Blind Guy Compliments People's Outfits

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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Buying rings
0:11 Throwing rings over people’s shoulders metal detecting
3:28 FedEx guy
4:48 Shopping
5:24 Happy Gilmore swing
5:55 Bling guy complimenting people’s outfits
7:43 Cant stop laughing
9:42 Juggling with camera man
9:57 He’s been in a video before
10:41 Kickball spotting
11:09 Spanked every day

Vlog Creations
Vlog Creations پیش 17 روز
0:02 Buying rings 0:11 Throwing rings over people’s shoulders metal detecting 3:28 FedEx guy 4:48 Shopping 5:24 Happy Gilmore swing 5:55 Bling guy complimenting people’s outfits 7:43 Cant stop laughing 9:42 Juggling with camera man 9:57 He’s been in a video before 10:41 Kickball spotting 11:09 Spanked every day
Babu frik
Babu frik پیش روز
DucksAreCute پیش 2 روز
bling guy?
it's not nudity if only the balls are out
it's not nudity if only the balls are out پیش 2 روز
heres an idea ==> No Pooping Zone, with no pooping for humans sign, it was featured on Just For Laughs
Johnathan Mills
Johnathan Mills پیش 3 روز
President Elect El Chapo Guzman
President Elect El Chapo Guzman پیش 5 روز
I want mustard infused mashed potato or margarine disguised as banana flavor ice cream and broccoli or spinach flavored sprinkles, maybe union or garlic, no 2 minute segments this time! I want sacrifices, victims, many victims, 5-10 minutes of victims.
Preston Moore
Preston Moore پیش 52 دقیقه
Poor Eli. I love all your videos Ross keep up the work . I couldn’t stop laughing 😆
jon p
jon p پیش 4 ساعت
Check out ayden Palmon channel jumping fire pit
Rex پیش 4 ساعت
10 mins went by in 2 seceonds
Jose Munoz
Jose Munoz پیش 7 ساعت
This guy is 22 an I’m 22 to an haven’t figured out wtf I wanna do with my life btw he don’t even look 22
SelverWolve پیش 8 ساعت
“Oh 50...” “He’s cute.” 🤣🤣🤣
julia rendon
julia rendon پیش 12 ساعت
julia rendon
julia rendon پیش 12 ساعت
Bro hilarious at the Walgreens or whatever dude was like WTH. I laughed so hard my Guy
FiveMinutesAgo پیش 13 ساعت
did that lady pull her mask down to hear better? ._.
Jeffrey K
Jeffrey K پیش 18 ساعت
“You’re working? That’s fucked up” the dude on the roof 💀
Bryan Arsan
Bryan Arsan پیش 20 ساعت
I stopped watching videos for a few months and have been rewatching everything and let’s just say it’s been a great morning 😂😂😂
Shawn McFadden
Shawn McFadden پیش روز
you need to just have kyler hang with you guys. he doesnt need a job at fedex you can pay him
Nate Marcell
Nate Marcell پیش روز
Always manages to get on a roof 😂😂
Relevant16 پیش روز
“50” “He’s cute” 😂😂
RR RR پیش روز
These videos are hurting my stomach laughing ffs
Hayden Huff
Hayden Huff پیش روز
@11:40 it look like Ross spit up a ball
KevvEh پیش روز
Eli, juat hit the ball. Its not that hard xD
The Gr0nch
The Gr0nch پیش روز
Y'all he wasn't serious you guys need to chill. They talked about this, eli and everyone there make sure noone feels bad afterwards. If he did they'd have cut it out
Uli L
Uli L پیش روز
Crossing my fingers that the same thing that happened to the Fedex guy, happens to me. 😂
Dominic Purnell
Dominic Purnell پیش 2 روز
Bruh all his vids are the same time 11:46
Lank The Verminator
Lank The Verminator پیش 2 روز
Dont ask how but I accidentally misplaced my vacuum cleaner
Papa Rowe
Papa Rowe پیش 2 روز
The part with eli batting fun the funniest part of the video
it‘s another day and i'm still alive
it‘s another day and i'm still alive پیش 2 روز
7:20 that lady hears with her mouth and probably eats with her ears
BigT 187
BigT 187 پیش 2 روز
Ross: “did you tell him it was a joke” Kole:..... Ross:..... Kole:.... no......
