that actually became fans in 2018....much of which are off the wagon) die hard eagles fan i wanted duce to get loose and be the HC. i thought it was his time to to get the hc title and im kindve shocked he didnt...must interview badly. Honestly ill be perfectly happy with it as long as they are successful. i do believe duce will be gone cuz why would he keep a asst HC that he doesnt really know?
Michael Young
Michael Young پیش ماه
Who is this dude???
Josh K
Josh K پیش ماه
how is he any less qualified than Bieniemy ? He’s been an OC longer, has experience as a WR and QB coach in the NFL and has held previous positions in the league for over a decade lmao just because you’ve “never heard of him” doesn’t mean he’s unqualified
j skully
j skully پیش ماه
They've actually been NFL offensive coordinators the same amount of time. Bienemy was also a an college offensive coordinator at Colorado back in 2012 i believe until he came back into the league. He's also been running backs coach everywhere he has coached since the start of his career. He was also an assistant head coach with vikings back in 2010. So they are about even in qualifications. With Bienemy getting the slight edge because of his asst head coach credit and he has been a OC once before even though it was college.
L W پیش ماه
But what about Chip Kelly? Who dismantled the team by getting rid of their best players after his first and only good season?
SouthPhilly Spud
SouthPhilly Spud پیش ماه
typical FOX get two black people to talk in circles avoiding the bigger picture Systematic Racism in the NFL the same way Fox news dances around systematic racism in America.. These guys are puppets and clowns helping the system dance around the Facts
Gabe Lippincott
Gabe Lippincott پیش ماه
I find it funny because when Doug was hired I heard same thing
John Capo
John Capo پیش ماه
# RACE quit dancing around the subject
phlbnr پیش ماه
Daboll also turned down the eagles. Acho sounds so uninformed.
JonJonTV1 پیش ماه
Man Marcellus sucks at this job always talking backwards and contradicting
phlbnr پیش ماه
Eagles we're never hiring a defensive coach. Acho needs to get over it.
Mike Freeman
Mike Freeman پیش ماه
They said Doug Pederson wasn’t qualified either 🙄
MovieDetective پیش ماه
@Mike Freeman hire the most qualified people. Doug wasn’t unqualified he came Andy’s coaching tree and was around the franchise dating back 12 years with Mcnabb and those Andy Reid teams! This narrative that Doug wasn’t qualified is false. He was groomed to be the eagles head coach. It was the ONLY job he was qualified for haha
Mike Freeman
Mike Freeman پیش ماه
@FreedomofSpeech FreedomofThought sounds like a managment problem
Mr. Midnight
Mr. Midnight پیش ماه
So this guy I've never heard of gets a job and Eric Bienemy can't get a job???????
Ricky Styles
Ricky Styles پیش 28 روز
@Mr Midnight What makes you think Bieniemy wanted that job?
T'challah !
T'challah ! پیش ماه
Excellent take on both sides, but as an Eagles fan, Acho is on point, Howie is a major problem.
Reginald Williams
Reginald Williams پیش ماه
Duce Staley Pep Hamilton or Eric Biehenemy should've been candidates for this job before Nick Sirianni.
Reginald Williams
Reginald Williams پیش ماه
@phlbnr the man just wants a break. I hope he gets it at Houston with Watson.
phlbnr پیش ماه
Eventually you dummies will realize Bieniemy didn't want to coach them.
Philly4/4 پیش ماه
How is he not qualified?????? He's been coaching for 17 years! Just because you never heard of him makes him unqualified? That argument is dumb
SplashLegend97 پیش ماه
john sexton
john sexton پیش ماه
Colts had Phillip Rivers a hall of fame QB
SplashLegend97 پیش ماه
Rivers was considered done is year before Indy dude cause he was bad
fiasco stew
fiasco stew پیش ماه
Acho is the best
john sexton
john sexton پیش ماه
The coach that they picked was too young.
Matt P.
Matt P. پیش ماه
Andy Reid was a QB coach who never called plays and Pederson was inexperienced who did not play calls. One is the winningest coach in franchise history and a first ballot hall of famer and the other delivered the first super bowl in franchise history. Sometimes talent is talent. Let's see what happens.
David Hatcher
David Hatcher پیش ماه
They are both correct. Sirianni has just enough experience and success to deserve a shot as a head coach BUT not enough to dictate what he does against Eagles management.
Tarkia Lewis
Tarkia Lewis پیش ماه
Nathaniel Rose
Nathaniel Rose پیش ماه
All NFL front offices are like Country Clubs. Very exclusive. It is what it is
Kellastico پیش ماه
So you’re telling me this whole time Orl-Orlando Scandrick w-was r-right? 🥴 Make that make sense!
ineedhoez پیش ماه
Acho is right though... how do we count non playing calling OC experience?
ineedhoez پیش ماه
Lmao@ associated with a guy who was associated with Wentz's success.
FlyerzHD پیش ماه
Acho is such a race baiter. Does it ever get tiring?
Henry Rodena
Henry Rodena پیش ماه
I wanted duce or eric I hope nick will do good
Henry Rodena
Henry Rodena پیش ماه
I'm glad Acho is a eagle fan but he needs to stop defending that loser Wentz I have to side with Wiley hurts needs to be the starter
Texas Made
Texas Made پیش ماه
🤣🤣 my man Acho up there getting them Metamucil drinking Women....🤣🤣 I love this show! These dudes are off the chain!!!!
