CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 8 | Ep. 1: ”The Burn”

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پیش 19 روز

Spring semester gets off to a tumultuous start when The Chicken Girls and Power Surge face off at dance tryouts.
With Rhyme and her friends all grown up, Harmony has found her own squad of Chicken Girls. But with all their new interests, secrets and crushes, can this girl group survive middle school? Created by Janey Feingold.
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Brat TV
Brat TV پیش 18 روز
what are you looking forward to this season?
Colette Bondurant
Colette Bondurant پیش روز
Reps Baseball
Reps Baseball پیش 3 روز
Shan-Gaerianna Doyley
Shan-Gaerianna Doyley پیش 3 روز
The new chicken girls song. Will u change the song?And if so when?
Crystal Brown
Crystal Brown پیش 3 روز
Rajni kandulna
Rajni kandulna پیش 4 روز
Something new and interesting in love and friendship.
Kabor Xiong
Kabor Xiong پیش 4 ساعت
Uh is that Thad omg
qtpetals پیش 11 ساعت
Ms J
Ms J پیش 13 ساعت
Anyone else been here since episode one
Kaniz Kona
Kaniz Kona پیش 17 ساعت
M i the only one who think that Leo is a little bit looks like teenage TK?? 🤔
nnn mm
nnn mm پیش 22 ساعت
can we just look at how pretty is harmony, especially on the thumbnail?
Donna Hurst
Donna Hurst پیش روز
I love this
Bienve Garcia
Bienve Garcia پیش روز
Zulfah Dollie
Zulfah Dollie پیش روز
Colette Bondurant
Colette Bondurant پیش روز
Brianne O’Donnell
Brianne O’Donnell پیش روز
Where did Harm get her Cardigen?
Pat Stokes
Pat Stokes پیش روز
Who was here since Piper Rockell was here ???
ChoccyMilk پیش روز
Anyone else hear the little noise at 5:33 ?
Destiny Soto
Destiny Soto پیش روز
Z. zone
Z. zone پیش روز
I just notice there is always a tall friend in Chicken girls Brooke was the tall one in OG Chicken girls then in 2021 Chicken girls its Leyla (Idk if that's how you spell her name but yeah) Also, why are these kids dressing like this already? I'm the same age as them and I look like a homeless person
Rahima Mohamud
Rahima Mohamud پیش روز
شنششس شمشهن
Hannah diljo
Hannah diljo پیش روز
Ellie u rockkk
Itzel Mondragon
Itzel Mondragon پیش 2 روز
Love this show 😊☺😊☺😊😍😍
Milena Yrribarren Sanchez
Milena Yrribarren Sanchez پیش 2 روز
What is pip
Sadie Driscoll
Sadie Driscoll پیش 2 روز
Watching again!
piper group
piper group پیش 2 روز
Happy birthday txu love have a nice birthday
Mii Bishop
Mii Bishop پیش 2 روز
holddd the phone?.? Is that Andre swileyyyyyyy
Torrance Moua
Torrance Moua پیش 2 روز
the girl at 8:26 did the best at dancing
Celebrity memez TV
Celebrity memez TV پیش 2 روز
When Ellie is the real dancer irl
K e a n d r a G r e e n - W a l k e r
K e a n d r a G r e e n - W a l k e r پیش 2 روز
Who was here since “Tk hurry up” or “It’s the last walk of the summer.”
Irais Rojas
Irais Rojas پیش 2 روز
Bro my school jus got finished w this module😭😂😂
Toxic Pixels
Toxic Pixels پیش 2 روز
So chiken girls went from annie to hailey? Like how mani went from piper to hailey.
VENUS LEMA پیش 2 روز
Eliana there
Maria G
Maria G پیش 2 روز
Woah what a coincidence I am also reading a wrinkle in time!
Paige Logsdon
Paige Logsdon پیش 2 روز
Can we PLEASSSS get some scenes with the og’s 😭🤌
Payton Tiller
Payton Tiller پیش 2 روز
I have been here since season 1episode 1
Charlie D amelio !
