Chloe Bailey cries after being shamed for showing her body | THE RISE OF CHLOE x HALLE

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Angela McGaff
Angela McGaff پیش ماه
Chloe needs to continue being Chloe. She’s young, and still growing and prospering in the public eye. Let’s remember that. She has absolutely no obligation to explain herself. Keep spreading those positive vibes, Chloe, and keep it pushin’ through the negative ones!!!
Edna Brown
Edna Brown پیش 9 روز
May they not become like the Olsen sisiters
Nadia Tanjalog
Nadia Tanjalog پیش 12 روز
@Kendrick Jamone I swear ! When will women realize that most of the time , they're sexualizing themselves more than they're empowering themselves. This world will always keep women into this sexuality box . And if they can't force them to be sexualized , they'll deceive them into doing it . Simple .
Bee پیش 16 روز
@C4Zero Their brainwashed! I don’t think their fit to raise daughters at all
Bee پیش 16 روز
@carolyn Williams 🙏 They just don’t get it
Bee پیش 16 روز
@Tomeicko Gilbert Hawkins EXACTLY!!!
Cannibal Zombie
Cannibal Zombie پیش 2 ساعت
Ever since Beyonce got a hold of those 2 girls they started changing. They became more sexualized they changed a lot. Makes me think that Beyonce sold them to the illuminati.
Maria Barrera
Maria Barrera پیش 15 ساعت
OMG leave her alone!! If she wants to be sexy and show it then so be it. We need to let people be who the fuck they wanna be. This is so fucked up. She's sharing how she's struggled over issues with body image and if embracing her sexy side helps her overcome that and love her body, we should be supportive and encouraging.
Erwin Ward
Erwin Ward پیش 17 ساعت
Do u Baby......You're Gorgeous💯
Dave P
Dave P پیش روز
Baby don’t cry smh
Kimberley Mafico
Kimberley Mafico پیش روز
When Chloe started crying it made me cry ngl . Chloe is such a beautiful beautiful person. I'm so happy she is finally finding confidence in who she is and expressing herself . I her so much and you know what- if the haters cant see that she is great , then that's their problem.
Kimberley Mafico
Kimberley Mafico پیش روز
Chloe is so so beautiful and is so unique and talented . she shines like a diamond, and if people cant see that then that's their problem. she's a QUEEN
Tamirra G
Tamirra G پیش روز
She's a PRETTY and TALENTED Young Lady!
debrak04 پیش روز
If they go solo Halle is screwed. So they shld think carefully about making that move
debrak04 پیش 10 ساعت
@Mahlatse Phasha-Mtsweni ok
Mahlatse Phasha-Mtsweni
Mahlatse Phasha-Mtsweni پیش 10 ساعت
Halle is very a talented writer, actor. She'll act more after the little mermaid. They'll both be fine. No body is going to be screwed.
black queen
black queen پیش 2 روز
They are simply jealous of her banging body. Suh do whatever the hell you want. All these chicks stay on tic toc showing their bodies so do you.
Sankofa Sankofa
Sankofa Sankofa پیش 2 روز
Whats that poem by Maya Angelou Edit: "Still I Rise" by Ms. Maya Angelou. Chloe literally personifies, "Still I Rise."
Sankofa Sankofa
Sankofa Sankofa پیش 2 روز
The ancestors persevered through so much for the descendants to be FREE. For black women to show their beauty, talent & love-of-self is exactly what she should do if she want to. To see young people laugh out loud, dance like the ancestors & sing so beautifully in these times is truly a blessing and testimony to the resiliency of black people. Please leave these young women alone. They're positive, creative & hard working. Keep spreading joy Chloe & Halle!
Taryn Davis
Taryn Davis پیش 2 روز
They need to let that girl live
Robbie Wilson
Robbie Wilson پیش 2 روز
You don't see no one body shaming Kim, Nicki, or K. Michelle, but once a women who has a natural body showing it off, they are doing too much. Make it make sense.
Yasmin Khan
Yasmin Khan پیش 2 روز
How mfs gonna shame chloe and praise cardi and megan. Yall even praise white girls for their provocative styles brittany spears and Pamela Anderson plenty others but because chloe is beautiful and curvy ( not fat) not to mention all natural yall got issues smh either your evolving with them or not. But don't try to bring them down cuz you're miserable and confused af.
