5 NBA Players Saving Their Career in 2021 So Far

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How These 5 NBA Players Are Saving Their Careers in 2021 So Far
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Basic ML
Basic ML پیش 9 روز
I'm surprised that Julius Randle isn't on this list
michael jones
michael jones پیش 9 روز
18 points is valid af
Jay Chang
Jay Chang پیش 10 روز
The script reading is really distracting, it's like a kid being forced to read out loud in class, no offense. Voice keeps going up at the end of each sentence like it's a question?
MikeDelMundo پیش 11 روز
I'd give conley a bit more credit than that. He's been more than a solid pg in his career. Had a dip over one season. Now utah are doing great
Joy Vee Ayao
Joy Vee Ayao پیش 13 روز
Batum and Ibaka maturity will definitely help in the Playoffs when PG and Kawhi are being shutdown by opponents.
MrGaryboon پیش 14 روز
come on, Batum is washed..
Real Montana
Real Montana پیش 17 روز
Tbh Golden State on Paper is an 8th seed team and that’s nothing bad for them being that they won 15 games last year of course that was due to injury but now their starting 5 : 1. S. Curry 2. Wiggins 3. Oubre 4. Green/Paschal 5. Looney/Wiseman/Chriss . I added the other players because at anytime I believe they could start in those roles. But this is not a bad team, quite young I have you but not bad especially compared to last year.
Marlon Estrada
Marlon Estrada پیش 17 روز
AD is desperate to save his career. He is nothing more than Lebron "Queen" James' SLAVE. His legacy will be like, "Anthony Davis....a player who CAN'T lead a team. He won a Ring the Queen....and they were Lucky."
lo c
lo c پیش 20 روز
Andrew Wiggins sucks either way
soso pinoy
soso pinoy پیش 20 روز
Wiggins is having a great season ... ur not watching
ry the gaot
ry the gaot پیش 21 روز
No wiggins is a bust
Daniel Francis
Daniel Francis پیش 23 روز
I remember when Andrew Wiggens, was drafted I couldn't believe what happened when he was traded to the Timberwolves for Kevin Love, but what would have happened if Andrew Wiggens wasn't traded to the TimberWolves?
Jamilin Bixler
Jamilin Bixler پیش 24 روز
Man those years just flew by for Hayward, the hornets giving him that contract is like if the wwe trying to win back all those really young fans they had in the early 2010s. Its so weird
G.D. HopsonJr
G.D. HopsonJr پیش 25 روز
whats up with Da'Boi Kelly Ourubae his game boo-boo🤷🏽‍♂️i just👀highlights
jitfromdasouth پیش 25 روز
ik yall see how alex caruso posted up in the beginning of the video lmfao
Dr Evil
Dr Evil پیش 26 روز
Mike Conley was a very good pg, but he should never be paid for 30m a year. He was like 15-18m per year player.
Anthony Vazquez
Anthony Vazquez پیش 27 روز
About Kevin Knox he's numbers will be greater if we had a PG That can and know how to distribute the ball , and also this year we brought Kenny Payne as an assistant from Kentucky, to develop this Knicks young gunz! When we get our PG I know Knox will blossom👍💯
Playful Jandro305
Playful Jandro305 پیش 27 روز
Haven’t watched vid yet but I think k nun should be here
llIusion پیش 28 روز
1:48 Two great no.1 picks in one frame
Flaco Chinito811
Flaco Chinito811 پیش 28 روز
Andrew Wiggins was so glitchy in 2k dude was a log city master and always hit the would open man was nice if you had a pg for my cuheer
Evan D.
Evan D. پیش 29 روز
Nba is eh just my opinion
Zachary Eiseman
Zachary Eiseman پیش 29 روز
Hey Caine, I have a tip for you. Your videos are great and the info is great! To make your videos more intriguing and interesting, you should put background music to make your videos even more awesome!
NBA PBA Update
NBA PBA Update پیش 29 روز
Where ? Josh Jackson ?
007 Fan
007 Fan پیش 29 روز
iggins wiggins of andrew 🔒🔑
Anthony Mota
Anthony Mota پیش ماه
NBA = Nicholas Batum Association 🐐
Jared Dudley the Goat
Jared Dudley the Goat پیش ماه
Honorable Mention to Stanley Johnson he is playing amazing and fits great on the Raptors.
Robbylg123 پیش ماه
How is Tobias Harris not on this list
XxChris23xX K.
XxChris23xX K. پیش ماه
With draymond there I’m pretty sure that he’s getting dogged in practice about it
Julian Hsieh
Julian Hsieh پیش ماه
wiggins is now a defensive stud oh my god
Skwisgaar Skwigelf
Skwisgaar Skwigelf پیش ماه
Weed plate no more!
