Doublelift Retires - My Reflections on his Legacy

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Travis Gafford

پیش 2 ماه

Thank you, Peter.
Archival footage courtesy: Riot Games
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Travis Gafford
Travis Gafford پیش 2 ماه
Thanks everyone for watching all my content with Peter over these years.
B0t15 پیش ماه
It's still just as painful today as it was the last. I think the reason so many people empathized with DL is because we watched him fall so many times and continue to get up. He was the one we all know deserved a trophy yet his case remained empty. When he achieved victory he staved off all the haters. All the people hyper critical of his play and mentality- expecting nothing less than greatness from him 24/7. As Travis said, they were throwing pebbles at a giant. It's easy to tell when you've achieved extraordinary things. People come out of the woodwork to hack you down from the knees. And where many would falter or fall he remained standing. My time being as passionate about league as I was is past. All of my favorite players, old teammates, and friends are gone. But I'll always remain grateful for being able to get so emotionally invested in a player and team. It was a once in a life-time rollercoaster ride I don't think anyone wanted to end. Thank you both Travis and DL. P.S- Despite having chances to meet DL I never did. When I was at the TL vs C9 finals in Detroit I almost went for it but decided not to bug them. I can't tell you how much I regret the hell out of that now.
Miguel Freixo
Miguel Freixo پیش ماه
I feel absolutely the same as you, even though im not a peters friend, im even from europe and the last 5 years i watched league and enjoyed so much watching it because of Doublelift (i would cheer allways for doublelifts team , i had no favourite team I had a favourite player), this retire made me so sad because i feel like he was still the best ad in NA and he had a lot power to show, at the same time im happy for him and his legacy that was so beautifull, but overall i will miss him so much i was rly his biggest fan, much love for u both!!
Carmen S
Carmen S پیش ماه
Actually takes me back to the first competitive game I watched with Canada vs USA that lead me to watch more League stuff and ultimately landed on your channel and State of the League. Those were some good times and I'm gonna miss DL trashtalking and the fun interviews you did with him. Maybe you can invite him to Hotline League here in there, I'm sure yours and DL's fans would appreciate it :)
Thomas B
Thomas B پیش ماه
Wait swordart is joining tsm, is DL still leaving?
Joseph Muir
Joseph Muir پیش ماه
Thank you Travis, for all your hard work. Your content is fantastic, and has really drawn me into following esports and LCS
Варюша Голдинова
Варюша Голдинова پیش 10 روز
Javi Gonzalez
Javi Gonzalez پیش 12 روز
Quinn Eaker
Quinn Eaker پیش 15 روز
Best video ever
Jacob T
Jacob T پیش 16 روز
Not his fault he retired, the game is dead in the west and Asia grows superior by the day
lucy serrano
lucy serrano پیش ماه
Michael Adam
Michael Adam پیش ماه
Travis, where is the interview with Peter?? I would like to know his perspective on his career, retirement and also on what is he planning to do next in his life. Can you make that happen?
ChanmanV پیش ماه
Great piece Travis! Peter deserves way more of these legacy videos on his impact to esports.
Suicideinsilence پیش ماه
Im European and Doublelift was the only reason i watched lcs, its really sad to see him retiring
Andrew Rombach
Andrew Rombach پیش ماه
Doublelift has been one of my favorite players and personalities for many many years. I grew up watching him and in a sense, grew up with him. It is very sad to see him go.
OneJazzKid پیش ماه
From germany: Peter as a guy and person: Funny, good luck to him! NA as a whole, including him: Airport pls, noskill region.
Kichana پیش ماه
Dead Botting
Dead Botting پیش ماه
man....just watched this vid again fuck 2020
Kyal Vidigi
Kyal Vidigi پیش ماه
What makes it may re disappointing is that he retired after a bad record in Worlds.
Paul definitiv
Paul definitiv پیش ماه
@Travis Gafford. Maybe doublelift was kind of a catalyst for your carreer, but you made it in the longterm because you are great in your job and a great indiviual. I enjoy watching your interviews, because they are very entertaining. None of them I could title as "boring".