Dawnyanna Davis
Dawnyanna Davis پیش 3 روز
We don't deserve you, Chloe and Halle. It's a shame how we as women want to appreciate ourselves, but the backlash holds us back. I love her expressing her self which she doesn't owe us an explanation, all the while being unapologetic.
Goddess Blackberry
Goddess Blackberry پیش 3 روز
Ridiculous if someone shows u a different side of them you don't agree with all of a sudden you're attention seeking and trying to garner attention be it good or bad how ridiculous and it's amazing that we're not allowed to be free spirited you gotta stay in this box and be predictable because if you demonstrate any type of personality that is other than the status quo you're trying to be something you're not and your not an individual with eecentric quirk's. We are not allowed to be us and ourself we have to be a token and whatever idea they have of us. They desire so much to be controlling of us to the point we shouldn't have autonomy we have to act and do what they think we should be. It is Disgusting.
Timothy B
Timothy B پیش 3 روز
The Wicked and Evil industry shall not have these Daughters of Zion.
concilia aoko
concilia aoko پیش 3 روز
why are you explaining yourself Chloe??? Be you do you, live you! dont explain yourself to anyone. people have a tendency to project their insecurities on others dont change a thing about you! Its what got us to know you .
mamie broyles
mamie broyles پیش 3 روز
Honey don't worry about people you can't please every one stop thinking about what hater have to say it. Just hater being hater at there best
Eunice Nkayo
Eunice Nkayo پیش 3 روز
Y’all need to leave my sisters alone 😐 they came the bottom. Y’all picking on her because she dancing how she wants? Leave this girl alone Chloe let all the haters suck your balls.
Andre Swaringer
Andre Swaringer پیش 3 روز
At the end of the day she is a grown damn woman who can do whatever tf she wanna do! Most of the ppl hating in them tweets was probably fucking outta both pant legs by the time they was 22! And bank account ain't got a quarter of what Chloe already got in her's. They need to sit down with their irrelevant ass opinions. I don't know why they think anybody cares🤔
Bendji Nzau
Bendji Nzau پیش 3 روز
Tired of negativity of people on the Internet. She doesn't have to justify one thing.
Jodi Powell
Jodi Powell پیش 4 روز
Do u girl your dam beautiful 👑👑👑👑✌💯💯💯❤🥰
Jodi Powell
Jodi Powell پیش 4 روز
Hate her are love her it shouldn't matter jesus was all good and they killed him , you will never be able to please everyone and if you try u will die
Dree پیش 4 روز
This is so sad. Meanwhile, people are silent when Megan is damn hear naked everytime you see her, twerking, and sticking her nasty tongue out. People in society is so dumb🤦‍♀️
Gloria Walker
Gloria Walker پیش 4 روز
Be who you are!! You are beautiful!!
QueenKe's Creations
QueenKe's Creations پیش 4 روز
No Debate Here. It's Never Acceptable To Post Videos In Your Panties Online...
Musiclover KeKe
Musiclover KeKe پیش 4 روز
Plus just because some one is a dancer and knows how to move their body or anything doesn't mean anything people don't know the difference between sexy, sexuality, and sensuality. Women are sensual beings !!! You expect us to walk around wearing nun clothes, and not dance at all !!!? It's called tapping into your feminine energy !!! If you hate it so much . Just stick with MEN !!! Or women with large amounts of masculine energy !!!!! Just because some MEN get aroused does not mean we have to stop being women and turning on our feminine energy !!!!! Or even just because some hateful insecure women getting jealous either !!!
dean truth
dean truth پیش 4 روز
My only issue is, women want to be respected and valued for their talent and minds, yet thats a delusion if you're scantily dressed. Unfortunately we live in a biased visual world and we are judged solely, on how we look.
Mzblazin J.
Mzblazin J. پیش 4 روز
Go ahead Chloe You are a beautiful black woman. Sending you love and support your way. Be you the beautiful you that you are. Live your life you are doing great! #DontChange👌🏾
Shan Williams
Shan Williams پیش 4 روز
A don't know why people have a problem with what other people want to do with thier live and bodies. Smh
Cee Green
Cee Green پیش 4 روز
Unfortunately black girls and women there are double standards. Remember the Kim Kardashians get praised and "breaks the internet" with nudity and build an empire from it. What black women have been made to feel insecure about, women of other ethnicities get surgery to have and then get praised for. I would like to see our black girls and women who have visible platforms endorse beauty, feminine class and sex appeal along with intelligence. Rise up with positive imagery.
