Cristiano Ronaldo powers Juventus to NINTH Italian Supercoppa title vs. Napoli! | ESPN FC Highlights

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It wouldn’t be a final without a Cristiano Ronaldo goal, would it? Ronaldo breaks the deadlock for Juve in the Italian Supercoppa final vs. Napoli before Weston McKennie brought down Dries Mertens in the penalty area. Lorenzo Insigne’s subsequent penalty kick went awry before Alvaro Morata sealed the deal for Andrea Pirlo’s side to lift Juventus to their ninth Italian Supercoppa title.
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TAYEB AYAT پیش 15 روز
I am not sure when you will stop putting results and spoiler item in highlight title and cover photp. It is spoilerrrrrrr. Please use date like nbcsports. Thanks. When someone see highlights, it would better if get surprised like actual live game. Thanks
Hamed Afagh
Hamed Afagh پیش 28 روز
01:32 What a brilliant save! Napoli could have taken the lead!
Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures پیش ماه
Ryan John
Ryan John پیش ماه
That’s thumbnail XD
Great subliminal thumbnail ESPN.
aman tesfaye
aman tesfaye پیش ماه
ball don't lie guys remember that
Nathan Biro
Nathan Biro پیش ماه
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Sharmarke Jama
Sharmarke Jama پیش ماه
The angry peak theoretically irritate because broker plausibly tie sans a disastrous punishment. smooth, defiant authorization
joe soumah
joe soumah پیش ماه
Ayooo. the thumbnail kinda look sus lmaoo
Dylan Vergara
Dylan Vergara پیش ماه
Insigne really missed that...
Cosmos Dart
Cosmos Dart پیش ماه
BALL NEVER LIES. I hate it when players try to get penalties like that. Ruining the game. I know that wasn’t necessarily a dive but the reds should start carding and fining players who dive. Then it would stop altogether
megamindsports tabares
megamindsports tabares پیش ماه
Siiiiii Ronaldo as a Juve fan
John F
John F پیش ماه
Why didnt Ronaldo run more with Cuadrado on the last goal? Shoulda continued that run left of him for a pass just in case.
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby پیش ماه
Thumbnail is mad sus
chris rdz
chris rdz پیش ماه
That penalty was the same Messi got against Napoli in the Champions League.
Rohit Chaturvedi
Rohit Chaturvedi پیش ماه
Thanks ESPN FC for telling CR becomes the top scorer of the professional soccer history(which you didn't) Got it you are just Messi's personal moaning squad continue your bad work.
Chase Murphy
Chase Murphy پیش ماه
Ball doesn't lie. No way that should've been a penalty
Javi پیش ماه
Wild Cat
Wild Cat پیش ماه
5:29 Pen?? Referee 👎. But Juve won anyway 6:13 no goal cause you don’t deserve it
Varey Maldonado
Varey Maldonado پیش ماه
Scoring penalties is the easiest things to do in soccer they said 😂
thciswack99 پیش ماه
Insigne the most overrated player in Serie A and it’s not even close. Dude gets on his teammates more than most captains and never shows up in the biggest moments
Vaughan Williams
Vaughan Williams پیش ماه
that penalty was pure cheek pure cheek
Rey Chavez
Rey Chavez پیش ماه
it sounds like a Sunday leauge game 😭😭😭
Daniel McGuigan
Daniel McGuigan پیش ماه
Italians approach the game with such a unique style! Great match highlights! Ronaldo is an Absolute Giant, on the field, and on the mind of the opponents. Bravo ☕️
Big Wig
Big Wig پیش ماه
That guys voice is atrocious!
Giovanni Osbourne
Giovanni Osbourne پیش ماه
6:10 If ball dont lie existed in soccer. Deserved after a flop foul like that
Oscar Agudelo
Oscar Agudelo پیش ماه
Ball don’t lie
Hυɱαɳ Pσƚαƚσ
Hυɱαɳ Pσƚαƚσ پیش ماه
Juan’s unselfishness makes the title more beautiful.
Yasit Sencebe
Yasit Sencebe پیش ماه
CR7 the best
Christopher Nye
Christopher Nye پیش ماه
MACHETE پیش ماه
2 words. Insigne trash..... so far.
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami پیش ماه
No way thats a pen
Tanner Poole
Tanner Poole پیش ماه
Mckennie >>> Lozano
Dan Montalvo
Dan Montalvo پیش ماه
Napoli’s penalty wasn’t rlly a penalty in my opinion
vsvpmob پیش ماه
Yo that thumbnail is mad sus😂😂
rustinonthevine پیش ماه
That penalty is why Americans will never get behind this sport.