K Ramis
K Ramis پیش ماه
Ryan Wickman
Ryan Wickman پیش ماه
Its 6AM and im crying
JOGGERSS پیش ماه
Doublelift truly is the greatest player in NA LCS history. His story and achievements is nothing short of greatness. LCS will never be the same.
Meng Lee
Meng Lee پیش ماه
I've been playing League of Legends since Season 1. I've also been a huge fan of DL since the beginning. It was a good run champ.
Dakota پیش ماه
Travis's meal ticket retired? Def not a dry eye in his house tonight lol
kakashi91197 پیش ماه
Bjerg retires doble liftu retires, league makes seraphine, this game is dead to me now.
Wanganator پیش ماه
I remember meeting DL back on his days in CLG during PAX West/Prime, I got a picture with him and an autograph. After leaving, my friend who didn't know much about LoL said that it was the most fan-boy he's ever seen me been. I knew of his story from the start when he was on EG, and that he did what I don't think I could ever do and beat all the odds to be where he was at. And that to me was really inspiring. And afterwards to see him persevere through even more hardship and still be standing after all that. He's been on quite a wild ride and his legacy will remain as something I would remember forever. btw, anyone remember that superman doublelift video?
StevenDestinyBonnell پیش ماه
was really looking forward to watch another failed worlds run by DL dam :[
all CAPS
all CAPS پیش ماه
bout fucking time.... holy shit.
David Santiago
David Santiago پیش ماه
He was a trash talker that got shit on every time he talked trash.
Keegan Cloward
Keegan Cloward پیش ماه
Ollowayn پیش ماه
As someone who kept up with EU and NA LCS since season 1 this is pretty sad. Although I´m still glad I was around to witness Peters wins and losses.
lel notjkn
lel notjkn پیش ماه
Been watching and cheering for him since Season 2 sad he wont be competing anymore i wish the best for him and thanks for all the doublelift content Travis
Roberto Reyes
Roberto Reyes پیش ماه
Man, I'm not a DL fan, neither I hate him, but the way you, Travis, talked about him, the way you stood by his side on his defeats, victories, good and bad moments, surely make me cry, that's what a real friend is. Respect
Jason Espinoza
Jason Espinoza پیش ماه
And now Peter's watch has ended.
Aceofacez10 پیش ماه
I was at MSG for one of those series, not the finals but one with Team Liquid. The one with the IWD Gragas flash prediction. Only live event I was at, really fun tho. Saw a girl doing a really cute Lulu cosplay too But yeah crazy that DL is done now, I don’t know where the years went. LCS and LoL esports and soloQ has been such a big part of my life for the last 6~ years.
rozukk پیش ماه
Yooooo, that end video, it broke me
jdu127 Channel
jdu127 Channel پیش ماه
The double lift and Berg era is over... Whose going to be the next NA Gods
Sion پیش ماه
At 2015 I was in mexico at a small resort for my brother college graduation and I rembered the final match day and that night went down to the computers they had they weren’t the best and I waited 20 minutes for the page to load to see who won I was so sure TSM was gonna win but I was so happy for CLG to finally take down the Kings of NA LCS
Ratthew پیش ماه
Peter is the GOAT of NA. I have loved watching him grow, I used to hate him, but after season 5 he grew on me. You can say Bjerg is the GOAT all you want, peter has more titles, and has an MSI finals under his belt. I too never really cry when it comes to video games, but when he made it to MSI finals with TL, boy did I tear up. Peter leaves hope for the talent that is to come. He set the bar with making it to MSI finals, that it is possible for NA to win an international event. That lucian play in game 4 against C9, where he just mechanically destroyed C9, that had me screaming DL is the GOAT. Yall can have Bjerg, Peter is NA real GOAT to me. I hope the young talent proves me wrong, and grow to reach heights further than both Peter and Bjerg. I dont think young talent will solve anything, but I hope they prove me wrong, and give me hope in NA again, like Doublelift did, except better.
john paul paez
john paul paez پیش ماه
He's the Last Samurai of the old guards. Also, what do you mean someone is going to lift the trophy and say they were inspired by the journey of peter? I'm pretty sure there already are several ADCs who won and who were inspired by Peter. They just won't admit it coz NA=fiesta. But dlift's career is a storybook on its own. The best native NA player in League of Legends history. Peter Peng.
zac terrill
zac terrill پیش ماه
Doublelift is a very very good player. Legends just like Faker for sure!
