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BOL BOL Had To Guard KEVIN DURANT in His FIRST START & The Results WERE TERRIFYING Twitter ⚡︎ glikecoop
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TK KARDS پیش ماه
I bet it sounded like “ I duhRIbbeled Da BahL!”
Caleb O'Donnell
Caleb O'Donnell پیش ماه
He said "I dribbled the ball" so...that's what he was pissed about.
RandoPaul پیش ماه
@mrclutch35 hahahaha!
mrclutch35 پیش ماه
kalon511 پیش 13 ساعت
A lot of the things that “Joker” does aren’t legal. You can’t make a spin move, then move your pivot foot so that you can “create space” to take the shot. He does this every time, the problem is... the refs don’t call it. Most of these guys in the league, in my opinion, are getting overpaid. If Bol Bol picks up a few more pounds and then starts playing basketball like he’s trying to destroy everyone he matches up against, he’ll be fine. Until then, he’s being pushed around because he’s playing too soft. He’s playing like he’s playing some friends (for free) or something and those games don’t mean anything.
Adie happiness
Adie happiness پیش 2 روز
Gidster1 پیش 3 روز
Bol Bol needs more playing time he’s a future star
Adam Vincent
Adam Vincent پیش 6 روز
amazing they let so many stars get away with obvious travel calls and then they call that non travel
zarktoven پیش 7 روز
Bol has so much skill on both sides of that ball
Coltiedabeast 112
Coltiedabeast 112 پیش 8 روز
Bol Bol is to underrated
Goodf33lings پیش 12 روز
I think Bol Bol needs to go to another team. He's being wasted in Denver
Tyrone Skylit
Tyrone Skylit پیش 13 روز
I’m not seeing a travel man that was bs
DrewG پیش 13 روز
Thought this was a video on Bol Bol.... not a cheerleader video for Jokic
Dwayne Greaves
Dwayne Greaves پیش 14 روز
I say this and i say this again, miami need to get bol bol on their roster. Denver is wasting his time
Bol Bol
Bol Bol پیش 15 روز
I’m just way to good
McTaint69 پیش 15 روز
Bol Bol is averaging 5.4 minutes a game this year. Hard to develop his game that way.
BobLoblaw23 پیش 20 روز
How was that a travel? Lol
Fraylin Diaz
Fraylin Diaz پیش 24 روز
This dude remind me of jymxhighroller
Micheal Scarn
Micheal Scarn پیش 26 روز
Hes nice but we all gotta admit, wtf was his draft suit
Black Ops 4
Black Ops 4 پیش 26 روز
Free bol bol
526 Babyman
526 Babyman پیش 26 روز
Give him a couple years to gain weight he gon be a better giannis in 3yrs
His Story
His Story پیش 26 روز
Dylan Benjamin Walter
Dylan Benjamin Walter پیش 28 روز
The most blatant travels in the NBA and microscopic mistake and they called it.
Carlos Brannan
Carlos Brannan پیش 29 روز
They wanted him to knock the three. Several of his teammates signaled to shoot and another signaled he knew that was an easy three. I have know idea why he passed on taking the shot
Carlos Brazao
Carlos Brazao پیش ماه
Bol bol is my hero!!
Randy Bridges
Randy Bridges پیش ماه
Sports are Scripted by the Numbers learn Gematria sheeple
Shantanu Paranji
Shantanu Paranji پیش ماه
the way nba refs decide what's a travel and what isn't, what's a foul n what isn't, makes it pretty damn obvious they've never actually played the game in their lives. get some goddamn basketball players to be refs nba
Shin C
Shin C پیش ماه
im tired of bol bol being on the nuggets... he need to go somewhere that he can flourish.. this guy has way too much talent to be getting used for minor minutes
radicalricki پیش ماه
Thats a TRAVEL? Has anyone watched the NBA? If he was Lebron or Kobe he could have gone like 5-7 steps
Williams Stephens
Williams Stephens پیش ماه
The robust furniture karyologically ruin because snake grossly buzz about a many soldier. measly, stupendous mother
Adam Palm
Adam Palm پیش ماه
I think Bol Bol was frustrated with himself on that missed 3/travel call. His brain was way ahead of his feet.
Ralles-vinnemacka scs
Ralles-vinnemacka scs پیش ماه
Shawn Private
Shawn Private پیش ماه
Hopefully Joker leaves Nuggets
Yanis Agodor
Yanis Agodor پیش ماه
Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)`
Jamall Lee
Jamall Lee پیش ماه
Nice video 🔥🔥
Christian McCaffrey
Christian McCaffrey پیش ماه
Bol bol and Tacko Fall are both talented for their build and height. Both can smack 3s which is also scary.
