BREAKDOWN: Kooky AOC's Story Doesn't Add Up | Louder With Crowder

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پیش 26 روز

Steven attempts to follow ALL the events in AOC's ...dramatic...retelling of the Capitol storming.
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"Eat My Butt"

Sebastian Calvey
Sebastian Calvey پیش 8 ساعت
Got to say IT. Gotta Be THAT Guy... I'll FILL Her VOID(s).... ~The PervMaster
WOTHAN*** پیش روز
Don't know why but she makes me feel sick...
John Koenig
John Koenig پیش 2 روز
Her face always looks like she's having a conniption. Then again, she generally always _is_ having a conniption, so maybe that's just her face reflecting reality.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones پیش 3 روز
Quit doing business with Twitter boycott Twitter and they won't have control of you
Alex Barba
Alex Barba پیش 4 روز
Aoc saved all the deplorables from freezing to death.
Billy 4226
Billy 4226 پیش 4 روز
AO pinocchio!
Anna Benson
Anna Benson پیش 5 روز
Sam Sudh
Sam Sudh پیش 5 روز
She lies like silly teen
Dennis Hendrikx
Dennis Hendrikx پیش 5 روز
According to NOT CNN, the "riots" were mostly peaceful.
Ben Gonyar
Ben Gonyar پیش 4 روز
but a cop died tho, from the people in the party that loves cops
BigJon Johnson
BigJon Johnson پیش 6 روز
That map is awesome; Patton would be proud
BigJon Johnson
BigJon Johnson پیش 6 روز
Chicken Little: The sky is falling!!! AOC: the republicans are here?
BigJon Johnson
BigJon Johnson پیش 6 روز
On a scale of 1 to 10; AOC is not a supersoaker
Rare Form
Rare Form پیش 6 روز
Stupid people voting for unbelievable stupid people ..
Steven thomas
Steven thomas پیش 6 روز
Aoc did see and hear all that, they had CNN on in the safety bunker she was stood in
Alec Womack
Alec Womack پیش 7 روز
Her hand movements are a huge sign lying. Not stress.
Jordan Burton
Jordan Burton پیش 9 روز
that void comment made me almost spit hot milo on my laptop 😂
Indistructi-bill !
Indistructi-bill ! پیش 9 روز
How is it that 4 years of inoccent people left to suffer at the hands of roiters is nothing compared to 1 attack on politicians...who have gun toting agents... just.......HOW!!!
D. H. L.
D. H. L. پیش 10 روز
AOC has Bilocation, or sometimes multilocation, is an alleged psychic or miraculous ability wherein an individual or object is located (or appears to be located) in two distinct places at the same time.
Robert پیش 11 روز
Trump is guilty
Rauldoesgaming پیش 12 روز
And people want her to run president oh god no
Sean Brosnan
Sean Brosnan پیش 12 روز
AOC didn’t hear rioters in the hallway; she heard someone watching TDK scene where batman interrogates Joker
Bryant Mcdowell
Bryant Mcdowell پیش 12 روز
Because she doesn't add up she is a freak of nature no one can be that stupid
Chloe Hennessey
Chloe Hennessey پیش 13 روز
She’s a legit Karen. Like no cap. No hesitation, Karen asf.
LadyGreenEyes964 پیش 14 روز
You watched the entire 90-minute video? That's above and beyond the call of duty, boys! I couldn't tolerate 90 minutes of Crazy-Eyes! Remember, too, this is a person who was stunned by a garbage disposal in her apartment.
Kevin Kavanaugh
Kevin Kavanaugh پیش 14 روز
This is a child.
Kevin Kavanaugh
Kevin Kavanaugh پیش 14 روز
These people can do and say anything they want because the media will never hold them accountable.
Jim Hoelscher
Jim Hoelscher پیش 14 روز
She is an actress ... a very immature and dishonest one at that
Joshua LeBlanc
Joshua LeBlanc پیش 14 روز
I'm still waiting for my drink I ordered.
Vuk پیش 15 روز
Ever notice none of her relatives are on tv vouching for this lying lunatic.
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson پیش 15 روز
That void is between her ears.
Robert St. Estephe
Robert St. Estephe پیش 15 روز
AOC is dead. Stop talking about her ghost as if it were the living AOC. Ted Cruz murdered her with a crossbow, don't you know anything?
Eric Larson
Eric Larson پیش 15 روز
You can id half the kooks. The other half you support to the point that you are a kook just to be part of the echo chamber.
LiberalsAreGarbage پیش 16 روز
Sandy O'Crazio
Robert Selman
Robert Selman پیش 16 روز
That poor girl is so desperate for attention.
Rich Hill
Rich Hill پیش 16 روز
I’m a young black male. A white woman once told me AOC is the modern day Martin Luther King. I laughed in the moment. Looking back I should’ve slapped her to hell.
