5 things to know about the Matt Gaetz drama

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Los Angeles Times

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Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, a prominent conservative in Congress and a close ally of former President Trump, is being investigated as a part of a federal sex trafficking probe involving a 17-year-old, according to people familiar with the case.
Read more here: www.latimes.com/politics/story/2021-04-07/amid-sex-trafficking-probe-matt-gaetz-uses-trump-playbook
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Frank Fasano
Frank Fasano پیش 22 ساعت
Dude you got something Brown on your Nose.. I'm just saying...
italia gorino
italia gorino پیش 2 روز
You look like you are shaving with soap suds on your face.
prez truman
prez truman پیش 2 روز
Women for America swag bag: MATT GAETZ HULA HOOP GIRLS TEAM, (tee-shirts w/minor flaws)
Johnathan Adams
Johnathan Adams پیش 2 روز
Not sure you read these comments but it had been confirmed that Levinson was working in some capacity for the CIA when he was kidnapped by Iran. Our government has tried and failed a number of times to return him as they normally try to do with spies that are captured. At almost 14 years, he is one of the longest-held American prisoners known to the public. I wish you would update this story on your channel and put some journalists on this. If nothing else- even if he is dead: he spent years of torture and captivity to do what he thought helped the US. Get Levinson home.
Kent Grady
Kent Grady پیش 2 روز
Another important detail about Rep Gaetz... He's a moron. Dude used Venmo to pay for "companionship and related services". He might as well have written a personal check with the words "underaged booty" in the memo line. I see this guy dangling from a shower curtain rod in a seedy Pensacola motel in the near future. I don't want that. I want the perp walk. I want the mugshot. I want the court appearance in jailhouse orange and flip flops. I want the sentencing hearing. I want the tearful, I-regret-my-actions-because-I-got-caught apology. I want it all.
Will Cameron
Will Cameron پیش 3 روز
On supporting Trump..."That's what it takes to raise an army of patriots that love America and will protect HER". His quote... like this guy protects women.
Adam Romero
Adam Romero پیش 3 روز
Why don't any republicans have a jawline?
John Quarter
John Quarter پیش 3 روز
If he was an ally of Trump then we are going to go after him. Any smear campaign will do. We will go after anyone close to Trump from Gen Flyn to Rudy to his family. Because smear tactics are the thing Dems do best
susejhater Churchisbad
susejhater Churchisbad پیش 3 روز
Conservatives are just the worst people... When will America face that simple fact...
Jason Oquinn
Jason Oquinn پیش 3 روز
Evan, how do you perform your "job" while high on marijuana and in pajamas? Just a simple question. 🍀🍀
Sabrina Cuadra
Sabrina Cuadra پیش 3 روز
Why is his head so big, but his face so small?
Brock Muir
Brock Muir پیش 3 روز
Where are all the scummy Q nuts, here’s an actual politician involved in sex trafficking? Are they planning the next pizza party raid? Since they can’t go anywhere or do anything alone...
WiZard پیش 3 روز
One more things everybody know about Matt. He looks, talks, and acts exactly like one of those fake, lying TV evangelists that will steal money from your trusting grandma
Paraskevi Vasilakou
Paraskevi Vasilakou پیش 3 روز
Terry Packer
Terry Packer پیش 3 روز
Gaetz ,,,,” little Epstein “
Patsy Kluting-Lucas
Patsy Kluting-Lucas پیش 3 روز
Wondering if the twice as high thumbs down is from viewers don't like your comments or don't like sleazy Gaetz?
Penny پیش 3 روز
This is one loud mouth Congressman in big trouble!
evansusmc پیش 3 روز
0:20 Oohh wow... showing his crappy bias already. I’m out!!
Ed Son
Ed Son پیش 3 روز
Goddamn this comment section is garbage, glad I’m not staying
Wlcm2_Clown_World پیش 3 روز
STFU You filthy political hacktivist. You're not a journalist, you look like a vagrant. You're an American hating socialist and you think that anyone who disagrees with you is a "white nationalist". We are tired of the propaganda you regurgitate over and over and over in the liberal media and we are rising up. Matt Gaetz is a patriot and an independent thinker, this scares you debased dems so you're fabricating another farcical story to discredit Matt just like you did with President Trump and it will FAIL just like it did with Trump. WE'RE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK, MARXIST/SOCIALISTS CAN GET BENT!!!
