Did Kyrie Irving Purposely RUIN His Trade Value to Get James Harden?

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Mike Korzemba

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Mike Korzemba
Mike Korzemba پیش ماه
Hey Guys, So what do you guys think..Did Kyrie REALLY Lower His Trade Value ON PURPOSE?!?! or did he...need a break... Let me know in the comments thanks! - MIKE
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez پیش 24 روز
I’ve been saying this since day one he just left the team and caused all those issues to make the rockets not want to deal with him and that’s how they got James harden
Fernando Sousa
Fernando Sousa پیش ماه
I think you just stole a video from cosgrove channel
James DeMore
James DeMore پیش ماه
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Eli Moody
Eli Moody پیش ماه
Hey Mike Korzemba can I use the simming 50 year’s in the NBA idea on my Chanel
Megan Brown
Megan Brown پیش ماه
Rip Tara the legend if you know then you know
Charles Schwabb
Charles Schwabb پیش 18 روز
All, go check out jxmyhighroller and andyhoops. Great content without content attacking mentally ill people.
Charles Schwabb
Charles Schwabb پیش 18 روز
Are you seriously gonna make a video that questions mental illness? Do you any to make another one questioning if the make a wish kids are faking cancer to meet their heroes?
Oliver Emsick
Oliver Emsick پیش 21 روز
The fact this is the video is crazy Kyrie just took some time off because he’s a weirdo kyrie is weird like that not calling I’ll tell nobody nothing no this wasn’t some master plot to get james kyrie just being Kyrie
Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia پیش 24 روز
To me this was obvious from the beginning 🏀
Losso Don
Losso Don پیش 27 روز
Kyrie just pulling string in the league like how Lebron likes to pull strings.... siiiiiiimple 👌🏾
reltih floda
reltih floda پیش ماه
If this was a porn tittle would be: Litle man fcl entire freanchise
J Wat
J Wat پیش ماه
Only counts if they win
KRKbeats پیش ماه
WOW, I really didn’t think about it like this but man, makes sense now....
Kise پیش ماه
The wholesome conspiray theory would be: What if Harden and Kyrie knew that Spencer had a mass in his liver, thats why they acted in that manner to include Spencer in the trade? 🤯
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi پیش ماه
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OUT LET پیش ماه
If they don’t win this year that’s a bigger L than the clippers last year
OUT LET پیش ماه
We better get Like a last dance doc about this
Jonathan London
Jonathan London پیش ماه
Ruin his trade value? Na kyrie is a mvp candidate
Ano Ni Muse?
Ano Ni Muse? پیش ماه
Mike Korzemba is Steph Curry with 40 inch vertical
Max Verhoeven
Max Verhoeven پیش ماه
Nba is rigged bru
Kevin Berry
Kevin Berry پیش ماه
Nash was definitely in on it!!!
Drew Taylor
Drew Taylor پیش ماه
I love when youtube channels talk absolute shit
Soggy Wiener
Soggy Wiener پیش ماه
I’m still baffled Benjamin Simmons isn’t a Houston rocket 🚀
Shmebulock the gnome
Shmebulock the gnome پیش ماه
The nets were playin chess all along and the media were the pawns it all makes sense
Trent Tilger
Trent Tilger پیش ماه
800k is pocket change for him 😂
Joey Mamiscal
Joey Mamiscal پیش ماه
Years from now, how houston won championships with the 1st rd picks from harden trade. Thats some crazy sht.
Rory Edwards
Rory Edwards پیش ماه
If you stack a lethal weapon team you expect nothing but a title but as we know from the past it takes at least a year to bond unless you're LeBron and Davis
Dregs پیش ماه
i don't think Kyrie paid the fine. i think the team owner and GM secretly paid his fine, not by way of his contract but using their own money.
Jim Banks
Jim Banks پیش ماه
Who cares? No one, that's who!! NBA completley sucks now!!!
KDoggg2017 پیش ماه
I thought this was obvious from the jump. 1) Harden acts out in the club while not reporting to the team. 2) Kyrie acts out at a public party... while not reporting to the team. Duh. I don't knock the hustle of the players to get where they want. Just like I won't hate on the team owners when they shut this ISH down in the next negotiations. 🤨 Contracts are not worth the paper they are drawn up on.
Flash Reacts
Flash Reacts پیش ماه
Got this from crossover prod ?
Renaud Gloutnez
Renaud Gloutnez پیش ماه
maybe all of this is true OR the rocckets front office never dreamed even in their wildest fantasies that the nets would give them 8 firsts?
MrOunce3 پیش ماه
This is a stupid question.
Arthur Callaghan
Arthur Callaghan پیش ماه
Steph Curry with a 40 inch vertical
swyl yqz
swyl yqz پیش ماه
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Ugh No meme
Ugh No meme پیش ماه
Plz post daily my guy fr 🙌🏽
Guillermo R
Guillermo R پیش ماه
Kyrie: *I might leave before my prime. I’m only 25* Funny thing is, this clown peaked from his rookie year, up until he left the Cavs. He’ll never come close to Cavs Kyrie, mark my words.