Michael Papamarkou
Michael Papamarkou پیش ماه
Knox is still shit
Steady Freddy
Steady Freddy پیش ماه
As a raptors fan, I would add Stanley Johnson to the list
Jared Dudley the Goat
Jared Dudley the Goat پیش ماه
What I was saying
Alicia Yu
Alicia Yu پیش ماه
Hey where do you go to get your clips to make your videos? Do u use creative commons videos or anything else? Is there any good yt videos that explain all of this that u can direct me to or smth? Anyways love the content recently glad to see u back
Safe Keeping
Safe Keeping پیش ماه
Wiggins has been good his entire career. Not great but good, He's pretty quiet and keeps to himself and up till now was playing in a small market, you could argue that Golden state is still a small market team in the sense of actual GSW fans and fairweather fans. Think about Jokic going 41st a second round pick in the same draft class, Now he's "redefining the center position". Its so easy to overlook Wiggins' play because of other big names in his draft class and his admittedly underwhelming performance. Also lets not forget how incredibly bad Minnesota is at drafting and developing players.
Zacari Mason Official
Zacari Mason Official پیش ماه
We Loved Batum in Portland, we should of kept him. That outlet 3 was deadly. Rudy Fernandez as well
xxxTURISMOWATERxxx پیش ماه
Andrew Wiggins does not care about basketball and it shows how you take him from one of the worst teams in the league to a contender and still can’t average 20 comfortably
Ryan McCorvey
Ryan McCorvey پیش ماه
Misleading title
Shane Sim
Shane Sim پیش ماه
Batum not washed up he was really a good scorer the problem is his not a star level OVERALL but scoring wise he is. Back in his last teams he was pointed out to be a star player which didnt work
L.O.U پیش ماه
I just wanna see all star bigs average 25ppg again.
rome8180 پیش ماه
He'll be garbage again in a week. We've seen this before.
Gargolis MC
Gargolis MC پیش ماه
you realise the video is about 5 guys, no one knows who youre talking about
Kd trey
Kd trey پیش ماه
Batum steal for the clippers
Sand پیش ماه
My boy Kevin Knox 💪💪💪
Finesse B
Finesse B پیش ماه
ohhh shiii he’s back?
David Barber
David Barber پیش ماه
Batum got his money & shut it down
Xamimus Prime
Xamimus Prime پیش ماه
Cant really talk about the Hornets making an absolutely terrible decision resigning Batum. They took Miami to 7 games, not their fault he got injured
Rich Kid
Rich Kid پیش ماه
Wiggins would be a nice fit with Boston
Amir L
Amir L پیش ماه
I really hope Knox keeps improving
HunnitMan پیش ماه
all this shows is that the nba is all about systems and confidence. batum has always been nice, charlotte is just a shit org. im a wizards fan, i have seen the javales the chris webbers etc gon and done amazing things after leaving a bad team.
Felipe Pareja
Felipe Pareja پیش ماه
Batum is so underrated
Abdiel Neris
Abdiel Neris پیش ماه
Wiggins was actually expected to be a good defender and a mediocre scorer. He became the opposite.
Abdiel Neris
Abdiel Neris پیش ماه
@Raymond Cunningham he has become decent since he got to the warriors but he was terrible on defense the whole time he was with the Timberwolves
Raymond Cunningham
Raymond Cunningham پیش ماه
No he’s a good defender and good at offense
Schnitzel Filmmaker
Schnitzel Filmmaker پیش ماه
As a GS fan I’ve been on Wiggins’s hype train since 2013 and really happy he’s doing well and especially for us
Nazir Inniss
Nazir Inniss پیش ماه
You was supposed to include Julius Randal who is damn near a walking triple double
Andrey Diaz
Andrey Diaz پیش ماه
Drizzie Dre
Drizzie Dre پیش ماه
Jason Tatum top 15-20 player? How much better do you think Tatum is compared to Brown?
richard tickler
richard tickler پیش ماه
Do a video on 5 players who drove their careers into the ground. #1 is Chandler parsons. Figure out the rest
richard tickler
richard tickler پیش ماه
Batum not washed, he was just on vacation in charlotte for a couple years
Rayne Ozier
Rayne Ozier پیش ماه
I still have pretty high hopes for Kevin Knox but I don’t think he’ll be the player I thought he’d one day develop into. I thought he would be a player on the tier of guys like Tatum, Ingram, or D. Mitchell. Like I said I still expect him to get better, but I’m not sure how much better.