? پیش ماه
Te amo cabron ❤️ espero que sigas ganando todo como siempre 🏅🏆
Eden پیش ماه
It wasn't a pen thats why he missed it wasn't meant to be
Christian Sanabria
Christian Sanabria پیش ماه
Wow that last minute goal hit different
John Ambert
John Ambert پیش ماه
Thumbnail slightly sus
Bullduzheri Ks
Bullduzheri Ks پیش ماه
Coop پیش ماه
Ninth time winning it. Embarrassing for serie a.
tundra tiger
tundra tiger پیش ماه
That penalty was nonsense. On the contrary, a yellow card must have been given to Napoli player. Even after the Referee had watched the VAR, how could he give a penalty kick chance to Napoli ?
INSOMNIAC productions
INSOMNIAC productions پیش ماه
Bro that penalty 😂😂
Omar Galeana Martinez
Omar Galeana Martinez پیش ماه
Let that be Lozano missing a penalty tho gattuso would have threw a fit smh
7thxletter پیش ماه
The undeserved penalty deserved a big!
Ben Delatore
Ben Delatore پیش ماه
Ball don’t lie 6:20
7thxletter پیش ماه
0:05 I thought the linesman was about to take the corner. He was bouncing around aggressively lol
Tom -S-G 2020 Tim
Tom -S-G 2020 Tim پیش ماه
Ronaldo the best football 💯💯💯💯⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
Tom -S-G 2020 Tim
Tom -S-G 2020 Tim پیش ماه
Ronaldo dedicates himself to football ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️we will never forget the king 👑 of football Ronaldo 💯💯💯💯💯👍👍👍👍👍
Quinn Michaud
Quinn Michaud پیش ماه
Szczesny is a beast
Pythien ツ
Pythien ツ پیش ماه
Yes he is. Props to Napolis goalkeeper to David Ospina He basically carried his team with his saves. Sucks Napoli cant even score a penalty.
Footy Chief
Footy Chief پیش ماه
Let's get an F in the chat for Ronaldo's package
Maxy Mnbl
Maxy Mnbl پیش ماه
Napoli , ma Che squadra e’? Ma che ha raccattapalle che giocano,?? Mmaaaa, levate il Napoli dalla A che e’ una squadra da principianti
5:19 there's absolutely nothing disgusting than watching this mess called up for a penalty kick. Stupid is the ref.
InstiGator پیش ماه
5:59 Manolas sterilizing Ronaldo
Fernando Sousa
Fernando Sousa پیش ماه
Juventus are selfishness and have no mercy they should let NAPOLI win for their late HERO🙈🙈🙈
Noe Campos
Noe Campos پیش ماه
Alone Ronaldo that’s not great
Karyn Re:
Karyn Re: پیش ماه
What a terrible pk , no where near the goal 🤮
Diego Gardner
Diego Gardner پیش ماه
Notice how Ronaldo acts hurt when somebody else did but he didn’t even get hit😂
S T پیش ماه
In the immortal words of NBA player 'Sheed Wallace - "Ball don't lie". That PK was cruel but technically correct. Ultimately the ball was fair and gave balance back to the game.
Atrocitus پیش ماه
Hahaha that’s what they get for doing such a cheap shot
justcanthang پیش ماه
Chucky should have taken the PK!!!!!!
Elian Gonzalez
Elian Gonzalez پیش ماه
ball don’t lie
Joe Sanhanga
Joe Sanhanga پیش ماه
didn't realise its Ospina vs Sczesny - old arsenal boys
DF پیش ماه
That should never be a pen when the forward creates it like that. It's only a matter of time before elite players start intentionally flicking the ball into defenders' arms.
Pythien ツ
Pythien ツ پیش ماه
I feel bad for Napolis goal keeper. David Ospina basically carried them that game. Idk how a professional footballer would miss a penalty either.
Tino Perez
Tino Perez پیش ماه
Cr7 only need two more trophy to consider the tittle of the GOAT . World Cup (the Portugal team looking to be a favorite ) Ucl with juvetus (he has 1-3 good years to do that)
Tino Perez
Tino Perez پیش ماه
Cr7 consider being goat he just need one World Cup trophy (He has one last good chance with Portugal team) And winning a ucl with juvetus (1-3yeara he has)
Erick Montoya
Erick Montoya پیش ماه
The best forever king 👑
Tino Perez
Tino Perez پیش ماه
Quick question isn’t Portugal team better than Argentina from 2014 team? Maybe Cr7 has a good shot winning the World Cup
Tino Perez
Tino Perez پیش ماه
Okay all Cr7 really need is a World Cup he has one last shot with the a team like Portugal they should be one of the top 5 favorite to win it
SRGNT0 Hersson
SRGNT0 Hersson پیش ماه
6:12 Ball never lies!