Shellyanni Seymour
Shellyanni Seymour پیش 4 روز
Let the girl be.they are different. Personality.if they cover up people will bash them.if they go half naked people will still bash them
A Monee
A Monee پیش 4 روز
People are miserable, bitter, and hating. Go get a life and leave ALL PEOPLE ALONE.
Malynda Qiara
Malynda Qiara پیش 4 روز
All these fake Instagram models getting surgery and she wants attention for showing a little skin? Lol she is a black wombs who is naturally curvy. I hate this for her because I am a black woman who has natural curves and people body shame myself when I show a little skin but praise other women who are getting surgery or whatever. It’s sickening and we need to stop this 🙄
Malynda Qiara
Malynda Qiara پیش 4 روز
Her body is NATURAL... she has an amazing body
Lela Green
Lela Green پیش 4 روز
Don't pay attention to these people You young ladies do you Y'all are outstanding 💯💯💯
Angelica Williams
Angelica Williams پیش 5 روز
I don’t like how people don’t keep it real. Folks are ONLY looking at Chloe because of her being sexual. Dasssss it because why is her sister not getting the same attention when she’s just as talent. Like nobody was hyping her up, the shaderoom wasn’t talking about her but as soon as she showed some skin the world went crazy...and let’s be honest she loved the attention she got AND she kept going. Unfortunately she’s coming off just like every other IG model at this point. At this point that’s what people will expect from her
OmfgMy namewontfi
OmfgMy namewontfi پیش 5 روز
I love watching her. Its visual art. People need to get over themselves.
Good Woman Here
Good Woman Here پیش 5 روز
I think these young women are awesome! She's pretty, confident, and should be unapologetic for not a thing!
Paragon Nwosu
Paragon Nwosu پیش 5 روز
Also PSA to anyone that sees this- because you just found out about them or started paying attention to them doesn’t mean they’ve not always been killing it. You’re just a bit late to the party. Better late than never tho🤪
Paragon Nwosu
Paragon Nwosu پیش 5 روز
I’m just here to say if anyone has been a fan of ChloexHalle, they’d have a better understanding of how they are, personality wise and all. Absolutely nothing she has done is out of pocket..Im tired of these “let’s groom the young black girl” people, She’s not a child, if you maybe had an idea of her before this, youd know she’s a very solid and grounded young girl, doing this life thing just like most of us are..all these bloody opinions and takes are exhausting. Focus on your own life ffs
Gozie Precious
Gozie Precious پیش 5 روز
I just don’t like that she is been apologetic for what makes her happy. Anyways it’s not easy as well...
Tamika Amos
Tamika Amos پیش 5 روز
What's wrong with her body?..I don't understand. Humans are horrible.
Kei Young
Kei Young پیش 5 روز
They can eat bricks! These girls are awesome, and they can still be a group and be individuals. Halle best give us Dianna Ross vibes, and Chloe best serve her burlesque bawwwdy! It's all WIN
Jirehni Adam
Jirehni Adam پیش 5 روز
girl GOD loves you so much
airisming9 پیش 5 روز
She looks alot like Beyonce dancing...why are artist surprised when they start being fleshly in their work..showcase your talent over your sexuality, thats a given. You know your beautiful and sexy you don't have to show everyone in the other girls that thats not all women are about and they don't have to do all that to feel or validate their need to feel beautiful. Sexy doesn't equal beautiful..Nerds are sexy, humble is sexy..Save that for your Husband and/or yourself..this Industry makes artist invoke spirits..especially that over sexual (jezebel harlot) spirit..Maybe those comments came because it was a sign that he's showing you you do need to do that to feel good about yourself...Be the opposite and make a change for girls to feel good about themselves without booty popping and dressing provocative. Sometimes it causes more grief than what it's worth.