G. R R
G. R R پیش 3 روز
Ass hole
Richard Truckner
Richard Truckner پیش 3 روز
Amazing.... you condemn Garez without all the evidence Justin Fairfax, Democrat Lt. Governor of Virginia has been credibly accused of rape and there’s crickets.... perhaps it’s an oversight !
Sara Frye
Sara Frye پیش 3 روز
It's very abviously CGI with his Big head
Mami Makala
Mami Makala پیش 3 روز
Where the republicans who were disgusted by Cuomo at?!)
Kim Malmgren
Kim Malmgren پیش 3 روز
Citizens of the United States ....... Wake up. It is not a battle between right and left. It is a battle between democracy and fascism. You are so stupid that you can not see the difference. You have no idea what the far left is. You, on the other hand, know very well what fascism and racism are. You also know greed and disrespect. You think you're better than other countries. I will neither live nor support the United States. By the way - Matt Gaetz would look amazing in a black uniform with a red armband with a swastika. Kim, Denmark
Stu baker
Stu baker پیش 3 روز
comb your hair, bum.
SteveSeiwald پیش 3 روز
The only true part of this is the title. Drama- a work of fiction
Flo J
Flo J پیش 3 روز
Not new news. We already knew these things about him. Kinda late there buddy.
Kar Walker
Kar Walker پیش 3 روز
Nonsensical extortion story with nothing to do with sex trafficking or child sex ring of GOP politicians. But maybe Q knows?
juan pablo trad
juan pablo trad پیش 3 روز
So just his opinion..
Quantum Leaper
Quantum Leaper پیش 3 روز
Troy Barton
Troy Barton پیش 3 روز
Gross clear the flem from your throat before speaking. Not professional.
timberlan پیش 3 روز
I fully support Gaetz until he gets put in hand cuffs. No one should jump to conclusions but we all know the left already convicted him.
EddieMachetti پیش 3 روز
Most of the GOP supports child molesters, so you’re not alone at least.
timberlan پیش 3 روز
And it seems like the left is just trying to keep Cuomo fondness for harassing women out of the spotlight. Why doesn't to Lefties MSM do some actual reporting on him. Where you have what is it up to now 9 women who said he did inappropriate stuff to them. If Gaetz did what the left is accusing him of, he needs to go to jail plain and simple. Maybe get his ass beat also, but shouldn't we wait and see before ruining his life? Just a thought.
Quantum Leaper
Quantum Leaper پیش 3 روز
stop wait and see all facts before judging
William Steed
William Steed پیش 3 روز
So what happened to Cuomo????! Killed thousands and in nursing homes and sexually assualted multiple women. And we hear that Trump didn't offer him a pardon. How about we let the investigations conclude?
Vaughn Hiibel
Vaughn Hiibel پیش 3 روز
Let's talk about Tara Read and Joe Biden then we'll talk about Matt Gaetz!
James High
James High پیش 3 روز
Total waste of my time
Louis Ocampo
Louis Ocampo پیش 3 روز
Daym guy, fix yourself up a little. 😉jk
bubbz jones
bubbz jones پیش 3 روز
How about the 100’s of things to know about butt Biden
mashosh 78
mashosh 78 پیش 3 روز
Of course this is another diversion, let's forget about hunter biden, cuomo, the elderly DR LAVIGNE killed while taking her mother out of the nursing home. Trump never even thought about pardoning himself, why would he. This guy is on another planet, how did i even end up listening to half of this BS. The likes and dislikes says it all
William Vickery
William Vickery پیش 3 روز
You notice Barr gave the left a complete pass.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker پیش 3 روز
That is because he could not find anything to prosecute.. He looked but oh well. Nothing illegal here.
Sylvia پیش 3 روز
Is there a tiny brown dot on the tip of this disheveled looking reporter’s nose??
William Vickery
William Vickery پیش 3 روز
Not a victim until it is proven.