Izzy Hanif
Izzy Hanif پیش ماه
as an eagles fan who's iffy on the hire, I gotta say its nice to have 2 different perspectives that is backed up with careful thought and research... i was getting tired of people coming up with stupid hot takes just for clickbait...definitely gonna keep up with this show!!
Izzy Hanif
Izzy Hanif پیش ماه
@David Edwin yea i agree! its kinda weird but i found myself understanding and somewhat agreeing with both of their perspectives
David Edwin
David Edwin پیش ماه
These guys are better debaters than most other shows. They have a lot of smart takes compared to that 4th grade nonsense you see on the other network.
J Rod
J Rod پیش ماه
Sounds like they are keeping Carson and as a cowboys fan that makes me happy.
phlbnr پیش ماه
@Jon G those losses aren't because of Wentz just like the wins aren't because of Dak.
Jon G
Jon G پیش ماه
@why sway Dak has a 5-2 record against Carson Wentz.
why sway
why sway پیش ماه
Wentz has 16td and 4 int vs the Cowboys Dak has 8td and 8 int vs the eagles
Pope Platinum Beats And PC Gaming
Pope Platinum Beats And PC Gaming پیش ماه
Acho likes them old women
Pope Platinum Beats And PC Gaming
Pope Platinum Beats And PC Gaming پیش ماه
My favorite sports show..so much better with acho over fatboy
Shamar Doster
Shamar Doster پیش ماه
They just Hired a yes man he going to do what howie and Jeff say
Shamar Doster
Shamar Doster پیش ماه
Ray Perez
Ray Perez پیش ماه
That part, I agree
David Wright
David Wright پیش ماه
Last time I checked EVERYBODY hated on Dougie P when they hired him too and in the short time he was there I'd say exceeded expectations🤷‍♂️.
sunlight sparkle
sunlight sparkle پیش ماه
BINGO..... I know it's a lot of people that's moping and crying about the hire but I'm optimistic.... We don't know what this guy is capable of.... Like you said, nobody was really expecting the hire of Doug, let alone win a ring in his 2nd year. We'll just have to see what happens.
BhBraaq پیش ماه
These guys are great television
Custom Shade
Custom Shade پیش ماه
'Speak For Yourself' -- putting the 'control' on Acho!
Milad Rahim
Milad Rahim پیش ماه
I feel bad for Carson Wentz and other players who have to deal with that type of toxic, lame and bad culture of Philadelphia Eagles.
SkyHigh Fadedguy
SkyHigh Fadedguy پیش ماه
They basically hired him for Wentz
RiskMakeitlookEASY پیش ماه
Love undisputed and first take. This is by far the best debate show out now.
Sike Plays
Sike Plays پیش ماه
Acho is the Ryan Hollins of nfl analysts
TripleG gizz707
TripleG gizz707 پیش ماه
Wiley becoming a sellout Acho 100% right
David Edwin
David Edwin پیش ماه
Nah, I just think Wiley's a secret conservative. A lot of successful people start becoming that way when they get older and grow out of idealism. It's why him and Whitlock got along. There's nothing wrong with being that way politically. It's just a different philosophy/outlook with pros and cons. Doesn't make him a sell out. Not all black people need to think alike.
Major Price
Major Price پیش ماه
The new Jason Whitlock, and can anyone tell me which one I’m referring too?..
Shaniya Jackson
Shaniya Jackson پیش ماه
WhereEaglesDare پیش ماه
I love these two guys together and I think they are the best two sports commentators on tv today, along with Shannon Sharp and Skip Bayless. In a world filled with such anger, resentment and hatred coming at us from all sides, it is really nice to be able to watch a show like this and see two great guys be able to debate different topics and be civil with each other and also add some jokes and humor in their debate. Thank you Marcellus and Acho for making me laugh and giving me the opportunity to escape the harsh and brutal realities of life, even if it is just for a little while. You really canty put a price on that.
David Edwin
David Edwin پیش ماه
Agreed. I like how they don't push outside narratives just because it's the popular notion at a given time. They talk about things when they're relevant but otherwise just stick to sports. That's what I think a lot people want. They are also the best debate team of any sports show right now. Acho was an excellent hire.
John Ference
John Ference پیش ماه
As an eagles fan here’s what I have to say about this hire: 😫 TTRRRRRAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSHHHHH
SkyHigh Fadedguy
SkyHigh Fadedguy پیش ماه
As an Eagles fan here's what I have to say about you: CAAAASSSSUUUUAAALLLLL
Yung Jackpot
Yung Jackpot پیش ماه
I love it as an Eagles fan
Avelino Cargile
Avelino Cargile پیش ماه
Puppet hire, with the roster degrading by the minute and Carson wentz the worst “franchise qb” I’ve ever seen, these eagles are headed for silly and whacky times
Avelino Cargile
Avelino Cargile پیش ماه
@Matthew O'Connor lisssssten if you think Carson is redeemable then idk what to tell you he showed his vulnerability this year throwing pick after pick losing games on a consistent basis
Matthew O'Connor
Matthew O'Connor پیش ماه
If Carson is the worst franchise QB you've ever seen, you must be new to watching the NFL
El See
El See پیش ماه
Acho u the man!
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