Behind the Scenes at Puget Systems (Custom Computer Builders) - Smarter Every Day 2

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Smarter Every Day 2

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Original video here:
Link 1: NVLink on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 & 2080 Ti in Windows 10
Link 2: NVLINK on RTX 2080 TensorFlow and Peer-to-Peer Performance with Linux
Link 3: "Optimizing Storage for Premiere Pro" video
Link 4: All Puget Systems publications
Link 5: Puget Systems Oil Immersion Cooling
Link 6: Thermal Paste Application Techniques
Link 7: Estimating CPU Performance using Amdahls Law
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4. More cores doesn't mean it's better for you!
Side note: The fast rendering capability of this new machine actually let me eat dinner with my family on the first night I used it. This is incredibly important to me.
A special thank you to Puget Systems for allowing me to visit and for helping me
I asked Jon to put together the specs on the computer I spec'd out
Amdahl's Law
Moore's Law
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Luke Platt
Luke Platt پیش 14 ساعت
Absolutely love this video. Its a pleasure to see a company that focuses on their craft. Putting what they do above growth and profit. I think the world would be a better place if more of us took on this ethos :)
Preston Britton
Preston Britton پیش روز
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Andrew J. Santucci
Andrew J. Santucci پیش 2 روز
I like how John quickly and openly admits to having learned something from his employee, Lauren
T پیش 2 روز
Anyone else bothered by the constant interruptions of valuable information for a stupid question that’s been asked four times over already?
Nate Apps
Nate Apps پیش 2 روز
loved the video watched nearly all of it but right at the end i got throne off a bit when ( i assumehis kids ) called him sir? which for me from england makes it sound like ! they have been told.....i'm in charge you better respect me and call me sir??? it could just be a americaan thing to do? bu why aren't you called dad? its sounds a lot more loving and nice? or am i just a idiot lol would love feed back? especially if i'm missing something?
Jurgens Krause
Jurgens Krause پیش 3 روز
Never thought I'd watch a Smarter Every Day video about a subject where I already knew more than Destin to begin with
Enorazza پیش 4 روز
I paused at 20:20 because I was about to cry. As a computer nerd that spent hours and hours to read and test things, I wondered why I could not have support in any shop.. Just computers vendors, nothing else. These guys instead are like the heaven filled with cream and joy smiling kittens good. This video is gonna make me dismount and remount the computer, I can't wait. Thank you Destin, very much.
nathan hughes
nathan hughes پیش 4 روز
Haha the Mario coin sound.. i thought i had a text message.
Sirron Nala
Sirron Nala پیش 4 روز
I winder if he made his money back mining bitcoin?
Absoluteanglers پیش 4 روز
Being a computer person myself I just looked at the prices for their computers and it’s a legal scam to someone who doesn’t know what goes into a computer way overpriced
Abhijat Arun
Abhijat Arun پیش 5 روز
Bruh your camera's autofocus sucks. Very distracting. Btw everything else pretty good 💋
B1gurr پیش 5 روز
57 min in you get all slap andy keep your hands to yourself peega
B1gurr پیش 5 روز
y are us slappy andy thats the cpu
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott پیش 5 روز
2015 PC AVG $ Upgrade ddr3 ua $900.00 2019 -2020 🤮 Oh about $6k L8tr WTF just happened within 4-5 years ? Oh we are been Hoodwinked by all the C/o's now bring out small % upgrades cpus m/boards that dont do Chit anyway Fakery Dont Bother hook line sinker 2025 BRB until then the gaming got tiring anyway getting older 2005 to 2020 bye bye 👋 consoles b4 that min play weekends New 240ghz 27" curved monitor never even used in Storage son can have it when ever he visits 2 boxes New WD 500gb hdd's 200gb etc anyone worth $20 now aprox some still sell $50 wtf 1tb is $59 new
Mark Savin
Mark Savin پیش 6 روز
Have you ever seen a business with so many happy and satisfied employees!
Nick Saxerud
Nick Saxerud پیش 7 روز
I’m going to build a pc for myself for my birthday and my dad has bought all the parts. It’s made for gaming, editing, school, and whatever else I feel like doing... I am going to have to run games on lower settings because it’s a $800 pc but overall it’s a good system. I5 10400 gtx 1650 16 gb ram and so on and so forth...