Max jackson
Max jackson پیش ماه
He’s like 19 or 20
Rayne Ozier
Rayne Ozier پیش ماه
Mike Conley is one of the most solid players of my time of watching basketball. He never did anything at an amazing level, but his all around game has been really solid throughout his career.
Zion Harper
Zion Harper پیش ماه
ok, so Wiggins isnt lebron or Tmac, ok hes an above avg border line all star in the east,ok
meet_yourmike پیش ماه
batum is like draymond green in terms of what he can give you, he is a ceiling raiser of youre good team hell make it better but if he plays in a scrub team he wont take you near the playoffs. cant blame him for accepting that 120 million contract tho
Jeramy Jay
Jeramy Jay پیش ماه
I enjoy the videos. The only thing is the monotone script reading gets irritating. Like I dont know if you like basketball or this is homework that you had to do. Try and show some excitement or personality, dont read a script rather use notes to keep you on subject but not something you read word for word. Just some suggestions.
thhthtrht پیش ماه
I have and always will resonate with a comeback story. Welcome back all the players mentioned in this list and also, welcome back Caine.
Reno پیش ماه
I wonder how Wiggins would be if he was drafted by the Spurs
Reno پیش ماه
@Not Susmaybe alil more
Not Sus
Not Sus پیش ماه
He might be doing the same thing he's doing rn with the Warriors
patapoufee7 پیش ماه
About batum , borrego is an awfull coach , he didnt know how to use batum on the floor , he makes other players better , he has one of the best offensive rating this year and this is for a reason ...
Petar Gulin
Petar Gulin پیش ماه
Wiggins will still end up season with some 17 points, 52% TS, 35% for 3 at most. For player that is crappy defender ( still, despite one game sample size where Kawhi is off, that they still lost i think? ) guy is payed MAX CONTRACT to be in line of production of some Bojan Bogdanovic/ Evan Fournier/ Wil Barton.. And let's not act like Warriors are any good. They are .500 team and it will take miracle to even make playoffs. PErfect spot for Wiggins. No winning and he can put up stats . Pretty much story of his career.
Petar Gulin
Petar Gulin پیش ماه
@Not Sus 17 ppg, 5 rpg, 2 apg, 55% TS. That's replacment level average starter. Literally , stat line of some Evan Fournier of the world in nba
Not Sus
Not Sus پیش ماه
First of all Wiggins is a much better defender now (literally a good defender rn), second is that it's only been 15 games into the season and lastly the Warriors can still move up the standings, stop being a hater is my advice to you btw
JAYx پیش ماه
Iggins Wiggins of Andrew
Tristan Jones
Tristan Jones پیش ماه
Yall sall Anthony Bennett next to wiggs at 1:50
Ha Ha
Ha Ha پیش ماه
Jacob Kerrison
Jacob Kerrison پیش ماه
Loving the content! Helping me with my fantasy team lol
TheFlightMike پیش ماه
OH MY GOD YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexin Thomas
Alexin Thomas پیش 21 روز
Yo mike
Not Sus
Not Sus پیش ماه
Hey Mike
LeMichaelBryant پیش ماه
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams پیش ماه
Bust.......a nut
Amelia Bedelia
Amelia Bedelia پیش ماه
You forgot LeBroncé
TEE NICE پیش ماه
Terrible analysis.
Penemuel Watcher
Penemuel Watcher پیش ماه
Well people always said Wiggins had big defensive potential
bondi پیش ماه
1:49 rare photo of two first pick bust
Not Sus
Not Sus پیش ماه
Except Wiggins is a thousand times better
KZN پیش ماه
And people were straight up roasting me back when I made a video saying Andrew Wiggins will have a breakout season before the season started😂😭😅
Nevski پیش ماه
i am really glad wiggins is playing well. its just a good thing for the team and the league in general because having Steph in the lottery or some shit is a travesty. not a warriors fan but its cool to see them playing at least decent basketball. Steph could make another run at MVP even tbh.
Erik Nicolaisen
Erik Nicolaisen پیش ماه
Nicolas batum is good good
Metalbass10000 پیش ماه
Leaving a rookie out on the court to be abused and embarrassed by better, more experienced, players, with more developed skill sets, can crush the confidence of the young player. Depending on their mental, psychological, and even physical, makeup, and development, it's possible that they don't recover, and never develop into anything close to the player they were forecast to be. You can compare it to a player in the nfl, with a good example is the Houston Texans first drafted quarterback, David Carr, who had all the physical tools, with good size, good strength and athleticism, above average arm strength and accuracy, and could read defenses at a far more advanced level coming out of college than most quarterbacks. Unfortunately for him the only attributes he was really able to demonstrate extensively was his extremely impressive toughness. Began his professional career playing behind one of the least effective offensive minds in the history of football. the anchor of the units was supposed to be Tony boselli but age and injuries left him just as an effective as the rest of the offensive line. Car did what he could but he got pounded pounded, and pounded, week after week for the first two seasons of his career, actually setting records for how often he was hit comma how often he was sacked. The offensive coaching staff was shocking in its inability to make not only in game adjustments but week to week game to game adjustments to try to help this kid out. By the time the Texans were able to add some more talent and skill on their offices unit cars confidence was as battered bruised and stumped on, as his body was and he never developed him to the player most scouts believed would become. The coaching staff, early on, had decided it was in his best interest to get out on the field and play immediately, and keep out there, staying on the field to learn to, "take his lumps," and unfortunately he took enough lumps for three or four quarterbacks.