The Knee
The Knee پیش 3 روز
He’s a threat to democrats so they want to stop him immediately. It’s obvious the motivation to go after this man.
Libtardism Isgey
Libtardism Isgey پیش 3 روز
Five things to know 1. Libtardism is gay. 2. Libtardism is worthless. 3. Libtardism lies. 4. Democrats lied about Russia knowing it was fake. 5. Democrats are pathetic losers that can’t be trusted
Senza Senso
Senza Senso پیش 3 روز
LMAO....so we're pretending that the LA Times is credible? We are STILL waiting for a report on a member of House Intelligence sleeping with a Chinese SPY!!!!
Controlled Chaos
Controlled Chaos پیش 3 روز
Wow wow wow . Say it right ! He wanted to be close to President Trump. President Trump was like do me a favor and don’t be on my side . He had to have known what was goin on.
David Adams
David Adams پیش 3 روز
The Supreme Court said, of pardons, that “acceptance” carries “a confession of” guilt. Just curious to why an innocent man would need a pardon.
David Adams
David Adams پیش 3 روز
These allegations don't change my opinion of Gaetz I thought he was a scumbag long before this.
Joel McLaughlin
Joel McLaughlin پیش 3 روز
Lol this guy's all excited to report on this. Hopefully a 17 year old wasn't victimized
Tony پیش 3 روز
Let’s talk about Hunter.....you know, the son of the most popular president in American history.
Tony پیش 3 روز
@EddieMachetti What is it with you political/MSM harlots. Why do you always make an ASS out of YOU and ME? Both sides are shit ......did you just get here ?🥴🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑
EddieMachetti پیش 3 روز
@Tony Not even denying it? Lol this is why the GOP is dead.
Tony پیش 3 روز
@EddieMachetti BLA BLA BLA 🐑🐑🐑
EddieMachetti پیش 3 روز
You trying to deflect attention to Hunter makes it look like you want Gaetz to get away with child trafficking. Not a good look.
Nutmeg Donkey
Nutmeg Donkey پیش 3 روز
Good Lord I need a physiognomy check on this dude and Matt Gaetz , get it together.
David Leavitt
David Leavitt پیش 3 روز
Where is the evidence of this like the evidence of hunters laptop or how biden won the election?
Art Hernandez
Art Hernandez پیش 3 روز
Go to a Proud Boy website. Gaetz would fit right in with the misogyny and perversion.
MyEyesBled پیش 3 روز
He better cop a plea...
Art Hernandez
Art Hernandez پیش 3 روز
SCOTUS Kavanaugh and Gaetz ought to go out for a beer together. Just keep'em away from 17-year-old girls.
fpskiller 123
fpskiller 123 پیش 3 روز
another smear by the MSM
Vic 2.0
Vic 2.0 پیش 3 روز
You can see why the Democrats are upset about this. In their world, 17 is way too old!
Christion Williams
Christion Williams پیش 3 روز
I like how since this came up everybody seems to have forgotten about Cuomo...
Christion Williams
Christion Williams پیش 3 روز
@Alan Winter and both should be called out, especially if allegations are true. It doesn’t mean we should also let the media dictate what we hear or care to hear about... just because something has always been a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s right lol
Alan Winter
Alan Winter پیش 3 روز
Don’t confuse headlines, which news agencies switch over pretty much every news cycle (and have for 100 years) with what everybody’s thinking about. This guy is a creep and is on the way out, and Cuomo is a creep who’s on the way out. Tomorrow there’ll be another headline about some other creep who’s on the way out, and the beat goes on.
Quantum Leaper
Quantum Leaper پیش 3 روز
And Terra Reid
dave doogan
dave doogan پیش 3 روز
pizza gaetz doesn't have the same ring as cummo gates
Senza Senso
Senza Senso پیش 3 روز
All about the Narrative.
rolodexter35 sd8xkd
rolodexter35 sd8xkd پیش 3 روز
This journalist is really leaning into the work from home fashion
Sylvia پیش 3 روز
He probably has two different socks on too. Hair looks like he just survived a grease fire.
Art Hernandez
Art Hernandez پیش 3 روز
How low can the GOP go?