Goldenhordemilo پیش 8 روز
overclocking and electrical engineering
Goldenhordemilo پیش 8 روز
rotary 26b spec
Goldenhordemilo پیش 8 روز
Seeing Based on your selections, we expect this system to have a peak usage of 527W. We recommend the 850W power supply. im glad to have a 850w psu on a ups
Goldenhordemilo پیش 8 روز
optical asic would mine crypto faster then a gpu
Goldenhordemilo پیش 8 روز
mineral oil is rad
Goldenhordemilo پیش 8 روز
1 terabyte ish ramdisk wow
Goldenhordemilo پیش 8 روز
on a hot day i unleash my fans to 135 CFM
Goldenhordemilo پیش 8 روز
luck you dont have to install win xp on those 30 pcs
Goldenhordemilo پیش 8 روز
could run the thermoelectric cooler for free just to weild a frame for a 14Kw alternator thats spun by a flywheel that is belt driven from electric 3.5 horsepower that is switchable being 100% self powered and clean no fuel and works when the grids power is down
Goldenhordemilo پیش 8 روز
got to love setting the sub timings in memory
Goldenhordemilo پیش 8 روز
i hope you able to get the 30 series cards
Steven Williams
Steven Williams پیش 8 روز
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Ngendo Muhayimana
Ngendo Muhayimana پیش 9 روز
That's a huge video, but it seems to me that you did not share your impression on the final product once you got to use it? Was it faster better etc. ?
Evren Eren
Evren Eren پیش 9 روز
didn't know David Letterman was the owner of Puget systems
Make Money
Make Money پیش 10 روز
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Matthew Cisneros
Matthew Cisneros پیش 10 روز
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Matthew Cisneros
Matthew Cisneros پیش 10 روز
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Shannon McStormy
Shannon McStormy پیش 10 روز
Not sure, but it used to be that manually spinning the fans with your fingers was bad. Its probably not a thing anymore....anyone know? Not to mention static electricity......Or is that not a thing anymore either? (Sorry, I'm old).
The internet is a blessing and a curse due to misinformation and facts,. Anyone who has common sense can see that, but most people don't care about doing the research or don`t understand any of the verbiage or language it takes to satisfy a person's needs. And then this also correlates into a company like this who will be 100% honest with you about what`s best for you. And not being to big is how I like my company. It`is so much easier that way. And much more efficient. I also only specialize in a narrow slice of products and have perfected my results on those products and the integration of the entire system without fluff or bs. Its all about the customer for me and every other family style company. Most of the big companies start out small and then grow into a disastrous conglomeration of blockades within the different factions of the company and then fail or just plain suck at what the do. Puget is doing it right.
SteakLP پیش 11 روز
28:00 haha, What a "trial" version, and you cripple it!? Everyone trying it will feel like its a sh*ty software.
wj goh
wj goh پیش 11 روز
as the computer has become as imperative in our day to day lives, like a microwave and electricity, one size cant possibly fit all circumstances because hardware and software have become so specific that it's actually possible to form fit a unit that fits lifestyle and actual need. Without some of the caveats of jumping thru computer code hoops or re programming just to get it to basically do what a user needs. Hope this guy ends up in FORBES. I also find every person Destin talks with is extremely well versed in the action they are involved in. Just goes to show the competency of the whole organization Jon has put together, My next Cpu is coming from these guys....thats a given.
landfallvoyages پیش 12 روز
I don't know if anyone posted this yet, but you can edit 4K in Première Pro using proxies and it speeds up the process by a huge percentage. I LOVE your channel.
Roger Huston
Roger Huston پیش 12 روز
This is why Software makers should offer fully functional trials. In this case, people may not buy it because it is so slow using just one core.
shane haws
shane haws پیش 13 روز
To your lego reference... Lego Technic with all the motors using SBRICK controllers
kose2ik پیش 13 روز
29:48 but if softWare updte after 1y need better spec. (more power) computer
BC-MasterKush-QC پیش 14 روز
Alot of cores for me example 16 cores setup = 4 cores for the OS, approx 8 + cores for game etc, couples of free cores for extra hp when needed etc!
BC-MasterKush-QC پیش 14 روز
Locking group of cores to specific workload OS, Games, extra task with process lasso its amazing!
Matthijs -
Matthijs - پیش 14 روز
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Haskell Hoeger
Haskell Hoeger پیش 15 روز
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John Ray
John Ray پیش 16 روز
I woke up to this i WOKE UP TO THIS
Asad Marji
Asad Marji پیش 17 روز
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Shinobu Tezuka
Shinobu Tezuka پیش 17 روز
Much better place than the last PC building factory I worked at.