Isaiah Terry
Isaiah Terry پیش ماه
"Peter stands so tall above these people, that throwing stones at his shoes has become a sport." So unbelievably well said.
Jon Harwood
Jon Harwood پیش ماه
This was a little too sad. Didn't know Travis was this close to DL..
John Thomas
John Thomas پیش ماه
DYRUS LOOKS SO YOUNG In stateoftheleague lmao
Tobirama Senpai
Tobirama Senpai پیش ماه
Dam we're getting old boys. Maybe its time for me to quit league too 😭
Derek HackShaw
Derek HackShaw پیش ماه
Doublelift you are the reason why i watched LCS now im gonna have to watch LPL thanks for the 9 years!
Michael Yiu
Michael Yiu پیش ماه
If he gave you the idea, you owe him everything. In the same vein, Peter owes you everything from what you've done for him. Who cares if it sounds like it's a negative thing? I think it's beautiful that you two have cultivated such a unique relationship.
Beh Kettler
Beh Kettler پیش ماه
I remember back when TSM formed and then Doublelift joined CLG. I was a huge TSM fan and really liked TheRainMan (TSM top laner before Dyrus). Hated Doublelift SO much because he was the one who always challenged TSM. But over the years I grew to absolutely love Doublelift and his confidence. How he overcame such a tragedy in his family with what his brother did is astonishing. That could just crush someone and destroy their life. But he pulled threw it. By far the most memorable player in North America / LCS history. Hope the best for him. He's already made more then enough money to be just fine now :)
nick lol
nick lol پیش ماه
Doublelift was kind of a meh adc in the past couple years of his career but I think you'd still have to say he is the current N.A goat. On another note, the dude is pretty ignorant. I think it was him who recently said that the 70 million people who voted for Trump are racist. I'm not a fan of Trump either, but using your gigantic platform to baselessly call 70 mil people racist seems pretty shortsighted to me.
Miguel Freixo
Miguel Freixo پیش ماه
I feel absolutely the same as you, even though im not a peters friend, im even from europe and the last 5 years i watched league and enjoyed so much watching it because of Doublelift (i would cheer allways for doublelifts team , i had no favourite team I had a favourite player), this retire made me so sad because i feel like he was still the best ad in NA and he had a lot power to show, at the same time im happy for him and his legacy that was so beautifull, but overall i will miss him so much i was rly his biggest fan, much love for u both!!
Roosay پیش ماه
Sakshi Malik
Sakshi Malik پیش ماه
137 dislikes from eu fans lmao
Alexander Bens
Alexander Bens پیش ماه
A couple things, Travis no one creates your path except for you. So keep on trucking. The second is well DL needed to do this years ago. Who knows NA may actually show up with their first seeds now. Ever notice anytime NA's #1 seed had DL they couldnt make it out of groups? DL you had a good domestic career. But for NA to step up you inevitably needed to remove yourself from the scene
Night Wish
Night Wish پیش ماه
Cmon dlift be a coach or something
Jacob Bergeron
Jacob Bergeron پیش ماه
I'm late here but I found you from Hotline League. You have a good heart for the business, and you should let Kobe get a pet. Otherwise, you are a pretty nice dood. :)
Bradley Logan
Bradley Logan پیش ماه
Doublelift is the most overpowered champion in the league. No matter how much they try to nerf him, he is just too adaptable to every meta... Wait I spelled Yasuo wrong
mcfam پیش ماه
it's crazy people think Travis only exists because of Doublelift. It's closer to the truth the other way around.
Lincoln Johnson
Lincoln Johnson پیش ماه
Heres my reflection. A guy who quit teams when he didnt get what he wanted. A guy who trash talked everyone and got absolutely dominated in worlds. A guy who will never be a world class ADC because he never took the game seriously. If you listen to all the foreign ADC's they always laugh at the waste of talent due to his crappy work ethic. And this is why NA LCS will always be a 5th place region.
