Daniel Cormier: Dustin needs to have a poker face because “he will get hit” by Conor McGregor

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My 55 Chevy
My 55 Chevy پیش ماه
Hey he finally fixed his tooth. Hahaha
Joseph Canova
Joseph Canova پیش ماه
DC is astounding with the information and care he puts into each answer. You can tell how much he loves this sport/fighters. Class act.
wrestlingfan87 پیش ماه
A poked face
ryan davies
ryan davies پیش ماه
Dc aged like immediately after fighting uncle dc
Petyr Lafloure
Petyr Lafloure پیش ماه
Www would be smart to hire dc as a commentator..
Rob Griffin
Rob Griffin پیش ماه
Conor stop the boxing bs ! Get back to your mma karate roots ..those boxing bums said you weren’t good enough .stiop bringing these guys praise . They have made you stiff bro .no in and out movement. Just stiffness .come on Conor get back to the basics man back to your roots .
Dennis Schnitzel
Dennis Schnitzel پیش ماه
2 Fatboys holding a Talk.
Imad Ullah
Imad Ullah پیش ماه
Bones Chames
Bones Chames پیش ماه
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Chen Taiwan JOJO
Chen Taiwan JOJO پیش ماه
Eating too much carb will make you sleepy
DoNNa DoNNa پیش ماه
I never see someone like dc that he can work 10 jobs in one day ! God bless him
praunpillar¿ پیش ماه
"Never believe in your heroes"
Todd Schlott
Todd Schlott پیش ماه
Cormier was pretty much coaching Dustin during the fight he could hear him. That's it Dustin needs to kick.some more that legs compromised Dustin proceeds to kick
H Monroy
H Monroy پیش ماه
This man was on point mentioning that kicks would be a thing in the main event
Robert Torres
Robert Torres پیش ماه
He's taking over Dana's spot !!!
Thad Castle
Thad Castle پیش ماه
How many times can you be wrong before they stop asking for your opinion
Leos 71
Leos 71 پیش ماه
Dc is the man much respect to this man a warrior
Nick Tarr
Nick Tarr پیش ماه
This guy is a psychic! Lol
Nick Tarr
Nick Tarr پیش ماه
Anyone notice everything connor is having a kid he gets beat! First was flyod with first kid then Khabibulin with the 2 and Dustin with the 3.. Connor retired
Nick Tarr
Nick Tarr پیش ماه
Dam DC you got the corna it sounds like! But he was right ab Dustin he out that poker face and got it done KO connor!!!! Wow
Corrico Stewart
Corrico Stewart پیش ماه
This didn’t age well
KingInfected پیش ماه
Cormier actually called this fight to the T with the check right hook and kicks by Dustin Poirier
Jim Bramah
Jim Bramah پیش ماه
For having almost no sleep this is one of the best interviews I’ve ever heard Daniel Cormier give, and that’s saying a lot.
Anthony DiBiase
Anthony DiBiase پیش ماه
Most interesting interview in a long time. Thank you.
Saabir Saleh
Saabir Saleh پیش ماه
This has aged so well
Kettle 1993
Kettle 1993 پیش ماه
DC called the Kicks to be the decisive weapon in Conor VS Dustin. This man really knows what he is talking about.
Andy Guido
Andy Guido پیش ماه
Surprised he didn’t throw his back out sneezing for John Morgan like that lol
Obitrice For life
Obitrice For life پیش ماه
DC saves so much money with his hair cuts
Satnam_x پیش ماه
So many people underestimate DC for no reason. After the win, looking back at this, he was right. Poirier himself said CM hurt him and he had to shake it off and not show it, because if CM noticed it and followed up he would’ve been in trouble (his words). Crazy how well this matches DC’s poker face prediction.