TK Films
TK Films پیش 3 روز
This shit is gold
Kendall پیش 3 روز
Thought Ross was taking a break from IRpost then I realized, naw YT just unsubbed me
Mr. Price
Mr. Price پیش 3 روز
Did anyone else get an ad to a porn site while watching this was called singlebunny I think...that was unexpected. 😂🤦‍♂️
Haeden Judge
Haeden Judge پیش 3 روز
ross dies of laughing so many times he couldn’t even throw the ball bahaha i’m crying
Kyler Sweet
Kyler Sweet پیش 3 روز
Ayo that Kyler kid is dope lmao
NotAlike913 پیش 3 روز
Fking hilarious! Who dislikes this videos!?
Chase Marquez
Chase Marquez پیش 3 روز
Damn not cool Ross
Cringe lord
Cringe lord پیش 3 روز
i need context here. what's with the fedex guy ?
One Of The People
One Of The People پیش 3 روز
You guys make me happy. Thank you.
Nick Gronendyke
Nick Gronendyke پیش 3 روز
I would have told the guy on the roof I couldn't find the escalator so I took the ladder
t l
t l پیش 3 روز
"that sounds like a really nice shirt" LMAOOOO
Amir Fayad
Amir Fayad پیش 3 روز
Be a lil nicer to Eli. It’s not nice to bully people. There’s a difference between joking and bullying and you guys were definitely bullying.
R M پیش 3 روز
You dont even know how much I was laughing when giving compliments blind
Lane پیش 3 روز
There is a difference in being funny and being an asshole chill out on Eli dude
Pynx پیش 3 روز
i feel so bad for eli
B1ind B1ake
B1ind B1ake پیش 3 روز
11:31 Omg, I can't believe you put POT in a video! 🤔
Rosario R.
Rosario R. پیش 3 روز
"How old is your son?" "He's 50" "Oh he's cute" Lmaoooooooooi
FoodTrey_Shxt پیش 3 روز
7:46 I was DYING When Kole was getting mad at Eli for not hitting the Baseballs, This is Why I Love Ross. He Always Comes Through with the most Random but Hilarious Content
Anna Hinton
Anna Hinton پیش 3 روز
eli is fat 🙏🏼🙁
Dlroper95 پیش 4 روز
Kole is low key f’in hilarious
Dlroper95 پیش 4 روز
“O say can you see... and I just can’t support that.” That was funny af
kaitlyn abellar
kaitlyn abellar پیش 4 روز
you guys are literally the funniest people on youtube. i live right by yall and I've been watching you for over and year and I find all of your content hilarious
Bryan Castaneda
Bryan Castaneda پیش 4 روز
Pavel Aldana
Pavel Aldana پیش 4 روز
This is racist
DealtDeal پیش 4 روز
that guy was so nice to give him back the things he found
Chandon Burton
Chandon Burton پیش 5 روز
Damn y’all some douche bags for fucking with that old guy
Kyle Siluano Le'i
Kyle Siluano Le'i پیش 5 روز
I forgot about people who search for valuables with the metal detectors! I used to see someone at the park down the street from me always searching around haha
Tan ner
Tan ner پیش 5 روز
Eli BASH his shins with that baseball bat
Alexander De Jesus
Alexander De Jesus پیش 5 روز
Yo.... i simply lost it. Eliiii let somebody else bat. Bro that had me flip
RAREgoat YT پیش 5 روز
Com’on Eli
Colton Renfrow
Colton Renfrow پیش 5 روز
Alexys L.
Alexys L. پیش 5 روز
you guys need to lay off Eli it's messed up. Straight up bullying even though he wont admit it. There's definitely a hierarchy within the group and everyone keeps pecking at him
Weichei پیش 2 روز
Is that a joke
Liam Reed
Liam Reed پیش 5 روز
You’re almost exactly like me 😂😂we’d have a lot of fun y dude
cheetah z
cheetah z پیش 6 روز
3:27 9:57 (fed ex guy from previous vid dont walk on sidewalk?) also THIS IS HOW VLOGS SHOULD BE!!!!!
firstname Lastname
firstname Lastname پیش 6 روز
I never comment on videos but the way they treated Eli was so shameful. I've noticed scenes in the past that seemed like they were slighting Eli. But the way they treated Eli in the baseball scene of this video was horrible. Eli was so heartbroken looking as they as they continued to make fun of him and laugh. It's just so strange seeing this behavior from a group who otherwise tries their best to spread positivity everywhere they go. It's probably difficult for Eli to outright admit they he doesn't like being treated how he does because everyone in the group has kind of an unspoken understanding that everything is a joke and nothing is to be taken seriously. He doesn't want to look like the sensitive one that can't take a joke so he probably doesn't say anything. He also probably likes hanging out with them when they aren't treating him like dirt. But it appears they are taking it too far when they make fun of Eli. It's a little depressing to watch.