Liz Park
Liz Park پیش ماه
Doublelift was the man, idc what anyone says, he is a GOOD player. Mechanically SO talented.
Liz Park
Liz Park پیش ماه
Doublelift was the man, idc what anyone says, he is a GOOD player. Mechanically SO talented.
Alex Nascimento
Alex Nascimento پیش ماه
Soaz is the western with the most longetivity & success. By a lot. Doublelift was a strong adc for a long period, that's very impressiv and should be remember has one of the figure allowing LOL to have such a success
ShoKill !
ShoKill ! پیش ماه
Both Doublelift and you have been a massive part of my love for this esport. Great vid.
Henrique Shiraiwa
Henrique Shiraiwa پیش ماه
Lot of people would say that travis was mafe by doublelift. But at the same time we prob wouldn't have doublelift it if wasn't for travis. What a reddit post that was
Brep Brep
Brep Brep پیش ماه
John Keiser
John Keiser پیش ماه
Doublelift retiring. Now why should I watch esports anymore
Pavel R.
Pavel R. پیش ماه
Wish he retired after 2019, 2020 was a disgusting way to end it all. Spring surely didn't inspire any good in anyone. And whole year of questionable performance overall despite winning LCS in the end don't seem like a worthy ending to a legacy player.
Justice Chambers
Justice Chambers پیش ماه
So well spoken
Mike Brown
Mike Brown پیش ماه
Anyone who says that Travis has DL to thank for his whole career needs to learn the whole story, it's the other way around. (Posting at time of Travis starts talking about it.) Edit: Awesome info I don't recall hearing before but he left out the part about 'picking him up' from being homeless lmao.
inkdfool Gaming
inkdfool Gaming پیش ماه
Being a League of Legends baby and only getting to watch him for two seasons I'm actually sad.... He was definitely one of my biggest inspirations to play ADC...
Grubbin OnTacos
Grubbin OnTacos پیش ماه
Great video man v touching felt this
tiff Cameron
tiff Cameron پیش ماه
He is the greatest player in the history of the NA LCS and by far, not even close, the greatest non import player. Like him or hate him, if you don't respect his play and legacy you're completely clueless.
Griffin Tubridy
Griffin Tubridy پیش ماه
I graduate from college, Peter graduates from league. We all graduate at some point in our lives and our time to go is written on a note somewhere out in the abyss and we just do not know when that will be. I have been watching peter for a good quarter of my life. What a legend. The face of league. When people say the end of an era, this is it. It is like league is starting fresh all over again
Fidgety Redbull
Fidgety Redbull پیش ماه
Renzel David
Renzel David پیش ماه
Didnt win shit outside na period
Static Wolf
Static Wolf پیش ماه
It's been an honor to follow him since the beginning, it's been such a long ride and he deserves every bit of his retirement. You're my hero Doublelift, you may not read this but in times of darkness watching you play and seeing your mindset that you can do anything and be better than anyone, just brushing off anything bad that happens in your life, you conquered it all, you may not have won worlds, but you'll always be #1 in my mind since the start. I followed CLg since the beginning of it, watching HotshotGG make youtube videos about solo q, before twitch/justintv even got popular... I was there when he discovered you and followed you from the beginning to the very end, no matter what I cheered for what team you're on... even in the worst of times. Thank you for being you and everything you do in life Peter.
Zen Tennen
Zen Tennen پیش ماه
A few days ago I thought about how doublelift went to worlds as NA's #1 seed in 2020 with TSM, but then also with TL in 2018 and 2019. Then I looked it up and saw that he has been on NA's #1 seed every year since 2015. He's one of the few players that have been here since the beginning who still stay strong a decade later. NA is going to feel different without him and Bjergsen.
Jon Hsieh
Jon Hsieh پیش ماه
3:01 theres no way thats dyrus there, hes smiling..
charlie kaneko
charlie kaneko پیش ماه
The Doublelift bromans does set the tone for your content!