OG FaceGod
OG FaceGod پیش ماه
Bol Bol 2024
christopher kettler
christopher kettler پیش ماه
They can call travels like that on LeBron every game and many others
9some پیش ماه
league is really throwing bol bol to the garbage, a real unicorn of the ones they 'like' but they also doing it to bamba and tacko
ROYAL OCHO پیش ماه
They call a travel on that but lebron be walking a mile 😭
Kael Hokage
Kael Hokage پیش ماه
The tagalog meaning of bol bol is the pubic hair that grows up on your private parts😁😁
caf0011 پیش ماه
That wasn't a travel
Godzilla پیش ماه
Well you cant do what you want but playing for fun you can
Murphy Hines
Murphy Hines پیش ماه
Bol Bol is just a talented tacko fall
Number Eleven
Number Eleven پیش ماه
*Bol Bol is just a black Kristaps Porzingis with a better handle.
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts پیش ماه
KD felt so uncomfortable with Bol on him 💀
Main Man Monte
Main Man Monte پیش ماه
Kd dam over bol bol
Main Man Monte
Main Man Monte پیش ماه
Bol bol didn't even travel
slottie Bob foster
slottie Bob foster پیش ماه
There was, no travel. The ball hit the floor his feet moved.
bol koor
bol koor پیش ماه
how was that even a travel?
Sameer Chakraborty
Sameer Chakraborty پیش ماه
We not gonna talk about how KD put up 34 points still? Lmao
WerxyFN پیش ماه
I think that Bol Bol is eventually gonna be like Giannas once he gains weight. No🧢
J Mawco
J Mawco پیش ماه
In PH, Bolbol is a pubic hair
One Shot
One Shot پیش ماه
Bad call they should remove that travel call from the nba it's so crooked
erniedawg پیش ماه
That ref is high as hell, there isn’t a world in this universe where that is an actual travel. Bol Bol is super lanky, and if you look at his left foot(pivot foot), the ball dribbled first just to the left of his foot, then he went forward with the 2nd dribble. It’s obvious the Ref was high because it was right in front of him!!! This is a professional Ref???? Someone give this guy a warning to not do drugs while working.
Lexi Wheeler
Lexi Wheeler پیش ماه
No one is trying to see paul millsaps old ass smh
Fast Pony
Fast Pony پیش ماه
i wonder how strong covid’s new variant is
Jhoko ilong
Jhoko ilong پیش ماه
That's not a travel... The ref was favoring KD probably...
Cheerow پیش ماه
Hope to see him play and earn more minutes.
David Simovic
David Simovic پیش ماه
Before people start hating on Malone, look at the situation leading up to it. Bol Bol is very injury prone, if he were to play long minutes he needs to first trains body to do so without damaging his body. If he tears his acl, a ligament or gets any other major injury his time in the NBA can be over in an instant. No other team wanted him because they couldn't afford to turn him into a project. So Denver decides they will pick him up. They wait until his injury was over, played him in the G league, then benched him, only giving him garbage time. Then Gary, our best one on one defender gets injured as well as MPJ are out. If MPJ played he probably would have been the match up of KD. But here is whats interesting about the opportunity to play Bol Bol vs the Nets. Bol Bol is in some ways very similar to Kevin (Though Kevin is obviously an all-star and a top 5 player). Bol Bol guarding him gives him the opportunity to learn from Kevin. To watch his game up close and to see first hand how devastated whens someone that tall, with such a shot is being aggressive. On the other hand Bol Bol needs to develop him perimeter defence and Kevin is the perfect person to give Bol bol a feel for what an all NBA player can do. Besides this, Bol Bol might discourage some shots of KD as well as helping with the rebounds in case someone misses the shot. Bol Bol starting was the best decision the Malone made because i believe it really motivated him to work on his game so he COULD become a starter or regular bench player in the coming year
Bully پیش ماه
Well it wasn’t a travel
This Guy
This Guy پیش ماه
100% travel lol
Gordon Ellison
Gordon Ellison پیش ماه
Dont want to miss a ketlikecoop video and thats facts
Greyson Dover
Greyson Dover پیش ماه
He said I dribbled the ball so I think he was upset with the ref he just ain’t use to the starting position as a starter you get watched a lot more after he gets use to starting and catches on he’ll do good
Carlos Francis
Carlos Francis پیش ماه
I get y they did it. He needs a taste of the big league. No mercy. Better now than later. Now they know
Dubdub redeem
Dubdub redeem پیش ماه
The man did not walk at all but the ref called it
FranklynStein پیش ماه
How bout Thon Maker
Gabriel Zavala
Gabriel Zavala پیش ماه
You know bandwagon Lakers,bulls warriors and clippers fans can not except the fact that the nuggets are actually good this is why it sucks to be a nuggets fan people laugh whenever you say something good about denver.
Riko Green
Riko Green پیش ماه
6:07 thats not a travel. Ref's full of shit.
