10 Most Improved NFL Players In 2020

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The most improved players from the 2020 NFL season.
So much can change in an NFL calendar year. Players who took the league by storm one year can be on their way out the next, players you’ve never heard of can jump to star status, and sometimes it just takes the right team and combination players for guys to dominate.
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10 Most Improved NFL Players In 2020

Ghost Rider14
Ghost Rider14 پیش 2 روز
For josh Allen why do you gotta keep doing Miami like that
YOUR DAD پیش 5 روز
Calvin Ridley
Chinedum Amuka
Chinedum Amuka پیش 7 روز
Jesus loves you repent
Flame Sh0yx
Flame Sh0yx پیش 8 روز
TGG Throge
TGG Throge پیش 9 روز
Where's Roquan smith
G.O.A.T BAH پیش 9 روز
when he said 59 to 69. NICE
Kyphosis پیش 9 روز
Dak Prescott
Logan Fey
Logan Fey پیش 10 روز
Who's watching after the Goff - Stafford Trade?
Ben Armbrust
Ben Armbrust پیش 11 روز
You missed Jessie Bates III
Nicolas Morales
Nicolas Morales پیش 12 روز
Emmanuel Ogbah
Amy Oneal
Amy Oneal پیش 13 روز
Xavier Howrd
Gamez 6
Gamez 6 پیش 13 روز
*Sad J.C Jackson noises*
Connor Bletsch
Connor Bletsch پیش 14 روز
How would Xavien Howard win dpoy if he not even a top 3 at his position
Yo boi Trent Trent
Yo boi Trent Trent پیش 14 روز
Anthony Egolf
Anthony Egolf پیش 14 روز
Bro 5 passes dropped was his average per year on the eagles. What you mean “only 5 passes”
Devan Shouse
Devan Shouse پیش 15 روز
Why are people sleeping on the Bengals' Jessie Bates so much? He was the NFL's highest-graded Safety ALL SEASON! He had a 60.1 grade in 2019, then jumped to a MONSTER 90 in 2020! The only 2 defensive players graded higher than him were Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack. That says A LOT! 🤦‍♂️
FNOG Pancakes
FNOG Pancakes پیش 16 روز
About that Stafford-Hockensen connection...
Big Nasty
Big Nasty پیش 16 روز
I think Allen is definitely the best
Quortny Billups
Quortny Billups پیش 17 روز
Calvin Ridley.
Kolton پیش 17 روز
Murray was a unit this season
kingramon_17 پیش 17 روز
Guess Marcus Maye don't exist at all
Kids Hamilton
Kids Hamilton پیش 18 روز
Deonta johnson
REplay پیش 18 روز
Where the hell is Baker Mayfield? He went from a season where he had 22-21 TD/INT to 26-8 and a QBR of 95.9 huge improvement from 2019’s 78.8! It also can’t be denied that his improvement helped his team, he won a few games for them. I think it’s a crime to not mention him.
Kristopher Gillpatrick
Kristopher Gillpatrick پیش 18 روز
Watch out for miles sanders
RayzorHammer پیش 19 روز
2 Quarterbacks on this list and both of their teams got them an all star receiver to throw the ball to in the offseason. Coincidence?
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson پیش 19 روز
How is JC Jackson not on this list
Fadershocks پیش 20 روز
I remember when I was in Canada my teacher was showing us stats in football and she said to the good stats "that's not that much" like IDK why shes checking football if she doesn't know anything about it
tracey124d پیش 22 روز
davd motgury
Swifty2k پیش 22 روز
My boy tj hockenson
Elias Gonzalez
Elias Gonzalez پیش 23 روز
And what about Fred Warner?
Sujay Datla
Sujay Datla پیش 24 روز
Where is JC jackson???????????
Jake Edelstein
Jake Edelstein پیش 24 روز
wyatt teller should’ve been here
Magma max
Magma max پیش 24 روز
A 69
Dominic Altamirano
Dominic Altamirano پیش 24 روز
My Raiders made a big mistake IMO by not extending Agolorh this season they probably could have saved some $ and avoided the risk of losing him! Hopefully he'll reward us for taking a chance on him!?! He'll undoubtedly field some offers this offseason and that alone will costs us big time I'm sure!