Christopher Chan
Christopher Chan پیش ماه
Hearing about Bjergsen retiring was tough... hearing about Doublelift retiring legit hurt... ;_;
Galatine پیش ماه
I remember when he first signed with TSM, I was confused (I´ve always been a TSM fan), but as the time passed by, that Hauntzer, Svenskeren, Bjerking, Doublelift and Biofrost became mi favorite roster ever. He has gone through a lot, and saying he is a legend doesn´t really make justice for his accomplishments. Farwell, Cannon of the west...
bowserey619 پیش ماه
lul L
IvFUZEvI پیش ماه
It's a terrible day for rain...
Aidan Louisell
Aidan Louisell پیش ماه
Really inspiring Travis😭
Ryan Russell
Ryan Russell پیش ماه
Doublelift is the end of NA the region should be changed to international region now. 11 seasons later now NA has zero best in role players from NA doesn't even feel right calling it NA anymore
Federico Wannesson
Federico Wannesson پیش ماه
"And the faithful shall be rewarded!" still gives me goosebumps to think back to that. I was there because of Aphro (the whole reason I started playing League) not DL, though. :)
CJFoxy پیش ماه
TSM Sneaky?
Tuan-Hai NGUYEN پیش ماه
One of my fav adc of all time along Uzi. But it is time. Hope he will become coach besides streamer to train young adcs
Leetbeast پیش ماه
DIdent think DL would retire..sad :( i thought he said he would not retire.. why did he choose to retire?
James Doran
James Doran پیش ماه
As a TSM fan since season 2 I went from hating DL to loving him to hating him and loving him again. His shit talking has both triggered and inspired me! He has had a great career and he deserved international success. I would've loved to have seen him make the jump to EUW or KR but alas he has been great to watch and I hope the LCS pick him up as a pundit. All the best DL, you had a big part to play in the popularity of this game.
Heatranoveryou پیش ماه
doublelift was my guy, i quit league(2010-2016) before he quit being pro. All of the OG CLG, TSM, Curse, Dignitas retired before him. Most retired before i even quit. Its the end of an era.
Linkz One
Linkz One پیش ماه
It's a sad day for LCS... it's going to be hard to continue watching to be honest. The thing is I was always more invested in my favorite players vs my favourite team. Doublelift was the reason I got into LOL in the first place, once I randomly watched an old CLG video with his classic trash talk. I was hooked after that. I wish him the best!
William Schlass
William Schlass پیش ماه
Purladith پیش ماه
This is a truly beautiful video. I know i don't speak for myself in saying this but Doublelift was a special player to have around in the scene. After years of failure for NA he gave me hope believing the region could win when playing on TL. Even though it didn't happen i will never forget some of his plays like the insane kai sa performance against Uzi and the IG series. In my eyes he will always be the greatest North American player of all time due to his title run on TL and the level he stayed at for so many years. It's time people stop the hate and just appreciate how good he really was. And seeing the love Travis has for his friend and how proud he is of his accomplishments as not only a player but person is really touching to see. Thank you Doublelift and Travis for the journey we all got to take with you. I wish Doublelift the best in his life after esports and wish him nothing but success and wellbeing in his future endeavours.
Frosty Ryukyu
Frosty Ryukyu پیش ماه
He was a good gamer, had a great career. But his time has definitely come. Best of luck in the future.
Sandra پیش ماه
im so sad 🥺thanks for being such a supportive friend travis!
iJungle پیش ماه
My favorite duo is Peter and Travis
Thomas Trinh
Thomas Trinh پیش ماه
Never forget when DL had no place to stay and you let him stay with you after he decided to leave everything behind and chase his dreams, a true friend
Michel Waanders
Michel Waanders پیش ماه
This bromance is beatiful
Cyberpunk Mirai
Cyberpunk Mirai پیش ماه
Travis' Beard game seriously has improved xD
Almost Evil
Almost Evil پیش ماه
How much weed did you smoke before recording this?
xJaKz پیش ماه
Out of all retirements that have happened over the years, DL's retirement hit me the hardest. He's the whole reason I started playing adc in Season 3. The whole reason I mained Vayne for all these years. This legend will be missed.
Keen Observer
Keen Observer پیش ماه
Why is DL leaving if TSM actually managed to sign SwordArt??? This makes no sense.
Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson پیش ماه
You have enough footage to do a last dance style documentary on his career. Going out with a final lcs ship with tsm. And the ultimate groups stage trajedy
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