This Guy
This Guy پیش ماه
When he catches the ball his foot is facing the backboard - when he TRAVELS his foot is facing the corner/sideline - the ball must bounce before your pivot foot can move out of that position
Angelo Geremia
Angelo Geremia پیش ماه
If he gains weight he will be like a giannis that shoots😂😂😂😂😂
Shu Wing Leung
Shu Wing Leung پیش ماه
Bol bol is a Bucket God. I have him on my 2k team in my career and I never regretted demanding him in free agency.
Totally not Depressed
Totally not Depressed پیش ماه
Now if only the Celtics would do the same thing with Tacko Fall.
Jaybankz پیش ماه
I was saying this last year playoffs nuggets was struggling on boards against the lakers and wasn’t playing their 7 footer 😂
Tom Parvin
Tom Parvin پیش ماه
Copy and paste those clips a bit more bro
harwell teves
harwell teves پیش ماه
He will be like 7 footer KD if he will be aggressive...
Gmoneyinc پیش ماه
Ronnie Sunsin
Ronnie Sunsin پیش ماه
In the clip, it looks like coach or his teammates wanted him to drive in. But what he really wanted to do was shoot the ball. That and getting called for the travel can make anyone frustrated
Adrian Whichard
Adrian Whichard پیش ماه
must watch "meet the tallest NBA player ever" documentary of his father who funded and led his own militia back in Sudan while playing in the NBA salute to Manute RIP Real Life Hero
King_Fleek پیش ماه
Louis Nathaniel
Louis Nathaniel پیش ماه
It’s going to fun watching his development over the next couple of years. He’s still young, he’ll learn.
Gel Katindig
Gel Katindig پیش ماه
Ricky Ortiz
Ricky Ortiz پیش ماه
What about Gary Harris??
Ser Bronn
Ser Bronn پیش ماه
I agree, I think Durant was a bit scared a couple of times there. He knows Bol Bol can block his jump shots anytime
C پیش ماه
Boo Bol > Lebron
TechFuture2020 پیش ماه
How can they not call James Harden for travel but call Bol for this travel? 🤨I'm confused. I mean, Harden takes like 19 steps before putting the ball on the floor then he takes an additional 22 steps before shooting the ball. I guess its legal because it's called a "Euro" step. 😏
Sleeperslept پیش ماه
So glad I just found ur channel 10/10
MrShanester117 پیش ماه
Everyone says Jokic doesn’t get the love he deserves. So that kinda doesn’t make sense if everyone is saying it
Marco پیش ماه
Makes me wonder if they're just waiting for him to put on some weight, seems like you could literally break him with a stick. Maybe they don't want him to wind up just like Porzingis, who after his first injury keeps having problems with it
Randy Lehey
Randy Lehey پیش ماه
Interesting draft day jacket. Makes him look like a gay super villian
hudson پیش ماه
ref pickin on bol bol. not even a travel. bol shoulda smacked him for that
Sake A
Sake A پیش ماه
What I think, u suck. U talk too much and play irrelevant clips on repeat
Daniel Butts
Daniel Butts پیش ماه
Love that Jokic flat-footed fade away! No jokic
Jay Jay
Jay Jay پیش ماه
Step was ahead of the Dribble so its a travel.
This Guy
This Guy پیش ماه
Kin Zer
Kin Zer پیش ماه
Breh. Love the video, but I know Bol trained with KD before he was drafted. Not sure how much but maybe mike thought he could lock kd down 😂
Ivan Harris
Ivan Harris پیش ماه
Didn't see him travel. Definitely out the ball on the floor. He's tall. Smh
Chaos Formula
Chaos Formula پیش ماه
Am i trippin or do you, jimmyhighroller, and clique productions all sound like the same person haha
Sethamphetamine پیش ماه
sexton had to shoot on kd... and wrecked him
The Exposer
The Exposer پیش ماه
i think he was talking to his teammate who was telling him to shoot it
The Commentator
The Commentator پیش ماه
jayshine27 پیش ماه
The Joker fade away cant be blocked because he travel everytime he do it to get extra space and i never seen the ref call it yet smh... if u think im lying watch his hightlights and if u cant catch it try to watch it in slow motion u would see him change pivot right before shooting
This Guy
This Guy پیش ماه
That's the rule though.. It's only travel if you move your pivot foot before the bounce if you intend on dribbling. If you move the pivot foot jumping you CAN however do it to shoot or pass.
Normalize SocietyTv
Normalize SocietyTv پیش ماه
I’ll just say it THAT SHIT WAS NOT A TRAVEL🤬🤯
Lionel Brown
Lionel Brown پیش ماه
He didn’t pump fake really and he didn’t dribble the ball after
Dee Jones
Dee Jones پیش ماه
KD passed the ball & was thrown a brd lob pass so now Bol Bol can guard stop it...this shit ridiculous...
Dee Jones
Dee Jones پیش ماه
Ppl see Bol Bol as a 7'2 stretch guard 🤔 man get the fuck outta here 😆
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