lab233hik ;far'roh
lab233hik ;far'roh پیش ماه
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Roy Ashton
Roy Ashton پیش ماه
Tip Of The Iceberg
Tip Of The Iceberg پیش ماه
Conor is gonna be memed so hard that Dana white the piece of shit won’t let him fight again this year
Michael Dodd
Michael Dodd پیش ماه
Cormier got that shit🤷🏻‍♂️
Yerena Airin
Yerena Airin پیش ماه
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Kolten پیش ماه
whats that DC? 😂
Tyler DeGrange
Tyler DeGrange پیش ماه
Blesh u D! Much matureity in both guys displays. I think its a differant look but both men are the best period all time and prime
Vedic Way
Vedic Way پیش ماه
dc looks like he has been eating too many burgers
awera پیش ماه
this didnt age well lol
Nathan Murray
Nathan Murray پیش ماه
Dustin said connor rocked when in the first with a straight left and if connor had pushed dustin wasnt sure he would have survived. Dustin's poker face in that moment literally saved him and let him win the fight
Md Shaiful Islam
Md Shaiful Islam پیش ماه
If UFC can GSP back; Khabib will come back for the best match of all time.
Tony Poirier
Tony Poirier پیش ماه
Man, DC really did some up Dustin's strategy to a T before the fight even happened.
Elardo Fleming
Elardo Fleming پیش ماه
In the cowboy fight ppl might disagree but I feel like he faked a respect touch be4 they swing and hit him instead after that cowboy was confused the whole time he pulled him to sleep by being kind in the press conferences
Isidore Ducasse
Isidore Ducasse پیش ماه
that shtick about fighters fighting for fans or for the love of the sport is the biggest bullshit that is being rolled over in this sport. NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE, loves to get punched in the face unless you need to make money. Khabib will not come back period. He is set.
Nathan Murray
Nathan Murray پیش ماه
@Isidore Ducasse true
Isidore Ducasse
Isidore Ducasse پیش ماه
@Nathan Murray conor fights for his whisky business. marketing move, besides being payed a shit ton
Nathan Murray
Nathan Murray پیش ماه
seems like conor doesnt mind getting punched in the face
flowerz پیش ماه
Why tf they interviewing commentators?
tim smith
tim smith پیش ماه
Look at that big beautiful coffee man!
william house
william house پیش ماه
McGregor has USED UP his deal with SATEN find JESUS HE DON'T LIE... YA is GOD Sew up your sins🤔🤕
King Dong305
King Dong305 پیش ماه
Yooo, give DC some coffee and a donut, dude looks like he's exhausted lol
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor پیش ماه
Max Holloway is still the peoples champ
Rance White
Rance White پیش ماه
DC slowly turning into Carl Winslow from Family Matters.
Christie Graffam
Christie Graffam پیش ماه
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hyedefinition1080 پیش ماه
Watching this interview after the fight and it is amazing to see DCs understanding of the game. He was spot on that Poriers right.hand is the power hand. Also the bit on Michael Chandler being like Ric Flair and then to see Chandler actually pull a Ric Flair line. Love DCs analysis even when he is tired.
Sandy Nongbet
Sandy Nongbet پیش ماه
I think DC cried after he lost his money in a bet.
Edward پیش ماه
Michael Chandler definitely watched this press conference lol
Craig Mac
Craig Mac پیش ماه
As you see Cormier was wrong
ChuloVolewoOfficialPage پیش ماه
Bullshit ass fight
ChuloVolewoOfficialPage پیش ماه
@erccool salty for what I just don’t understand why Conor wanna fight someone he already beat when they got new guy that need fight
erccool پیش ماه
Lol keep being salty
Kris Kringle
Kris Kringle پیش ماه
I'd love to be in a room with only Halle Berry screaming. I've been dreaming about that for probly 20 years now
emsax پیش ماه
Stop giving DC so much to do, you can see the grey in his beard! We need to treasure this legend
G L پیش ماه
Dc eating good
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez پیش ماه
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Jeff M
Jeff M پیش ماه
what is that noise in the background ?
Wyatt B
Wyatt B پیش ماه
Lmao DC woke up 5 mins ago
sav mug
sav mug پیش ماه
bobby kibble
bobby kibble پیش ماه
Sounds like Indy Racing in the background
D C پیش ماه
That bumble bee though
E W پیش ماه
I love being a UFC fan... my bank account doesn’t
Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey پیش ماه
@dc obviously you know what your talking about but the way you explain it... 👍🏻
cndvd پیش ماه
What is DC talking about ? They are the same exact size ! Conor is one inch shorter than DC.