Ben K
Ben K پیش 18 روز
This has got to be the 5th time youtube has auto played this commercial for puget systems for me without me asking. Ill just walk back into the room after running to the kitchen and whatever I was watching has ended and this darn video is on again.
nakternal پیش 18 روز
You should do a follow up on Mac and rendering. 😁
nakternal پیش 18 روز
A lot of cringe questions
Ian Wildon
Ian Wildon پیش 18 روز
Totally brilliant company structure all the way from the top to the new kid assembling the units and obviously the mad scientist 😆 i could spend years talking to the man i never went to college however thinking outside the standard model of physics and delving into the quantum world is something most people wouldn't believe never mind "sort of " understand. It looks to me as a company that employees all different people from all different backgrounds just like there customer base and when your employees speak the same language as your customers you succeed. I wasn't a subscriber of your channel until now and I'm not a geek but any business could learn alot fron that video.
Don Browning
Don Browning پیش 18 روز
This interview is outstanding! Congratulations to all!
giorgos galanos
giorgos galanos پیش 19 روز
The specs of the new machine??
giorgos galanos
giorgos galanos پیش 19 روز
I'm surprised after so many videos, so many years and with so many subscribers, and the need did not push you to learn some things about the hardware. These are usually things that you learn early on to avoid hassle. I mean, you're a smart guy with an interest in electronics...
Atomik Robot
Atomik Robot پیش 20 روز
Follow up to this puuurlease..?
Robert Garland
Robert Garland پیش 21 روز
This was so cool! GEEK CITY BABY!
ce sneaks
ce sneaks پیش 21 روز
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Bry Legault
Bry Legault پیش 22 روز
It would be nice to be able to buy a gpu and this dicks have 100 of them in the back
MKB BID پیش 22 روز
Welll it seems like Destin found his second brother :)
Mary Lagua
Mary Lagua پیش 22 روز
Seen it..thank you.
Denchanter357 پیش 23 روز
@SmarterEveryDay 54:00 You'd be interested to know that some companies have servers on racks with built in liquid cooling loops, which some places are using to heat the building. Thus reducing energy cost spent on ... heating alone.The racks, and server blades are moveable and can be swapped. As long as the building is built to accommodate the heated liquid from the servers, you can heat it from that!
Nocturnal RS
Nocturnal RS پیش 24 روز
I really wish I was able to talk that professionally lol.
Kentucky Ranger
Kentucky Ranger پیش 24 روز
I'm so glad I got my awesome workstation from Puget, for my video editing. Had it for 3 months now, and it's worked flawlessly!
aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek پیش 25 روز
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Nathaniel Ritchie
Nathaniel Ritchie پیش 25 روز
Some get @linustechtips to get them some help 👀😅
XopMC پیش 26 روز
Really cool work... It's bad, that my English level is too low to understand all in this video... But it's really good work 💪
tilgare پیش 26 روز
This episode was like LOTR - there's like 6 endings, but you look at the run time and realize there's still another 15 minutes.
Parker Phillips
Parker Phillips پیش 27 روز
They were smart to give you a PC for this super in depth commercial you just made them. I know if I ever get to the point of needing a specialized PC for something that I’ll be ordering from them.
Do you live in washington
Jesús Antonio Treviño Galán
Jesús Antonio Treviño Galán پیش 28 روز
It's 6am. What.
Metz Waldron
Metz Waldron پیش 28 روز
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Hardware 570
Hardware 570 پیش 29 روز
41:33 hot coffee through my nose, nice, thanks Destin 😂😂
Frankkey پیش 29 روز
In a nutshell, they are the Q to your Bond, James Bond. "Right. Now pay attention 007. First, your new car. BMW Agile 54 with gears. All points radar. Self destruct system. And, naturally, all the usual refinements."
Amanda Goodwin
Amanda Goodwin پیش 29 روز
"If you can keep me from rendering at 3 am" As I watch at 1 am. 😅😂🤣
Andre Placco
Andre Placco پیش ماه
Please do a custm bios for aorus x570 elite to get rid of rgb without bloatware
Rick James
Rick James پیش ماه
reminds me of howard electronics/technology in Ellisville, MS
Savage Salyer
Savage Salyer پیش ماه
7:15 man like wtf r u talking about, its like i partially lnew what u were saying but not really lol
Red Whitenbleu
Red Whitenbleu پیش ماه
I know that place has a champagne room. I bet you saw it, Destin.
Rishaan Ag
Rishaan Ag پیش ماه
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Captain DeStructo
Captain DeStructo پیش ماه
I don't really need one - - - BUT - - - I want one.
TheStig ZeroZeroZero
TheStig ZeroZeroZero پیش ماه
They seem like a great company. It's cool that they actually like staying small and specialized.