Corey Howard
Corey Howard پیش 5 روز
Baby yall keep up the great work love yall...fuck the haters i love everything about the 2 of yall 💯 😘😘😘
Corey Howard
Corey Howard پیش 5 روز
Her &her sister
Corey Howard
Corey Howard پیش 5 روز
I love the way she is
The Purple Fashionista
The Purple Fashionista پیش 5 روز
Chloe is going through what I call the "black girl body struggle"...everybody gets to "love" our bodies but us. The brains, the beauty, the seems that others can admire and appreciate it but we're not allowed to simply accept it, be comfortable with it, and embrace it. Like it was created for them 😒 I've been here and I stand with her because she's more than just her body - her talent and skill is impressive at her young age. BTW don't sleep on Halle cuz I LOVE her talent and skill too! They remind me of me and my sister.
claudia755a پیش 6 روز
Chloe you’re beautiful!! And you have great moves !!! 🥰
Annony Missy
Annony Missy پیش 6 روز
These young ladies have crushed the stereotype that says black women are unattractive, fat, and out of shape. People who Judge them need to put down the Twinkies & hot wings and be inspired and stop judging them.
dynesti gettys
dynesti gettys پیش 6 روز
ok but the intro😩
Solesha Joseph
Solesha Joseph پیش 6 روز
I Appreciate Natural Bodies. They're Always Refreshing. Especially That Of Women, Who Are Mainly Black And Young. Oh Well. What Else Can I Say? What Could I Have Said? Diffrerently.
Juliana Thompson
Juliana Thompson پیش 6 روز
N halle is going to be a break out star too.
Juliana Thompson
Juliana Thompson پیش 6 روز
Stop that crying . Dance dance dance
Juliana Thompson
Juliana Thompson پیش 6 روز
Juliana Thompson
Juliana Thompson پیش 6 روز
Girl stop crying and show that body. Your young why are u acting timid. So what if ppl talkn about u. Tuff up. Keep dancing and showing that body your young. What that want u to wear garb????? No u can wear what u want.
Cazz Cazz
Cazz Cazz پیش 6 روز
She murdered that challenge! Such a beautiful young lady. Very talented queen. All positive minded ppl, plz let’s lift her/them up. Let’s out weigh the negative ppl in our very own community of ppl. And god plz don’t let the Kardashian’s try to befriend them just to more celeb base.
Essie Meralda
Essie Meralda پیش 7 روز
I love her energy People are so quick to judge as if they know her personally.
Indiibby پیش 7 روز
This video was definitely necessary! Basically to prove that hypocrisy is real. And people will judge you for the same thing that their favorite idols do. I’m proud of Chloe for speaking up and being very transparent about this situation. 💕🌱🧿
Ellie پیش 7 روز
To be real honest, I think some people are upset because black women are already OVERLY SEXUALIZED in media already. Every young black female that comes along always gets over sexualized at some point. They're all starting to look alike. And people are getting bored with the same representation of black women. Non-black women get to try out different concepts and public images, and genres but all mainstream black women seem to only offer the same thing over and over; their asses and bodies.
shania wilson
shania wilson پیش 7 روز
I feel like society always wants us to be what they picture us to be and I don't think this is right, why the fuck can't we just all be at peace and stop body shaming others and slut shaming women like where is the feminism. Y'all are jealous because she loves her body and I think that's the best trait to have of yourself finally reach that point where your confident and full of self love is beautiful. Once u can do that ur powerful ❤
Stephaney Emesty
Stephaney Emesty پیش 8 روز
People just love hating...Chloe keep being you. They wish they had your confidence and look.
D. W.
D. W. پیش 8 روز
Garbage... the whole channel Ella Mai and H.E.R all day💯
Punkin Pie
Punkin Pie پیش 8 روز
Keep doing your thing Chloe and don't let no one take what you are doing away from you stop crying dry up those tears you shouldn't be crying you should be happy some people in this world are devils I say this because think about it your idol Beyonce can go on stage half naked shaking her butt and everybody in the audience and at home praise that nobody is judging her but it's not right people how some of y'all are talking and speaking negative of her video post of her being herself just think about it mostly all female singers perform on TV and in music videos basically nude and nobody is talking about them so to the people that's down grading Chloe just stop it and let her do her thing like every other female famous or not is doing keep your head up Chloe and don't let people judging you get to you just take it in one ear and let it go out the other ear and just keep on going also keep posting what you want to post over the internet why because everybody else do no need to tone it down live your life and enjoy it because we all only have one life to live don't ever change a thing about how you feel and what you are doing my advice for all of Chloe's followers that don't like what she is doing stop watching her either way she will still succeed love you Chloe seeing you cry broke my heart so I had to tell you this to uplift you and your spirit never cry or feel bad for being yourself being yourself ain't bad because look at how far you and your sister have come
Renee Monestime
Renee Monestime پیش 8 روز
Chloe owes no one NO explanation. She was expressing herself. In this day and age everyone is doing it, why bash her!? If any of you don't like something just don't watch it. Simple!!!