Alfredo Galvez
Alfredo Galvez پیش ماه
I was watching the game and Napoli defense SUCKS , they're struggling to much.
Nick Vallejo
Nick Vallejo پیش ماه
Napoli have nothing to blame here but themselves
xRonald1813x پیش ماه
Ayoooo ESPN with that thumbnail
Owen Gonzalez
Owen Gonzalez پیش ماه
The main difference between European Commentators and Americans commentators is perfectly depicted in this video. A European, who knows the game would argue that Weston was foolishly unaware of his surroundings and should be more carful with reckless actions like that in the box. The American... tries to blame the opposing player for making an attempt to get to the ball first. This is why as an American it is so difficult to watch matches on ESPN.
Erika Hernandez
Erika Hernandez پیش ماه
I don’t get why people talk of Ronaldo so much this days I feel like he has lost his soccer most of the goals he has scored this season where from like one on one whit goalkeeper or to just tap it in
LMOH پیش ماه
It shouldn’t have been a penalty
Scott -O
Scott -O پیش ماه
Stop giving the result with the thumbnails
Banana Spiel
Banana Spiel پیش ماه
What a save! CR7👑
Ola Oduola
Ola Oduola پیش ماه
Nobody: Commentator: “Every game Ospina....Chiellini take a whack of some sort”
alexanderll پیش ماه
Im colombian and he is 100% right about Ospina.
matuwuhou پیش ماه
Montage is awful
Fume پیش ماه
Embarrassing. It wouldve been 1-1 cmon Insigne
Pablo Gutierrez
Pablo Gutierrez پیش ماه
This is how we build .
Jesse Garcia
Jesse Garcia پیش ماه
Italian football is corrupt!!!! he got paid to miss that penalty
Collective Macri
Collective Macri پیش ماه
lol sure Jesse.
Luis Chiquete
Luis Chiquete پیش ماه
Gattuso why aren’t u yelling at insigne ??
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct پیش ماه
They should have let chucky lozano take the penalty. The other guy has missed a good amount of scoring opportunities lately.
Illuminati پیش ماه
This ball is a penalty?
eder catalan
eder catalan پیش ماه
If insigne stops Being the way he is, Napoli will not be where they’re at. They will get worst.
Ticotech Houston
Ticotech Houston پیش ماه
El chucky estuvo monstruoso 🤣
LaPulgaM پیش ماه
You get an easy PK and you miss like that, jeeeeeeeez
Ryan Cash
Ryan Cash پیش ماه
One more silverware to add to the collection 🏆
Nico Vonifanja
Nico Vonifanja پیش ماه
The commentator said: "I don't remember the last time I saw things like this" Well, that happen in champions league actually in the match against Napoli and Barcelona where Messi sneaked from behind Koulibaly to get a penalty, and he did!
Nico Vonifanja
Nico Vonifanja پیش ماه
@Bird Daily so many taste and you choose to be salty 🤦
Bird Daily
Bird Daily پیش ماه
Shut up
handsom.chris پیش ماه
Chiellini always falls to the ground
Mathew Frangoul
Mathew Frangoul پیش ماه
Ronaldo never stops to produce👌👌
Kevin Barker
Kevin Barker پیش ماه
That PK should be considered a dangerous play by in the future. Player put himself in a position to possibly be injured. Indirect should be rewarded
Fede Valverde
Fede Valverde پیش ماه
Cristiano all time top goal scorer now 😎
YOUNG PA!N پیش ماه
Is nobody gonna talk about the video cover.
Lizard of Oz
Lizard of Oz پیش ماه
I saw the game till CR7 scored but had to leave to do some things. That goal was an error of how Napoli was taking the wrong decisions at defense, making risking plays, and just attacking at only one side all the time, left-wing side to be specific, I don't know why Gatusso didn't correct that!
Alex پیش ماه
The commentator really said “ I dont remember the last time seeing something like that” (referring to the Pk) and the last time that happened was with Koulibaly and Messi. Messi beats him to the ball and Koulibaly kicks Messi
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