Jesse Murray
Jesse Murray پیش 6 روز
10:31 no way that's him holy crap I remember that!
F ILO R J U S T پیش 6 روز
HaleyHolliman پیش 6 روز
You should Give money to people who walk by you holding up a sign saying you need money then call them broke
zerotwo پیش 6 روز
3:15 "It's for a IRpost video?" *yeah I don't care*
Ethan Webb
Ethan Webb پیش 6 روز
"I gave them back to her" "Huh? Oh. I don't care." Ross is pretty cool
Yung Padawan
Yung Padawan پیش 6 روز
"Ohhh say can you seeee" ..and I just cant support that
Erlee 1995 AndrewsHype
Erlee 1995 AndrewsHype پیش 7 روز
Zam zaddy chill
kingpankratz پیش 7 روز
2:54 it looks like Ross spits out something black lol
RavenShade پیش 7 روز
Why no masks
Natalia Angel
Natalia Angel پیش 7 روز
Ross is the definition of Florida man.
Justin the Pyro Wilt
Justin the Pyro Wilt پیش 7 روز
Dude why am I just now finding this awesome channel so glad I found this
Guero Nuñez
Guero Nuñez پیش 7 روز
this is what you came for 7:30
IDFman پیش 7 روز
*pulls down mask to hear cole better*
bore ragnarok
bore ragnarok پیش 7 روز
So they just gonna bully Eli like that. Ngl jokes aside, I felt sorry for the guy.
LiquidEvil پیش 7 روز
“I used to be 22”
Luke Vesperman
Luke Vesperman پیش 7 روز
Lol did no one notice it says Bling guy?
Atoro پیش 7 روز
I love you guys man
Duke Tobin
Duke Tobin پیش 7 روز
you should try to buy something but be $20 short and say "keep the change"😂
J. S.
J. S. پیش 8 روز
8:40 that Eli skit was hilarious, couldn’t stop laughing.
Lord Nicky
Lord Nicky پیش 8 روز
that sounds like a really nice shirt hahaha
DATW _ پیش 8 روز
Cole: *Casually singing the national anthem* Ross: "Can you see me?" *While casually on the roof of a random Walgreens* 6:56
cskt پیش 8 روز
play soccer on hoverboards
Internet Truth
Internet Truth پیش 8 روز
Your laugh sounds like a flat tire
fat yoshi beats his dog
fat yoshi beats his dog پیش 8 روز
bro pause it at 7:30 that cracked me up
Jason Pap
Jason Pap پیش 8 روز
I literally got a headache from all the laughing
radical games
radical games پیش 8 روز
my sons 50 thats cute lmfao
Bdrent Himbds
Bdrent Himbds پیش 8 روز
Damn but why so rude to eli tf
Warren Chase
Warren Chase پیش 8 روز
Good video till the end where the Eli stuff happened, kinda weird and felt not so much like jokes
Stormy پیش 8 روز
why does it look like Ross is spitting something out at 2:52 😂
CatCoveyou پیش 8 روز
so why don't they wear masks in stores?
Trom پیش 8 روز
this video had me dying
Jessica Tale
Jessica Tale پیش 9 روز
I used to be 22. FOR REAL ????
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez پیش 9 روز
Kyle Bolton
Kyle Bolton پیش 9 روز
If Ross ever gets murdered we’re all gonna know it was you Eli
MADCASPER پیش 9 روز
Hes not even trying !😅😂🤣😵 Eli and Cole are so nice and soft spoken that skit was hilarious! SWING!
Cart پیش 9 روز
0:00 you guys put “bling guy” btw
Riley McDuffie
Riley McDuffie پیش 9 روز
The blind guy complementing people at the store though that was my teacher
Magnizz پیش 9 روز
Eli - the personal bullied assistant. lol.. Poor guy.
Bazaar Creation
Bazaar Creation پیش 9 روز
Should have put grass over the walking path and put a sign that says keep off grass lol
James Young
James Young پیش 9 روز
Hit it Eli
Spamalot McDuckins
Spamalot McDuckins پیش 9 روز
I love kole but the whole "I can't breathe in a mask" is a pretty lame excuse haha
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