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Samantha Ravndahl

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DISCLAIMER: Some of the above links are AFFILIATE LINKS which means I make a small amount of $$ off your purchase
this goes toward matt being officially knighted as an instagram boyfriend
he can't get enough
he's addicted to the spotlight AND the limelight

Curtis Cary
Curtis Cary پیش 2 ماه
Bigbigbig fan of the moment "their brows. I don't know how they identify" such a small thing but it was a really weirdly powerful thing to see. I dont know why.
Carissa Annn
Carissa Annn پیش 3 ماه
I love how hard he tries!! You found a good one!!
chelsea1up پیش 5 ماه
After seeing *the announcement* earlier today I now realize what he meant when he said he's a "huge fan of Smith cosmetics" goddamn what a cute easter egg
Kelly Stevens-Comstock
Kelly Stevens-Comstock پیش 5 ماه
Cute video.
Veronica پیش 8 ماه
Would love another one of these videos where Matt tries to recreate a look and Sam gives advice on how to fix the mistakes
Veronica پیش 8 ماه
Rewatching this beautiful, wholesome content
Mylastestaddiction پیش 9 ماه
He tried. Lol
Holly T.
Holly T. پیش 9 ماه
I love that he watches videos when you're gone! And I love every video with Matt. So sweet and so funny!
Olivia Lewis
Olivia Lewis پیش 10 ماه
I smiled from the time he sat down with you until the end! Love this 💞
Sheri Morgan
Sheri Morgan پیش 10 ماه
This video was so sweet. I needed to see this. If Matt sees this... Hi future Matt!
lily rave
lily rave پیش سال
Matt is lowkey Jonah Hill
tiffany sadler
tiffany sadler پیش سال
You're so freakin beautiful and I really love your videos
Syd Heron
Syd Heron پیش سال
Matt, still watching.
Cassidy F.
Cassidy F. پیش سال
Btw for anyone who didn’t know, John MacLean identifies as male, and I highly appreciate Sam for using “they” pronouns because she wasn’t sure. MAD PROPS
Cassidy F.
Cassidy F. پیش سال
Hi to the 2020 husband version of Matt rewatching this!
Perfumaphilia پیش سال
Brow dip. I don't know why that's so funny to me 😂
Alyssa Plunkett
Alyssa Plunkett پیش سال
Do you think Matt knows he married an actual evil genius? 🤔🤔
Beauty by Malcolm
Beauty by Malcolm پیش سال
Ok but does anyone else feel that Matt gives mad Julien energy
M پیش سال
I love how u showed him how to fix his mess. That teaches us how to fix our messes!!! Because I'm at his level right now and want to get to your level 😊😊😊😊😊
Ellie K
Ellie K پیش سال
I love the end of this video - him watching and paying close attention to you fixing the mistakes. So so so awesome
Amanda Singer
Amanda Singer پیش سال
See how we have this lighter color above? Oh yeah like an orange? Like a tan? Like a blendy? Yep
KaSara Gentry
KaSara Gentry پیش سال
I literally laughed untiled I cried "do I foundate the eyes"
Sara Beidler
Sara Beidler پیش سال
I love that she took the time to show him how to fix it and he sat there like a sweet precious human and listened
catalina rosenbaum
catalina rosenbaum پیش سال
Matt is all of us trying to recreate one of your looks
Brittany Laine
Brittany Laine پیش سال
This might be the cutest video i have ever watched! You twooooo
Michelle Mcdonough
Michelle Mcdonough پیش سال
So funny and so adorable!! I would definitely want to see more of this!!
Kristi A.
Kristi A. پیش سال
New subbie right here! Your boyfriend is hilarious!! I loved this video!!:) he actually did surprisingly well in my opinion. So many dudes royally mess up on these types of challenges, his actually was pretty impressive.
Summer Foster
Summer Foster پیش سال
A for effort, dude.
Mason Rex Whitton
Mason Rex Whitton پیش سال
I absolutely loved that she actually showed him how to fix it.
Sami Pierce
Sami Pierce پیش سال
I mean if I unfocus my eyes it looks the same🤷🏼‍♀️
Jenilee Grenier
Jenilee Grenier پیش سال
link to matts fav video game chair?
Matt پیش 11 ماه
I bought a new one i gave up on my dreams Jenilee
penny candy
penny candy پیش سال
Aww, this was so sweet to watch!
Minding Godsbusiness.
Minding Godsbusiness. پیش سال
The end reteaching portion....amazing. Matt should be on point the next time! 💞 good to go 👍
MsWestywest پیش سال
"just general male logic is a questionable thing" I actually laughed out loud. True Sam, true.
Engelica Neufeld
Engelica Neufeld پیش سال
This is a fan hounding you for more videos with Matt... 😬😬😬 please.