Vannessa Spence
Vannessa Spence پیش 8 روز
I want to say that these girls are entertainers and it's well in their right to be whatever they want in front of the camera. These are grown women and at the end of the day only they are accountable for their own actions. Why are we slut shaming? Black women? All women? Haven't we been through enough? This is to the Bailey's: YOU DONT OWE ANYONE ANY EXPLANATION, TEARS, OR APOLOGIES!!!!! THIS IS YOUR LIFE! CONTINUE TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE THE WAY YOU WANT TO! FAMILY FIRST NO MATTER WHAT AND IF YOU SPLIT THEN IT'S WHEN Y'ALL WANT TO SPLIT. I'm not yelling. I just wanted the Bailey's to see that this fan loves their blackness and will support them in the good, the bad, and the ugly!
Natural Me
Natural Me پیش 8 روز
What do people want? For her to stay a kid forever? She's in her twenties now - let her live her life.
Simply Shaye
Simply Shaye پیش 8 روز
I don't like how their album is called the Ungodly hour
Trending Queendom
Trending Queendom پیش 8 روز
Lord when there wasn’t clothes that covered our whole body we only wore leaves to cover the nipples and patch of hair below. So how come people judging now when people wear less clothing. If you have sinful or lustful thoughts that’s between you and God. Don’t put anyone else down just because society or religion has brainwashed you.
Amira Clarke
Amira Clarke پیش 9 روز
Humans are so judgemental. as soon as they see you shining they Talk horrible things about u and that's a FACT
Edna Brown
Edna Brown پیش 9 روز
Them fake ass tears she's is a ACTRESS!! enough said,!!!
treshawn isiaah
treshawn isiaah پیش 5 روز
Stfu , Chloe cry about anything and if u watched their lives you would know . Chloe is the sensitive one .
Edna Brown
Edna Brown پیش 9 روز
Of course they're gonna separate the 👹 industry wont have it any other way!!! & Folks still encouraging our generations to evolve in the s👹tanic relm!! Shame on the one that are promoting it! Such as yourself the #narrator
Racquel B.
Racquel B. پیش 9 روز
This is so sad when it comes to the point where someone feels that they have to explain themselves for simply being human. People don't think about how old they are. They are young ladies who have may seem grown but they are still growing into themselves. Chloe's sexuality is coming out more yet some don't know how to take it. She is becoming herself, she is growing into a full fledged women and to shame someone who is still growing is very distasteful. People have no problem with Cardi B or Meghan Thee Stallion because folks expect them to be sexual because of the music they make but why shame Chloe? Chloe is human too. Quit judging other's.
Ayuana’s Garden
Ayuana’s Garden پیش 9 روز
Yes I love her shining but she doesn’t need anyone’s validation or praise. ...Attention is one hell of a drug and we don’t know the long term negative affects of this social media shit.. It ain’t natural and I just feel like it’s keeping us far from the truth.
Ayuana’s Garden
Ayuana’s Garden پیش 9 روز
“DUSTY colonizers” lmaooo 🤣
Marie Harvey
Marie Harvey پیش 9 روز
People is always gonna have something to say, you don’t live for others you live for yourself as long as you know God loves you, you’ll be alright! If you’re doing good they talk about you, if you doing bad they gonna talk about you so let them talk! Nobody on this earth is perfect God didn’t make us to be perfect! Love yourself and live your truth! You can’t please no one but yourself! Live, Laugh, Love! Life is to short! 🙏🙏😘😘😘😘😘
Marie Harvey
Marie Harvey پیش 9 روز
Brittany Mahone
Brittany Mahone پیش 9 روز
Salma Omar
Salma Omar پیش 9 روز
People need to leave her alone like she’s beautiful and her body is natural like people stay hating.