EddieMachetti پیش 3 روز
They elected a guy that bragged about his one year old daughters legs and breasts on television. They clearly want to see how low they can go.
DmbWorks پیش 3 روز
wow the real sleazed bag is the guy making this video and the TIMES
Igor Krakovsky
Igor Krakovsky پیش 3 روز
Do some real investigative journalism.
Art Hernandez
Art Hernandez پیش 3 روز
Jessica Schlehuber-Sanchez
Jessica Schlehuber-Sanchez پیش 3 روز
Hummmmm. So many Real scandals. So Little reporting done on them. When I see the MSM going after someone, I know their are one of the good guys.
AJEANIOUS پیش 3 روز
Pizza Gaetz
Steampunkkids پیش 3 روز
Mami Makala
Mami Makala پیش 3 روز
Katie Teresi
Katie Teresi پیش 3 روز
When you have nothing... There is always SEX......
Art Hernandez
Art Hernandez پیش 3 روز
Gaetz gotta go!
rebecca lasiter
rebecca lasiter پیش 3 روز
You sir are a propagandist, spewing lies for the party you defend. They are the very evil of who you should be writing stories about. But than again, you are lying in bed with them.
Chris Stratton
Chris Stratton پیش 3 روز
5 facts about the LA times and their *(&$ bag reporters, I'm in PA and even I know they are an absolute crap factory .... x 5 -- And they still can't keep up with their dislike delete or adding to their supposed sub count. Nice try --- FAIL. x 5 - Subtract 10 IQ points every time you believe their BS x 5. Dude your left eye is drooping very very badly. Slow down on the pipe will ya.
MC Spahr
MC Spahr پیش 3 روز
Evan, You should think of finding other work. Exclude the content here. Your delivery sucks!
Ally Wilke
Ally Wilke پیش 3 روز
Rep. Matt Gaetz Reveals Possession of Documents that Confirm His Disclosure of an Extortion Scheme by Former DOJ OfficialRep. Gaetz: His name is David McGee… He currently works at the Beggs and Lane law firm.
EddieMachetti پیش 3 روز
Suddenly the GOP is totally cool with child trafficking. That’s good for democrats at least.
Stormie پیش 3 روز
That is a totally different issue that was started March 16, 2021. The Sex Scandal was Started in Summer of 2020. Two issues. Gatze trying to muddy the waters.
Studbolt Slickrock
Studbolt Slickrock پیش 3 روز
Good luck with that.
Ally Wilke
Ally Wilke پیش 3 روز
The only thing you need to know about the LA times is that they need to be tried for treason and fried in the chair.
Ally Wilke
Ally Wilke پیش 2 روز
@Truth Seeker yes they did storm the capitol.Every liberal is guilty of treason.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker پیش 3 روز
Treason?????? Did they storm the Capital? Do you even know what treason involves?
Victor Mauricio
Victor Mauricio پیش 3 روز
First drinking and driving and now sex trafficking a minor. Who the hell voted for this guy into congress.
ajm 1224
ajm 1224 پیش 3 روز
Yeah, until something material comes up, it's a non story. Cuomo on the other hand....
Frank Cota
Frank Cota پیش 3 روز
Who gives you your talking points? I bet you don’t believe there was even fraud in the Twenty20 elections. You probably believe that all of Biden‘s actions till now are great for America! What kind of America do you and those people want, is the question to ask. You have no shame in misleading people. What type of a man are you? We are..... losing America
Kathy Hensley
Kathy Hensley پیش 4 روز
You’re a joke! How much are they paying you to make up crap?
Gideon Sauceda
Gideon Sauceda پیش 4 روز
You are FAKE CHINESE NEWS from Chicago?
Bubber Cakes
Bubber Cakes پیش 4 روز
Matt Gaetz looks like an evil evangelist. Preaches one thing while doing evil behind the scenes.
Art Hernandez
Art Hernandez پیش 4 روز
Gaetz paid for sex cause he has no self-respect. Do not mistake an inflated ego with self-respect.
jr gamer
jr gamer پیش 4 روز
I like how these people are obsessive over Republicans but can't never cover Democrats with the same standard.