Emancipation Tv
Emancipation Tv پیش 17 روز
777k subscribers. Number of the Lord, you're doing good.
Emancipation Tv
Emancipation Tv پیش 17 روز
I watch you guys more than any other source. This is actual event reporting.
Emancipation Tv
Emancipation Tv پیش 17 روز
I'll always remember these wise words. Those who make Peace ful evolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable. This is the state we're at .
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire پیش 17 روز
THE MERCENARY 2020 BRUTAL MARTIAL ARTS ACTION NOW ON AMAZON PRIME ..........................................................AOC SMOLLET
Jackie Gillies
Jackie Gillies پیش 17 روز
I was a work from home mom. It is easier to drop your kids off. It is hard work staying home( and trying to telecommute) .
Jackie Gillies
Jackie Gillies پیش 17 روز
Officer described "googly eyes" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jake Holister
Jake Holister پیش 17 روز
She's got charles manson eyes!
Brian Williams
Brian Williams پیش 18 روز
Bet if you put her under oath her story changes
gold claw
gold claw پیش 18 روز
And the French people stormed the bastille 😆😄😃
Mike Pryor
Mike Pryor پیش 18 روز
AOC is so dumb she doesn’t even realize her only position in life was for her to pump out like 18 kids
Terence Iutzi
Terence Iutzi پیش 18 روز
She is a Democrat. They are all liars
Stormy پیش 18 روز
Centered پیش 18 روز
AOC doesn’t scare me, it is the people that vote for someone like AOC that scare me.
Bob Snob
Bob Snob پیش 14 روز
Term limits in the senate is the only thing that could save us
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire پیش 17 روز
fucian j
fucian j پیش 18 روز
I bet those store owners and civilians felt the same way as AoC when AoC supported and told blm and antifa to riot causing multiple deaths. The hypocrisy of this woman.
ELLISE圣 迹 پیش 18 روز
I never understood depopulation agenda. Or population control. Sure on one hand, it allows for our resources to not be depleted quicker. But only initially... right? If anything substantial is going to happen to shift global warming, wouldnt it be the future engineers? Aka a boy or girl? Why abort the future problem solvers of our generation? Or the next generation? Maybe if people took more pride and were more intentional with raising (not just having) kids, our future and technology would be more optimistic. I see babies as future problem solvers, not just mouths to feed... but that's what happens when people are so selfish, short sighted, i.e immature.
Mike Porter
Mike Porter پیش 18 روز
When her lips are moving she is lying .
Kraig Miller
Kraig Miller پیش 18 روز
AOC reminds me of the dumb blonde from scary movie
joe childs
joe childs پیش 18 روز
Ugly Betty has lost weight?
Jayyy667 پیش 18 روز
typical berg
Kim Hansen
Kim Hansen پیش 19 روز
The void is between her ears
Stefan Thompson
Stefan Thompson پیش 19 روز
Is it just me or does AOC look tanner than usual? Where is she finding time to sun tan/vacation between all the lies?
Tibulo Camacho
Tibulo Camacho پیش 19 روز
Duck Sauce
Duck Sauce پیش 19 روز
This is what politicians act like after decades of only 30% of America voting
Pauly Ssacharides
Pauly Ssacharides پیش 19 روز
Kinda like anti Semitic laws. Hmmmm
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith پیش 19 روز
She must be a starbucks coffee type.
Gregory Motta
Gregory Motta پیش 20 روز
I think alcohol was involved in AOC's story. Not when she was telling this tall tale, but when her mother was pregnant with her.
sam clemens
sam clemens پیش 20 روز
An Australia news agency had Juicy with eye lashes, blush and red lipstick his mouth moved and AOC was wpeaking
Brandon Wiley
Brandon Wiley پیش 20 روز
Still a tool.
B Morris
B Morris پیش 20 روز
"The evil man goes running away when no man is after him, but the upright are without fear, like the lion." this explains her fear.
Bryan Drewry
Bryan Drewry پیش 20 روز
She needs help & probably a little helmet.
_ G8dFäthəR _
_ G8dFäthəR _ پیش 20 روز
Just another "Look at me, I'm a victim" story.🙄
JOHN Brownell
JOHN Brownell پیش 20 روز
Was that reporter Phil Williams? Steven you should do a deep dive on Phil Williams. His voice and speech patterns are hilarious. Jim and Sam are big fans.
DJ Cook
DJ Cook پیش 20 روز
So question.... If "aoc" was to testify at the impeachment trial. If she keeps to her claims and testifies under oath... would that be an impeachable offense to remove her from office.. God I hope so...