Disturbdindahed پیش ماه
I love DC. Such a smooth and knowledgeable speaker in terms of MMA.
XREALITY پیش ماه
Supercars racing in the background is a teaser!
UNREG پیش ماه
Michael "Ric Flair" Chandler
Michael Coutinho
Michael Coutinho پیش ماه
Why spil the beans DC?😭
Eric Lock
Eric Lock پیش ماه
DC has trouble waking up without his morning cake routine....LoL
Mark East
Mark East پیش ماه
They need to add subtitles to the questions being asked.. all i hear is DC mumble to something
Trevor Quirk
Trevor Quirk پیش ماه
Absolute legend.
mischief800 پیش ماه
Them arab scalextrics sound next level.
FBIagent پیش ماه
DC: Dustin has to convince himself-BRRRRRRRRRRMMM BRRRRRRRRRMMMMM
Rob Wright
Rob Wright پیش ماه
I would love to see DC be the next UFC president when Dana finally retires, he would treat all fighters fair and give them good pay, and would have the knowledge going in to manage extremely well.
Todd Schlott
Todd Schlott پیش ماه
NONPHIXION 47 پیش ماه
BMW F25 X3 R Spec
BMW F25 X3 R Spec پیش ماه
LMAO 7:00 am DC
Pabs Rodriguez
Pabs Rodriguez پیش ماه
Amir Hussain
Amir Hussain پیش ماه
Uncle phill
Trevor Meredith
Trevor Meredith پیش ماه
DC has always been the man him and stipe are heavyweight goats, stipe may be a little ahead tbh but i love cormier
Future UFC champion
Future UFC champion پیش ماه
no dc, it wasnt a close fight. conor cracked him 3 times before he dropped him
Harry Fenlon
Harry Fenlon پیش ماه
Matt Serra and din Thomas in the background😂.
Justin پیش ماه
why is there a press conference for DC's opinions? lmao
Kyle Wheeler
Kyle Wheeler پیش ماه
DC vs. Holloway
POKeDAD پیش ماه
Dc legit best person to watch when it comes to anything ufc
Seth Deal
Seth Deal پیش ماه
DC knows his shit
El Monty
El Monty پیش ماه
Looks like DC got a dose of corona, thats what they call flu these days a..
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata پیش ماه
I know u in the Emirate when Quater milli spots cars fly by like it's nothing
Spek Blue
Spek Blue پیش ماه
DC is interesting . Tonight my hero and yours ; Mystic Mac will be pleasing the masses with his awesome skillset .
bbyflip1 پیش ماه
u can have anything u want if u truly want it !! Such BS talk !! I wanna be an NBA player but that’s not happening cuz I’m not tall enough Facts
-kakaman پیش ماه
DC lookin like he got covid.
auto blipper
auto blipper پیش ماه
That sauce selling peasant will get ktfo
gdep پیش ماه
DC is the best at this. This is great commentary on no sleep. Ridiculous fight IQ and communication capacity.
Abbe Faria
Abbe Faria پیش ماه
DC is an abassador to the sport. such a class act!
pmr4christ پیش ماه
"Not a single red cent "😂
Tracy Betts
Tracy Betts پیش ماه
Just be prepared Mr Cormier(and I’m sure you are), I’m bettin the offers will be pourin in and I’ll bet a ginormous one or three will be in the mix.
Joshua Trotter
Joshua Trotter پیش ماه
I don't see how any of the fighters are getting any rest on this day with those F-1 race cars vrooming by the their hotel.
West پیش ماه
Man I hate DC as commentator
Max Mirror
Max Mirror پیش ماه
Why is he even talking? He hasn't been relevant for a long time, i still think him as a sore loser (when he was crying when he lost)
joseph eskenazi
joseph eskenazi پیش ماه
Good morning sunshine 🌞 Can I offer you a drink of water
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