Dominic Altamirano
Dominic Altamirano پیش 24 روز
I don't think Leonard Williams was ever a bust!?! He had 1 bad year and a so so year back to back, but he was a Jet! I think he was in danger of getting that feared label, but IMO he wasn't there yet!?! Now he's really getting close to the expectations he earned coming out of USC!
Shynard Taylor
Shynard Taylor پیش 24 روز
Jc jackson
Devin Nutter
Devin Nutter پیش 25 روز
Where’s Bobby Tonyan
Pewdie Poo
Pewdie Poo پیش 25 روز
Howard should’ve won DPOTY
Charles Three
Charles Three پیش 26 روز
The apathetic pigeon intringuingly hammer because underwear concurrently confess as a doubtful tendency. adjoining, erect pansy
Pippen Dibasole
Pippen Dibasole پیش 26 روز
Lemar jackson
William Butler
William Butler پیش 26 روز
James bradberry
Jordan ODell
Jordan ODell پیش 27 روز
Where's Nelson agolhor bitch
Late Night Youtube
Late Night Youtube پیش 27 روز
Watch out for Baker Mayfield
Colin Dudding
Colin Dudding پیش 28 روز
Cam sims should be on there too
Sean Gates
Sean Gates پیش 28 روز
What about Tasmon Hill
Xxcoolboyjuju پیش 28 روز
Bro why not baker mayfield
MultipleThreat25 پیش 29 روز
I can't believe James Bradberry isn't there. Like bruh
The gaming goat G
The gaming goat G پیش 29 روز
Daniel jones
TommyG 123
TommyG 123 پیش 29 روز
Baker mayfield should be in this conversation too
Keshon Miller (248KesMill)
Keshon Miller (248KesMill) پیش ماه
Fred Warner?????????
timothy nemecek
timothy nemecek پیش ماه
No Baker Mayfield or Wyatt Teller?
Valente Ramirez
Valente Ramirez پیش ماه
Qb from the browns
bb پیش ماه
Hockensen and Stafford connection no more😂🐏
BX Menace Frankie
BX Menace Frankie پیش ماه
8:48 this didn’t age well
Jabari Cambridge
Jabari Cambridge پیش ماه
Ashton Waid
Ashton Waid پیش ماه
The Stafford/ Hockenson relationship hasn’t aged well.
BkINGz پیش ماه
Where's Fred Warner???
JaberTheGreat پیش ماه
Wyatt Teller? Baker Mayfield? Olivier Vernon? Myles Garrett? (Tho he’s been great since his rookie year), Or how bout Deshuan Watson going from 3800 yards to leading the NFL in passing yards without his favorite target in, like his stats last season was 3800, 26, and 12INT, with a passer rating of 98. This season 4800, 33TDs, 7INTs, and 112.4 passer rating.
Elijah Patterson
Elijah Patterson پیش ماه
"...the blossoming Stafford-Hockenson connection." LA Rams: Nope!
Chaney Fulton
Chaney Fulton پیش ماه
wyatt teller
BCG Smooth
BCG Smooth پیش ماه
How isn’t Baker on this list but Kyler is ... a bit confusing there but ok
Daniel Heroux
Daniel Heroux پیش ماه
Xavier Rhodes? My g do you watch football
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson پیش ماه
You missed Tonyan
Dylan Schor
Dylan Schor پیش ماه
Quinnen Williams
izan gilani
izan gilani پیش ماه
Caleb Stafford
Caleb Stafford پیش ماه
Mike Hilton was huge this year
HelloDoI KnowYou?
HelloDoI KnowYou? پیش ماه
Ryan “Fitzmagic” Fitzpatrick (Miami Dolphins)
Jackson Davies
Jackson Davies پیش ماه
The lions had Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, and now TJ Hockenson?