Lalramdina Renthlei
Lalramdina Renthlei پیش ماه
Jim Garibaldi
Jim Garibaldi پیش ماه
I hope the Nets get eliminated in the second round. Biggest group of babies in the NBA. Durant the only real killer on the team.
IU Rocket_ape
IU Rocket_ape پیش ماه
Bro this team is going to win the championship
Clifford Smith
Clifford Smith پیش ماه
This team cant play d. They aint winning shit.
Ajizzle Prodeje
Ajizzle Prodeje پیش ماه
Harden successfully did what Charles Barkley failed to do and that's get fat and not have the value of a star. Anybody remember that story about Charles getting drafted to the Sixers
Ajizzle Prodeje
Ajizzle Prodeje پیش ماه
I love the mystery background music. Makes the vid more interesting
Tyrese Walker
Tyrese Walker پیش ماه
That’s confusing because the first 3 games he played so well
Gold پیش ماه
Kyrie with the prep time is there true batman. Purposely lowered his value. He playing chess while others playing checkers
Tawain Harrison
Tawain Harrison پیش ماه
Big facts. James & Kyrie knew what they was doing mannnn.
Robin De Bondt
Robin De Bondt پیش ماه
He was investigating the flatness of earth
Toaster843 پیش ماه
National Baby Association , all these fools do is cry . That's why this era of basketball will never be highly respected . Bunch of no defense playing , flopping cry babies that can't win legit championships .
Phil Idor
Phil Idor پیش ماه
ya obviously... little late.
Phil Idor
Phil Idor پیش ماه
also stealing someone elses video...
Grxzzly پیش ماه
7:34 was that a travel ??? 🤣🤣🤣
Keanne Salas
Keanne Salas پیش ماه
kyrie's a million times ahead of us
Robert Robinson Blakktarseminar
Robert Robinson Blakktarseminar پیش ماه
Ticket Tv called this✌
Shots Taken
Shots Taken پیش ماه
Kyrie the king of conspiracy theories with the Earth being flat, now started his own ? 🤫 lol
Yezzir #1
Yezzir #1 پیش ماه
The value of this video in 2050 is about to go through the roof !! Kyrie will have a TELL ALL BOOK about playing with Lebron (good and bad), & finessing the NBA. #PinIt
True 99Yank
True 99Yank پیش ماه
Definitely sus asf
Sam Sharp
Sam Sharp پیش ماه
Do a vid of you trying to solve all your old conspiracy’s
Bubba the God
Bubba the God پیش ماه
Players have to much power
Basher Cleaner
Basher Cleaner پیش ماه
Kyrie in his planet flat earth 🤣🤣🤣
Antonio Hayes
Antonio Hayes پیش ماه
Who else fast forwarded through the ad?
apuerto ricanlife
apuerto ricanlife پیش ماه
Love why you’re doing mike keeping my mind on basketball during off-season
apuerto ricanlife
apuerto ricanlife پیش ماه
What *
GoFr پیش ماه
Mike finna make a cooking channel now lol
Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett پیش ماه
All they need is me and they would be complete
zakariya mohamoud
zakariya mohamoud پیش ماه
I literally commented this in his last video
THS Mjsmith
THS Mjsmith پیش ماه
Sooo jxmyhighroler
Hanif Ballard
Hanif Ballard پیش ماه
I love Kyrie. Played ball in all of his shoes besides the 2s. Now if this is true... 😅 gotta do what you gotta do.
Naturally Alpha
Naturally Alpha پیش ماه
I seen someone else make a video on this theory like a week ago I hope u didn't jus steal it🙊
Victor Cela
Victor Cela پیش ماه
Please how the hell would you know this? You have Kyrie's phone number? Put him on speaker right now
joseph dela paz
joseph dela paz پیش ماه
Thanks for the info sir.
Uncle Mike
Uncle Mike پیش ماه
Kyrie is toxic aF
Dangic23 پیش ماه
Lol You copied this from another youtuber.
John Kelly
John Kelly پیش ماه
I don’t think this is really a theory as much as it is an unconfirmed reality. With the way Nash was avoiding looking into the camera and being relatively vague, there’s no way in hell he didn’t know where Kyrie was. They’ve finessed the entire NBA. And honestly, that’s big brain. As for the people who think Kyrie would get fined if this comes out true. There’s really nothing the NBA can fine him for. The Nets could fine him for not showing up, but it was most likely part of the plan all along. This was simply Big Brain plays. Love it or hate it, someone has to play the Lakers in the finals so. Might as well make it interesting. 😂
Thelma Rudolph
Thelma Rudolph پیش ماه
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Nick McAllister
Nick McAllister پیش ماه
Alt right Mike
Samuel Klemp
Samuel Klemp پیش ماه
I love how mike is always geeking about his topics
S پیش ماه
the big heist
Cochran Lansing
Cochran Lansing پیش ماه
Need that green chief, you’ve gained weight boi
Jaden Patsel
Jaden Patsel پیش ماه
Middle of the season🤨
JoeSmpte Bagua Joe
JoeSmpte Bagua Joe پیش ماه
last 4 games harden gave up he averaged 17 a game i think
Robert Tiongson
Robert Tiongson پیش ماه
2k_VIDEOS !!!