Yazzy N Kiddos
Yazzy N Kiddos پیش 9 روز
She is becoming a powerful, sexually expressive black woman. This type of expression is in our DNA. I am sure y'all can tell she is implementing her idol Beyonce's dancing style. Its just who she is so leave her alone.
Courtney Hall
Courtney Hall پیش 9 روز
She’s grown, she grew up... Only explanation needed. Ef a hating jealous social media troll. They’re who should be ashamed for their bullying.
Gaynel Mcclinton
Gaynel Mcclinton پیش 9 روز
God Bless. Be U
chanikac1 پیش 10 روز
This must be a joke... No needs to be mean...but she's over sensual/sexual... Can't be doing all that and expect people not to see it and say things. Blackwomen are oversexualized but when we join in with it and promote it its even worst.
da realist
da realist پیش 10 روز
They just hating. You looks good.
Truthful Rating
Truthful Rating پیش 10 روز
Her body is real and they are jealous
Katila Ferreira
Katila Ferreira پیش 10 روز
These attacks started as they did the wrong move by having individual Instagram accounts.
Tiff Nett
Tiff Nett پیش 10 روز
U owe NO ONE AN EXPLANATION, (my LOVE)! Be true 2 U...this is exactly what's I have on my personalized license plate (btrue2u)...U shouldn't feel apologetic, U suppose 2 dance when NO ONE IS LOOKING OR not.
Isai Mercado
Isai Mercado پیش 10 روز
Dusty colonizers killed me 🤣🤣😭
enyamouth69 پیش 10 روز
She not a gospel singer she young and fine ofcourse she gon pop that thang yall tripping 😂
Judi G
Judi G پیش 10 روز
Chloe live for Chloe cause these devils out here are jealous and remember girl you got this just keep on praising God and remembering your roots stay grounded in Jesus he’ll see you through so smile 😊 you don’t have nothing to be ashamed of so love ❤️ your sister and have fun
Black Lobo
Black Lobo پیش 11 روز
Beyonce really perverted those 2 girls and sold them to the illuminati. I've noticed they are starting to act more perverted. Their music their image and music videos became perverted.
shireen rennie
shireen rennie پیش 11 روز
Wow some of these comments, whitney Houston was one of the best vocalists of all times. And she never ever dressed and show off her body like that. Come on people, stop telling our young talented black women it's ok to behave like this. She has an amazing voice that's her talent. She doesn't have to be selling sex appeal. I'm sorry that's my take on it. Come for me
taliah azeez
taliah azeez پیش 11 روز
You are absolutely right. Great advice
iamcasihart پیش 11 روز
This isn’t just with famous people, though with famous folks, the influx is far greater. I’m sick of misogyny (from both women and men), trying to police Women’s bodies, shame us, label us, and ultimately, dehumanize us. This young lady is precious. She’s so talented and so lovely. I saw a few of her dance vids and I enjoyed them! It’s always beautiful to see a young lady coming into her own and showing herself some love. And if you can dance, I say DANCE! Most of us who do these sorts of things aren’t seeking sexual and tacky male attention and validation. We are just sharing a part of ourselves. It is so fucked up, so ugly, and so misogynistic to do this to girls and women. It’s old. I’m done with it. I’m nearly twice this girl’s age, and my entire life since I began to develop in middle school, I have faced this same bullshit. I’ll be looking out for these gifted sisters and support them any way I can. 💖
Blessed Beauty
Blessed Beauty پیش 11 روز
This off top but Chloe is still pretty even when she cries.Some people make some ugly cry faces.I don't how I look when I cry because I have never looked in the mirror and cried.
Lovely Babyface
Lovely Babyface پیش 11 روز
When a black girl shows what she's blessed with naturally she's gets dragged but fake body types gets praised first people really should respect both natural body's and fake ones exactly for god sake damn 🙄
Lovely Babyface
Lovely Babyface پیش 6 روز
@Ines I'm not saying plastic surgery is not okay but all I'm saying is natural women has always been hated on first for showing there natural flaws and bodys types
Robert Phipps
Robert Phipps پیش 11 روز
Thanks for being you we love it Thats also parts of your talent
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