Crazycraigy پیش ماه
42:55...Oh those Gpu's...😵
Royzer پیش ماه
Why I'm poor can't fulfill my dream :(
GANGARI Arduvu پیش ماه
Rtx 2080 is not the way to go, you need a gtx 3090
Matt Bryce
Matt Bryce پیش ماه
his kids call him Sir?
Joel Crocker
Joel Crocker پیش ماه
I just use A little window cooler that blows cools are in to my pc directly on to the video cards, so it blows out all the hot air in the computer
WackyPancake پیش ماه
This is a crazy video, it’s super cool to see this operation!
mrbigheart پیش ماه
First.. seeing it's a 2 hour video.. I didn't know I'll watch until the end.. But maaaan, this is fascinating stuff!! You have great content, as usual!
Don Lavos
Don Lavos پیش ماه
Love this.... Geeking out in my mid-life crisis
Mayhem پیش ماه
Really cool, kinda disappointed they already came to a conclusion about that specific piece of software using just 1 core by using a trial version, at least, that's what they said in the video. They actually started doing real research after but it looks silly. Interesting video overall :D
Samuel Campsall
Samuel Campsall پیش ماه
I know this is an older video, but are you purposefully moving your rocket in the background to possibly see who catches on Destin?
Samuel Campsall
Samuel Campsall پیش ماه
I noticed within the first couple minutes of seeing this for the first time today. And now on to fi ish watching. :)
xxxfreshman پیش ماه
I know this video is older, but there is a amazing open source tool for filtering and frame cutting. what is amazing faster than all of the professional software, its name is virtual dub, iam amazed about it.
MSS432 پیش ماه
Dustin Knows something about the future or actually the past ... At mark 1:45:11 he starts about photo-circuitry... knowing darn well that classified material revealed “certain” vehicles that zip through space operate on such principles... 👍 Dustin
Bill Thompson
Bill Thompson پیش ماه
Your Videos make me really miss building ASIC chips at National Semiconductor, I started my computer career as a Plasma Etch Tech. in a Class 10 Cleanroom. How fun the old days were. Thank you.
William Lagasse
William Lagasse پیش ماه
I bought a Puget Systems CPU a few years ago...the build is on Twitch under FritzSpeed...amazing computer, and fantastic customer service...Houston is the man!!
Citizen Blue
Citizen Blue پیش ماه
41:35 Can we all just stop to appreciate how humble Destin, a literal ROCKET SCIENTIST, truly is? I love you as a brother, sir!
Citizen Blue
Citizen Blue پیش ماه
Yeah, but can they run Flight Sim 2020 on Ultra in VR at 144Hz?
Agung SP
Agung SP پیش ماه
cool people, they're humble and know what they're doing, smart, right answers and true, great video... almost watching all 2 hours.. only skipped a little, yes that good
ChaosHusky پیش ماه
I've been doing that exact thing for years now.. Dang, if only i'd been in a position to make a company doing it! Haha, story of my life, but its great to see it in action! I'd started in computers and electronics at the end of the 80s, early 90s but didn't make it to PC until 1998! And what my mum was sold for me definitely wasn't what we specified for the cost. The next PC was built by me for someone else strangely before i built one for myself lol
Rusty Koenig
Rusty Koenig پیش ماه
I was watching this and when the whole "cooling" part came.... nothing was mentioned about the "benchmarking" office where all the systems were performing the benchmarks..... they were ALL test bench setups. The thing is.... they are benchmarking on "open air" systems. I say this because I learned quite a few years ago that the BEST way to cool a system is to not box it up in an enclosed space..... like a CPU tower box.... Ran my systems for a long with with no sides on the "box", essentially almost open air. People think "more fans" solution to solve high heat. Running "open air" I only have 2 small fans running.... CPU and Graphics (I guess 3 cuz graphics card has 2). Open Air is better than being in the "box" with sides removed. Being open air you basically use "natures fan". Basic thing EVERYONE should know is hot air rises and cool air sinks. Being open air, the heat produced from the components is pulled off by the heat sinks and the fan blowing on the sink pulls cooler air in and over the heatsink, pushing the heated air out. At that point is where people have all these fans to "pull out" the hot air building up on the inside of the "box"...... Being open air you now have hot or warm air, where does it GO?? It RISES up and AWAY from the computer NATURALLY and it AUTOMATICALLY is replaced by the cooler air that sinks. Remove hot air and cool air naturally replaces the air around the components. Every now and then, just blow out the dust from the sinks (because they will collect it a little faster in open air vs the enclosed "box"). I know they said they test it b4 shipping out but..... the benchmarks in the office are lacking that "control" because hardware will run better open air vs in a "hot box".
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