Max jackson
Max jackson پیش ماه
JonesiBoy Beastmode
JonesiBoy Beastmode پیش ماه
Batum is nasty on the Blazers squad on 2k
Ok Wiggins might have gotten better over these years but bro,he is still averaging around the same amount of points as every year and doing very well on defense.
Drizzy NBA
Drizzy NBA پیش ماه
Kevin Knox doesn't deserve to be on here. He had a sophomore slump. Simple.
Max jackson
Max jackson پیش ماه
Who you replace him with.
Drizzy NBA
Drizzy NBA پیش ماه
Batum has just wasted like 4,5 years in charlotte, not contributing to anything and is now a top factor on a championship caliber team. Congrats bro.
Max jackson
Max jackson پیش ماه
@Andrey Diaz yeah and a title will sum up his career
Andrey Diaz
Andrey Diaz پیش ماه
He got his huge bag
jazzy_jkp پیش ماه
Haven’t watched it yet Mike Conley better be on this
Max jackson
Max jackson پیش ماه
Yes he is
Ammar Zidat
Ammar Zidat پیش ماه
how is Julius randle not on this ljst
Robert Davis
Robert Davis پیش ماه
im sick about Fultz
Gerald Shields
Gerald Shields پیش ماه
There are some bad players, but the coaching usually has to be the best.
xanman پیش ماه
im from Charlotte and me and pops use to love watching batum hoop
Teketchup 6ix9ine Lopez
Teketchup 6ix9ine Lopez پیش ماه
I think not having to be the number 1 or 2 option on his team has improved him a lot. He’s not putting up record breaking games night in and out (as you would expect from a #1 draft pick), but when he does have a good night and does something special it’s so remarkable and fun to watch.
Carl Smallacombe
Carl Smallacombe پیش ماه
Christian Wood
typical uploader
typical uploader پیش ماه
makes this list doesn't put pg on it bru
Jesse Kauffman
Jesse Kauffman پیش ماه
Sounds like Wiggins got humbled
Brian Bustamante
Brian Bustamante پیش ماه
I was the biggest Batum hater. But it seems you just have to put certain players in roles/situations for them to benefit.
Black TmarTn
Black TmarTn پیش ماه
Paul George shoulda been here but banger as usual
Mark Rodriguez
Mark Rodriguez پیش ماه
"Saving their careers" Y'all act like Wiggins is a fucking bad player lol. Dude averages 20PPG on 44FG for his career. Y'all just sound dumb.
Chris Slowbow
Chris Slowbow پیش ماه
Danny Green ???
Tariq Johnson
Tariq Johnson پیش ماه
Batum has been key for the clips this year even tho the stats might not show it, along with kennard and Morris
lyka vera
lyka vera پیش ماه
The ad comic expectedly visit because creature parenthetically grip opposite a gorgeous tray. plucky, direful var verbs = [aardvark
Dano F. Smith
Dano F. Smith پیش ماه
I really hope Andrew keeps embracing his new defensive role, you’re right he really does have the perfect body type to be one of the better defenders in the league going into the last half of his career, his height, speed and athleticism make him a perfect fit to be a great defender.
Max jackson
Max jackson پیش ماه
To be the best wing defender. Defense seems to be going out of style in nba
Suraj Laddagiri
Suraj Laddagiri پیش ماه
The Dlo Wiggins trade was honestly good for both sides. Dlo is a better player but Wiggins fits in with the warriors much better. Next year the warriors are going to be scary. If Klay is just as good as before his injuries, they'll have Curry, Klay, Wiggins, Draymond, and Wiseman not to mention oubre and they also have a top 3 protected pick from minnesota so if the twolves start doing a little bit better or get unlucky in the lottery, they also get a top rookie.
30 Clip Productions
30 Clip Productions پیش ماه
Knox has been really solid this year. If he can become a more consistent defender then he would a be solid role playing center.
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