EddieMachetti پیش 3 روز
@jr gamer You’re a liar. Lmao Fox isn’t talking about Matt Gaetz’ child molestation accusations. Does that make you feel better?
jr gamer
jr gamer پیش 3 روز
@EddieMachetti also you mean like how the left cry about kids in cages, but now have a border crises they started but won't fix?
jr gamer
jr gamer پیش 3 روز
@EddieMachetti not really when compared to the left. They been legit harassing matt gaets since trump got into office.
EddieMachetti پیش 3 روز
Republicans literally do the same thing so stfu
Mike Hayden
Mike Hayden پیش 4 روز
Yet NO Investigations into Joe "Quid Pro Quo" Biden or his Crack head Son Hunter or about the Stock Hunter owns in the Bank of China.... Can't speak about that tho...
Art Hernandez
Art Hernandez پیش 4 روز
Nice kitchen. Guess that L.A. Times is working out well for you. Glad the pay is keeping you well housed. People reading the L.A. Times and advertising is still present on its site last time I looked. Way to go. Thanks for the reporting.
joseph eskenazi
joseph eskenazi پیش 4 روز
Shame on you congressman. how dare you like women. your supposed to like men and teach your children to be transgenders.
Art Hernandez
Art Hernandez پیش 4 روز
How puny a man must be to pay for sex.
tgf0713 پیش 4 روز
He is guilty as charged. I was thinking he has been overly active, Too bad he was good at projecting the conservative view.
Art Hernandez
Art Hernandez پیش 4 روز
Gaetz probe focuses on cash paid to women for sex. That's good enough for Trumpsters to vote for him again.
Brett Graham
Brett Graham پیش 4 روز
You can’t count five facts about Hunter without lying
EddieMachetti پیش 3 روز
Lmao all your heroes seem to like children
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker پیش 3 روز
Yes because you would be making up lies about him. You are obviously a Republican shill. Were you an invader of the Capital building? Come on, confess you stalwart of society, just kidding.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name پیش 4 روز
Wow you call this hack job reporting. A man with your skill set will always have a job in the food service or janitorial industry .
Zoos Mercury
Zoos Mercury پیش 4 روز
Ted H
Ted H پیش 4 روز
Oh please Los Angela's times tell me what to think Thank you
Fred Hoffman
Fred Hoffman پیش 4 روز
LA Slimes and one of their unwashed scam artists.
Oscar Alvarado
Oscar Alvarado پیش 4 روز
Cuomo has 9 women coming out. How many does Gaetz have
Oscar Alvarado
Oscar Alvarado پیش 3 روز
@Doctor Turdmidget ok, but where are they?
Doctor Turdmidget
Doctor Turdmidget پیش 4 روز
Gaetz has no women. Only little girls.
Colleen Brickman
Colleen Brickman پیش 4 روز
Ruin a mans career that is what they do...
Blair M
Blair M پیش 4 روز
Another democrat trying to sound unbiased while attacking an American.
Blair M
Blair M پیش 3 روز
@EddieMachetti - i didn't rise to his defense - i remember the 'serious' charges against Trump too. The left, democrats are trash.
EddieMachetti پیش 3 روز
He’s being accused of child trafficking. That’s pretty serious. I wouldn’t jump to his defense so quickly.
raisinsawdust پیش 4 روز
All bullshiite
davyj78 پیش 4 روز
Trump was supposed to expose these sex traffickers....unless they’re his buddies
Ted Zeunik
Ted Zeunik پیش روز
His AG began the investigation into Matt Gaetz so he was exposing them. Did you watch the video?
Art Hernandez
Art Hernandez پیش 4 روز
Gaetz gotta go.
Richard Burgett
Richard Burgett پیش 4 روز
Made up lies! Demonrats are in control of most of the press and they couldn't tell the truth to save their lives.
Art Hernandez
Art Hernandez پیش 4 روز
Did Epstein live in the panhandle? Does Trump?
S At
S At پیش 4 روز
Hooking up with a 17 year old is not child sex trafficking. You’re taking validity away from actual child trafficking. Not saying if he did that, that’s it’s ok. But this drastic charge is bs. But, I’m sure this guy is drooling over this.
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