KimShea22 پیش سال
Less than 4 minutes in and just had to stop and say that *I* couldn't even replicate this lol. Good luck Matt!
Sosowhat پیش سال
You're boyfriends hilarious lol this was great
Ida Hathaway
Ida Hathaway پیش سال
I think you're a great couple!
Michelle Baird
Michelle Baird پیش سال
My god, those you cleaned the eye up after Matt's masterpiece....chef's kiss...amazing!
Saleika Wilson
Saleika Wilson پیش 2 سال
What I love about these videos when you have Mat trying to do your makeup. He is so loving and affectionate towards you Sam. He has improved from the last one. Where he was hurting you and “ Man handling you. “ These videos are so lovely to listen too.
sweetsophia96 پیش 2 سال
i think we all need some more videos of both of you guys. you two crack me up!!!!
SKY BELLE پیش 2 سال
Sam wow!! A teacher but damn you gave him the smokiest eye with subculture and he nailed it! With errors but gosh he was close👏👏
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez پیش 2 سال
“WHy WoUld u UsE 3 difFeRent ColOrs whEn u kNoW iM a bEginNer” LMAOOOO
t s
t s پیش 2 سال
You 2 have great chemistry!! ❤️
Trillene Smith
Trillene Smith پیش 2 سال
I'm late watching but you two are adorable! I love this! Fun.
liciaboo پیش 2 سال
Binge watching videos and I'm 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Irene Figueroa
Irene Figueroa پیش 2 سال
Sorry I'm new to your channel. There are many youtubers who speak highly of your channel but I've always been into color so I wouldn't really watch anyone who wasn't but recently I came across one of your videos so I thought I would try something new and I've been binge watching ever since while I get ready for work and although we have different makeup tastes you are a joy to watch and highly entertaining. I'm not usually a fan of these types of videos because TBH boyfriends or sometimes husbands look like you really have to pull teeth to get them to come on but you are so cute together and it really seems like he is trying so thank you and you definitely have a new subscriber! ❤️
Angelita پیش 2 سال
“And there’s a pro tip for you”😂😂😂😂 he’s so adorable I love you guys.
Claire McDaniels
Claire McDaniels پیش 2 سال
This is the funniest “my boyfriend does my makeup “ video I’ve ever seen 🤣🤣
callingyouout پیش 2 سال
You seriously need to STOP saying OVERTOP because it's NOT A WORD and it makes you sound like typical youtube TRASH and you are better than that. BOOM
Louise پیش 2 سال
Omg this is one of my favourite videos yet. You two are the cutest
Amanda Leigh
Amanda Leigh پیش 2 سال
*Matt:* oh, dazzle shadow liquid.. By Maybelline *Me, at home:* whoa I'm getting that, that looks bomb for drugstore *Samantha:* by Mac *Me:* oh. damn.
Sydney VT
Sydney VT پیش 2 سال
Matt is absolutely precious, and you guys seem wonderful together :)
purple leecree
purple leecree پیش 2 سال
Y'all r 2 😂😂😂
Skye McCoy
Skye McCoy پیش 2 سال
You guys are so cute together!
Raeanna McMahan
Raeanna McMahan پیش 2 سال
He did pretty well, probably the best of all the guys I've seen do their girls' make-up.
Rebecca Rodriguez
Rebecca Rodriguez پیش 2 سال
Your boyfriend looks like a hotter version of Jonah Hill haha
Kim Wallace
Kim Wallace پیش 2 سال
Matt for PREZ!
Courtney Beth
Courtney Beth پیش 2 سال
This is so great. I love how all guys who attempt to to their girl's makeup always use the same technique where they intricately draw everything on. And he's totally into it which makes this the cutest thing ever lol...
Elizabeth Ellis
Elizabeth Ellis پیش 2 سال
You and Matt are so cute! 😍
Tiff Vazz
Tiff Vazz پیش 2 سال
Omg you guys are so cute together i love this video
Anna S
Anna S پیش 2 سال
Matt doing your makeup is literally me doing my own makeup..... lmao!!! Love this
Kymmie Stanley
Kymmie Stanley پیش 2 سال
I love this!!!!!
Vashti Ramsaroop
Vashti Ramsaroop پیش 2 سال
Fun video! On a serious note, I think it was extremely helpful that you had a how-to correct mistakes after Matt did his work. We've all had a moment where we look in the mirror and say, "It's not suppose to look like this.", or "How the bloody heck do I turn this around?" Thank you for all of your hard work! I am really loving your content, and am looking forward to what you'll bring to us in '19!
Suzi Ocean
Suzi Ocean پیش 2 سال
I love this, and I have to say that he does a better job on make up than I do! :) Have you done his make up yet? Did I miss that?