Charlie D amelio ! پیش 2 روز
Love txunamy acting
Its Pamsellazo
Its Pamsellazo پیش 2 روز
manal khan
manal khan پیش 2 روز
Someone should probably tell them about power surge 🤦🏼‍♀️
rawan mckay
rawan mckay پیش 2 روز
Coco did tiktok moves
Sehansa de silva
Sehansa de silva پیش 2 روز
oh my gosh I just KNEW Jordan was gonna get kinda jealous with the Leo being around Harmony
Lavender Kittyジ
Lavender Kittyジ پیش 3 روز
harmony/hailey have been more beautiful
Nadia Ibrahim
Nadia Ibrahim پیش 3 روز
Bread پیش 3 روز
she could have put foundation?? on her burn?
Chianti Benson
Chianti Benson پیش 3 روز
I miss the characters Ellie and rhyme and the rest of them. But I love these characters too!!
Chianti Benson
Chianti Benson پیش 3 روز
This is the best season yet!!!
Chianti Benson
Chianti Benson پیش 3 روز
Jordan and harmony ship(Jarmany and Hordan!
Chianti Benson
Chianti Benson پیش 3 روز
Who loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch!!!!
Chianti Benson
Chianti Benson پیش 3 روز
Loved the show!!
lethejay 20
lethejay 20 پیش 3 روز
Yesssss finally season 8
Crystal Brown
Crystal Brown پیش 3 روز
Shakira rizzo
Shakira rizzo پیش 3 روز
Madia Henrietta Peters Magbollah
Madia Henrietta Peters Magbollah پیش 3 روز
Hello , we are waiting for season 9
Alla Osk
Alla Osk پیش 3 روز
Has harmony never heard of concealer?
Peyton Hensley
Peyton Hensley پیش 3 روز
why did britney and katie just do tiktok dances like that shouldn’t be on the team for that or that may be me
Abhigyan Banerjee
Abhigyan Banerjee پیش روز
Actually the entire Power Surge team did tiktoks not just those two
Aseel Alwahibi
Aseel Alwahibi پیش 3 روز
Is it me or this is so cringe and I only like Hayleys acting
Mylo Lopez
Mylo Lopez پیش 3 روز
ok Jordan is so cute now
Rukia Dakane
Rukia Dakane پیش 3 روز
Matthew Delgado
Matthew Delgado پیش 3 روز
JESUS Corinne is going so HARD I can't handle all these roast 😂😂😂
Golden پیش 3 روز
Eggie can go scramble himself
Buteravids پیش 3 روز
Not Quinn doing tiktok moves.
Shay María
Shay María پیش 3 روز
Awwww Hayley sounds soooo grown up
Elleah Whittaker
Elleah Whittaker پیش 3 روز
I miss coco and tzunamy.
Diana Kosferenc
Diana Kosferenc پیش 3 روز
Ngl the old cast was so much better
Shanoya Atkinson
Shanoya Atkinson پیش 3 روز
Is it me or when rhyme was young the boys were so cute
Loretta kowe
Loretta kowe پیش 4 روز
Harmony should have just put concealer on her burn
Sydania Foster
Sydania Foster پیش 4 روز
It's so funny that Claire can actually dance but in this she can't
Camila Mondragon
Camila Mondragon پیش 4 روز
am i the only one who ships harmony and jordan like SO BAD i dont want her to break his heart :(
Anything Studio
Anything Studio پیش 4 روز
I’m so happy to see elliana again!
Camryn Davis
Camryn Davis پیش 4 روز
Who else just wants just to meet eggy’s new bf and give her a talk
Hoor •
Hoor • پیش 4 روز
so kiw
Kevin Park
Kevin Park پیش 4 روز
I am 8 years old and I loooooove this series. I am not sure if I was born when the first season came out but I watched it all the way up to Season 8.
vedwati ramsaroop
vedwati ramsaroop پیش 4 روز
Why is tunamy and coco quinn in chicken girls ?? Im shocked
Ju پیش 4 روز
I love chicken girls so much 💘
Landri Dehaven
Landri Dehaven پیش 4 روز
Am I the only one who watched one episode of season 7 then skipped the rest of it so is gonna be super confused this entire episode??