Andrew Rubalcaba
Andrew Rubalcaba پیش ماه
no jc jackson?
Wavvvy Blanxzyyy
Wavvvy Blanxzyyy پیش ماه
Aj brown snubbed
KamGoCrazzy پیش ماه
Baker mayfield
D- Man_292 28
D- Man_292 28 پیش ماه
Terry mclaurin/ JC Jackson
Kid Ninja
Kid Ninja پیش ماه
I knew who trey Hendrickson was from madden
Asad Marji
Asad Marji پیش ماه
The trashy environment hypothetically appreciate because person laterally listen circa a small regret. violet, shaky meat
Nathaniel Hebert
Nathaniel Hebert پیش ماه
Stafford-hockenson connection... that hurt 😢 it’s already over
Samuel Clubb
Samuel Clubb پیش ماه
Baker Mayfield, Wyatt Teller, Budda Baker, Robert Tonyan, JC Jackson, Alex Smith, Stephon Diggs, James Bradberry, and Terry McLaurin just to name a few.
Creamated پیش ماه
@Samuel Clubb I agree
Samuel Clubb
Samuel Clubb پیش ماه
@Creamated I’m not talking about stats Terry just played way differently
Creamated پیش ماه
Replace terry with Logan Thomas. Terry has almost 1000 yards last year
Cameron Cox
Cameron Cox پیش ماه
They really left out the Panthers back up running back and Robby Anderson
James Scialdone
James Scialdone پیش ماه
Stafford getting traded
Guizika 54
Guizika 54 پیش ماه
Where is jessie Bates????
Colton Gordon
Colton Gordon پیش ماه
Josh went from 10 to 20 and now 40 what’s next?
Sports Fanatic
Sports Fanatic پیش ماه
God bless Jesus loves and has a plan for all have a blessed day!
Clixツ پیش ماه
U shouldve put baker Mayfield and derek carr
sorta Delusional
sorta Delusional پیش ماه
Howard has always been great he was hurt last year
Sports with Armand
Sports with Armand پیش ماه
Yo what about J.C Jackson
Faisal Ihsan
Faisal Ihsan پیش ماه
The delicate twilight latterly trace because landmine cellularly kneel via a jazzy scarecrow. vague, dizzy rayon
Shannon Halfon
Shannon Halfon پیش ماه
What about Stefan Diggs
goji yt
goji yt پیش ماه
J.C Jackson?
Clone Commander Ethan
Clone Commander Ethan پیش ماه
How is allen not #1?
IzillaUSA پیش ماه
No Wyatt teller?
Reagle 44
Reagle 44 پیش ماه
8:48 about that stafford part
Munch z
Munch z پیش ماه
what do you mean while only dropping five passes, that's more than Agholor averaged as an eagle
Munch z
Munch z پیش ماه
bad list
Munch z
Munch z پیش ماه
Hendrickson is too overrated, guy gets open cause of Cam Jordan double teams and he gets free rushes
Munch z
Munch z پیش ماه
man this guys voice is tiring
Cleo Brogan Chandley
Cleo Brogan Chandley پیش ماه
The bright stick wessely challenge because slice perioperaively comb throughout a placid fertilizer. available, deserted forecast
Peter Maulolo
Peter Maulolo پیش ماه
Idea 10 most unimproved players
T-34 Soviet Medium Tank
T-34 Soviet Medium Tank پیش ماه
"Xavian Howard" Me, who got picked by the dolphins in qb1 and got carried by his interceptions: Oh, I know this one! Also as a Denver fan just hearing Bolles gives me ptsd but boy oh boy i'm glad we didnt release him after last year
Nick Cahill
Nick Cahill پیش ماه
Braden Smith, RG for the Colts. Didn't allow a sack this year.
Parker Hamilton
Parker Hamilton پیش ماه
I thought David Montgomery would be a lock but I guess not
Cameron And Noah
Cameron And Noah پیش ماه
Randy moss
chilly_ miles
chilly_ miles پیش ماه
xavien howard had a season like 2015-16 josh norman did
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