2k_VIDEOS !!! پیش ماه
Kyrie is payed 450k+ a game so he sat out so nets can get more cap space for money to pay james harden hefty salary
cool thought
cool thought پیش ماه
sound like some sort of conspiracy but anyway, they get to go or stay where they wanted and it seems like there is quite a bit of exciting basketball happening now with the Nets on the court.
Abraham Bangiyev
Abraham Bangiyev پیش ماه
Very possible 👀
BigBoyJohn پیش ماه
Lol, no.
Feedsomefood پیش ماه
I predicted this 2
sylo dui
sylo dui پیش ماه
If he did hurt his trade value, perhaps it was because he doesn’t want to get traded.
- TeddyKillinThem
- TeddyKillinThem پیش ماه
Who else been here before 1million ?
JJgreen200 پیش ماه
The Nets went 200 iq impostor this round
Big Country Gaming
Big Country Gaming پیش ماه
Okay, I personally know NBA official Carl Lane (The guy who Jordan Clarkston pushed) he said Kyrie who was already off of the trade box. I thought it was true until I asked.
NYs9thwonder پیش ماه
This would be some next level evil genius move by Kyrie and Nash. If that is the case he played all the pundits for fools.
James Threatt
James Threatt پیش ماه
Dude, did you steal my theory? I'm all aboard team conspiracy theory (like you said, if no conspiracy, well wishes to Kyrie.) Let me add a few items. Harden doesn't show up at start of season, but let's (if not pushes) a picture of him out partying with no mask. Amin Elhassan said, these pictures don't get out by accident. You see the picture because these guys want it to be seen. Kyrie does the same thing he no shows, then a picture surfaces of him partying in violation of NBA safety protocols. Why would Nash, new coach, dependent on his stars approval for job security, not cover for his star if he really did not know where he was? Why no say, no comment, or we are keeping it in house, something? Why was he smiling uncontrollably when he spoke to the media about Kyrie returning from his absence. This is body language that he could not control, like he knew they got away with it. The media reported that Harden was aware of where trade talks stood and must have known exactly how effective his comment would be at forcing the trade. Only question is how did this conspiracy avoid Philly?
OOF :3
OOF :3 پیش ماه
What happened to KD’s hairline in the thumbnail
Steve wBolanz
Steve wBolanz پیش ماه
Kyrie wanted to go to his sisters birthday party. NBA covid rules would not let that happen. So he took personal time off so he could go.
Jay Birrs
Jay Birrs پیش ماه
Na y’all ruined his trade value
BJ Young
BJ Young پیش ماه
Diego Hernando Izquierdo
Diego Hernando Izquierdo پیش ماه
If kyrie really did this he's instantly a better gm than lebron magic mj and every gm in the league
Bellthebeast7235 پیش ماه
Wait wait wait, y’all are acting like this was all Kyrie. How do we know the nets didn’t tell kyrie to dip as they were doing trade negotiations? Since the rockets were specific about needing kyrie or KD in the trade negotiation how do we know the nets didn’t force kyrie off the table by having him disappear for personal reasons. Kyrie is one of the few nba players who’s reputation and demeanor would actually fit disappearing without a word. Due to the skepticism and pressure from harden the rockets got forced into trading harden for picks and players in a 3 team trade rather than getting back a superstar. It would be the ultimate finesse in a unique scenario since no other star player could disappear like kyrie and it seem any bit believable.
HennyTrillz پیش ماه
Or the Nets planned it with Kyrie, and they were all acting
Josh E
Josh E پیش ماه
they wont win this years chip
cali obzvr
cali obzvr پیش ماه
I think they put his name out there in feelers for a Harden deal, and Kyrie caught feelings and left for a few days. Simple as that. Everyone is making this more complicated than it is. Just look at his track record . He wanted out in Cleveland after they put feelers out on him with Chris Paul and a couple other players.
trueyjustin پیش ماه
kinda genius, assuming they can work out playing with each other
Cing Cale
Cing Cale پیش ماه
How does kd break the league twice within 5 years 😂😂
The Burne Boys Podcast
The Burne Boys Podcast پیش ماه
Lmaooo Kyrie do be whylin' doe
A Potato
A Potato پیش ماه
JumpmanTheGreat پیش ماه
he stole this video bro made this same video January 16
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