Crystal Brown
Crystal Brown پیش 4 روز
Ana Lemus
Ana Lemus پیش 4 روز
Am always so exited for new sesons and episodes I've been a ytber since sesons 1 and episode 1
San_boo78 Lewis
San_boo78 Lewis پیش 4 روز
Coco and here team are so mean
Beccalynn Njenga
Beccalynn Njenga پیش 4 روز
Me I love this shiwe
Tutorials With us
Tutorials With us پیش 4 روز
Can y’all please do more girl name jo I love that one
Target Duo
Target Duo پیش 4 روز
Chicken girls is the best it should all be a movie with different season's
Dimpho Phatlane
Dimpho Phatlane پیش 4 روز
Me: omg why do i like the mean txunammy!🌝🦦🤎
Dimpho Phatlane
Dimpho Phatlane پیش 4 روز
Everyone: whatching the movie Me: why cassie or (oop- i frogot her name) and harmony have this wite things under their noses and end up burning.🌝
Dimpho Phatlane
Dimpho Phatlane پیش 4 روز
Edit: 2 like omg thank u and also *white*
Zara Carelse
Zara Carelse پیش 4 روز
Coco is a bad
xXh0neyc0mbXx پیش 5 روز
everyone has had some glowupsssss
Ella Cabutaje
Ella Cabutaje پیش 5 روز
Piper is the only one whos missing
McKenzie biggest fan omoregie
McKenzie biggest fan omoregie پیش 5 روز
McKenzie biggest fan omoregie
McKenzie biggest fan omoregie پیش 5 روز
I am your hater
Hannah Robertson
Hannah Robertson پیش 5 روز
the fact he said that to harmony 🥺🥺
Angelin پیش 5 روز
It’s so funny watching Elliana dance so horrible on set but on the dance floor it’s another story😂
Saanvi dube
Saanvi dube پیش 5 روز
Ughh all the annoying ppl together POWERSURGE OFFICIALLY SUCKS🙄
Bonnie Jackson
Bonnie Jackson پیش 5 روز
WOW, the first three minutes just brought little girls back DECADES. This is NOT normal I NEVER made a kissing pact and more ethnic girls are super self-conscious of body hair. WAY TO GO.
it's dapin
it's dapin پیش 6 روز
Ok but qhen hormany covered her book on her face she was so cute like a baby
Audrey Lynn
Audrey Lynn پیش 6 روز
I think is funny how they made elliana suck at dancing when In reality she’s the best one hahahahah
time queen
time queen پیش 6 روز
We need piper in chicken girls
Monica Bian
Monica Bian پیش 6 روز
1:31 he just be appearing out of thin air
Blessed1 پیش 5 روز
imani پیش 6 روز
anna henry
anna henry پیش 6 روز
Jordan looks different because you took forever. but probably you guys are busy. also this episode is amazing
s پیش 7 روز
So u have any space on chiken girls for a mother main character CU's I am a great singer,dancer and actress and I can always remember a script
Britanny Diaz
Britanny Diaz پیش 7 روز
Is that Addison RAE brother
Maina Jamil
Maina Jamil پیش 7 روز
Egies name is ugh so gross
Annette Hernandez
Annette Hernandez پیش 7 روز
Who has been hear since but one get one free🤓!😭😂😂💕💕
Anastasia E.
Anastasia E. پیش 7 روز
Adetoun Sanni
Adetoun Sanni پیش 7 روز
Clare: what bright side Layla: That(stops to think for a while) that we still have each other Me:Bursting out in an an uncontrollable laughter
Murleen Bellinger
Murleen Bellinger پیش 7 روز
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