Tania Marciu
Tania Marciu پیش 2 سال
I love your videos with Matt
Brooke Reviews Stuff
Brooke Reviews Stuff پیش 2 سال
You guys made me laugh the whole time! You should have him buy u makeup n let him do his own look for you lol
lexi g
lexi g پیش 2 سال
I love how he’s at the beginning of the video he’s like “I feel like I’m not funny” and I’m screaming WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOURE HILARIOUS. By the end I was in deadset stitches. 😂😂😂
jessie M
jessie M پیش 2 سال
Aw this was the best “boyfriend does my make up video” I’ve seen . You two are the cutest
Lauren Baxter
Lauren Baxter پیش 2 سال
This is the best video ever and you guys are so cute I love this and how involved he is with this and you
sumthinsnazzi78 پیش 2 سال
He reminds me so much of Jonah Hill. 😆
Emily Miller
Emily Miller پیش 2 سال
This was fucking awesome!!!! Literally crying from laughter! Binge watching you lately!!!
Lindsay Erickson
Lindsay Erickson پیش 2 سال
Omg this is great. You two are so cute together. Where does one find their own Matt??
verronicaah پیش 2 سال
how on earth did you find such a cutie like matt im so happy for you two
basschica پیش 2 سال
"As you know, subculture is amomg the best palettes for beginners" *begins to snicker and jump cuts to remove 5 mins of straight laughing that it’s basically loose pigment in pans * 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Agnes H
Agnes H پیش 2 سال
The best part was definitely at the end when Sam had her teaching session. Most ‘BF does my makeup’ videos I’ve seen have been more making fun out of people (mostly women in this case) who like doing makeup. This was a fun video to watch like always 😌
Bubblebeets McGeets
Bubblebeets McGeets پیش 2 سال
Wow, I watched you and still have no idea how you fixed that. Crazy skill!
kijiji93 پیش 2 سال
I think a perfect 3rd and final part to these “bf does my makeup” series is if Matt actually watches one of your tutorials and tries to recreate the look on you!
Mesmer پیش 2 سال
Matt just a head's up... "Oh no" is typically NOT something you wanna say while working on a client lmao
a person on the internet
a person on the internet پیش 2 سال
currently panicking while fixing my makeup about to go on a hot date so yeah he right
sincerely.sam_ پیش 2 سال
Seriously this should be a series. Matt recreates your most iconic looks or early IRpost videos. Love you guys ❤❤❤
Katinka Bøvre
Katinka Bøvre پیش 2 سال
It would be cool if you actually showed him how to do the first half, and then have him try on the other
Soraya Lea
Soraya Lea پیش 2 سال
Brown doggo 😍
Marina Herrmann
Marina Herrmann پیش 2 سال
CassandraCain پیش 2 سال
A lot of fun until he asked how ro actually do it and you showed him and it was so pure and cute and I want a relationship like that...
Henschke007 پیش 2 سال
I'm coming in late on this...but that was adorable. He's so polite and obviously loves you very much - the connection comes across as very strong. I like how sweet he is about his 'work'. What I liked so much was how you showed him where he went wrong and he was actively listening and interested. It also was helpful to me who's new at make up! So thanks!
Kim Melton
Kim Melton پیش 2 سال
Do a video where he watches you do half of your face and then you talk him through the other side. I wonder if he would do better if he had a frame of reference! Teach him how!
Samantha March
Samantha March پیش 2 سال
my dog would be doing the same thing 😂
NerdyGeek00 پیش 2 سال
I think he kind of looks like jonah hill
Alejandra Cerda
Alejandra Cerda پیش 2 سال
He seems to be the sweetest, I love to see how you interact with each other.
Jessva پیش 2 سال
Matt did a pretty good job of picking the right colours. I enjoyed how you showed him how to fix the mistakes. I'd love a video where he watches you do your makeup and then tries to replicate it.
Angela David
Angela David پیش 2 سال
“just general make logic is a questionable thing” 😂😂😂😂
chloe reed
chloe reed پیش 2 سال
Hes so freakin cute
Shannon Fogden
Shannon Fogden پیش 2 سال
Can we have a Matt Monday now? This video and you two together was just so great ! 😂
Lexi Hay
Lexi Hay پیش 2 سال
#couplegoals My husband is also named Matthew; it’s all in the name! 💞🤗💗
Lana Luu
Lana Luu پیش 2 سال
I'm late to the game. So sad...but you two are adorable. Great video Sam. BTW Did DX Racer send Matt a new chair???
Ingrid Skaggs
Ingrid Skaggs پیش 2 سال
He kind of reminds me of Jonah hill anyone else ??
Jaylee James
Jaylee James پیش 2 سال
"They're lips" *sobs* thank you Also THE DOG
Nicky Darty
Nicky Darty پیش 2 سال
"Looks like a black eye" love it. He's hilarious.
Emily Gotowiec
Emily Gotowiec پیش 2 سال
duuuuuude the most useful part of this video was watching how you 'fixed' matt's work
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