The Chairman
The Chairman پیش 20 روز
she milking it.....moo
laurie manno
laurie manno پیش 20 روز
I have to differ, she is shrewd make no mistake. She knows what she is doing.
laurie manno
laurie manno پیش 20 روز
Dumb shit, after awhile one can not keep their lie's straight. and that is what is in our House of Representatives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ash smitty
ash smitty پیش 20 روز
AOC is a troll shilling for her puppets, it’s so obvious. No one is that dumb.
MrTheVex پیش 20 روز
I have glasses so I'm smart...but I'm not...
Chester Lockwood
Chester Lockwood پیش 20 روز
I bet she was under sniper fire too. And was rushed into the humvy,
Gil Aukerman
Gil Aukerman پیش 21 روز
I remember those super soakers that shoot around the corner!
Don Johnson
Don Johnson پیش 21 روز
Has anybody fact checked her bartender license???
thatdudeforeal پیش 21 روز
You have to be seriously deranged to make shit up like this I guess she’s the gay Tupac too
Tommy پیش 21 روز
AOC getting caught lying, AGAIN, about things that directly came out of her mouth. This time, she apparently NEVER said Cruz tried to have her murdered 3 weeks ago. It's. ... almost too good.
Robert Miller
Robert Miller پیش 21 روز
She's living proof of riggedelections! :)
Sean S
Sean S پیش 21 روز
She's why they want 16 year olds to be able to vote. That's pretty clear.
Western Wanderer
Western Wanderer پیش 21 روز
I am so sick about hearing about these "survivors" who were incident adjacent. Also, why is no one saying anything about her trying to portray the Capitol Police Officer as threatening as if he was going to do her harm. Why is this loon part of our Congress ... oh, well yeah, she's a Democrat.
MF04 پیش 21 روز
JBishopTele پیش 21 روز
Clearly lying! Not even in the same building 😕
Phil McCartney
Phil McCartney پیش 21 روز
Regarding AOC and climate change, has anyone ever considered the possibility of our climate's rise in temperature could be the result of our sun starting it's next 4.8 billion year transition towards becoming a 'Red Giant', where it will ultimately engulf the inner planets (including Earth and Mars)? Asking for a friend.
Molon Labe
Molon Labe پیش 21 روز
I saw the Challenger Space Shuttle explode in person and was terrified that I would also explode. Sure, I was on the second floor of the Engineering Sciences building at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida over 150 miles south looking out the big windows along with the other students. But since NO ONE was paying attention to me when it happened and NO ONE cared about me then and NO ONE was wondering if I too had exploded ....... I will be filming a 90 minute long Instagram Video explaining to everyone why EVERYONE needs to PAY ATTENTION TO ME and after posting the video on Instagram everyone needs to TALK ABOUT ME instead of those unimportant people who actually perished on that day.
dale stephen
dale stephen پیش 21 روز
You are a liar you left out her interview she stated all the facts in her interview that she wasn't a different section of the building that the people knocking on the door when she opened it turned out to be the Capitol police she left nothing out you are misrepresenting what she said your supporters that listen to you are so ignorant there too lazy to look the truth up or they would see that you just told them lies and how you spun the truth How sickening you are
Jose Andreu
Jose Andreu پیش 21 روز
Yo! I think your channel is more like those spreading and promoting terrorism and supporting white supremacist
Ryan Berry
Ryan Berry پیش 21 روز
Reeeee haaaa reeeee haaaa
Lucas Haines
Lucas Haines پیش 21 روز
That super soaker was sweet
Фёдор Молчанов
Фёдор Молчанов پیش 21 روز
Kooky you say? I would say, bukooky.
Kittie Pix
Kittie Pix پیش 21 روز
NO CLIMATE CRISIS. ***the OBAMAS purchase Millions of $$$ dollars HOME @ OCEAN. ***WHEELER has OCEAN property. *** the BIDENS BUILT a HOUSE @ the SHORE. *** The now President BIDEN bought an ISLAND. ********YES.******^ ISLAND*********
Mustapha Leek
Mustapha Leek پیش 21 روز
Looks like she has fabulous norks though even if nothing else.
Deeznutz12 پیش 21 روز
Ah so AOC is a Nazi.
Gaila's Great Danes and Manes
Gaila's Great Danes and Manes پیش 21 روز
😂🤣😅... Grace OVER.
Mr. S
Mr. S پیش 21 روز
"She doesn't even go here!"
Connie Shelp
Connie Shelp پیش 21 روز
AOC and Schiff should be writing fiction...they both have those bugged eyes and are both psychopaths.
Trauma420 پیش 21 روز
The 533 dislikes are AOC supporters
Bill Hargate
Bill Hargate پیش 21 روز
What the h*ll is that alien hand at 4:42?!? I thought it was reaching up to choke her!! Help!!!
E S پیش 21 روز
Great show as usual!
pemeacham پیش 21 روز
I’ve hidden in a restroom before, all you have to do is lock yourself in a stall and stand on the toilet seat. Nobody checks restrooms that thoroughly.
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